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SanDisk Clip Jam 8 GB MP3 Player (3 colours) - £21.99 at Amazon
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Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
Good price for this compact player. This lightweight clip-on player comes with 8GB of storage, so you can carry up to 2000 of your favourite songs, or your audiobook library. It… Read more

Not saying there is no use, but for 99.9% of the market it is obsolete. People are happy enough with the quality their smartphones provide, there is the ease of Spotify and Tidal, and people won't waste time to search for FLAC files, most people have bluetooth headphones/earphones, and people who care about lossless audio will surely be willing to invest more for a better media player.


I'm not sure it cracks one off a lot but Bluetooth is a big omission.


Does it have Spotify 👀


Thanks, been 15+ years since I've looked at MP3 tagging software etc so will see if any look easy enough to use for my dad. Didn't know that about OG iPods selling for big money either, thanks


The sansa simply reads the filename structure, which is what you navigate. Any mp3 tagger software will do the trick. And og 2nd hand ipods sell for a small fortune on ebay! No idea on the sd card limit

Victure Bluetooth MP3 Player 16GB £20.99 @ Sold by SONHA and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
Victure Bluetooth MP3 Player 16GB £20.99 @ Sold by SONHA and Fulfilled by Amazon£20.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
On a lightning deal. Love mine. Great for gym/running/flights etc. Not the cheapest it's ever been, but still a good deal.

I got a similar one from Amazon by Oakcastle for around £15 (it’s £20 for the 8gb at the moment). Also has Bluetooth, extra as expansion. I use it loads. The headphones that came with it are actually ok with reasonable base. Also came with a pouch and there is a gel cover you can get for it. Battery lasts not far off a while day wired and around 8 hrs with Bluetooth. It charged quickly too. Sound is good and Bluetooth works fine. Averages 4.4 from over 2000 reviews. Similar to this... so just an alternative.


Yes, you have been in a coma for 50 years


This last alot longer than an hour! I was running for 2.5 hours today using this Bluetooth and it still has approx 3/4 of battery left, maybe yours is faulty?


Same thing happened to mine but as you mentioned this is a great little player, I use mine for when I'm running and it's perfect for that!


Was just a wee joke. But to be honest I do think dedicated mp3 players' days are numbered

Victure Bluetooth MP3 Player 16GB - £18.69 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime Sold by SONHA and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 22nd Dec 2020Posted 22nd Dec 2020
Victure Bluetooth MP3 Player 16GB - £18.69 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime Sold by SONHA and Fulfilled by Amazon£18.69Amazon Deals
Victure Bluetooth MP3 Player 16GB Clip Sport Portable Lossless Sound Hi-Fi Music Player With Headphone FM Radio Voice Recorder, Support up 128GB. Our classic M3 is lightweight, wi… Read more

whats an mp3 player? (lol)


I have this and primarily used it as a fm radio to listen whilst working at my desk. I found the battery life great but got fed up of having the headphones plugged in and having the wires in the way. So decided to use it with a pair of Bluetooth headphones. However unfortunately for the radio signal to work it actually needs the wired headphones to work as an aerial. That’s ok I thought so left some headphones plugged in.... the next issue was terrible breakup from the radio stream via Bl. I did wonder if it was interference from the computer or monitor. Given the Bluetooth headphones work fine with my phone I can only say it’s either the device or a big difference between Bluetooth 4.1 and 5


Not a good MP3 player. I use one myself because I prefer actual buttons that I can press without having to be staring at the screen, but with this device they feel cheap, springy and unresponsive. Changing the volume means you can't do anything else for several seconds until the screen returns to normal again, which makes it difficult to use WITHOUT staring at the screen. The device feels cheap, has frozen several times on startup, and it makes me crave my old walkman with its clicky buttons and built-in USB charger. I also find it randomly goes flat- I've caught it remaining on after I THOUGHT I had held the off button down for long enough (And this is after a year of muscle-memory with this thing!), and other times I've unplugged it from the charger and it must have remained on because it's flat by the time I get around to using it next. It's cheap, it plays music, but I haven't enjoyed using it.


I got the 32gb one on black Friday for £21. Great player and can take micro SD cards to boost memory.


I have this player, it's fine really. I mostly use this as it fits in my pocket easily, is light and lasts for ages with wired earphones. If it's dropped and broke it's only £20 and not £200+ though it's so light it probably wouldn't break easily. You have to do a firmware upgrade to get bluetooth to remember to come on at startup if you want to use wireless earphones. You could manually turn it on each time if you wanted.

