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Powered by the digital music revolution, headphones have undergone a revolution in recent years, with today's models delivering a stunning blend of style, functionality, and sound quality. So much so that the main problem for today's users is being spoiled for choice. The good news is that HotUKDeals rounds up the best buys and puts them all in one place. Read more
JVC HA-S160-B headphones Flats black wired reduced - Asda instore - £8
31/03/2019Expires on 31/03/2019LocalLocalFound 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Not available online. Asda Chandler's Ford. They'll do for my kids. Small Ear piece. Over £10 on amazon 4/5 stars 450+ reviews, not available at Argos. Remember they're not Bose or… Read more
Soundcore True-Wireless Earphones Liberty Lite by Anker, Wireless Headphones (Certified Refurbished) - £35.99 @ Sold by AnkerDirect and FBA
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
REFURBISHED PRODUCT I just ordered these as I back the Anker quality and warranty. I came close to buying Bose or Sony ANC overears but had to be realistic; I prefer in ear and … Read more

Now I've used them for a bit I agree, plenty loud enough!


Really?! Not a chance I could listen to anything full volume. Not comfortably.


Mine arrived today and I'm very impressed! They sound great and feel very comfortable. Just put my wired headphones in the drawer and waved goodbye to them for a little while


All these wireless earbud have poor base, have bought 3 sets based on this site recommendations but non beat my £3 piston Xiaomi wired.


Has anyone found decent foam bud replacements they can recommend? I'm still using the ones that came with a Sound Magic set of buds a few years ago 😁

Genuine Google Pixel 2 & XL USB-C Digital To 3.5 MM Headphones Adapter £7.49 @ Talk Line Sales Ebay
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Currently £12 on the Google store uk, so thought this was a bit of a Billy bargain, seems like a good seller with decent feedback. I remember having my pixel 2 xl only come with p… Read more

I've had a bit of a hit and miss situation with these too. I can confirm that these ones at under a fiver on ebay work though. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Type-C-to-3-5mm-Jack-Earphone-Audio-Adapter-Headset-for-Google-Pixel-2-XL/232805532993?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&var=532317218719&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649


Thanks and PM sent (y) 🏽


You replied first so you win, drop me a IM with your address will get it sent


Thank you, I didn't think a generic would work. (y)


I got 2 Chinese ones for my pixel 2, eBay and gear best. Nether worked..... Heat from me

Huawei P20 Smartphone, 128GB All Colours + Free AM61 Headset Black (Worth £30) £360 (£340 With A Fee Free Card) @ Amazon Germany
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Paying in euros with a fee free card knocks the price down to £356, headphones are worth £30 on amazon. AM61 Headset Black Features & details Smartphone included AM61 Head… Read more

Reduced Again. (y)


But we are soon to be outside the EU... don't fancy the re-import hassle if I ever had to send it off for repair.


Same company, same CS standards


Amazon Germany not UK


Not really, Amazon very good to deal with

Sol Republic AMPS AIR Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds £49.99 ebay /  fka-brands (Homedics)
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
RRP £149.99 DESCRIPTION Sol Republic Amps Air - Finally Free Earbuds It's the way we always wanted a headphone to be - two independent wireless earbuds completely free from any w… Read more
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Thanks for the info :)


I've got Enacfire E19 from Amazon, E18 available too. Great reviews. Very neat and compact. Got them for £33 on sale 3 months ago, so far, so good, very pleased with them. Liberty by Anker was posted here recently, that may be a good option.


Can anyone suggest any better true wireless earbuds around the same price point? Too many on amazon to trawl though. Thanks!


How ironic? I've posted this deal 4 months ago, still active and got 195 degrees hot. People don't even read, it is enough a bunch to vote cold and the rest will follow. I am not debating about this much, but Sol Republic is a proper brand specialised in headphones, also American. Not a sports direct brand. Maybe these are old tech now, I do not know, but are certainly better than the majority from the Chinese websites. Voted hot!


