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A music player, a video screen, a digital camera, a digital organiser and a gaming device all in one, the iPod Touch is a remarkable device. Anyone who wants to take their massive music collections on the road or stream Netflix whenever they want can do so with ease, and they can do so at big discounts by checking out the HotUKDeals iPod Touch listings. Read more
iPod touch 7th generation £159.99 @ ebay / tf2_bargains
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Posted 7th Dec 2020Posted 7th Dec 2020
iPod touch 7th generation £159.99 @ ebay / tf2_bargains£159.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Seems like a good deal for brand new iPod touch 7
Avatar dakota2009
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Not only that, they are a lot lighter than an iPhone, so people like myself where every ounce counts it is a good thing. I am wanting to purchase one as my reliable old nano isn’t wireless for syncing. I am wanting something as small and as light as possible.


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There’s the infantile responses you’re so infamous for! Nah that’s just the way I talk always have done, I don’t profess to be intelligent however I’ve answered a question or two on both MasterMind and University Challenge. I was lucky enough to have had a damn good English teacher and my Mother’s English was equally eloquent. I’m extremely proud to be from a Working Class background who did quite well in school and afterwards, one doesn’t have to be ‘posh’ to speak well you know, so that’s ageism, an issue with class and rudeness, my my you’re quite a catch. Why so angry and rude, not just to me both other members, your propensity to belittle people is an extremely worrying trait to have, maybe you need help?!


Don’t you mean ‘to’ their own? My granddaughter is 6 years old and I can guarantee that she won’t be allowed to have a mobile phone for many years as did her older brother, sooooo she’ll definitely get at least 4 to 5 years out of the aforementioned iPod. Sorry to disappoint predominately as you appear to have knowledge on everything, in your own head anyway (lol) As for the dig regarding my age; which is such a pathetic juvenile retort albeit ageist tut tut; although I concede that certain aspects of technology I do find confusing though I strive to understand either through Google or my daughter, others I have no issue with whatsoever and in no way would I class being in ones 40’s as old! Toodles


Ah well each the their own, they won’t want it within a year when they get an actual mobile phone and use that to play music. Never mind, old people don’t seem to know much about technology and kids.

Apple TV+ free for one year (12 months) when you buy a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV or Mac
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Posted 1st Oct 2020Posted 1st Oct 2020
Apple TV+ free for one year (12 months) when you buy a new iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV or MacApple Store Deals
So this came as a surprise to me when I bought my new iPad... I’m not sure why Apple aren’t marketing this widely as it’s a decent deal. Free streaming service for a year? Yes please! I cou…
Avatar delmontebanana
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I'm crap at that thing as have alot going on. My Google Calender has too much events on there already


There’s this magic thing called a reminders app or even a calendar.


And they want payment details for you to activate it (shock) hoping you'd forget and let it automatically renew


This has been running since they launched it. They only advertise in their stores via their advisors. This came with pretty much all the Apple devices at the time of launch. Anything new you’d get the service for free for a year.


It’s really crap but free so hot

Ipod Touch 128gb £119.99 at Ebay/LaptopOutletDirect
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Posted 3rd Sep 2020Posted 3rd Sep 2020
Ipod Touch 128gb £119.99 at Ebay/LaptopOutletDirect£119.99 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Hey, I have been looking for an Ipod touch for a while and didn't seem to be able to find any value for money. This is pretty darn good though! The description says it is a new touch as we…
Avatar cartery21

Always been fond of the iPod touch, really good little music players that are so much more than music players! Decent storage on this too. Perfect for kids for apps/games without giving them an actual phone too. Also a headphone jack - which kind of begs the question why other media devices like tablets from Apple and Samsung don’t have this...


I’m sure this innovative take on tax strategy makes you the most in-demand expert in the field.


I nabbed them on eBay. Keep an eye out on the new ones, £130-135 seems the sweet spot.


Where did u get them from plz? I’m looking for my kids too.


I recommend a FiiO M3 Pro. It has a built in DAC so the sound quality is very good and it takes SDHC memory cards which are cheap It has a calculator for those who run out of fingers!!!! £61.78 at Aliexpress https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000972188106.html?spm=a2g0s.8937460.0.0.62cb2e0eleQTsB

Apple iPod Touch 32GB £179.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 15th Aug 2020Posted 15th Aug 2020
Apple iPod Touch 32GB £179.99 @ Amazon£179.99Amazon Deals
Features & details 4-inch Retina display Your favourite music, gaming, and AR apps in your pocket A10 Fusion chip for up to 2x faster performance, up to 3x faster graphics Group FaceTime…
Avatar ngangekrubally
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Yes, I do know all that and yes my grandaughter does message her friends on FaceTime the same as she would do on an iPhone but I still think the iPod touch was a good present! She is 10 soon and wants a phone now lol!


