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Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System, THX, Dolby & DTS Certified, 1000W PeakPower now £216.00 @ Amazon
-58° Expired
Posted 4 h, 11 m agoPosted 4 h, 11 m ago
Thought at 4.6 out of 5 from 1493 Reviews says this Product seems Pukka! (strong) Can't beat the 38% reduction in max RRP too (strong) (horror) Z906 5.1 Surround Sound… Read more
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Lower priced in February


Wow somebody thinks this needs to be reactivated!


Doesn't seem like a deal so to avoid wasting people's time expiring this tat (y) :D (highfive) (highfive)


You are most welcome (highfive)


That's a plausible explanation there now now ain't it. Thanks @matwalaboy (y)

Logitech - G533 Wireless 7.1 Gaming Headset £85 at Coolshop
Posted 5 h, 33 m agoPosted 5 h, 33 m ago
Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset features Pro-G audio drivers and DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround technology with the remarkable ability to recreate the in-game environmental eff… Read more
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Is this any good?


Probably the Turtle Beach Recon 70P which I think fits in that price range or maybe a couple quid more give or take


Any. That price point they're all the same.


What headset would you recommend for £20-25?

Logitech C270 Webcam - £25.99 (+£1.68 Postage) @ Logitech
72° Expired
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Just posted C925e but noticed the C270 is also back in stock, probably won't last long though. You have to pay for delivery if spending less than £39.99. Also available with 25% … Read more
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+1 Ordered when it said 'out of stock' on item page, but still allowed me to add to basket


Yes got one at 4am today.


I didn’t. I paid with Apple Pay, have seen the money leave the account, and have a screenshot of the order confirmation. Never ordered direct from Logitech before.


Did anyone get a confirmation email?


Brilliant info, thanks

Logitech C925e Full HD Webcam £74.99 @ Logitech UK
110° Expired
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Was looking for any of the C9xx model webcams but it's been really difficult to find stock. Logitech currently have this model in stock at £99.99 for delivery in 4-7 working days.… Read more
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I managed to get the Logitech C930e Webcam from their site a few weeks back. Invaluable and really good for working from home.


Looks very like the C920-C I have - maybe this is a newer version - and it'll have the privacy slider as well. I got mine a few years ago from an ebay seller who had a load of stock. So cheap I thought it wasn't going to turn up!


Unless you're one to one 'conferencing' with a loved one, isn't this just wasting bandwidth?




About 2.4m students in Unis in the UK and most of them will have parents, siblings etc... Which may or may not be relevant XD TBF I'd have bought it at 99.99. Just happy there was stock (y)

Logitech G304 Lightspeed Gaming Mouse (12000DPi / 6 Program buttons) £32.12 Delivered @ AliExpress Deals / Gamer 1994 Store
02/07/2020Expires on 02/07/2020Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaPosted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Good price for what is essentially the identical model to the G305 - just numbered different for asian market i'm assuming? Spec list is the same though, and given the going price … Read more

Great mouse. Normal price for a G305 is around £35 and usually varies between £30 and £40, but currently between £35 and £45. Good deal if you need to buy today, but personally I'd wait and grab at the next £35 from UK as you'll be waiting a while anyway for delivery and WFH easing should bring prices back a bit.


You probably have higher changes of getting struck by lighting than getting a genuine branded item of aliscam (:I


I have this mouse it’s fantastic. Wish I had the expensive wireless charging mousematt to go with it though


Great mouse, have it myself


Love my G305 too, it's also great for work and travel. Love the sensitivity switch so I can adjust for general desktop, diagramming or gaming with the presets saved in the mouse (you'll need the G Hub software on one machine to change the presets). Tempted to get another for the office although I'm not sure when I'll be back there at this point :)

Logitech G203 Lightsync Gaming Mouse with Customizable RGB Lighting £21.99 @ Amazon
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Logitech G203 just dropped in price to £21.99
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I have this 1st gen of this mouse, the prodigy and this Lightsync doesn't seem to be any different rather than the naming scheme. Of course it's a mostly no frills affair other than the nice RGB lighting, but in day to day use it works well and the Logitech software allows decent customisation especially DPI and the RGB effect. I don't do competitive gaming/Esports nor do I play games or do stuff where the mouse I have really makes a difference unless I had a noticeably cheap mouse If you just need a basic mouse that's decent quality and fairly cheap then this is definitely a good choice.




On sale via Currys with free delivery for the same price btw and appears in stock


PC Gamer ranks this mouse no.2 in the "The best gaming mouse in 2020". Temporarily out of stock now.