SanDisk Clip Jam 8 GB MP3 Player (4 colours) - £20.99 at Amazon
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Posted 22nd Dec 2020Posted 22nd Dec 2020
SanDisk Clip Jam 8 GB MP3 Player (4 colours) - £20.99 at Amazon£20.99£24.9916% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Great little player with long lasting battery life. This lightweight clip-on player comes with 8GB of storage, so you can carry up to 2000 of your favourite songs, or your audio… Read more

Is this better or...??


still got mine as well as a clip+


THESE. I bought a Victure last year. It fell apart - literally - in weeks. Build quality atrocious. These however are great build quality and will last. ONLY drawback is no Bluetooth


Agree. When I fill my 128 I have a 200gb Saandisk waiting to move in ! 😁


This or the Victure Bluetooth one posted earlier ? :/

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Sony NW-WS623 4 GB Waterproof Walkman MP3 Player with Bluetooth - Black £79 @ Amazon
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Posted 12th Dec 2020Posted 12th Dec 2020
Sony NW-WS623 4 GB Waterproof Walkman MP3 Player with Bluetooth - Black £79 @ Amazon£79Amazon Deals
Industry-leading noise cancellation* to block out unnecessary ambient noise (*As of June 1st 2019. According to research by Sony Corporation, measured using JEITA-compliant guideli… Read more

I been using the s413 which is the same model without the Bluetooth used for swimming for nearly 3 years, they have been excellent sound quality is good Evan under water, they are loud enough, you get several different buds to suit your ear size, swimming buds are separate to normal buds so will sound little lower. Overall great for any sport.


I did exactly that too. Boosted all my music so I could listen to it on this headset


I bought these for swimming pre corona to listen to audio books. I took found them to be a little too quiet. But they do work well.


Ah, was thinkin of gettin these, but do need somethin loud for the gym


I have one of these. Great headphones except the sound can be low. I had to run my music through a programme to increase their volume.

iPod touch 7th generation £159.99 @ ebay / tf2_bargains
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Posted 7th Dec 2020Posted 7th Dec 2020
iPod touch 7th generation £159.99 @ ebay / tf2_bargains£159.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Seems like a good deal for brand new iPod touch 7

Not only that, they are a lot lighter than an iPhone, so people like myself where every ounce counts it is a good thing. I am wanting to purchase one as my reliable old nano isn’t wireless for syncing. I am wanting something as small and as light as possible.


As the Mod in charge at present deems this comment innocuous enough not to remove it despite my bringing your abusive albeit deplorable reference to bullying in a previous reply I will respond to this. You really are a mean individual and when bettered verbally resort to cruel insults in an attempt to make yourself feel better, I reiterate in that I’m not posh (working class remember) just educated & I assure you there’s a vast difference! I did extremely well in my chosen career however due to a serious illness I had to take early retirement therefore my circumstances changed drastically, which is why I save with Park vouchers. There you go I’ve politely answered your questions, so what mean-spirited or nastiness are you going to come up with this time?!


There’s the infantile responses you’re so infamous for! Nah that’s just the way I talk always have done, I don’t profess to be intelligent however I’ve answered a question or two on both MasterMind and University Challenge. I was lucky enough to have had a damn good English teacher and my Mother’s English was equally eloquent. I’m extremely proud to be from a Working Class background who did quite well in school and afterwards, one doesn’t have to be ‘posh’ to speak well you know, so that’s ageism, an issue with class and rudeness, my my you’re quite a catch. Why so angry and rude, not just to me both other members, your propensity to belittle people is an extremely worrying trait to have, maybe you need help?!


Don’t you mean ‘to’ their own? My granddaughter is 6 years old and I can guarantee that she won’t be allowed to have a mobile phone for many years as did her older brother, sooooo she’ll definitely get at least 4 to 5 years out of the aforementioned iPod. Sorry to disappoint predominately as you appear to have knowledge on everything, in your own head anyway (lol) As for the dig regarding my age; which is such a pathetic juvenile retort albeit ageist tut tut; although I concede that certain aspects of technology I do find confusing though I strive to understand either through Google or my daughter, others I have no issue with whatsoever and in no way would I class being in ones 40’s as old! Toodles


Ah well each the their own, they won’t want it within a year when they get an actual mobile phone and use that to play music. Never mind, old people don’t seem to know much about technology and kids.