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The iPod is one of the iconic designs of the modern era. Introduced in 2001, the iPod Classic sold millions in the UK, changing music listening forever. These days, the Classic model has been overhauled by the Touch, Nano and Shuffle – all with their own special features. This HotUKDeals buyer’s guide explains how to find the right iPod, and how to get the best possible deal. Read more
Apple iPod touch, 32Gb - Blue £199 delivered @ very
LocalLocalUpdated 6th Dec 2018Last updated 6th Dec 2018 by TomBoyNI
Apple iPod touch, 32Gb - Blue £199 delivered @ very
An improved FaceTime HD camera for even better selfies. Key features: 4 inch (diagonal) widescreen display with Multi-Touch IPS technology 1136 x 640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi … Read more

These have ios12. Plenty of life left in them yet.


Apple sell these for £199 too: https://www.apple.com/uk/shop/buy-ipod/ipod-touch/32gb-blue


no good not doing updates anymore so you can't download many apps.


You’ll be much better off getting iPhone SE instead. Grade A++ models available online for similar price. Same size screen but much better specs and can be used as a phone lol


This isn't even a deal. Not to mention it's over 3 years old, but love the form factor nonetheless

Gymster+ Gym & Healthy Eating - iOS - was £1.99 now FREE for a limited time
Updated 2nd Dec 2018Last updated 2nd Dec 2018 by DavePhoenix
Gymster+ Gym & Healthy Eating - iOS - was £1.99 now FREE for a limited time
Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 Last Updated: 28/11/18 Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. • 800+ exercises • 220+ recipes with sort by macros feature • In… Read more

Looks like it's ended now :(


Nice, maybe this will motivate me to get off the couch and start going down gym again


Voted Hot





NOW LIVE - The Apple Black Friday Shopping Event 23rd - 26th November
Updated 23rd Nov 2018Last updated 23rd Nov 2018 by W._.M
NOW LIVE - The Apple Black Friday Shopping Event 23rd - 26th November
DEALS Now LIVE Save The Dates apple.com/uk/shop/gifts/shopping-event Together for Christmas.Our latest products and accessories, all in one place. apple.com/uk/shop/gifts

Can you buy an iTunes gift card with the Apple store gift card that you get from this promotion


Yes please


As expected from apple.


Do you still want to use my crystal ball??


Well I'm not surprised they're doing zero discounts again, I am surprised that they're not giving gift cards on the new iPad pro or watch 😞 They really are the meanest tech company there is. I refuse point blank to have anything Apple, unfortunately the wife and daughter both insist on having iPhone and iPad (annoyed)

iPod Touch 6th Generation 32gb - £89 @ Tesco Shepton Mallet
Updated 1st Sep 2018Last updated 1st Sep 2018 by CaptainSlog
iPod Touch 6th Generation 32gb - £89 @ Tesco Shepton Mallet
Spoted at Tesco Shepton Mallet. £89 - ex display £99 - brand new 6th generation 32gb, cex sell for £140 #ReleaseTheGeese

Anyone found any of these recently or have they all sold out?


I tried Tesco in Martlesham, Ipswich a couple of days ago, and the response was, “iPods you say? Oooh no, we ain’t seen any o’ them for nigh o’er a hundred years”...


Yes it does it’s a full android device with hd screen and far better sound quality


Not really - it doesn’t have email, web browsing, BBC iPlayer, NetFlix, YouTube, iBooks, audio books, games, weather forecasts, iMessage, Siri, HomeKit, access to Apple Music (great for younger kids if you have a family subscription). Remember with a family account the whole family get access to Apps and music so you only need to pay once. The iPod Touch is an amazing device and great for younger children where their older siblings have iPhones.


£60 at Tesco in Gateshead town centre for 32gb one

Apple iPod Touch 128GB Space Grey Latest Model £225 Delivered @ Box.co.uk
Updated 13th Jul 2018Last updated 13th Jul 2018 by CaptainSlog
Apple iPod Touch 128GB Space Grey Latest Model £225 Delivered @ Box.co.uk
£225£26916%Box.co.uk Deals
Seems to be the cheapest price around for the 128GB latest model. Your music. Wherever you go. iPod touch is the perfect way to carry your music collection in your pocket. … Read more

This is a great price and half the cost of the cheapest 128GB iPhone (iPhone SE). The iPod Touch is an amazing device and incredibly thin. It’s great for people who want lots of music, videos or Apps but don’t want, need, or can’t afford, a mobile data contract. That includes children, the elderly, people who are housebound as well as many adults who just don’t feel the need for constant internet access when they’re out. Many people just don’t want to be constantly tracked by their smartphone. Please don’t vote good deals down just because it’s something you don’t want or understand. This is a good deal.


