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Sonos PLAY:1 (X2) Two Room Set £248 | + 6 Year Warranty @ Richer Sounds
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Not a bad price for the two set. Brand Sonos Colour Black Wireless Connection Sonos Mesh Analogue RCA Inputs No Optical Digital Inputs No USB Input No Sub Output N… Read more

Sonos didn't pay enough?


How good is their guarantee, do you have any experience? Never bought from richer sounds before.


These generally have good reviews for sound quality but I'm just curious as to why the reviewer, 'Which' slate them so much, stating that it as an avoid, even putting echos above them in terms of sound quality. Does anyone have any reasoning why they are so critical?


Cheers mate


£298 online now ?

Sonos PLAY 1 Wireless speaker £119.20 at Hughes eBay Free delivery
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Cheapest price unless you can get Amazon Prime Now

Just be aware SONOS are removing the ability to play from an iDevice soon. Major bummer for Play1 users.


You've got to be careful with Alexa speakers that aren't made by amazon themselves. They do most things, but some features are not available in the non-amazon devices.


Remmeber you can now use google assistance on sonos now. i find this way better to use but it dos have it falls backs. i mianly use google assiatance for the TV sound speakers and alexa for the other.


I have been buying Sonos one (gen2) for 100-110 off facebook. as there is alot on the market right now(and over the last 2 months). due to a mobile contracts where people got one as a free gift. I have bought 6 so far some of them where not even opened. so yes i may loose a month or 2 warranty on them as being 2nd hand and the user may of tried it out. but i am happy with the saving as these things are £199 new. I also have a beam that i have used 2 with for surround sound and must say it is sweet. I also mainly use amazon music as i have amazon prime and works very well on these speakers. (as i dont like to fork out ££ on streaming services so amazon work best for me)


Got any links to the Play:1 gen 1 and 2 as you have stated in the second sentence above? Would love to see any small differences. I’m talking play:1 gen 1 and 2 NOT Sonos One. Thanks.

Denon AVRX250BT AV Receiver £154 @ Richer Sounds
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
A great entry level receiver with £25 off.

so many speaker sets and it wont recommend on the site i even emailed them and they said i was better going into the store. all i want is a set of speakers LOL :(


Assume it has pass through, so can watch sources without having surround on?


Wifi, earc, dual zone, atmos.... But good enough for me


What is it lacking?


Thanks op. Just need a set of speakers now to go with it. Any recommendations please

Sonos Play 1 Wifi Wireless speaker white or black, £119 at Amazon prime now with code.
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
This price is using the primeday10 code at checkout, this code allows you £5 discount in 2 shops so you can use it and place 2 separate orders and buy 2 for this price. No direct l… Read more

More money left for the decent deals on booze then! (highfive)


Thanks - this worked for me, the PRIMEDAY10 didn't work. BONUS!


Got one ordered for £114 using the PRIMEDAY30 code as I hadn't shopped on Prime Now before. Just for anyone's info, in case they're the same as myself having not ordered previously - you could save a few more pounds. Heated the deal also, thanks.


It’s not a fiver off though is it? It’s a fiver cheaper than he current offer price today. And sounds exactly the same as the play one. For people like me who use the app more than voice control, it’s a steal


Old hat, fiver off?.. keep it!

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Sonos PLAY 1 Smart Wireless Speaker Black/White £124 @ Richer Sounds
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Same price as the one through Amazon Prime Day but with the added benefit of an RS 6 year warranty. Available both online and instore for anyone who wants one today. RS also offer … Read more
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Now £124 again.


Back at £124 on RS again...


Shows as £149 when I use the get deal link...


Looks like RS have killed their deal. It's gone from Amazon for non-prime members as well. It's still on the prime members deal of the day and Sonos are selling the refurbed ones through their own website for £119. EDIT: Now back at £124


Comes up at £149 for me, anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I was going to buy on prime but would rather have the RS 6 year warranty after my supercare covered Play:5 became very unreliable after 4 years and RS fixed it.

Sonos PLAY 1 Smart Wireless Speaker Black/White £124 Delivered @ Amazon
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Cheapest price here as part of the prime day deal. white and black - both colours. Sonos PLAY:1 Wireless Smart Sound Multi-Room Speaker Compatible with Sonos Multi-room mu… Read more
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This or the Bose Soundtouch 10 which is on for sale at £119.


