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Thanks, I actually went for the other ones I linked so will see how they are :)


I have glasses and wear these, if you put them on the largest setting and move them up slightly it’s fine


Not sure how people are breaking them but I’ve had a pair of these for two years wearing them regularly and never had a problem, the sound is very good for the price and never had any issues with them.


I wouldn't recommend these - had 2 similar turtle-beach headsets a few years back both break within a very short period - they just use very cheap plastic that does not last. Spend a bit more, or at least go for a brand with a little more reputation for longevity.


Any of you folks wear glasses? With a headset. How do you get on? At £15 might take the plunge. I only want it for a bit for use with PC sometimes. So not too worried. I was about to buy these: As they seem cheap and have good reviews but would you recommend this turtle beach instead?

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition, Wired Esports Gaming Headset £53.99 at Amazon Treasure Truck
17/05/2021Expires on 17/05/2021Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Razer Kraken TE in green for 53.99 on Amazon treasure truck. Not sure how long this will be on here for

I got these and thought they were ok, not as good as the USB version that Razer do for about £55, if you don't use the surround I would look at Arctis 5 or the Razer Kraken USB.


Cheers for sharing @Lp44322 - nice first post :)


I picked up a pair of these when Curry's had them on for £ 38.99 back in November 2020. No complaints from my son who uses them daily for his PC gaming


Good spot, cheers. I have the black ones and love them. My son wanted the green ones and although readily available for mid £70ish had a feeling there might be a deal soon. Time to purchase now (y)


These or the Sony official ones for the PS5?

Razer Kraken X - 7.1 Gaming Headset Black for PS4 PC XBOX £39.99 at Amazon
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Razer Kraken X - Gaming Headset (Ultralight Gaming Headset for PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4 and Switch, Headband Padding, 7.1 Surround Sound) Black Amazing headsets for gamers, free del… Read more

I’ve had these for a month or so now. my 1st headset & I would recommend them. great for the money


I play Xbox and PC, can anyone recommend a good set for use on both platforms please? TIA


I’ve got this headset, paid about £35 for it. The surround sound is indeed emulated in software. The headset comes with a download code. The emulation is good though considering the price point. Highly recommended if you’re after a budget surround headset.


This is not a true 7.1 headset, it's software only so it only has a single 3.5mm Jack or you use the USB adapter.


Anyone have a pic of the connection jacks/converter? I have a true 7.1 sound card with multiple outputs so wondering how this would hook up

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Turtle Beach Recon 200 Black Amplified Gaming Headset - PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC £34.99 @ Currys PC World
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Turtle Beach Recon 200 Black Amplified Gaming Headset - PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC Currys collect or order home for free delivery Available in white for £5 more

I bought these recently and they're comfy with very good sound quality BUT they need charging even though they're wired ! It's annoying and have been caught out a few times because if the power goes they do not work at all


Think your ad has duplicated mate

Turtle Beach Recon 200 Black Amplified Gaming Headset - PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC £34.99 at Amazon
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Turtle Beach Recon 200 Black Amplified Gaming Headset - PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC Normally £49.99 Free selivery for Prime users

After trying them out they’re pretty good! The mic is clear, the mic monitoring works well. As for the sound quality the highs are a bit on the thin side but apart from that they sound great for £35


£24.19 on amazon warehouse deals too


Thanks! Should be a big upgrade from the free mono one that came with my PS4 seven years ago. I started reading through the specs and questioning everything.. then I looked at my current one and realised anything is a major leap forward from what I have now (y)


Good to see this is labelled as amplified! Should make for a far better experience. I have purchased non-amplified and they have all been far too quiet!