I had these for a while when wireless in-earbuds were still a novelty. The bluetooth signal was unreliable and sound was overall a bit scratchy. Bass is decent but they’re definitely old tech now. Think this is still too much money to pay for them.

Anker Wireless Headphones Soundcore Spirit Pro, 10 Hour Playtime £28.49 Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
This is the best in-ear headphones I've had. Not the cheapest right now but still a bargain. Anker Wireless Headphones Soundcore Spirit Pro, with Dual EQ, 10 Hour Playtime, SweatG… Read more

FYI it is on lighting deal right now £18.99 with code!


Not sure about this but i did not have great experience with Anker basic wireless headphones. They were not very comfortable


Definitely worth the extra. They're very sturdy. Battery life on these are amazing. It's has dual equalizer option and gives you that bass or treble. My friend stole mine :D But with that said I haven't used slim+.


Typical. Just ordered a set of Slim+ yesterday - how do these compare...and are they worth the extra? Thanks.

Veho Z-1 In-Ear Headphones | Anti Tangle Cable | Stereo Noise Isolating | Earbuds | Earphones - Part Of The Add On Program £3.20 @ Amazon
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Thought these looked OK, other colours are available at a higher price. Part of the add on program, spend £20 or over. Features & details Compatible with iPod/iPhone/iPad… Read more

I bought 6, got them today. They're pretty meh, but at 40p a pair worth keeping one in the car glovebox for the times I forget a decent pair.


Think I got the last 7. They have to be better than Veho. Thanks spruceyb


If you want some Bluetooth ones, you can get 7 pairs for less than £3 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B076D27FM5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 90% off promo and the 7 pairs takes it past the Add-On program limit.


I would like to try if you could please send it thank you


I don't think the code works any longer, plus it was removed by a moderator.

Soundmagic E80 Earphones - £35.74 @ hifiheadphones
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Seems an excellent price for a very well reviewed pair of earphones, the next nearest price on Amazon is nearly £10 more. They come with a nice little case and a good selection of … Read more

I paid 65 for these and love them.


I have E10, E30 (don't use these much as the 'over ear'/sports design is not for me) and E50 plus the Vento P55. I use them all for different things. I like the E10 but do slightly prefer the more 'open' E50 for some music styles. So to reword my question are the E80 more open... It seems the trend that the further up the product chain you go, treble and clarity become the defining feature.... Is that true here? I don't need another pair of ear/headphones... But at this price I am tempted


I have these and I have paid a lot more for them. I can confirm they are realy great IEMs Though they look a lot like the E10s they have proved much more durable - not sure if it is me or them. Also, comparing to the E10s, they are only marginally better (but that's the nature of the gave in HiFi). Soi, having said that, they definately worth the extra money!


I've got some E18's and they are really nice. They've taken some hammer too. They don't have the range of the Final Design Adagio II's I got recently but then they are in a much lower price bracket. I wouldn't hesitate to buy Sound Magic kit again. :{


Just picked up the new-ish E11's, was debating to get the e80's as they're similarly priced but fwir they're a tad bright sounding which, after spending all day listening to HD650's would irk me somewhat. Good price though if you're after a neutral/bright sounding iem.

Soundcore Life 2 Over-Ear Headphones with 30 hours of Active Noise Cancellation £55.99 @ Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
To get the price down to £55.99 choose redeem under promotion message (Should be the 5th promotion). Has 30 hours of wireless ANC playtime and can be extended to 60 hours when you… Read more
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Got mine the other day. Impressive audio quality. ANC is better than similar headphones (taotronics) in the price range but not at the same level as sony/bose and neither is bass or treble. Saying that - for the price this is well worth it.


Mine arrived today, very impressed


Was in the market for new headphones and these are great from the little time I've spent with them, especially at this price. My partner already considering getting a pair of her own.


Got mines today. Brilliant so far. thanks op


Heat added and ordered. Anker products have proved there worth before.