Not via the sonos app no, you should get a message every so often when you open app to remind you. You can still play music but has to be via air play and the play 1’s don’t support that feature along with quite a few other speakers in the range too It’s only IOS devices as far as I know


I'd go for the new richer sounds deal, but was just for those where price is most important


£119 for certified refurb and £124 for a brand new - I'd go for it - but thats just me :)


£119 for certified Sonos refurbished on their website. I bought a refurbed Sonos 5 and was like new.

Denon AVRX3500H (Black) Atmos AV Receiver - £479 with code @ Richer Sounds
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
The AVR-X3500H 7.2 channel AV Surround Receiver offers the ultimate home theatre experience with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, plus unparalleled music playback options, thanks to built-in… Read more

Code no longer valid - Expired


bought, not a mindblowing price in terms of a deal, (peter tyson is the same price) but I was going to spend nearly double on the RX-A1080. This is replacing a nearly decade old RX-V1067 - i'm sorry to see it go it's been a fine amp... wonderful for music actually but need more current hdmi




Have a regular Chromecast in the bedroom I could try first actually. Might save me a fortune over the other route I was contemplating - replacement! Yea mine has glass doors too. Keeps the dust away as well as the toddler but didn't want my stuff dying early with heat. Easy enough as the middle of a Besta is just cardboard. I have a glass top so I put it on the side. I used a 120mm hole saw on my drill but it would be easy cut with a keyhole saw if you draw around a CD.


I have a Betsa unit too, and I've left the middle panel off on the back, but it has a glass front, which is warm to the touch in use. Looks like I'm unhooking it all at weekend and doing a bit of DIY.

Bush Bluetooth Speaker Multi Room Speaker with Wi-Fi - £19.99 + Free C&C @ Argos
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Modern design with Bluetooth as well as a WiFi connection to your home router. This great sounding speaker is perfect for streaming your favourite tunes in any room in the home. … Read more

It's louder and much cheaper. Bush one is gonna sound poor with 3w. My opinion obviously!


By best you been cheapest, right? It's just a judgment based on one criterion


I think it looks like quite a handsome Sonos knock off (lol) wonder what it sounds like?


The 7dayshop one is just a Bluetooth speaker but it's £6.99 and has some good reviews If you want that WiFi connection then maybe the Bush one is best


How does this compare to a Google home mini?

SONOS 2 X PLAY:1 - Extra £10 off with code - £268 @ Smart Home Sounds
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
Got them to price match the Costco deal (kind of) at £268. But with that you get 6 year warranty and free next day delivery. Don't know when it will expire so get on it if you want… Read more

The deal is already £20 off without the code, this gets you a further £10. Not saying there won’t be a better deal around the corner. But this is the best I’ve seen online at the moment


£10 off only? Will wait for a better deal has to be 1 around the corner


Thanks - fixed.


Picture is wrong. Shows the newer Alexa enabled Sonos One (Gen 2). Your deal is for the older Sonos Play One (Gen 1)

Sonos Play 1 Twin Pack £263.98 instore @ Costco
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th JulLocalLocal
Twin pack of Sonos Play 1 great speakers at a great price ! At Costco In Store only
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Wow, thank you mate. Even better !


You can't play TV to the sonos without a beam / play bar, so in this instance this deal would be useless


Thanks, saved me a trip to Costco!


Needed delivery but I've just bought them - I got from Smart Home Sounds they price matched (sort of) at £268 and with free next day delivery. 6 Year warranty too with a good rep. The code I was given still seems to be working as well - use "COSTCO" at checkout


Okay, I’ve obviously got lost in the thread. I thought we were talking specifically about play 1s as in the deal and not adding other more expensive items like a beam.

Bose SoundTouch 20 Series III Wireless Music System now £229 at Argos
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
The SoundTouch™ 20 is wireless music made easy. Stream millions of songs, from music services, internet radio and your personal music library. Fill your room with clear, powerful s… Read more

This looks amazing, Bose is the best.


I feel like asking them to price match with themselves (lol) . But, yes, good idea, I might give that a go (y) .


You can ask JL to price match with Argos.


The black one is £249 on JL for some reason. Would have preferred JL as I have some vouchers, but not white unfortunately. Great if you want white though.


