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Enigma - Voyageur [180g Orange Coloured VINYL] - with free MP3 version - delivered @ - Prime - £12.99 / Non-Prime £15.98
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Their album from 2003, not their best album but includes the brilliant tracks IMO 'Page Of Cups' and 'The Piano'. Tracklist A1 From East To West … Read more

Just checked, got all 9 for £120, though LSD is a double , the seller had make an offer, couldnt believe they accepted £120 :D I think I've listened to around 4 of them Quality of the vinyl is excellent, though don't included MP3 versions like Amazon, check your local HMV, I've seen them in mine a few times on special offer


How much was that per album? far from this vinyl collection I only have 'A Posteriori', that I got for £12.99, and 'Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits', that I got for £16.99


The rivers of belief 8)


I was lucky enough to get the full collection last year for around £130 Heat added, nice and relaxing music


for some reason i am reminded of the old classic: Q "what did one stoner say to the other stoner when they ran out of weed?" A "This music's rubbish"

Mirror Portable MP3 player Mini Clip MP3 Player £1 delivered @ Ali Express /  Sky trading company ltd
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
You can currently get an MP3 player or iPod Shuffle look-a-like for just £1.02. There are around 8 different colours to choose from and arrive within around 2-3 weeks Looks and so… Read more
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I've had a few of these over the years some are ok others fail very quickly, but for a quid you could get a few months out of it


I won one of these in an arcade while I was in Japan. It works well, you just need a micro sd card and a USB cable and you're good to go


I've generally found these don't last very long before breaking.


Threw mine in the bin.

Ghostbusters (2016) Soundtrack [130g VINYL] with MP3 download code - £12.06 delivered @
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
This is the soundtrack for the 2016 female cast reboot, not the 1984 original... EUR €9.99 + delivery Tracklist A1 –Walk The Moon - Ghostbusters A2 –G-Eazy X Jeremi… Read more

It the 12" 45 to be fair. I hear it likes the girls.


£12.06 for "Now that's what I call shameless cash-in!", no ta.


£5 just for the 7 inch single?...not worth it IMO...


All thriller no filler right here

Sony MDR-XB650BT Extra Bass On-Ear Headphones with Bluetooth, Black £42.71 with Fee Free Card or £45 delivered @ Amazon France
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Good price as currently in UK retails for £59 Sony MDR-XB650BT Extra Bass On-Ear Headphones with Bluetooth, Black £42.71 with Fee Free Card or £45 delivered Producing tight g… Read more

bought these at Christmas from JLS for just over 50 and fussy teenager impressed by bass and clarity....


That’s the ones , I am very pleased with them so much I bought another pair in red to match my phone haha


Don't forget the BT, i.e. XB950BT, both models are available wired and wireless. I've had the XB950BT for over 2 years. Very comfortable for long periods and great sound for movies where the bass adds to the action. Sound isolation is also good. Not so good for gaming or music as the bass is too much, unless that's your thing. Battery seems to last forever.


Thank you @VFX9 (highfive) Heat Added (y)


MDR-XB950 are £89.99 at Argos and most places.

Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits [150g VINYL] 1972 - 2018 reissue incl. MP3 download code £12.11 delivered @
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
€9.99 + postage's_Greatest_Hi… Read more

The amount someone's willing to pay for the convenience is obviously subjective and that's fair enough if for you it's too much. Personally, I think it's a good price for a brand new copy (no where has it cheaper new) and some people will prefer buying new. My anecdotal experiences are that I haven't seen this in charity shops for as cheap as you have (my bad luck). But this just highlights the lucky dip aspect of trying to find things second-hand. Currently, the cheapest a second-hand best of Simon & Garkfunkel vinyl on ebay is £4 + £4 postage (and could go higher as it's auction, cheapest buy it now £8.99. £12.11 for new is good price.


Already have. Wild goose chase? Please. Have you ever browsed the vinyl section in a charity shop? I got fed up of seeing this record, even on eBay you can get a used copy cheap. No it won’t be, but I can’t see a mediocre remaster that’s not even 180g bumping the price up this much. Fair enough for the mp3 download, but again, doesn’t really increase the value, not much anyway, at least in 2019. But hey this is just my opinion, if others want to pay over £12 for this, then all the best to them.


It won’t be the 2018 repressing in the charity shops either with an MP3 download code...finding it in a charity shop must also be a wild goose chase....can you name one that has it in stock?