Yes it is, can be used like an Apple iPhone, FaceTime calling etc


Is this product for people who don't own smartphones?


Whats the point in this?

iPod Shuffle 1GB - £20 - Plus they'll double your initial deposit @ JackpotJoy
Updated 4th Jun 2018Last updated 4th Jun 2018 by unhappybunny
iPod Shuffle 1GB - £20 - Plus they'll double your initial deposit @ JackpotJoy
Go through the following link to get an iPod shuffle for £20. All you need to do is wager £20 on something, and you qualify. If you win, then it's a bonus, and you get a shuffle … Read more

I’m still waiting for my iPod shuffle :(


They're still playing hard ball with me on this one, refusing to send the shuffle: I went through Quidco but I'm going to push them as far as possible on this, as I would've gone through the Wyvern link if I knew.


Didn't go through the right link for a shuffle and had quidco validate at £0.00. Submitted Incorrect Earnings Enquiry on 18th March 2008. Enquiry successful on 23rd May 2008, £20 "added" to my March account - payment date "unknown".


Mine has turned up as well!


Got my iPod today, silver. YAY!! took long enough, but at least its here :)

New ipod touch 6th gen 32gb £138 delivered @ ebay tesco direct
Updated 22nd May 2018Last updated 22nd May 2018 by LoveABargainAlways
Saw on ebay being sold by tesco direct. Only 1 in stock but thought the price was good so posted
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I await to see how cold your other "uselful" deals become....




Thanks for posting an item that went out of stock by the time the mods approved your post. I found it very useful :|




Heat added. Great price for this item. Yes you can get a phone for this price. But no you cannot get a brand new iPod any cheaper.

Aldi "Nespresso Pod Compatible" Coffee Machine £49.99 3 year warrenty
LocalLocalUpdated 28th Apr 2018Last updated 28th Apr 2018 by teecey09
Well it looks like Aldi are after a bite of the Nespresso apple. A Nespresso pod compatible coffee machine with a 3 year warranty for £49.99 sounds like a good deal. Available in 3… Read more

Thread is 2 years old buddy 😬


The instructions state that if you hold eithervcup button down for the relevant amount of time you can vary the amount of fluid that comes through.


I'm thrilled with my ambiamo coffee pod machine. The ☕️ is lovely, I can't tell the difference from Aldi coffee pods and Nespresso. After many years of drinking Nespresso from expensive machines, I have converted


what store had this for 34.99 ?


Now £34.99

iTunes gift card codes, 25% discount for O2 customers
Updated 10th Apr 2018Last updated 10th Apr 2018 by deleted443772
iTunes gift card codes, 25% discount for O2 customers
This is for O2 customers only, Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go. You subscribe to buy a £10-£30 voucher code (billed to your pay monthly bill or your PAYG credit) once per month and … Read more
Avatardeleted443772Get dealGet deal

I called O2.


Aww, this happened to me too. My itunes code said "$ITUNES_REDEEM_CODE". How did you sort it out?


I've used this deal and so has my wife. There was an issue with email delivery one month (the 3rd) but a call to O2 sorted it.


Have you used this deal? One guy was saying his 4th email (free month) had the code missing and he's having trouble receiving it.


One off. You could always get a PAYG sim, add credit and resubscribe with a different email address though I suppose.