If you don’t have any other ST speakers probably better off spending the £249 on the home speaker 300 about to be released. The ST is a bit of a dieing range right now.

Sony STR-DN1080 7.1/5.1.2 Atmos AV Receiver (Refurbished) - £279 @ Centres Direct
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Great price, I bagged one of these at this price 2 months ago and I absolutely love it! Have my turntable plugged into it via the Line input and it sounds amazing when listening to… Read more
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No stock


But bear in mind the trouble I am having receiving a refund. First two weeks they said they would lift it which they didn't so I returned it by myself. Now for the last 3 weeks supposedly they are waiting for a credit note from Sony before I recieve my refund. I don't know my next move except to phone them every couple of days.


audyssey seemed to be able to set my room up better so I settled on the denon.


It seemed a bit flakey when changing inputs didn't like the gui. Wasn't a patch on the onkyo tx-nr686 which I also had at the time but I didn't like accueq. Finally settled on the denon AVRX2500h. When running I thought the sony was a bit hot as well. The onkyo was cool but hated the switching sound everytime you changed Inputs. The denon runs hot but audyssey


Why did you return it?

Roberts Multi Room Bluetooth WiFi Spotify Speaker S2 Internet Radio £39.95 ebay  velocityelectronics
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Rich, room-filling sound. The compact size of the S2 belies its power to deliver an astonishing sound experience with deep bass, even in a large open room. A world of entertainm… Read more

I figured 1A would pump out enough to have it keep running if I decided to keep it plugged into the mains. Next job is to try and get my Mother using Google Assistant on her phone to see if it's worth getting a Google Home Mini!


Whichever charger is nearest which would usually be a 2A. The one that's plugged in is using a 1.5A Sony charger from an old phone. As long as it's 5V which it would be with USB, the Speaker will draw what it needs.


Do you use a 1A or 2A charger? Sorry for the grilling, but I've no other source of info, and you're doing great at answering the questions! (y)


One of them pretty much exclusively on battery and the other is plugged in practically 24/7 (although been using that one in the garden with the recent nice weather)


Cheers, I'll have a look at that. Do you run the 1 purely on battery or also when it's plugged in? I know that's a question that my mum will ask me! I'm thinking about the 3 to be wired into the kitchen and have the 1 in the living room and for outside if she's moving around.

Marantz NR1609 AV Receiver With Heos + Wharfedale DX-2 5.1 Speakers £699 Delivered @ Electric Shop - 2yr Warranty
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Nice bundle here for those not wanting to spend an arm and a leg, but want a boost in sound options. Both items are rated well and if you want to upgrade your speakers later down t… Read more

I always liked the nr150x series for a cheaper priced alternative. Drop the two extra channels and save a couple of hundred quid. Fine for smaller rooms.


You can't make phone calls on the Marantz so what do you think?


That means it sold out.


I have this receiver - it is excellent. Plenty loud enough for my front room and some great features like dynamic volume and the like. Lots of inputs too. Far better than my old (huge) Onkyo. Recommended!


But what you really want is lots of volume, in decibels, you don't actually care how much power is used to achieve that. Depending on your speakers and room you may only need 30 watts a channel to get a clean 100 decibels everywhere. And like I said, a lot of the power is in the sub, which is generally active so has its own amp. There are some people who need lots of power - if you have a huge room or terribly inefficient speakers. That's not most people. Also if you double the power output of your amp (the marantz puts out at least 50w/ch) then you increase the sound pressure level by only 3db. A bump in output by 30-40 watts makes almost no difference, you need to head into the many hundreds of watts range to make a decent impact on sound pressure.

Roberts Radio R-Line S1 Multi-Room Speaker £44.95 ebay  velocityelectronics
Refreshed 3rd JulRefreshed 3rd Jul
Use as a single speaker or with another S1 to create a perfectly synchronised stereo pair. Access millions of songs via built-in Spotify Connect. S1 Wireless Stereo Multi-room Spea… Read more

I bought. Roberts SB1 soundbar. I don’t use it for the TV but as a stand alone radio and speaker. It’s really powerful. £100- £150


Any links for S2 if that's better than the S1


No worries (y) The Undok app is a bit clunky but once you've set them up it's OK, if you use Spotify premium then you can stream to them from the Spotify app rather than the Undok one.


