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iPod Shuffle 2gb £19.50 from £39.00 Tesco Swansea
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Posted 14th Mar 2018Posted 14th Mar 2018LocalLocal
iPod Shuffle 2gb £19.50 from £39.00 Tesco Swansea£19.50Tesco Direct_eJod Deals
Saw this in Tesco Llansamlet when walking past the pile of reduced items, they also had phone cases for £0.25, car phone adapters for £0.75. Quite a lot of bits there, worth a loo… Read more

Christ tecco must have been checking for OOD prawns when they found these


I used to use mine for running/the gym but it gets rather annoying due to the 2GB of space. As OP mentioned, could be good for a child or a young person if you'd rather not trust them with a newer/expensive iPhone/iPod.


It's good for music on the go without draining your phone battery gym walking cycling etc bargain


Had one of these- there is no screen, so you can't see what's playing or what's next. It's just like having an ipod without a screen. Wait a minute...


A) yellow sticker store specific B) does not everybody’s phone out perform these? Not worth the price of the yellow sticker let alone the price on the yellow sticker.

iPod Shuffle 2GB (Space Grey): £39 @ Tesco instore
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Posted 17th Jan 2018Posted 17th Jan 2018LocalLocal
iPod Shuffle 2GB (Space Grey): £39 @ Tesco instore£39£4920% offTesco Direct_eJod Deals
Checked online prices: currently grossly overpriced. Amazon sells it at 119.99!!!!! In-store price Possibly nationwide 49 club card points PRODUCT DETAILS Sync with iTunes and en… Read more

Good deal, also can't get these anymore so best snap this up! What i mean is apple don't make these anymore i believe.


Pointless bit of kit unless you desperately need one. It’s too old tech for today’s market.


Hardly a deal, as an Apple fan, I’m go wireless now, as a music lover, I much prefer Walkman :|

Ipod nano and Ipod shuffle half price £64.31 Asda Nottingham
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Posted 20th Dec 2016Posted 20th Dec 2016LocalLocal
Ipod nano and Ipod shuffle half price £64.31 Asda Nottingham£64.31George (Asda George) Deals
as in Title :) Asda Nottingham hyson green Ipod nano is 16gb shuffle 2gb half price
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Apple **** old tech not worth a toss its an mp3 player ffs

ipod shuffle matt black.£36 john lewis 2yr warranty
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Posted 11th Sep 2016Posted 11th Sep 2016
ipod shuffle matt black.£36 john lewis 2yr warranty£36John Lewis Deals
old school deal. these are now £49 on apple site after the recent price increase. includes 3.5mm audio port and earphones. great for the gym or running or handsfree car. not… Read more
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Why does WhatHiFi? Rate it so highly? Cirrus Logic chips are quality. The interface is the buttons, as is the Sansa, for what it's designed for this is ideal.


sound wont be that good and only two gb and no interface. But that's a shuffle. Its ok i guess it depends how far you want to take it sansa clip etc.


Excellent device no need for frills; ideal for the gym and takes a battering, I am happy with mine after about 8 years of use. Hot.


It's only 2gb


heat added. I have this one for one year now. Very good for running time.

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iPod shuffle 2gb £19 at tesco RRP £40
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Posted 9th Apr 2016Posted 9th Apr 2016LocalLocal
iPod shuffle 2gb £19 at tesco RRP £40£19Tesco Direct_eJod Deals
Just picked the last space grey iPod shuffle from tesco Lunsford park. Should be national the guy said.
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Op do you have barcode?


Has anyone been able to pirchase one of these?


mine has been going strong for 6 years.. only issue is the charging dock cable.. only lasts a few months


Don't last long. Had 2 didn't last 12 months.


showing £39 on line

Pink iPod Shuffle £29  + £2 C&C John Lewis (Free C&C over £30 spend)
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Posted 18th Feb 2016Posted 18th Feb 2016
Pink iPod Shuffle £29 + £2 C&C John Lewis (Free C&C over £30 spend)£31John Lewis Deals
Only pink available at this price (others are £36) 2gb 2 year warranty £2 click & charge unless you spend over £30 Beautiful and wearable, the new shuffle lets you take hun… Read more

I haven't used iTunes for years - use alternative software to make and transfer playlists or iCloud. I love Apple but iTunes has always sucked.


These would be excellent if iTunes wasn't so atrocious....


It's a nice apple product but as a fanboy this ideal for the gym instead dumping your music collection on with only 2gb. Good for running too/weight training/gift.


For the same price you can get a Sansa Clip + 64gb MicroSD card https://mobymemory.com/uk/kingston-64gb-microsdxc-45mb-s-class-10-uhs-i-memory-card-adapter.html?


2gb? What is this, 2005? Save yourself the frustration and get a Sansa Clip