Good price. I've bought the first gen in Jan 2019 for £15, so far I'm very pleased, buttons are quite loud though.

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Logitech Spotlight Wireless Presentation Remote £60.90 @ Amazon
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
A really good price from Amazon. Grey is 10 quid more. Before the noobs start to bash the device - it's not just a slide changer. It's a very useful bit of kit.

Thanks for posting. Heat added.


Unless you actually own one, aren't you being a bit presumptuous?


I have 3 of these. The comment that this is not more than a slide clicker is far out of reality. This device is a Bluetooth wireless pointer. It has a gyro and can be used as a wireless mouse. Why this is important: if you teach and your video is recorded or you are presenting via zoom etc you want your viewers watching the video to know where you are pointing. With this device you get exactly that functionality! If you need this functionality it is the only device that offers it. The device is nice, the software is a bit heavy.


Yep agree. You get what you pay for. Quite frankly - the fact I can hold a button and it removes anything you are presenting (zoom, ppt etc etc) is worth it's weight in-gold. It is not just a slide changer. lol.


I’ve got the silver version. It’s way more than a traditional clicker. It’s sleek, brilliantly built and can be used as a mouse. It’s expensive but good. I guess it depends if you’re serious and have a use for it, I do and thinks it’s worth what I paid for it. Xiaomi will probably copy it at some point and they’ll sell this for £20...

LOGITECH HD Webcam C270 - £29.99 delivered at Currys PC World
157° Expired
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Finally managed to order one of these after them being out of stock everywhere for ages. I expect they don't have many though, so be quick! :) They also have the C310 pro for £49… Read more
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Via USB cable


Use Go Pro as a webcam


Ah yeah gotcha, I could have got that one but it seemed to cancel out any potential saving with the student discount as I don’t want the wrist bit.


I had to buy the version with the wrist bit as the one without was always out of stock.


Interesting. How do you do that?

LOGITECH Keyboard, Mouse & Headset Starter Pack, £65 at Currys PC World
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Good value, decent bundle here, might suit someone. Product features G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse G332 Gaming Headset LOGITECH G21… Read more

(y) Same here! Also have a G15 keyb and G19 mouse. Both going strong, still feel great and do what u want from them. I've never really played with macro buttons or used profiles etc. I should prob update the software. Main use is CPU/Mem performance status, stopwatch etc on the screen.




Foes the headset work with xbox?


Just had mine delivered this morning, and let me tell you, I'm dead impressed. I've never had a mechanical keyboard before so I can't really compare, but I've had other decent gaming keyboards before (SteelSeries etc) and this Logitech one is the pick of the bunch. It just feels different. With the wrist rest, the footprint is the same size as my fairly standard Dell media keyboard (with the wrist rest). The mouse doesn't look as good as my G402 which it replaced, but the DPI is higher and it is smooth as a baby's bum. The headset sounds decent too. I haven't tried the mic out yet on my PC because I have some issues with the driver or something but it sits well over the ear. It feels a bit strange that the centre part is only padded from the underside (makes sense practically) so it can feel a bit plasticky to the touch. For £65, it's a total bargain and there's no change of buying them separately for this price. Very happy overall and a nice birthday present from me to myself. EDIT: Rubbish pic but there ya go.


I have the fun that I want to keep the 412 at home and take the 213 back to the office when I go back, but weirdly my girlfriend likes the 213 more than the mechanical one and she will continue working from home so be using whatever is at home a lot. I can't complain about having the mechanical one more but I don;t think my colleagues will like the clickyness and I'll have to play games on the membrane one. Going to try and convince her the mechanical one is better before I'm forced to go back to the office.

Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard, RGB Backlit, Qwerty UK Layout, Black - £34.97 delivered @ Amazon
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Personalise five individual lighting zones from a spectrum of over 16.8 million colours on this RGB keyboard Full-sized gaming RGB keyboard designed for gaming and productivity; t… Read more

Any recommendations of mechanical gaming keyboards?


Shows 50 but if you go to other sellers, it's available on back orders.


This says £50 for me now


It might not be what you're asking but I own this keyboard and cleaned it recently popping each key off and washing them in soapy water. I used a small screwdriver and almost all came off without needing to apply too much pressure. By the end I had found the knack to getting them off and next time will be a lot quicker. The letter and number keys pop on easily as you'd expect. The shape of the connecting part of each key mean there's only one way up you can push them on - handy for the arrow keys otherwise you'd have to judge from the angle of the key whether they're up, right, down or left. The larger keys (space, backspace, return, etc.) have a metal bar which clips in easily. The backspace on mine took a few swift hard presses to re-seat properly but all's working fine.