Really good value for money according to your description and experience, very interested now and put them on the (infinite) purchase list. thanks for info


Yes they've both got Ethernet ports as well, covered most of the basics really with wifi, bluetooth and jack socket, great stand alone or as a stereo pair much more versatile than some makes out there. There is talk of dodgy connectivity over wifi, reading lots of reviews suggested to set them up on 5ghz which I have and they have been Ok for us, obviously the ethernet port is a stable option if you need it.

Sonos Play:1 Flexson Illuminating Charging Stand Dual USB Charge Ambient Lighting Black - £12.24 @ Amazon Prime / £16.73 Non Prime
Posted 27th JunPosted 27th Jun
1/7 Now on back order only 28/6 Item now moved to Pre-Order only again! Just nabbed a pair of these Sonos Play:1 stands. Low stock deal, 23 19 left at time of post. £30+ on fl… Read more

Yes agree. Even if they managed to run it PoE from the speakers ethernet port that would’ve been great. Its the initial glance at the pictures that made me order it. Thankfully I read more into the reviews to cancel it. Not worth buying at any price due to the functionality not being right.


Not sure where you are getting your info from as your first thought is correct. It is mains only. Edit: Oh I see, you thought the Flexson charged the Sonos. Its a charging stand for usb devices.


IF it ran off the speaker, it would be worthwhile but, you need a separate power source. Great idea, badly done


I didnt even know the play 1 was rechargeable, i thought it was mains only “/


Sony STR-DN1080 AV Receiver £349 @ Richer Sounds (Instore only)
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th JunLocalLocal
Great price for this award winning Atmos/DTS X receiver. Very rarely drops below £429

Its back to £429 - expire please


Likewise, hence recommending it above. One thing I will mention though is the quality from the built-in Spotify Connect is very poor, nothing to do with bitrate but just sounds poor, muddied with collapsed soundstage, to the extent that was the first thing I'd tried and was so disappointed I was going to send it back. Using it through an old Chromecast into the Denon is a huge improvement and very happy all round now. Apparently this problem is common to most of the big brands of receiver, not just Denon/Marantz, but gets no official recognition and no solution other than use something else to link to first.


I bought the Denon AV-X3500 V Receiver recently. Very pleased with it


Which store is this in?


Yes it does. I have sky q and many other 4k HDR products and they all go through this amp. The reason why your 1050 does not work is because it does not support HDCP 2.2.

Sony STRDN1080 Hi-Res Dolby Atmos 7.2 Channel Home Theatre AV Receiver Hughes (ebay) £354
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
Yet another eBay code deal but I was holding out to see this back in stock at Hughes and snapped one up today as it was in stock and low(est?) price. Great reviews. Speaker suggest… Read more

Decided the Denon AVR-X2500H was the best bet. Picked up from the shop today and set up with my "Q Acoustic" speakers. Still have to run the Audyssey set up but it's all working fine including Dolby Vision from my Apple TV4K.




Sony site says they updated the firmware in October, I assume this didnt help?


From my understanding reading online and talking to Sony is that this happens only when CEC is enabled and Sony blame this on the CEC implementation and not as a fault. As I use Hdmi ARC, I can't turn off CEC. I am using the latest firmware. There is a thread on Sony forums with multiple people reporting this and no way to fix.


I have this amp and it doesn't go to the homescreen when it starts. Have u contacted tech support/firmware upgrade?

Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Music System , £116.10 delivered (ends at midnight) @ Home AV Direct
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
I think this is the best price at the moment. 2 Year Warranty included. Works with your EXISTING Alexa and Google Home device/account. Deal ends at midnight. White version here: … Read more

Mine doesn’t work with app. But works Bluetooth or WiFi


Thanks! I’ll look out for the 300/500


Not going to happen. I spoke to bose two weeks ago who said they are still working on it for the ST range, they’ve been saying that for about 2 years. Rumours are the processors can’t even support it. They are now actively working on the home range (home 300 and home 500) which has airplay 2 support.


Can any owners comment on Airplay support? I saw it promised in an update, but unsure if it’s an official feature :)


Sorry, I will expire it in this case. I've tried the code on my previous deal, Vizio and it worked, I've assumed it will work on this one too.

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