Never could work out why Paul Simon was holding a stainless steel salt cellar ? :/


Even then I disagree mate, if it was say, £8 it may be worth the convenience but over £12 for a charity staple is ridiculous and certainly not a deal.

C.C. Catch - The 80's Album - 47 tracks [320kbps MP3 Download] - £1.99 @, 16-bit/44.1kHz FLAC losless CD quality - £2.49
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Classic 80s Europop, produced by Dieter Bohlen of Modern Talking. Contains many Top 10 European singles and extended versions. £22.99 on Amazon and Google Play. en.wikipedia.… Read more

Define 'Classic'


Ah Dieter Bohlen of Modern Talking ,Cheri Cheri lady now there's a video that will have you rolling around the floor laughing Heat for just making me think about it is hilarious.

Texas - 25 [MP3 Album Download] 99p @
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Track Listing: 1. Start A Family 2. Black Eyed Boy (Truth & Soul Sessions) 3. Say What You Want (Truth & Soul Sessions) 4. Supafly Boy 5. Halo (Truth & Soul Ses… Read more

I get it 😁, but still hot for me.


13 less songs than promised. Cold.


Bought. Ta


I used to love a little Texas - back in the days of Del Amitri and the Hothouse Flowers. Not so much these day, but like Gary says ^ for 99p I'll give it a shot. Thanks OP.


Great band and a really good album with reinterpretations of some old classics. Fantastic for 99p!! Hot and bought...thanks (y) :D

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Nirvana - "Bleach" - Deluxe Edition [MP3 Download] £1.99 @ Google Play
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
2009 remasters Tracklisting: Blew Floyd The Barber About A Girl School Love Buzz Paper Cuts Negative Creep Scoff Swap Meet Mr. Moustache … Read more

Heat, just because it was the first cd I brought. Still have it. :)


Sweet! Cracking find. HEAT!!


Far and away their best album. Blows the tiresome Nevermind out of the water.


Bought this recently my 10 month old loved it!


Nice spot OP!

The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan [MP3 album download] £1.89 @
Found 5th FebFound 5th Feb
Tracklist 1. Blowin' In The Wind 2. Girl From The North Country 3. Masters Of War 4. Down The Highway 5. Bob Dylan's Blues 6. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall 7. Don't Think Twice… Read more

This album is one of the best things in the world.


The recent More Blood More Tracks Deluxe release (Bootleg Series 14) is immense


Buy it! lol


Highway 61 Revisted and Blonde On Blonde are also Dylan must haves.


Do you have a link to the Bob Dylan (1962) download.

Sony NW-A45 Refurbished Walkman 12 month warranty £89 delivered @ Centres Direct
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
These are available from the Sony Centre refurbished section in the UK. A45 in blue. 12 month warranty and free standard delivery. Cheapest new product is currently £129.99 from A… Read more

Most phones yes. LG's with their ESS quad Dacs I don't think so


just drag and dropped all my music files purchased from itunes no probelm...(dont know why I was so worried!;) and paired up with car bluetooth system 1st time.....well impressed. Great sound, user friendly software and all for £96 (alot cheaper that a apple touch!)....thanks all!;)


Just fitted 256GB micro 232GB usable space...the Integral one from MyMemory @£27....I can confirm it works fine,there's very little info about max card size's for these players.


Thanks for this BattleBeast1.......I ended up picking one of these up during the 15% off on ebay so got one for £96 with 12months warranty (argos) and hoping I can drag and drop files into the a45 using itunes/Sony media software.....cheers


Ok,I've had a good play with this over the holidays,I noticed the volume is ok with bluetooth headphones but ridiculously low with wired headphones.This is due to a rubbish Euro volume cap,USA and Jap players do not have this....I have just removed it from mine and it's well worth doing,I would say a good 30%+ volume,it just sounds so much looks a bit daunting doing the firmware fix but it's actually quite's the link,if you get stuck send me a pm.

SanDisk Clip Jam 8GB MP3 Player, £22.49 with code at MyMemory
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
10% off With code, free delivery. 3 colours to chose from. - Super lightweight wearable personal music player - Deep, rich sound quality - 8GB internal storage, with a microSDHC … Read more

Is 32gb really the max this mp3 player takes?


I concur, I have had a sansa clip for years, swap headphones to in-ears and back on a daily basis, use for the gym three times a week, dog walking on a daily basis and relaxing with headphones in the evenings and it has been faultless. Added an SD card to expand storage. This is (IMO) a bargain.


