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The iPad mini is the baby brother of Apple’s family of tablet computers. The 7.9-inch screen size makes it perfect for mobile users looking for something a little bigger than an iPhone but not as large and cumbersome as an iPad for communicating, reading, working and playing games on the move. hotukdeals collects all deals for the iPad mini on a unique page. Read more
Apple iPad Mini 4 128GB Wifi MK9P2 - Silver for £250.99 Eglobal
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
I know the original price is rather inflated and new iPads are on the way but this looks a good price for the 128gb version. I've never bought from Eglobal but i believe there are… Read more

*sell old hardware


Not a bad price but it is almost 4 years old now so need to factor that in. A new Mini may be announced in a couple of weeks, if so, expect to see the Mini 4 drop further.


I order Monday and it was here on wed :o everything fine expect it came with a 2 pin charger with travel adaptor.


Around 10 days


eGlobal? Never again!!! They do not respect the European guarantee, only Chinese with is useless in UK

Audible Annual Subscription - Retention Deal - £70
LocalLocalFound 12th FebFound 12th Feb
Hi, I've been an audible subscriber for years, was looking at my account and noticed there's an annual plan. If you're planning on sticking with them, it's £26 cheaper over the ye… Read more
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I just logged-in, went to help/contact, opened a chat and wrote "I'm thinking about rejoining, are there any deals you can offer?" They immediately came back with the £3.99 for three months offer.


Where do you find the offer to resignation for £3.99? I cancelled my membership ages ago and just logged back in and it's saying £7.99


Yep. Your membership never ends. You just go through to cancelling it and at the end it offers you the option. But I'm pretty sure this would happen even if there was a lapse in membership. I'm not saying everyone will get this offer every time, but that's currently what I'm doing.


When you do it that way do you still get to access to the books you have ordered previously? I like to relisten to the books once in a while


For me it's been: cancel -> 3 months of £3.99 -> cancel -> £3.99. So far.

Apple iPad Mini 4 (Wi-Fi, 128 GB) - Silver @ Amazon.co.uk £299.97
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
128GB storage Wifi version. Seems to be White/Silver only. Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. Current Apple new price £399 (Who would pay that!) Cheaper than an Apple refurb at … Read more
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Is this offer still live? Seems to come up at full price.


I agree compared to a full size iPad, but I can’t fit those in my trouser pocket....


I purchased one of these on black Friday for £279 with the intention of using it with my iPhone SE's hotspot as sometimes the screen was just too small. Problem was I had to then carry it with me all the time. The screen on the iPad mini was lovely but in the end I returned it, bit the bullet, and managed to get an iPhone X from argos ebay which was like new for £589. I am loving the iPhone X but then it is a large jump from an SE to the X!


Yes but compare it with a new iPad and it's struggling to keep up. The 4 is not much faster than the 2 and for gaming or anything power hungry it's showing its age. I have one and it's irritatingly especially for the money.


I find that hard to believe considering my mini2 is still running just fine

Apple Watch S4 Nike+ 40mm £349, 44mm £379 12 months BNPL || Apple Watch S4 Space Grey 40mm £349, 44mm £379 || iPad Mini 128GB £249.99 @ Very
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
Apple Watch S4 Nike+ 40mm £349, 44mm £379 12 months BNPL || Apple Watch S4 Space Grey 40mm £349, 44mm £379 || iPad Mini 128GB £249.99 @ Very
£349£39913%Very Deals
For New and Existing Customers £50 Back on Selected Electrical & Gaming Products including Apple selected Apple Products with 12 months BNPL Use code NKMKE at Checkout Paym… Read more

Apple Watch ordered, was getting one anyway. Did it with the bnpl using code. Didn’t mention the £50 anywhere so have raised a query with them.


Thank you for your advice


I too had this, contacted live chat and was told because I hadnt used account in a while they stop offering BNPL. So I went on the store and bought something cheap and used Take 3 payment, next day I check my account and what am I being offered? BNPL 12 months and the code works :)


Most of them out of stock


Well the code doesn’t work for Me unfortunately

SANDSTROM iPad Mini 3 Screen Protector 97p @ Currys
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
SANDSTROM iPad Mini 3 Screen Protector 97p @ Currys
SANDSTROM iPad Mini 3 Screen Protector

not worth it, get a glass protector so much easier to fit than plastic film and offer more protection




Misread that... Now I'm thinking about Darude.

