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Vegas Party [Playstation Vita] 2017 - £3.59 Delivered @ Base
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
..seems a good price.
mode_101 'Hard Rock Casino' on the PSP any better?


I left the first diabolical Amazon review. Honestly, I adore my Vita (185 physical games and counting). This isn't just the worst Vita game, it's as bad as any game I've ever played. This isn't worth playing at any price. Seriously. Other than the utterly appalling games, here's two other fundemental flaws. A constant cursor that moves with either controller or motion - but neither can be turned off. Move the vita at all and the cursor will move, it's unusable. No save functionality. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing worth saving, but they didn't even look that far ahead. It's impressively terrible.


Awful game


Check the reviews on amazon for a preview


How is the poker in this game?

All PSN Discounts 20/03/2019
Refreshed 21st MarRefreshed 21st Mar04/04/2019Expires on 04/04/2019
All PS4 games this time but cross-buy sections added below 2Dark - £6.49 (59% off) Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden - £5.79 (52% off) ABZÛ - £3.99 (75% off) Achtung! Cthulhu Tact… Read more

(embarrassed) It doesn't take that long these days but it's nice to be appreciated - thanks for the kind words :)


Who the hell puts so much effort in creating a massive list like this. Someone awesome. Heat added.


Ys is probably easy to follow but Dragon Quest has more of an interesting lore


Depends what combat suits you, Ys has real time and Dragon Quest is turn based. If you can afford both then get them especially at this price.


Which versions to go for on those? Both games I have never played but look great!

50% OFF pre-owned last gen games @ GAME in-store (Wii, Wii U, DS, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita)
LocalLocalFound 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Just got these from the Manchester Arndale GAME store It's 50% off the marked prices. So only £2.98, bargain! They had quite a few the Wii, Wii U, DS, PS3 and Xbox 360 games for … Read more
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Sorry, but it is old news. It's been on this site weeks ago. I bought a few Wii U games with 50% off. All the best titles in my store went ages ago.


Thanks OP, one of my local stores.


Cool, will head there today. Might even ask if they have original xbox games ;)


This deal has been posted several times already.


It was the one upstairs in the Bon Accord centre. Had a dozen or so Vita games left & loads of PS3 ones. That was a month ago tho!

DLC Currently on sale @ PSN
04/04/2019Expires on 04/04/2019Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Testing the waters with this one... A few folk have asked about DLC so I thought I'd create a separate list for the DLC currently on sale on PSN... Aragami: Nightfall - £3.99 (5… Read more

I saw both Overcooked DLC packs were on offer and bought them immediately. I later realised that we bought Overcooked on the Switch not the PS4 haha - what a fool (y)


Haha it’s SO hard isn’t it (lol)


My wife is massively into The Sims on the PC... Although she tends to buy expansions, rather than stuff packs, thankfully. As soon as she says "ooh... XXX is available", I'm on to allkeyshop to look for at least some reduction (annoyed)


I wonder if anyone has ever purchased a full set of The Sims DLCs (lol) this must be one of biggest EA's cons. Pay £50 for the game and then another £200 for extra content (y)


heat added but nothing for me here (embarrassed)

£35 PlayStation PSN Card - £29.65 / £28.76 with FB code @ Electronic First
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Facebook Link Like the Facebook page, enter details and you should receive an email with the 3% discount code within 10-15 minutes! I think this needs to be done on a laptop or p… Read more

I just sent them an email asking for a refund and then the codes were sent straight after.


I purchased some psn credit from them a couple of months back, paid by PayPal and they wanted my postcode and telephone number. I resisted and questioned them multiple times, even "tested" them with incorrect details to see if they were just trying to scam my personal info, however, they called me out on it. It was here I found out that PayPal send your telephone number and address to the seller. Seems that if they wanted my details they already got them from PayPal.


Can't get the Facebook thing to show up on phone or PC?


I paid for this and 3 months PSN, and they want me to send them ID, wtf....?