I have kids, but this is what I never understand when other parents say "too young for a phone so I'll buy an iPod". You do know, it has iMessage & FaceTime support right? All you do Instead of sending a message to a number is send a message to an email address. The only physical difference of an iPod touch compared to an iPhone is literally cellular and newer hardware. There is a reason why this has scored near -300. It's not good value for money when iPhones can be bought for the same price.


The exact reason why I thought it was a good deal...It’s my sons 8th birthday on Monday and he is just too young to own a phone. So I am getting him this iPod 📱 for his birthday. I am happy with my buy and it suits me.


My grandaughter who is 9 had this for Christmas last year and we paid £199 because she was too young for a phone. She loves it and uses it every day so I think it is really good value for money!


Sorry but I‘d like to refute your claim predominately due to your sweeping statement in speaking for the masses ‘no one uses et al’ I concede that owning an iPhone or the like are far more superior albeit conventional to use in 2020 and for me they have been a godsend in keeping in touch with my daughters and beloved grandchildren during the pandemic, however I think it’s a very competitive price @ngangekrubally which is why I’ve voted 🔥🔥 I’ve been perusing different sites the last couple of days for the best price of this iPod and Amazon is the cheapest I can find.....though I’m certain somebody will derive satisfaction in proving me wrong......my young granddaughter who isn’t old enough to have a phone as yet, has been using her older brothers ancient iPod and I’m going to get her this for Christmas. Forgive my being pedantic @italkapple but that’s one person you can cross off your extremely large list of the population who will be using and loving this after December 25th (y)

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Apple iPod Touch 7th Generation 4 Inch 32GB Music Player - Pink - £146.39 delivered @ Argos / eBay
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Posted 3rd Jul 2020Posted 3rd Jul 2020
Apple iPod Touch 7th Generation 4 Inch 32GB Music Player - Pink - £146.39 delivered @ Argos / eBay£146.39 Free P&P FreeeBay Deals
Apple iPod Touch 7th Generation 4 Inch 32GB Music Player - Pink Refurbished with a 12 month Argos guarantee Seems like a reasonable price as my previous experience with Argos refurbs is tha…

I respectfully disagree. I have two of these for my children who are aged 5 and 7. They are only allowed to use them in the car or on holiday. Their needs are basic, music, some videos and games. For what I need they are perfect and I suspect that they will last another 5 years or so. I paid £180 each, at that price I did not expect the latest or greatest.


I’d get a swap if in warranty or diagnostics from Apple and battery swap if I were you and the phone is in decent condition (think about £45).


Yes, it is the 2016 model. I've only got the usual undeletable iOS apps and a couple of others installed on it. The iPod is Gen.5. The phone has been acting up for some time, since a couple of updates ago. It can be at 40% battery and die completely. Other times it will report 10% battery and die, but when switching it on the battery can have 30% or more. Maybe there's a software fault.


Very weird. Certainly different to standard findings. Assuming all the apps and location setting are the same that shouldn’t be the case. 600mah difference far outweighs the newer chip. The SE was actually praised for it’s battery life at the time of launch and iPod criticised. Just for reference we are both talking about the 2016 SE not the new 2020 model? Obviously can’t compare that to iPod touch.


It's 96%

Apple iPod Touch (128GB) 6th Gen. 4-inch Retina Display, FaceTime & iMessage £149.99 laptopoutletdirect eBay
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Posted 30th Mar 2020Posted 30th Mar 2020
Apple iPod Touch (128GB) 6th Gen. 4-inch Retina Display, FaceTime & iMessage £149.99 laptopoutletdirect eBay£149.99£152.992% offeBay Deals
RAM / 128GB eMMC 4" Display 8MP Rear + 1.2MP photosƒ/2.2 aperture Front Camera Apple iOS Condition: Brand New
Avatar benhornsby1999
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You can buy an iphone 7/8 for less money


Yes, it was listed as New


This deal is supposed to be new... was yours sold as new?


I wouldn’t recommend buying from this company/seller. The one I bought last month from them arrived already set up in someone else’s name. The box had been opened and badly resealed. The battery didn’t last two hours. I contacted Apple who told me the warranty had expired. The seller tried to tell me this was all normal and I shouldn’t expect the battery to last as long as Apple say.