Apple Ipad mini 4 Wi-Fi 128gb space grey (& other colours) £299 @ Argos
Found 4th Dec 2018Found 4th Dec 2018
Apple Ipad mini 4 Wi-Fi 128gb space grey (& other colours) £299 @ Argos
Ipad mini 4 Wi-Fi 128gb space grey (& other colours) I hate apple products with a passion! My other half loves to buy them and then not understand how to use them and asks m… Read more
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250 at very now with the cashback offer


I've had ipads since the original came out and you have been lucky then as the home button on the ipad 2 was a known issue for stopping working and i had that exact same issue on my ipad 2 i bought from John Lewis and had to use their warranty and got given a new ipad. Nothing to do with using it properly lol


Owned 7 ipads since the original was release and I've never needed to use the warranty. Not much could go wrong with an ipad if you use it properly.


..and so it should. Its far better. Its the latest tablet and will get updates for a few years,as oppose to the ipad that is already obsolete, no longer gets updates.Its been abandoned by Apple.


And costs almost as much as well, lol.

iPad 2018 6th Gen 9.7 Inch Wi-Fi 32GB £281.89 @Costco with code BLACKFRIDAY15
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
iPad 2018 6th Gen 9.7 Inch Wi-Fi 32GB £281.89 @Costco with code BLACKFRIDAY15
£281.89Costco Deals
iPad 2018 6th Gen 9.7 Inch Wi-Fi 32GB £281.89 @Costco with code BLACKFRIDAY15
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Have you a link to that can’t see £40 gift card option


Or Apple at £319 with a £40 gift card


Gold, silver Out of stock


I THINK You have to do and become and member first and then try Or just by from Argos/John Lewis for £299

iPad Mini 4 128gb In Gold Now Available for £299 @ John Lewis & Partners Now With 3 Year Guarantee! *BACK IN STOCK*
Refreshed 24th Nov 2018Refreshed 24th Nov 2018
iPad Mini 4 128gb In Gold Now Available for £299 @ John Lewis & Partners Now With 3 Year Guarantee! *BACK IN STOCK*
Great price at John Lewis for the iPad mini with 3 year John Lewis Guarentee! You can upgrade the 3 year guarantee to cover any accidental damage for the full 3 years for only £45… Read more
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Not if you want an ipad mini


It’s showing as £299 not £269?


Out of stock?


No, it's gone hot because people get a boner about Apple products. Keeping up with the Jones's, name, brand blah blah blah.


You can use WhatsApp but can't take a SIM card to take cellular calls, texts or mobile data. But getting your self an external WiFi hotspot and putting a SIM card in that could enable mobile data on the go.

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iPad mini 4 at Amazon for £269
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
iPad mini 4 at Amazon for £269
Dispatched and sold by amazon

so what is better, the Ipad Mini, or the Ipad 2018? Both are in same price point. Is the main difference the Ipad Mini is 3yrs old tech?


£298.03 now


Hahahahahahahaha, yep!, ditto that ...


That's why Amazon is this price. If John Lewis changes then so will Amazon :)


Looks like the lowest price around, curry's and John Lewis also matched this price. Very is £249 though if bought through credit, not sure if I want to use them though 😳.

NOW LIVE  - Apple iPad mini 4 - 128 GB, Space Grey £269 delivered @ Currys
Refreshed 22nd Nov 2018Refreshed 22nd Nov 2018
NOW LIVE - Apple iPad mini 4 - 128 GB, Space Grey £269 delivered @ Currys
NOW LIVE - - If the price doesn't show, switch colours and go back to the sliver/grey model and it should show the reduced price :) Currys have smashed the price down to £269 … Read more

Ordered to collect from my local store tomorrow, cheers OP. Spent ages deciding between this and the new 2018 iPad, and went with this in the end as it's a nice size and will fit in the controller for my drone without having to faff about with a tablet holder. I just hope it doesn't age too quickly as it's quite an old model now, but for the price I don't think you can go far wrong


Oos! :-(




Can the apple pencil be used with this ipad mini 4?


