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3GB data sim (12 months contract) £9pm from O2 via Uswitch
Found 12 h, 17 m agoFound 12 h, 17 m ago
I was just looking for a data sim here and there as I thought of getting a short term contract data sim for my dongle that I could use with my dongle or tablet. Got across this one… Read more

Just taken a MIFI with three 30g for £8


Would never touch 02 again. 3 days to port a number to them is excessive, on complaining and then a manager fails to call you back is regrettable, but the fact that they assure me the port would be done by 6pm then next day and left someone living on their own with no service is unforgiveable.


Im on Giffgaff and pay £10 per month for 3GB plus an extra 1 GB free with no contract and I don’t even consider that a good deal anymore.


4GB for 8 quid. http://hotukdeals.digidip.net/visit?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.uswitch.com%2Fmobiles%2Fsim_only_deal%2Fef863df1e453a85593ea65cc47baaf0f660fb5c8&ppref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.hotukdeals.com&ref=1619789651


I know it's not same, but if you are one of them like me, get vodafone or O2 sim with 5GB data, unlimited calls and texts for just £9 per month after cash back, using mobiles.co.uk plus you can get extra £10 TCB

Huawei Mate 20 Pro + Huawei Smart watch GT+ Wireless Charger with 30GB DATA £46/24MTHS on o2 at Mobile Phones Direct
05/11/2018Expires on 05/11/2018Found 17th OctFound 17th Oct
Huawei Mate 20 Pro’s 4200mAh battery lasts up to two days on a single charge and its 40W SuperChargeTM technology enables it to achieve a 70% battery charge in 30 minutes. It also … Read more
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It’s a flagship phone, seems to be the going rate these days.


Are you serious, £1100 for a Huawei?


Btw the £50 upfront and £42 a month O2 30gb deal is 100% there I just had to clear my cookies for it to show Just ordered bit the bullet see how it goes Will likely need to raise a ticket with topcashback however to try to get the £47 cash back. Fingers crossed!


Yes, you're right it's a good deal, which I also voted hot. But some people on here are funny that way & vote cold for the reasons I mention.


Why should they not exactly getting paid for it it's a good deal

£28.75 & up – Van Morrison, Robert Plant & others at The O2 Arena, London - 49% off via Travelzoo
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Wow seems really good! Legends Robert Plant of Led Zepelin and Van Morrison. Plus Counting Crows... The Deal Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, Counting Crows, Van Morrison, John Foger… Read more
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We're going on 27th to see Zac Brown Band. No idea why they're playing at the Bluesfest, but still good for us. Heat from me, I paid a fair bit more than that for my tickets.




Wow, what a line up. Nice one @Afternoonmadness

Huawei Mate 20 Pro £792 (£533) Unlocked @ O2
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
Follow the below steps Step 1. Step 2 Step 3 Order via O2 & choose to pay Device in full, then choses the cheapest SIM only plan Once you receive your phone just cancel… Read more
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That title with £533 is Spam, you are still paying out £770 for the phone, you just get the watch free, that’s the deal, so why try and make out the phone is cheaper .. all networks are doing this free watch deal https://huaweipromo.co.uk/gb/en/pages/mate20propreorder/qualifying-retailers


This is the exactly the same process of the P20 Pro nearly new offer. Just ring up and cancel, its that simple. This is the best sim only deal at the moment


Your probably right, but my purchase ocd wants the cool looking grooves 😁 although you wont see them through case


My guess would be that Twilight will have the best resale value, so if you are keeping it in a case anyway...


Thanks for that think ill go with blue now, didnt find that out on other videos i watched

Huawei P20 Pro Like New Black @ O2 Refresh - £374 + £18 1mth contract
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Sign up with 1 month contract, £18 Black only back in stock Select ‘Pay for your device in full’ £30 off voucher at checkout.
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Yeah was back in stock.. Then went out of stock when going through check out. Worst timings. :D Yeah I'll keep checking. Cheers for the help btw. Edit: nevermind, back in stock lol


Black is back in stock


That’s a shame, just keep checking they keep coming back into stock so you may hit on lucky in the future


Okay found it. Still too late though. :(


Hm I tried on mobile but no luck. I don't get any options like that. Could it be because you have an o2 account and that you're logged in for this? It's out of stock now by the way.

(O2 priority) (Caffe Nero) BOGOF on sliced cakes or tray bake
LocalLocalFound 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Buy one get on free on tray bake or sliced cakes

Voted hot. I get free coffee every week.


Lol. Okay.




Can I be the Mrs?


Iv never seen so many O2 priority deals until I left O2.... That's typical! (skeptical)

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Free bespoke Call of Duty Black Ops headphone splitter from WH Smith via o2 priority
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Free bespoke Call of Duty Black Ops 4 headphone splitter from WH Smith via o2 priority.
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Got one from WHSmith, there were so many left so I am assuming they will be given out again next week. No idea what to use it for though.


The best deal WH Smith has ever had.


Quite handy for this guy...


Anyone have a code i would appreciate.