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iPod touch 16gb 6th gen silver - £60 instore @ ASDA (Wakefield )
LocalLocalUpdated 3rd Apr 2018Last updated 3rd Apr 2018 by Cruz_Connors
iPod touch 16gb 6th gen silver - £60 instore @ ASDA (Wakefield )
Had a few sale items in the Wakefield trinity walk store. iPod touch 16gb £60 iPod nano 16gb £50 some £150 consoles that the staff cleared out! Sony mdr-ZX310 Headphones £6

How do I get it Do I need a code


​Same. Here for. 8 yo birthday on 18th dec


Any more out there?? Nothing in Brighton


When you go into your local Asda just keep checking, they did the same thing with iPod touch 5th gen last year, I asked every time I went in for 3 week at my local dewsbury store and in the end it paid off they had just got another 3 in stock


Why have one rather than a phone, because our 11 yo wont be having a phone yet, and if you want access to apply music family sharing you need one of these puppies!

iPod Shuffle 2gb £19.50 from £39.00 Tesco Swansea
LocalLocalUpdated 15th Mar 2018Last updated 15th Mar 2018 by taffyjock1
iPod Shuffle 2gb £19.50 from £39.00 Tesco Swansea
Saw this in Tesco Llansamlet when walking past the pile of reduced items, they also had phone cases for £0.25, car phone adapters for £0.75. Quite a lot of bits there, worth a loo… Read more

Christ tecco must have been checking for OOD prawns when they found these


I used to use mine for running/the gym but it gets rather annoying due to the 2GB of space. As OP mentioned, could be good for a child or a young person if you'd rather not trust them with a newer/expensive iPhone/iPod.


It's good for music on the go without draining your phone battery gym walking cycling etc bargain


Had one of these- there is no screen, so you can't see what's playing or what's next. It's just like having an ipod without a screen. Wait a minute...


A) yellow sticker store specific B) does not everybody’s phone out perform these? Not worth the price of the yellow sticker let alone the price on the yellow sticker.

iPod touch 16gb gold £62.50 - Instore Tesco (Bradley Stoke)
LocalLocalUpdated 25th Feb 2018Last updated 25th Feb 2018 by Michael_Tomlin
iPod touch 16gb gold £62.50 - Instore Tesco (Bradley Stoke)
Another trip to Tesco this morning and pick myself up one of these. @ £62.50 it’s a bargain! Of course this is only a local price cut, but at this price it’s worth checking your … Read more
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Also spotted today in Baguley near Altrincham


I’d disagree. The latest 6th generation iPod Touch runs iOS 11 just fine and is great for younger children who want music, camera, video, BBC iPlayer and the odd game for example. Parental controls work well for younger children too. I think most teenagers and adults will use an iPhone* instead. They’re relatively inexpensive and millions are handed down or sold off second hand so there are plenty available. * I understand other brands may be available...


It's sad how obsolete the ipod touch has become


if you get a 16GB iPod Touch, expect around 20% of the storage to be already used up by iOS itself. Pretty tiny for the price



Apple ipod nano 16gb £23.75 instore @ Tesco (Mansfield)
LocalLocalUpdated 16th Feb 2018Last updated 16th Feb 2018 by bear7364
Apple ipod nano 16gb £23.75 instore @ Tesco (Mansfield)
Found a Apple ipod nano 16gb in blue for £23.75 @ the Tesco store Oak Tree Lane in Mansfield last night. Was at the front of the store in a box with loads of other reduced audio a… Read more

Suppose I shouldn't have said that as you will probably accuse me of it falling off the back of a lorry 🤣


You are really, really funny ! I can confirm I dont work for Tesco but I do work for someone who helps Tesco with their logistics !


I can backup the OP. My local Tesco store (Merthyr Tydfil) had 2 IPod Nanos for clearout sale in the front of the store in a cage of clearance items. The only difference being they were marked down as half price from 95.00 to 47.50. Not as good a bargain as the other finders, but still not a bad reduction (both gone now - I had one). Just shows that they are out there - if you are lucky. Looks like Tesco are getting rid of any remaining discontinued stock.


It’s not all of these that are fake it’s just this posters am not doubting others but I personally saw the stock screen and Mansfield never had this item op probably is a staff member I suspect for tesco trying to get people to visit


What’s barcode of item please

iPod Shuffle 2GB (Space Grey): £39 @ Tesco instore
LocalLocalUpdated 18th Jan 2018Last updated 18th Jan 2018 by Niz
iPod Shuffle 2GB (Space Grey): £39 @ Tesco instore
Checked online prices: currently grossly overpriced. Amazon sells it at 119.99!!!!! In-store price Possibly nationwide 49 club card points PRODUCT DETAILS Sync with iTunes and en… Read more

Good deal, also can't get these anymore so best snap this up! What i mean is apple don't make these anymore i believe.


Pointless bit of kit unless you desperately need one. It’s too old tech for today’s market.