I've tried a few times to get the 3% code in the past but email never arrives for some reason :/

All PS4, PS3 & Vita Discounts for 6/3/19 @ PSN
04/04/2019Expires on 04/04/2019Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
For gaming news & views, please check out the HUKD gaming thread ‌ Edit: Plus prices now correct :) 10 Second Ninja X - £1.69 (79% off) 36 Fragments of Midnight - £1.… Read more

Are we?


30 mins in and it's a no brainer to drop £3.99 on this... Unless you're deaf. I thought it might just be techno music but there's rnb and all sorts including the Chainsmokers (who I've at least heard of).


Good choice ;)


Electronauts £3.99 ...I don't need it, I'm not sure I even want it but at this price I can't resist it! after it's favourable reviews. Also got Racket Fury table tennis since heard there's an online MP patch due.


picked up 5 prince of persia ps3 games for less than £10, heat added OP (y) :D (highfive)

£35 Playstation Network Card (PS Vita/PS3/PS4) £29.99/£29.09 with FB code @ Cdkeys
Refreshed 25th FebRefreshed 25th Feb
Discount code: The Ultimate Entertainment Gift Card PlayStation Store Cards fill your PSN account wallet with cash, allowing you to down… Read more
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I've used these numerous times with no problem but recently purchased £20 xbox credit which came through as 2 x £10 codes and they expire in April. According to Microsoft cd keys sold me a promo code


Great thanks and managed to get fb code via desktop view on my phone (which I haven't done b4) 🔥.


Me too it doesn't work for such a long time that I always buy from somewhere else now as there are always a few p cheaper


Used for years and never had any problems. Haven't been able to get their discount code to work for a while though. Not on my phone or a laptop. Just comes up with an unloaded image.


Had no issues with them on my past purchases BUT my last 12 Month PS Plus UK subscription code was wrong/invalid. Playstation Support confirmed it was not a 12month PS Plus code and was infact a discount code. I have raised it with CD Keys CS showing them my 12month PS Plus order email and PS Support email stating the code and what it actually is but CS are yet to come back to me.

Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Cheapest for Digital so far In SONIC FORCES, the evil Dr. Eggman has conquered much of the world with help from a powerful and mysterious new villain named Infinite. Now, y… Read more
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Yeah, I watched my son complete it and at the end of every stage, I reminded him it cost us £30. It's shocking.


Don't do it! we all love you don't do this to yourself!


Wasn't the world's greatest game, but I think it's nowhere near as bad as it was exaggerated to be. Definitely worth a stab for this price though.


Mediocre at best, can be completed in an afternoon

Muv-Luv Alternative (PlayStation Vita) £16.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
A tad more drop on this. :D I paid £17.59 last week myself. (annoyed) The most highly-acclaimed visual novel series of all time arrives on Vita, newly revamped and officially… Read more

i thought the same! Meant to be one of the best visual novels ever apparently.. we shall see


Heatt, my copy arrived today


I bought the two on launch... Paid a lot more than 35.70 for two lol only difference is, I got limited edition art cards. Meh


Muff love?


The first one is 30+ hours, this one is 50+. This one is way better though, the first game only really exists to set this story up. The first actually has two stories to it, the first is a more standard school romance thing, then the second takes the main character and drops him in an alternate universe where humanity is losing a war against alien forces and the girls he used to go to school with are training to be mech pilots.

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PS Vita games (preowned) half price instore eg Batman Blackgate £8.98 @ Game
Found 15th FebFound 15th Feb
Game have an in store half price promotion on PS3, PS Vita, Wii & Wii U games at moment. For Vita I got Batman Blackwatch for £8.98, Borderlands 2 for £9.98 & Lego Ninjago… Read more

Sith I meant, this autocorrect is posh(!)


Who knew there were so many editions


Just popped into the game in Wolverhampton and of course, for the first time ever they have no vita games left! Plus, anyone else getting annoyed at CEX's policy of keeping switch games behind the desk? Cases and all.


Its all last generation stock thats half price i bought loads last week from my local



Iconoclasts (PS4/PS Vita) £6.49 @ PlayStation Store
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
A historical low for a wonderful Indie game that gets very good reviews in general. MetaScore of 83 Description… Read more
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Wish it was as cheap on switch :| I got it free too on ps plus but still giving heat as, a) not everyone has ps plus and b)it’s cheaper than normal rrp. Thanks op!