No probs with the headphone socket on my Clip Zip either...... and i've had it more years than i can remember.


This is utter nonsense and based on one persons experience. Had 2 for years ... no problem with headphone socket. Had 2 clip plusses too and mortified that I recently lost one on a flight! They are that good. I'm not alone in this either. Sure if you want Rockboxing the Clip+ is a legend (wish you could still get them new) but dont listen to this utter dross. A clip is entirely different experience to an android phone and at this price is a steal.


Come on, I've got a Takstar HD6000 and connecting it to a Galaxy S8 and to the Xduoo x3 it's like earth and heaven ;-) I can't imagine connecting more advanced headphones :-\

Creative Outlier ONE Plus Bluetooth Headphones (w/built-in MP3 player) - £26.99 - Creative
Found 8th Nov 2018Found 8th Nov 2018
Creative Outlier ONE Plus Bluetooth Headphones (w/built-in MP3 player) - £26.99 - Creative
'Creative Outlier ONE Plus' Bluetooth Wireless Sweat-proof In-ear Headphones with Built-in MP3 Player (4GB storage) Advertised battery life: Up to 7 hours on Bluetooth Up to 10 … Read more

code expired


Got a pair for the gym. Nice find!


got two for 46 thanks


Cheers OP just what I needed for the gym!


Nice find, i also had 4 quid in members points so got for 23 quid. Heat from me

Mini USB MP3 Player with Metal Clip / 30 Hours Playback 96p delivered @ Gerbest
Found 17th Sep 2018Found 17th Sep 2018
Mini USB MP3 Player with Metal Clip / 30 Hours Playback 96p delivered @ Gerbest
Cheaper than chips for this. Just pop a 16GB SD card in it and it's good to go. You should get a few thousand tracks on and states upto 30 hours playback time per charge. Can't go… Read more

Well, after the plastic clip snapping off after 2 days my expectation levels weren't overly high so I wasn't exactly shocked when it died completely the following week. It was worth a try, but was just the tat you'd expect!


My 3 arrived today. Headphone socket is a bit recessed so some headphone plugs will be problematic if they're on the bulky side. All 3 were fully charged so I'm running a test now to see how long the battery lasts whilst continually playing an album through headphones. There's no charge cable or headphones included (I didn't expect these for the 80p I paid for each one.) The charging port is mini USB so some people may not have this cable already available for charging the player. The sound is not bad at all (headphone dependant) and much better than I expected. The volume goes quite loud without distortion. Standard functions of play/pause, skip tracks back & forward, scan within tracks (ffwd/rwnd). It plays folders/files in a simplistic way: any files in root of mSD card first then folders in alphabetic order. I haven't checked the playing order of folders starting with numbers or non-alphanumeric characters (as it's sequential play then I'd want to ensure the folders are in the order I want when putting them on the memory card.) As said earlier: plastic clip on the ones I received but I'll probably have it dangling or tucked in clothing anyway. The weight of it is nothing. As would be expected it's mainly very cheap plastic and I don't think it will take much abuse so don't sit on it. One annoyance up to now is the large and quite bright orangey-red flashing LED at the bottom right corner which pulsates once a second the whole time the thing is playing and whilst charging. Can't complain for 80p and if the 3 I bought last through my next holiday then it's been worth it just to save carrying my phone everywhere.




Purple & Pink reduced to 80p + 11p shipping!!! So 91p ALL IN!


Hmm, I'd somewhat object to that. I've worked all my life on software and what I've learned is that nothing works as expected unless it was properly tested. Even standard libraries have woeful bugs now and then. As for the issue at hand there are lots of components that need to work together: hardware, BIOS, OS and the chosen file system. I'm not an expert on these matters, but it is entirely possible that the BIOS or OS has a stupid bug and it only works up to 16GB. Or that the SD card was improperly formatted. Of course it would be possible to test each layer separately and emulate the others. But maybe I'm too pessimistic (damn you software!) and it "just" works. ;)

Land Rover Defender 6v electric ride on car with mp3 player and suspension £42.50 delivered with code @ eBay sold by Halfords
Found 17th Aug 2018Found 17th Aug 2018
Land Rover Defender 6v electric ride on car with mp3 player and suspension £42.50 delivered with code @ eBay sold by Halfords
£42.50eBay Deals
Always fancied a Land Rover but always a bit out of my price bracket! Get this for £42.50 delivered using code PIGGYBANK at Halfords on eBay or collect it from store if easier fo… Read more

We wrapped some wide elastic bands on each of the back wheels - works perfectly :D


We paid £45 for this in May. It’s a great little ride on toy for kids - battery lasts a good while too. Bit of a faff to put together but good value. They only use it on paving - the mod above sounds very sensible for grass use.