Hardly a deal, as an Apple fan, I’m go wireless now, as a music lover, I much prefer Walkman :|

Apple iPod touch 16gb (instore) instore at Tesco for £145 (found Swansea)
LocalLocalUpdated 17th Jan 2018Last updated 17th Jan 2018 by Alandure
Apple iPod touch 16gb (instore) instore at Tesco for £145 (found Swansea)
£145£190.1524%Tesco Direct Deals
Tesco instore (Swansea). Edit: note: online price showing high. But 145 is the instore price Possibly nation wide Guess you get >190 club card points? Amazon sells it at 198.… Read more

Lol. Mine is heading towards Antarctica XD


Cold from me I’m afraid. I posted the same deal last year when they were £99 in Tesco. Still went sub-zero.


The price is instore only


Saying £190 online.


Release the headless chickens!!!

Apple iPod Touch 4 Inch 6th Generation - 16GB (Refurbished) £94.99 @ Argos / Ebay
Updated 12th Jan 2018Last updated 12th Jan 2018 by parasyte
Apple iPod Touch 4 Inch 6th Generation - 16GB (Refurbished) £94.99 @ Argos / Ebay
£94.99eBay Deals
With 12 month warranty. Killer price!
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Oh I see, it it’s a decent deal. Cheaper compared to other places. Thanks (highfive)


Thanks for the update. Happy to have helped whoever bought :)




Well, the demo for iPod Touch is now more like kids under 15, who are not quite ready for a proper iPhone yet. Plus, this has a processor similar to one in iPhone 6/iPad mini 4.


You might as well get an iPhone 5s

iPod touch 32gb £179.98 delivered @ BT shop
Updated 11th Jan 2018Last updated 11th Jan 2018 by ScroopEgerton
iPod touch 32gb £179.98 delivered @ BT shop
iPod touch 32gb down to £179.98 cheaper then anywhere else, all colours available

You can get an iphone 6 for this!


I didn’t realise you could still buy these!


What is this antiquated device?


Apologies for being bland. The price will go down further and cold votes will go up here.


Been this price for a while. Might be best waiting for the ebay 20% off, which would bring the price down to £160 from Argos. That's if it happens.

Apple iPod Touch 128GB £279.99 @ Very
Updated 8th Dec 2017Last updated 8th Dec 2017 by deleted2053047
Apple iPod Touch 128GB £279.99 @ Very
£279.99Very Deals
Cheapest iPOD ive seen - handy for gym workouts and for me - my dj sets I can save just music on there without using my phone. Argos is showing £299.99 Tesco is £307
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Much better recycling your old phone. I still shudder at the memories of using iTunes it really is the worst application I've ever encountered.


a fair comment - !!!! i duno its cheapest ive found and i use mine!


You might as well get the iPhone SE at this price despite it having less storage.


You can get 32gb for less but this is 128gb . .


Nearly £300 for an iPod touch.. am I missing something here?

Apple iPod touch 32GB - Pink £180.96 @ BT Shop
Updated 22nd Nov 2017Last updated 22nd Nov 2017 by LarryTheLlama
Apple iPod touch 32GB - Pink £180.96 @ BT Shop
Apple Ipod touch 32GB available in 3 colours on this BT Website. 6th Generation. Am I missing something?
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Looks like they are even cheaper now, so I've added some extra info to your post for you :D


Was after an iPod...but nano now.ive found out they scrapped them they can bugger of. This is to big


No expandable storage in 2017? ...hopeless!!


I just use an old 32gb iPhone 5c with no sim card in, works great for Podcasts, Music and internet radio!


You can get far better audio players for the money - if that’s what you use it for.....

iPod Touch Pink/Blue/Space Grey/Silver/ 32GB £149.99 @ Very
Updated 19th Nov 2017Last updated 19th Nov 2017 by jskaife
iPod Touch Pink/Blue/Space Grey/Silver/ 32GB £149.99 @ Very
£149.99Very Deals
Recently purchased a Pink iPod Touch from very.co.uk and on the webpage it states use code M9ALM for buy now pay later 12 months and get credit back. Didnt say how much though. … Read more

still a great price!


Different code now on the page(s), and only 20% credit back (circa £40.00) making it around £160.00. Still a pretty decent price if you can live with the hassle.


Thank you


think it has expired. the code has been removed of the page


Where is this info on the website please ?!

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