Good reason to get this as opposed to the 2018 is the size and screen quality. If you are travelling a lot and want to have applications that fit in with the apple ecoystem then this is a great option. If you write, read, listen to music, email, browse the web, watch films and such like then this is ideal. If you want to play games, use the pencil or use more power intensive apps then go for the 2018 or pro model. The mini2 is still working well but slow. I imagine this mini4 will have another 4 years of good usage, after which it will be a bit slow but still fine for the basics. Hope that helps with a few of the opinionated comments above which are confused why others might want this deal.

iPad Mini 4 @ John Lewis & Partners for £299
Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
iPad Mini 4 @ John Lewis & Partners for £299
Hello, I was in John Lewis today and I saw the iPad mini 4 for £299! I think that's a £100 discount! It's available online as well with a 2 year warranty. It also includes 3 months… Read more
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Partner discount mate


How'd you get that price? XD


It’s an Apple thing, they typically never drop a price on a released product. It will stay at this price point until Apple either replaces or discontinues it. Unless you really need the mini for its size the newer 9.7” is a much better value proposition


Been this price for weeks...


Why is the mini more than the 9.7" ipad? looking to get my mum one for christmas, but not sure which is best

Apple iPad Mini 16GB Black WiFi (Grade B - Good Condition, 6M warranty)) £69.99 w/code @ Game
Found 16th Nov 2018Found 16th Nov 2018
Apple iPad Mini 16GB Black WiFi (Grade B - Good Condition, 6M warranty)) £69.99 w/code @ Game
£69.99£99.9930%GAME Deals
Free UK delivery Want it today? Check to see if your items are available for Click & Reserve at your local store. Shop with confidence as this iPad comes with: FREE 6 Month W… Read more

Try capital letters ?


Code not working?


What can you do to make it faster?


Still using it now but just Video call and watch Youtube sometime. There are some tricks to make this iPad mini 1st gen a little bit faster.


what a horrible thing to say.

iPad Mini 128 GB £299 (£249.99 only with credit) @ Very
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
iPad Mini 128 GB £299 (£249.99 only with credit) @ Very
£299.99Very Deals
Select buy now pay later plan with 12 months option or enter the code during checkout. £50 will be credited back to very account.

Frozen deal 😳, is there anything better around? I'm after an iPad mini.


Yes, it's night and day difference. The budget iPad feels like touching plastic and flexes when you apply pressure, the mini 4 has much better contrast and feels cool to the touch, like glass should - same as the Air 2 and Pro series. I think Apple said they are killing the mini range or at least it was inferred a while back, for whatever reason.


Agreed, people sometimes comment about the gap in the display. I would rather have the 4, but they really need to up and revamp the tech in the mini 5 (if they ever bring such a thing)


Mostly but the laminated display on the mini 4 is pretty amazing.


I was going to get one of these, as I like the smaller form factor - but when I compared it to the ipad 2018, it was cheaper and far better tech

Ipad Mini 4 (128gb) - £295 - Part of the Very PINK WEEKEND Deals
Found 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
Ipad Mini 4 (128gb) - £295 - Part of the Very PINK WEEKEND Deals
Decent price for Ipad Mini 4 with 128gb storage Black, gold and silver versions all on offer Also, HOME POD on sale for £299 from £319

They seem to have dropped to this price everywhere I got one the other day from John Lewis and it came with a 3 year warranty


Cheaper at eglobal

iPad mini 4 4G 128GB silver at Ebuyer for £312.99
Found 17th Oct 2018Found 17th Oct 2018
iPad mini 4 4G 128GB silver at Ebuyer for £312.99
£312.99Ebuyer Deals
A8 CPU Chip 128GB Flash + Wifi + Cellular 7.9-inch Retina Display / 2048x1536 Bluetooth, 8MP Rear and 1.2MP Front Camera
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Yes. Back to over £500 again. Hopefully someone benefitted from this. I have the mini 2 and it still runs everything I throw at it. The 4 adds quite a bit extra even if it is old.