I got this keyboard just yesterday, after suffering with the use of a cheap ten quid one since my last one died. This one feels very comfortable and easy to type. The keys feel great and I've noticed I am making a lot less errors than with the cheap one.

Logitech G X56 Hotas RGB Flight/Space Simulator Game Controller, Black - £171.62 @ Amazon
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
This HOTAS has been out of stock everywhere for a while and is usually above £200. Selling fast but Amazon says more are on the way soon. Six degrees of freedom: In contemporary… Read more
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Posted 3 days ago


Don't. For MS you want yoke system like Saitek yoke or honeycomb


There's also an Amazon Warehouse Used-Acceptable for £128.71.


I feel like buying this just for Microsoft flight sim hype even though I have never played fight sims before


Posted already.

Logitech G X56 Hotas RGB Flight/Space Simulator Game Controller £172.65 @ Amazon
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
This item is finally back in stock...with a decent price Six degrees of freedom: In contemporary space sims with more dynamic spacecraft physics, control is more complex… Read more
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And I thought I was a nerd! ;) What's with the skull?


Don't suppose you've got a keybinds to share do ya bud?


To be honest you might be better off with a bog standard pair of T16000M, I've got a warthog(which wasn't that much more than this), and while I like it and I do things other than Star Citizen so it is the right thing for me, a pair of 16000Ms works better and I actually break out my old 16000M in left hand config to play space sims sometimes as it is better than a throttle in that application. For me these middleground HOTAS are a bit meh, you can get something that is 80 to 90% as good performance wise for a lot less from thrustmaster(even with pedals), or spend a bit more and get a way better VKB and Virpil. I wouldn't even buy my warthog again now there are two manufacturers actually making new sticks with better technology.


Looks great! (highfive)


I was looking at reviews for the exact product and they are dated late 2019, Amazon product info says it was first on their site on 5th March 2018. Think I'll stick with my trusty Thrustmaster for now.

Logitech G915 Lightspeed Keyboard (Clicky) - £152.98 @ Amazon
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Logitech G915 wireless gaming keyboard with clicky key option and UK layout LIGHTSPEED wireless – This pro-grade wireless solution delivers superfast 1 ms report rate performanc… Read more
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I have the G915 tactile as i had the clicky before it, I sent the clicky back as it had a nice feel but the clicky was starting to wind me up when doing work so sent it back for the tactile version which feels just as good but quiter. i do love the G915 but always thought it was abit big as the G keys made it even bigger whihc i never use as i juts dont see the point in them this day in age. Also hate the yellow LED of the M1 to M3 and MR keys as they stay yellow and do not change with the keyboard led settings and stands out like a sore thumb unless you have your leds set to yellow, lol I have had the keyboard two weeks and its going back, why well I just ordered the G915 TKL . Reasons. 1, never used the number keypad ever in the years i have a keyboard. I think the num keypad is more for calculations and i also noticed alot of wear on my old keyboard apart from the num keypad it still looks brand new, lol 2, no more yellow LEDs M1 to M3 & MR buttons as there now on the F1 to F4 keys on the TKL version. 3, more room as i always had my keyboard off centre for typing as i needed the space for my mouse, no longer. 4, the TKL version has a much better bat than the G915 by 10 Hours i still have the G915 so i am going to compaire when i get the other one. and decide then


Not sure if it will help you kill them, but just show them the receipt and they will flee in terror!


Will this help me kill more trolls


Be tempted if it wasn't for GHUB. Just switched back to a wired G502 mouse after trying for 6 months to accept GHUB over LGS. GHUB all flash and sucks. I remember writing a 10+ point list of why I dislike it on here last year with a deal for G502 lightspeed. I had hoped it had improved since a got the G502 lightspeed for christmas. I've tried to put up and deal with it but just can't anymore. Shame really as I'd actually pay the premium for this keyboard if it wasn't for GHUB. I'd consider using GHUB for the Keyboard and stick to LGS for the mouse but you can't load LGS once GHUB is installed (skeptical) Guess I need to switch to a none Logitech or Razer mouse and keyboard if I want to go wireless.