Don't be silly. It's only a videogame. It's all just stick men and bleeps and bloops, how can that attract an 18 rating?! (:I

Nokia 3310 3G like New - Condition: Perfect - Red/Charcoal £19.99 @ o2
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
128MB Save an extra 2% At Quidco... Remember a time when you could leave your phone for weeks without charging it, and play Snake when you were bored? That time is now. The Nokia… Read more

It has now been dispatched :D


Text from 02 Sorry it's taking longer than we hoped to send your order. We're still expecting more stock soon. We'll text you again as soon as we have a delivery date. (annoyed) No grade A's on eBay now (annoyed) (annoyed) STILL showing as In Stock. Order by midnight for free next working day delivery.


It's UnLocked already, so not necessary to tamper with it again in any way. :-)


Touché ^_^


Los Pollos Hermanos

Pixel 3 - 24 month contract o2 - 50GB data - Unlimited mins and texts - £43 per month - No upfront cost - £1032 total @ mobile phones direct
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Deal found via confused.com and hosted on mobile phones direct. Seems like an insane bargain. Just ordered mine.
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At least 2 of these 3 points no one cares about


Hmm I guess you are right. I thought the pixel 2 xls price cut was more so than that. Fair deal in that case tbh.


Fair enough - but say you buy a 499 brand new pixel 2xl from google and a £20/month sim only deal with similar data, mins etc... that's gonna cost £980 over 2 years - Wouldn't you rather spend £50 more to get the latest and greatest?


Better doesn’t always mean superior, but let’s say yea of course it is superior. Is it superior enough to warrant the price increase/difference?


In what conceivable way is the 2xl superior?

iPhone XS Max 64GB, 100GB Data, O2, 24 Months - £398 then £45/month - £1,478 @ Mobile phones direct
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Effectively interest free payments for the phone at RRP over 24 months and £15.79 for the data. Potentially £47.25 TCB also.

I read that millennials are having dificulty to buy homes so they stay at home with the parents now i know why


Mines on a 36 months contract but you can get the 24 months for a little bit more. You need to ask in store tho as my deal may not be for you


Is this price for 24 or 36 month contract ?


Brilliant thanks so much


I’m slightly dubious of that £95 reward card though as it says card end date and has no end date which seems odd so thinking that could have been an old deal maybe

Free drink from Caffe Nero via O2 Priority
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Offer is valid from midday 09/10/18 until close of business on the 10/10/18 via the O2 Priority app.
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Tried again today. Both screenshots produced at 12pm and 3pm were successfully accepted at 5pm. I suppose yestreday was a one-off glitch.


It happened to me ... When used at 5pm, screenshot taken at 12pm showed as already being used, screenshot taken at 2pm was accepted ok.


The QR code never scans on my phone. Very occasionally they then enter the number manually but more often than not they just wave me through - particularly if it's busy. This is the case at every Caffè Nero I have visited.


Sure, move to 3 instead


I am not able to install O2 in my Android phone getting 504 error, any help to get this resolved.

Google pixel 3 - £34/M, £175 upfront, 15gb data, £991 total cost. O2 via mobiles.co.uk
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Best deal I have seen so far for new Google Pixel 3 (64gb) in any colour: £175 upfront £34/month for 2 years £991 total price 15gb data/month Unlimited minutes and calls O2 networ… Read more

Contact support through the phone and get a new one through RMA. 2 year Wlwarranty is linked to phone/IMEI. Word of warning though , you may get a like new refurb. If they don't recognize your issue, Google one of the other acknowledged issues out there and just describe these symptoms, they will ask you loads of questions and to factory reset but eventually they'll send a new phone. Free returns and everything, they dispatch the new phone as soon as they get notification that yours has been posted.


Hot from me. Was just about to post the same deal. My thinking... The Sims worth about £15pm, i.e. £360 So £631 for the phone isn't too bad when RRP is £739. I always prefer to pay a bit upfront to reduce the monthly, it's slightly less depressing when you look at your phone bill 12 months down the line with last year's phone in hand.


It's a well known issue may not affect all devices but I have it. I have checked everything. Thanks though


My Pixel 2 XL doesn't lag at all on Android Pie. You might have a rogue app causing it. Check what is consuming the most battery and also what services you are running. Check to see if the internal storage is maxed out as that might be causing issues too.


I'm waiting for OnePlus 6T now to change something this year. No way I'll pay for almost same looking phone 1k hell no! Stupid politic put new processor some new features and pricd it even more than last year. Well done Google and good luck. Same bad idea like iPhone X last year. Not many Ppl gonna buy this I recon

Free tickets for exclusive preview days at the new O2 Icon Outlet Shopping Centre in the O2, London, 18+19th October
19/10/2018Expires on 19/10/2018Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
A new shopping centre with 80 shops. Click use now on Priority app and you can show this on the date(s) to enter before it's open to the public. It states there'll be offers and pr… Read more

That's a result, I'm going to see Enriqo Iglesias on the 19th. Props to OP!


I'm not sure if I've claimed a ticket or not, apparently they can only have space for 3000 people but it also says in the T's&C's that they have the right to stop people getting in without prior warning.