Item discontinued from ebuyer. May want to expire post


Not sure why this is cold as the Cellular/4G ones are over £500 elsewhere. I know you can get the WiFi only versions ones for £300. Also another advantage of the cellular vision is that it has GPS for SatNav/Map positioning for when there is no WiFi that the WiFi only ones don't have.


Bit old now, but considering how hot the regular version is getting at £299, I think it's not too much to ask to pay an extra £12.99 for the 4G


Duno I bought one the other day an it’s pretty quick.

iPad mini 4 128gb wifi - 3 YEAR GUARANTEE - £299 @ John Lewis & Partners
Refreshed 29th Oct 2018Refreshed 29th Oct 2018
iPad mini 4 128gb wifi - 3 YEAR GUARANTEE - £299 @ John Lewis & Partners
Get 3 years guarantee with John Lewis until Oct 31st Apple iPad mini 4, Apple A8, iOS, 7.9", Wi-Fi, 128GB,

Well ok then!! It looks like we agree!! :)


Fair enough well done


Nope, it was one of those ‘too good to be true’ moments, but it actually happened. There was a guy/girl on here who worked for Tesco and was checking store stock for people - I saw one of my local stores wasn’t mentioned so I went in and asked. The guy who served me nearly fell through the floor when he scanned it! (lol)


No-one thinking about the surface go at £50 more..?


Exactly. That’s why it was in quotes.

iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi 128GB Grey / Silver / Gold £299 + £50 giftcard on trade in plus value of tablet @ Argos
Found 2nd Oct 2018Found 2nd Oct 2018
iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi 128GB Grey / Silver / Gold £299 + £50 giftcard on trade in plus value of tablet @ Argos
Pretty ace offer from Argos if you were looking to upgrade your tablet. Argos have dropped the price of the iPad Mini 4 Wi-Fi 128Gb to £299, but they are also offering money off w… Read more

£59 off for a crappy old Amazon Fire 7. Very happy with that! Plus £10 Argos voucher if I put through on Thursday. Good one!


Did anyone get this deal to work?


If you have some old tablets lying around, can you trade in 4 for example and benefit from £200 in savings?


Tried to get the deal against an iPad 1 WI-Fi 32 GB but got nowhere on the link. Tried the Argos chat and after being sent from pillar to post between a few operators still none the wiser... Garbage!


I have a faulty ipad air which has already had the screen replaced but has a broken home button now..so £66 towards a new one sounds good. Quick question I've filled in the details but my confirmation email only states the trade in value of the ipad nothing about the additional £50 Argos voucher - is this correct?

IPad mini 4 £282.99 @ Toby Deals
Found 29th Sep 2018Found 29th Sep 2018
IPad mini 4 £282.99 @ Toby Deals
IPad mini 4 128gb at Toby deals at £279. I was looking at getting the ipad mini 4 32gb on very for 279 with cash back. However just came across this deal. Completely new to Toby de… Read more

Thankyou all its altered my decision on buying it


Sorry no I didn't know that. Steered clear


Would have perhaps made more sense to have stated the £279 price tag for the gold one instead? (then rather/possibly also then referenced the slightly more expensive £282.99 on somewhere in your Deal Description?). The cheapest tends to win moreso here (especially when it comes to Apple products ... )


I think it's more because almost £300 for a 3 year old tablet doesn't seem like a particularly good price.


Awful price, and quite old now Do yourself a favour and pay the extra for the 2018 9.7

IWANTIT IM4SKBL16 7.9" iPad mini 4 Starter Kit- In store Croydon Curry's - £2.97
LocalLocalFound 3rd Sep 2018Found 3rd Sep 2018
IWANTIT IM4SKBL16 7.9" iPad mini 4 Starter Kit- In store Croydon Curry's - £2.97
£2.97£6.9857%Currys PC World Deals
Top features: - Dual position stand to view the screen in comfort - Soft-tip stylus glides easily over the screen's surface - Screen protector prevents the screen from getting… Read more

Nice little find @Ksudheer - thanks for sharing. Heat added :)

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