I have this keyboard currently and use it for gaming. I personally prefer the number pad being there for general use. It's a good keyboard but I think they are for overpriced for what they are. But it is nice quality. I have the Tactile version as I don't like the loud clickety clack (lol)

Logitech Streamca £104.25 with Student Discount @ Logitech
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Hi Just purchased this streamcam for 104.25£ using a code from Student Beans. It is in stock. They say " In stock items will arrive in 4-7 business days".

DO NOT BUY FROM THE LOGITECH SITE your order will be delayed by 2-3 weeks at least, they are still processing my order from the 11th May lol...


I'd be interested to see comparison photos from this and the logitech C920 Edit https://youtu.be/xB-aP7lmQO8 Looks like it's only incrementally better


Very few get anywhere near 1080


I use this camera for gaming streaming on Twitch Tv. It was released 3 months ago and is a fantastic piece of kit. I paid £139.99 on Amazon. Great colour balance, mic and auto focus. Depth of view is a lot better than previous models.


What is the use-case of such a costly webcam! :/

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo for Windows QWERTY UK Layout - Black £19.98 (+£4.49P&P*) @ Amazon
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
*To reach the £20 minimum spend add something cheap such as:- these for 22p this for 34p or this for 54p saving £4.49 p&p ****NON-PRIME USERS*** MAKE SURE YOU SELECT FR… Read more

Temporarily out of stock


This was 3 months ago from Argos. Returned it


Used daily for work and bought from Sainsbury’s when they do their random £13.33 prices. Never had a problem and the batteries seem to last forever


Yes the mouse uses about 1 battery per year and the keyboard I think I have chamged twice in 5 years with heavy use


Decent alternative? - Microsoft Wireless Desktop 850

Logitech MX Master 3 at Currys Ebay for £87.39
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
I think this is a good price - although delivery will be about a week. Showing as £99.99 on Amazon and all other reputable UK retailers. Curries have a -5% promotion on certain … Read more

i got those . nice one


Thanks. I did buy one too - yeah it might be cheaper in future but that can always be said.


I certainly appreciate it as I fancied getting this mouse (along with an MX Keys) to replace my ageing and slightly worn out K800/MX Master combo but the price was consistently around the full £100 asking (and the MX Keys is sold out in most places), so not being able to leap back in time to when it was cheaper and wanting it now and not at some unspecified future date when it might be cheaper, I went ahead and enjoyed the 13 quid saving. Which is the point of this site.


Lots of good comments about this and the price, but such lack of heat! Me as OP:


This is a great mouse. I got mine from Amazon Germany for about the same price delivered. Excellent functionality and the new magnetic wheel is fantastic.

Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse £35 Coolshop
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Logitech G305 wireless gaming mouse for £35, Free shipping - 3.5% cashback via Topcashback HERO SENSOR Next-gen optical performance—400 IPS precision and max 12,000 DPI—with u… Read more
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Going to get this in white at some point and if I don't like it I'm going to try one of those mods where you basically use the insides of this mouse in a Glorious Model O shell. I have the G Pro but not keen on the shape and the Mouse 3 button is so stiff.


I bought this exact mouse from them in January. So I would say so, others have had no complaints either to mention as yet.


Hi. Is coolshop legit? Never used it before.


Its not that bad... Really....


Could try rtx voice if you mean people are hearing it over game chat. I'm out of suggestions after that though :)

LOGITECH G Play Advanced Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Set £76 at Curry's/ebay
286° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Not a bad bundle for the money, might suit someone. Specification MPN: 991-000321 Mouse weight: 265 g Manufacturer's guarantee: 2 years Keyboard weight: 1.37 kg Box content… Read more

Hmmmm Well the best arcade joysticks use clicky switches.


I have a 10% off code for Logitech that was emailed to me after a recent purchase. Single use only though, first come, first served....66g32endd


I love gaming on blue switches, I don't like gaming linear switches.


Got this from Currys when it was 80 quid. Great set in my opinion


But, a lot of people love gaming on blue switches (confused) I personally prefer Red switches, but, to each their own.

LOGITECH HD Webcam C270 £29.99 at Currys PC World
114° Expired
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
LOGITECH HD Webcam C270 back in stock, free delivery, get them while their hot...
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Unexpire, in stock?


Yep, but then you were late to the party ;) Sold out within 30 odd minutes of me posting as indeed was mentioned 6 posts above yours. (y)


Not anymore OOS


I've been using the free DroidCam app on an old Android phone to make it into a USB webcam. I knew there was a reason to keep that drawer full of old phones!


Can you webcam via whatsapp using this?

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