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset, plus free extra headset £38.99 Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Lightning deal plus free Bluetooth headset. Click on the promotion to add both to basket, or use the code. Go back and select the lightning deal. Remove the spare from your basket… Read more

2019 version should available shortly from what I've read.


Thanks, ordered!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8inch tablet & AKG C50BT wireless Bluetooth headphones worth £75 for £199.98 Currys
Refreshed 14th FebRefreshed 14th Feb27/04/2019Expires on 27/04/2019
The Samsung Tab S2 tablet is already a pretty decent purchase at £199.98 but also included is AKG Bluetooth headphones worth £75. 9.7 inch model available for £229.98 argos.co.u… Read more
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Can't seam to find this deal anymore, looks like it's experied.


Thanks for that, although it seems like all the headphones are now gone so I think I'll be sticking the Nexus a while longer.


Must be second or third list I’ve seen for tab s2’s, must be finally off loading old stock, decent tabs for low money


Had the Nexus 9 also-loved it, but did get a bit slow. Youll like this though, slightly bigger (the 9.7 version) , brighter, but very good screen, but still light. As long as you get along with the Samsung stuff compared to the bare Android, youll find it fine. And its got more storage (and sd card slot). A bargain at £229 with the free Headphones.


C50BT worth 60 max. Great sound quality terrible built quality, mine broke after 3 months, Argos had so many issues with these that they gave me the money back straight away.

Soundcore Life 2 Bluetooth Headphones - Wireless Over Ear Headset £48 w/Fee Free Card £50.17 Without @ Amazon Germany / Anker
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Unsure if this will actually get through, though it is anker, just anker germany, so should be OK I guess, same 18 month warranty. Saving £25 - £27 off the UK price which is reall… Read more

I think if you ordered earlier on Monday you would have received next day. Just an assumption though. Still good delivery time. Enjoying my pair so far. Havent used too much for a review yet.


Ordered via Germany on Monday evening and arrived today. Saved £5 over UK price..forgot to use my Halifax Clarity card for fee free transaction!


Just bought the gift set version of this, hope they're good. My other anker in-ear phones are great. Voted hot!


I think its always been like this hasn't it? UK always get shafted when it comes to prices comparably.


Does anyone know why is it more expensive in the UK? Aren't Eurozone prices supposed to be almost the same? +12% more in the UK... Hmmmm....

Bose SoundSport® in-ear headphones – Apple® devices, £44.95 @ Bose
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Free delivery. 3 colors for your choice. Dimensions/weight SoundSport® in-ear headphones:1.06 m (17.86 g) StayHear® tips:2.5 cm H x 1.9 cm W x 0.95 cm D Clothing clip:1.9 cm H … Read more

If they did a non-Apple version I'd probably bite.


I had the SiE2i and the SoundSports after them and the cable was long enough for both for it never to bother me even with treadmill use. I vaguely recall towards the end using them with a 3.5mm Bluetooth adapter to avoid any snagging issues.


You're probably thinking of the previous version, the SIE2. SoundSport in-ears have a sufficient amount of cable on them. No extension cable required.


I'd have to check the box again but almost certain they didn't. Agree the cord would reach an arm mounted device but don't want that at the gym.


Does it not come with a 3.5mm extender? My SoundSports did, without them they're just long enough to reach an armband mounted device.

Sennheiser CX 3.00 Ear-Canal Headphones - Black @ Amazon UK for £19.99 Prime / £23.48 non Prime
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Cheapest it's ever been on Amazon. Had this on my price watch for a while but I don't need them anymore. I had an older model which were perfect for me and lasted years, not sur… Read more

Sorry I now get it . I was referring to the ones I’ve got on eBay


But those are not the items listed in this post..


I’m using these just now they do have active noise cancelling .. also checked spec before buying - link


Rather get chi-fi at this price level, something from KST would be ideal.


"These" don't come with house cancelling, you must have a different item.