Aha of course, must have been half asleep to miss that (cheeky) thanks for pointing


Where the yellow line hits zero from December through to January.


Played through this last month on vita, very good game, lots of variety in level and boss design but I wish the upgrade system was a little more interesting, the slots you get are quite limited. Good story too kept me interested through the 12 to 15 hours interest in platinum though because one trophy requires you not to take damage and I’m not that good a player ....... Worth a buy especially on vita if you missed it on ps plus .....


It was a monthly PS+ game in December.

Muv-Luv Alternative (PS Vita) £17.59 / Muv - Luv (PS Vita) £18.85 Delivered @ Base
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Muv - Luv (PS Vita) £18.85 Cheapest it has ever been, if I recall correctly and possibly one of the last opportunities to get this at a low price, if you are a vita fan. #vitais… Read more

Yes, although it takes a LONG time to get good. The first game is a lot of spice-of-life and character development, but if you can stick through it, it gets amazing later on. also, do NOT expect gameplay as it’s a pure VN closer to steins;gate


Order still pending (annoyed) has anyone elses order dispatched?


Caved and bought it, love a good visual novel


Would anyone recommend this to a Steins;gate/daganronpa fan?


Nice. Heat. Still have these waiting to be played... just haven't got round to it yet, but I need to

PS4 / PS3 / PS Vita PSN Discounts 6/2/19
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
For gaming news & views, please check out the HUKD gaming thread (y) Abo Khashem - £9.99 (47% off) Abzû - £6.49 (59% off) Adr1Ft - £6.49 (59% off) Agents Of Mayhem -… Read more

Ah that makes a buck load of sense. I'll start with uncharted 4 and see how I feel


If you look back at Uncharted 1 now, it objectively would not get a 9 out of 10 rating, and it is the weakest of the 4. But thinking back to when it came out, it was def a top game when compared with the PS3 games out at that time.


I would rate it a 6 or 7 now but it is the weakest by a distance 2 and 4 are great


Yeah, the weakest but people still rate it a 9. It felt like a 2 for me. If that is a 9, the rest isn't worth playing for me. And yes last of us is good.


The first is the weakest. TLOU is The Last Of Us.

Punch Line PS VITA £14.85 at
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
Not much to say except it's a great price.
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Gutted I missed it at this price, hopefully it drops again


I'm a huge fan of the Zero Escape games but didn't really like this at all - the trick element is super linear (and they hardly even qualify as puzzles), pacing is far too slow, the characters are basically all annoying and the story didn't have a good payoff. Tip - after watching the same intro and ending videos 20 odd times each I discovered they actually are skippable if you hold down X for long


Sorry didn't mean to suggest you were being lazy, I'm just impossibly out of the loop when it comes to so many Vita games.


Standard Vita game, but I love all these types of games and will really miss seeing newreleases for the Vita when it finally dies. I’ve got 3 and will still be playing it in years to come. I’m still sad about the way Sony killed it with their ridiculous proprietary cards. Long live the HUKD Vita deal posts (y)


Be a trickster - play elaborate pranks on your housemates, but don't get too excited if you see their panties!Beware your weakness - See too many panties and you will destroy humanity Put on your detective hat - Investigate to get your body back with the help of a perverted ghost-cat

Bad Apple Wars (PS Vita) £15.40 Delivered @
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Was keeping an eye on this as it was dropping within the past few days but not enough to slash the £3.50 import tax amazon was asking on top. It is now low enough and would cost on… Read more

Is she the overspill?


That’s because the item value has increased only $1 but that would make it taxable... :( expired now, sorry.