Aka register for your free balloon today! (lol)


FREE tickets for a shopping centre, Wow! Talk about creating publicity, this is a masterpiece lol

Half price climb at Up At The O2 London from £30 with O2 Priority
02/11/2018Expires on 02/11/2018Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Normally £60. A good offer to climb over the roof of the O2 (not 02) with a tour guide. Must book, valid any day except Saturday, between 18 Oct - 2 Nov. Possibly cheaper for chil… Read more

Of all the roofs to stand on in London, I don't get why you'd want to climb this one.


It’s free of a night. When security is on his break


I have some vague memory of hearing at the time that the Teflon fabric used in the “tent” would last up to 20 years ….. let’s see now; 2018, 2017, 2016 …


Wow! just wow!! The lengths people will go to to take money from the gullible.


Just. Why?

Sony Xperia L1 Only £19.99 @ Carphone Warehouse (with cancellable 12 month Vodafone/O2 SIMO)
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
Buy the phone bundled with the SIMO on a 12 month contract via CPW, then cancel the contract with Vodafone/O2 under 14 days cooling off period. Bargain price, might be worth going… Read more
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I did it twice with Vodafone and they cancelled it first time. Advisor even knew it was from CPW but still cancelled it.


i wouldn't recommend doing this on vodafone as they are pretty adamant you have to cancel with CPW, I'm sure there are some Vodafone operators out there that will do it, but from my experience having now called 4 times and been passed around to 2 more they wont do it. I even took the sim back to CPW store yesterday to be told its an online order so must call CPW customer services.


You can cancel any contract within 14 days. That's just consumer law. Returning the phone is an entirely different issue though.


Just open the SIM and call directly from that (using an old handset).


Will this work for any handset

Watch paramount pictures Overlord before release in Odeon Cinemas with 3 others @ O2 Priority
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Grab three mates and enjoy this film, exclusively on Priority. The screenings will take place across ODEON cinemas on Sunday 28/10/18. OVERLORD is in cinemas from 09/11/18. Eligibi… Read more
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Free bottle of 💧 and a bottle of (popcorn) .


10am? On a Sunday? Rip


Out of stock ;(


Direct link not sure if you need a code? weticketit.com/o2/booking/Event/detail/KVS62045


Film looks great! x Thanks op x

Huawei P20 Pro Like New Twilight @ O2 Refresh - £374 + £18 1mth contract
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Sign up with 1 month contract, £18 Twilight only back in stock Select 'Pay for your device in full' £30 off voucher at checkout.
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Select the £18 rolling 30 day anytime contract. Just ring up and cancel, the next monthly payment


This is a 30 day rolling airtime contract, hence only need to serve 30 days


just ordered, code is working and in stock


Just ordered mine i'll see how it looks on monday when recieved


Anyone know where to get a genuine charger from? If I can't rapid charge, I'm returning this to O2.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on o2 - Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 100GB Data w/ ZERO upfront £49pm (24mo - £1,176.00) @ Mobile Phones Direct
22/10/2018Expires on 22/10/2018Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Few people have been asking me for some o2 deals, and I spotted this. Granted, the total contract cost may seem high, but when you break it down against the current sim free cost o… Read more

This is nuts. Cannot possibly fathom who would get this other than early adopters and those with more money than sense. My Mi Mix 2 was £260 and it's snappy, games well, great battery... Don't get me started on 100gb per month.


You also need to factor in "exiting fee". Think again do you really need a 100GB?


I usually swap phones every 12 months or so and I'm pretty desperate to get out of my contract. That coupled with wanting a larger screen. But on the other hand, I'd disagree, this is one of the best around at the moment. No upfront and £49/month seems steep but the total cost only amounts to £277 extra on-top of the phone. I think the only other airtime plan you can get is the 100GB from Three for £20/month which would work out at a total cost of £1379. You're paying close to RRP for the phone, imo this is a great deal :)


What is wrong with S8, just wait few more month and prices will only go down. This is not a good deal IMHO.


A good deal? Have I quantum leaped into another dimension?

Nokia 8110 1GB Black & Yellow Only £49 (PAYG) @ o2
Found 7th OctFound 7th Oct
Back on offer at o2, using the below stated cashback takes it to a theoretical £47 (y) No Need to top up + 2% At Quidco. Use Apps, such as Snake on the go Curved design with a… Read more

I think they were joking (shock)


Most pathetic comment I've ever read on here. Everyones charging their phone daily these days and your moaning about 25 days on a basic phone


It has predictive text, but it ignores punctuation, so trying to type words like "don't" are a faff


You get a sim with it and can choose a plan without bundles, which means you don't need to top up And the phone should not need unlocking as both of mine were unlocked already Someone made a comment when the phone was first released saying it was hard to use, and it does have its flaws, not as easy to use as the good old 3310 from 20 years ago, takes a bit of getting used to


I got one of these because I wanted to go simple and not be so reliant on a phone. I lasted two days. Well, not even that....1.75 days before my SIM was back on my smarter-than-smart smartphone. For one, typing is sooooo difficult (bring back T9) and - minor one - the slider isn't push-button automatic :( But, great fun when you start using it :) Good deal too...mine cost about £70. And yellow.

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