Xiaomi Youth Wireless Bluetooth Earphones £11.64  Banggood
Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaFound 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Good deal for a reasonable quality pair of entry level Bluetooth headphones could be worth it just to see if you like Bluetooth headphones vs wired before splashing out on a more e… Read more

Great thank you, I really appreciate it!


Foam you can buy easy enough and I got mine from ebay China.. I got the medium but I really need the small but depends on the bud shaft size. As for mpow..


I'll take a look at these do you have a link to the ones you mean? Do you have a pair yourself? I didn't realise you could get foam earbuds!


(lol) (y) Thanks, ordered with TCB (hopefully 6%, but not tracked yet)


Me ! Run !!!! No, sorry, I can't help you with that one. I can confirm they stay in your ears perfectly well when laying in bed eating chocolate fingers if that helps.

Microsoft MXZ-00002 Surface Headphones £244.86 Ballicom
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Cheaper than almost every other place I have seen (£329.99). Surround yourself with adjustable active noise cancellation, on-ear touch controls, and an optimized ear cup design - … Read more

And you can get the equivalent Sony MX for the price of the Bose, which is even better. You buy the Bose QCs for the noise cancelling, not the sound quality. In fact I was very disappointed with its sound. The Sonys now almost as good noise cancelling with much better sound


You're stuck in the 90's if you still think Bose are at the cutting edge of audio quality.


These are great, can alter how much you want to use the noise cancelling by just turning the dial on the side, heat :)


But Bose headphones are outdated (in terms of the new specs such as usb c and touch motion) and a new version is coming out which is why bose is cheaper. To get up to date headphones at this price is still worth it. Bose is good dont get me wrong but not everyone wants bose.....


No hot vote from me for the Bose as they leak sound which is no good in an office environment.

Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless  In-Ear Headphones with Touch Control £251.99 Amazon
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Lowest price I've seen for this, however I've got a pair and I fully expect these to drop in price, they're not worth full retail price, yes the sound is good but transparent mode … Read more
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Shame how almost 2 years now and nobody can compete with Apple.


I'll be requesting a refund from Amazon for mine tbh. I really wanted to like these but can't justify the cost given the issues I've run into. Once the bugs have been ironed out and hopefully they've dropped in price they might be worth another go, but I'm now waiting for the new Airpods rumoured to be out this spring and see if they are made to fit any better to reduce noise leakage and with any luck, have better sound isolation from the outside world so I can actually hear my music on the tube! I do like things like the transparent hearing mode so I can instantly hear what's going on outside, but silly things like music playing at the same volume when it's enabled so you get no benefit from it, let the overall package down. A shame really.


Problem with all these buds is that the small internal batteries won't last that long. After a year these will be landfill. Ok if you've paid £20, less easy to stomach if you have forked out ten times as much.


Agree with all the points you’ve made. I had these at launch but within a few weeks sold them as I couldn’t justify their price tag. Great sound but so many little bugs. Give it a year and a model refresh and these will be something special. Good price as well; though I’d still say these should be £179 tops

Anker Gift Set, Over-Ear Headphones, PowerCore 5000, PowerLine+ Cable, AUX Cable, Airplane Adaptor £65.99 Sold by AnkerDirect FB Amazon.
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
Thought this was a really good deal, if you are in the market for a good set of headphones, this bundle may suit you. Set includes: Soundcore Life 2 Headphones (RRP £74.99) Ank… Read more

I just got these as well, and of course the ANC is not as good as the QC's, but they aren't too bad. It does minimise a lot of the sound. Was on the tube the other day and it really does make a difference.


Ordered. Cheers :)


Bought the £55.99 version without all of the extras and I’ve been very impressed by them. Struggled to find any around this price point other than from Tao Tronic, and these Anker ones are better I think.


Just get an adapter


Mine arrived yesterday for this price and i have to say these are great. My father has the QC35's and for 25% of the cost i'd say these are about 75% as good. the only let down is the ANC but the sound quality, comfort, battery life are all great. plus it comes in lovely packaging and the gift set is a nice little feature. I'd say anyone after some budget NC headphones should try these.

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