Price has gone up , £19.53 now :-(


There is an entire room dedicated to video games and a garage dedicated to the overspill! The wife is not amused :(


That is crazy (y) I thought I was bad with buying and not playing games! I'm interested that you say 'vita shelf' implying that there are several shelves :/

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice 12.99, Rise of the Tomb Raider 20Y  £8.99, Tomb Raider £4.99, Doom £6.49, Wolfenstein The New Order £4.99 @ PSN
Refreshed 21st JanRefreshed 21st Jan
All PSN reductions for 18/1/19 bold = lower than ever PSN price bold italic = equal to lowest ever PSN price [VR] = PSVR compatible Absolute Drift: Zen Edition - £3.99 … Read more

does anyone know if farming simulator 17 - premium edition @£15.99 include all dlc. found some fourm state that it only provide discount to dlc which was a bit weird. (was in 2016 time though )


Sorry for the late reply! Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything in the stats, which is odd. My friend managed to find out his playtime, but that was on the Xbox (I’m assuming the console records time spent on each game).


I'm the same mate. If a game looks a tiny bit dodgy, I can't play it. There are a couple of niggly bits with hellblade - sometimes when the game has loaded the textures will still be loading in a couple of seconds later for example, but I can forgive that as it hasn't been out long on the one and has yet to have any updates


Red dead has caused me issues with how certain games look now! I now always compare games to the amazing detail rockstar put into RDR2. I gave COD BO4 free trial a go the other night and the 1st thing I thought was the grass looks so rubbish and the draw distance was so poor lol.


Although as you say it's not the longest, it did take me quite a few hours over a week or so - mainly because I was overwhelmed with how gorgeous it looks, spent quite a lot of time just casually walking round looking at the scenery etc. Gonna start my second play through later to hopefully get all the lurestones and the TRUE ending :{


How about the other two redeem sites instant gaming and electronic first tonthr do The same nasty tricks


“Sorry your voucher has already been redeemed” expect to see this when buying from CDKeys - I have been well and truly robbed by them selling me a used code and saying “tough luck” 100% agree with you mate a complete con and they don’t reply to emails


this. Ordered this the other day and had no problems with receiving and using the code whatsoever


Since when are CD keys scamming people? Never had an issue with them. :/


AVOID!!! They've sent me invalid PS code. I've contacted with customer service, but not expecting to get my money back 😡

PS Vita Wifi Only Fair Condition Preowned - £49.99 @ Game Instore
LocalLocalFound 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Great price for a PS Vita. Never been cheaper. The slim is also available for £59.99
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Dang, it's out of stock everywhere now. I guess I was a little too late. ;(


While I don't know exactly, a suggestion might be too log in with a newly made profile first, and use the free psplus trial to get online? I'm no expert on this, but maybe that could be the way to go?


I am thinking of buying a vita. how could I check if the unit is JB'ed. I don't want to un the risk of my account being banned on PSN.


That was Sittingbourne.


What store is this?

LEGO Marvel's Avengers PS Vita on PSN @ £5.79 77% off - Plus other LEGO Vita games
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
Lots of LEGO PlayStation Vita games on sale on the PSN Store: LEGO Marvel's Avengers - £5.79 (was £24.99):… Read more

You can be on any firmware. It's just you have to reapply it after a reboot. There's a site that ends in .guide that can take you through the process. So glad I did it with mine, no more carrying around carts that can get lost. Everything I want to play is just on a 64GB MicroSD.


You can use h-encore all the way up to 3.68 but not 3.69 (latest) TheFlow has said he'll release a 3.69 exploit "this year" but hasn't said when.


Sony killed the Vita with their idiotic memory cards. Still a great HH.


I've got the adaptor and sd card but realised that my vitas been updated past 3.50. Is there anyway to go back then? Used to good at these things, just haven't got the time anymore lol


So all deals on here aren't deals as you could steal the stuff?!

Steamworld dig 2 (£7.99), Steamworld dig (£2.49), Steamworld heist (£3.99) PS4/PS vita @ PlayStation store
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Adventure waits below the surface... SteamWorld Dig 2 takes you on a platform mining adventure forged in Metroidvania flames. When an old trading town is struck by mysterious eart… Read more
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Steamworld dig 2 is soooo good.


I had the option of this or prison architect for £8.99 last night. I went with Prison architect. Not regretting it so far.


Great prices for great games - it's really nice that they're cross-buy too - heat (y)


Great games. I actually contributed a line to Steamworld heist. Look out for the first world enemies telling you to rust in pieces

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