I hear these are shooting up in value now they've stopped making them! ;)


Thanks OP, purchased for my nephew :)


My unnoficial mod for hilly or otherwise slippy gardens. (Old bike tyre). Without it the car was barely useable as it is 1 wheel drive. Goes anywhere now!

JVC HA-EN10 Headphones - Black was £14.99 then £8.99 now £6.90 @ argos
Found 28th Jul 2018Found 28th Jul 2018
JVC HA-EN10 Headphones - Black was £14.99 then £8.99 now £6.90 @ argos
£6.90£14.9954%Argos Deals
The JVC HA-EN10 headphones are constructed to be sweat-proof. The "Gumy Sport" headphones are ideal for sports and accompanying you on almost any exercise activity. The nozzle-fit … Read more

Tip for people buy 5 of these max and 1 of the more expensive red black that puts it over 20 for the add on


JVC Gumy Sports Sweatproof In-Ear Headphones with Mic - Blue @Amazon


I had a pair of these and they’re the only in ear headphones I’ve ever bought that won’t stay in my ears


Probably not going to get a better quality item for that price..


In stock at these stores

Rechargeable Sports Mini USB MP3 Player with Metal Clip 92p delivered @ Gearbest
Found 16th Jul 2018Found 16th Jul 2018
Rechargeable Sports Mini USB MP3 Player with Metal Clip 92p delivered @ Gearbest
Ideal for the Gym, just add a 16GB memory card and away you go - 16GB SD cards hold around 3500 songs, will differ depending on bit-rate & length of each track of course. Play… Read more
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Couldn't get it to work yet, does the micro SD card need to be formatted as fat32 or NTFS?


OK, the three arrived today on via the cheapest shipping method. No import fee. Must say very happy for the money. All work fine.They are not metal but I guess that will come as no surpsrise. I was pleased to find that it supports 64gb sdcards over the quote 16gb. Great for the gym! If it last 6 months I will be happy!


Tried to order but says my email couldn’t be found , gave up


Ah thanks for this. A lot more than £1! And pretty terrible reviews, looks like there is a real opportunity for someone in this market if this is the only thing available.


Spotify needs to connect to the internet and run on dedicated software, so it's not likely to come on cheap screenless tat like this device. You'd be better buying an old android or iPod probably, and you'd have to download all your songs on wifi before you go unless you're going to dedicate a 4G SIM to it.

Akai Dynmx Bluetooth headphones with FM/MP3 mode £7 @ Morrisons online & in-store
Found 20th Jun 2018Found 20th Jun 2018
Akai Dynmx Bluetooth headphones with FM/MP3 mode £7 @ Morrisons online & in-store
Enhance your audio experience with the Dynmx Bluetooth Headphones. Boasting a stylish design, these headphones do not only provide a detailed, intricate sound but also enable a wir… Read more

Eight pairs left on shelf (Bay 21) in Edinburgh Portobello Branch at tea time and going through the jack & Jill at a fiver. Wasn"t expecting much cop from these but plugged them into my tablet for the Sweden Germany game and pleasantly surprised at the sound quality - quite deep and filling. Great bargain for the price. Also no dash cams or Action cams left in stock in this branch


Picked up a pair of these yesterday. Overall they compare well to the Andoer LH-811 cheap headphones. Sound quality is perfectly acceptable as long as you are not an audio snob. There is a little and consistent faint hum that you will notice during very quiet moments but it's not enough to become annoying. Batter life on the first use was around 5 and half hours, with volume at about 70%. Around 2 hours to a full charge. FM radio is useless. MP3 playback from 32Gb card works well although once you power off, when you start up again, playback resumes from the start, not from where you left off. Direct connection via cable does yield a slightly better sound and no humming. Adequately comfortable too. For 7 knicker, you can't really go wrong.


Thanks will check tomorrow :)


thats a good sign then. mayby I was too early in visiting instore. hopefully other stores will get some deliveries this week - pain to keep checking though...


There was a pallet worth on the shelves in the Edinburgh Piersfield Terrace store earlier.

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