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The iPhone 7 was released with much publicity and fanfare in September 2016, and it proved to be an immediate hit amongst fans. An evolution rather than a revolution, Apple’s latest flagship handset has been given some powerful upgrades without being completely transformed. Nevertheless, this is already one of the most popular smartphones ever, and it’s available now at HotUKDeals. Read more
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB - £469 @ Argos
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Down from £569. How nice of Apple. For anyone not after the latest and expensive iphone X and I guess or is it the home button. Also available from Carphone Warehouse for same pr… Read more
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Can you still buy new iPhone X? Refurbished from Apple start at £700+


This is almost iPhone X money


Expensive yes, but considering 2nd hand ones on eBay go for £300+ still it’s relatively a good deal This is the plus model.


It’s still a great phone . Excellent duel camera. 3 Gig Ram . But very expensive for a 3 year old phone .

Brand new Apple iPhone 7 32GB at Amazon for £409
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Brand new Apple iPhone 7, different colours. Silver, Rose Gold, Gold, Matte Black. Amazon.co.uk - you get protection and excellent customer service for all of your purchases. Fr… Read more
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The iPhone 7 is a good phone but who is paying this kind of money for one just because it’s brand new - it’s nearly 3 years old now.


Bought with play15


Great deal that. Great phones.

iPhone 7 Grade A 128gb black at Ebay/onemoremobile for £203.99 delivered
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Just found this with the PLAY15 code. Seems an ok price but I am not an expert on phones

Return alll done. Thanks for a


No I asked to return and they emailed a prepaid label. My battery was 83%.


Same with me too. Grade A all marked. Did you have to pay return postage?


Well at least the eBay returns process was simple - just requested a return (based on not as described), gave a reason and they emailed a prepaid postage label. Sorted! Good luck with your return - it was the battery performance that made it a no go for me


Same here. Got scratches on the front screen. No chips though.Waiting for the seller to respond to my pictures, but I will not be accepting. Gutted

Iphone 7 128gb £509 Amazon
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Iphone 7 128gb brand new down from £649 deal of the day
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Ebay mate, mint condition, MrSwitch managed to get me a nice deal as I was trying to replace a broken phone for a friend of mine and if I remember correctly, there were three available. Further more, refurbished iPhone X is going for £479 or £489. People must be super retarded to even think iPhone 7 is worth £509 under any condition.




I am still none the wiser


What on earth are you talking about?


Wth, Should be an offence to post this deal (mad) man, what are you doing on HUKD

Oneplus 5t 64GB Good Condition £224.10 / IPhone 7 £165.60  + 10% Off A Shed Load More Smartphone @ Envirofone Ebay
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Some good prices in there, the 5t being one of the standouts imo. S8 plus £287 ebay.co.uk/itm/Samsung-Galaxy-S8-G955F-64GB-Various-Colours-Unlocked-Refurbished-Smartphone/11… Read more

not sure, trying to replicate it first. drainned the battery and it was fine this time.Rather not have to go through the hassle.


Damn sorry, you returning?


hmmmm, after 4days I had let the battery go to zero.Next time I turned it on it took ages and had done a factory reset. gutted. I read online that this happend to others so doubt is a one off, Which is shame as I am happy with it otherwise


No problem mate, glad you like it :)


Phone came the next day and I managed to play about with it a bit now. Great phone for the money. So far cant find anything wrong with it. As mentioned It didnt come with a DASH charger which I guess you do need as it doesnt support any other type of fast chagers like QUICK Charge or FAST Charge, really slow charging otherwise. With that being see £30 extra for a new DASH brings me to a total of £236 - Not bad Coming from a moto z2 force ( broke after a few months ) and I prefer this. Thanks for sharing!

Refurb unlocked IPhone 7 32gb with 12 months Warranty & free 3gb data sim card £219.00 @ giff gaff ebay
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Iphone 7 32gb refurb with 12 warranty free next day delivery & no quibble return policy. And free 1 month 3gb sim card with unlimited calls & texts - no contract worth £… Read more
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Absolutely want to echo was eslick has said. It wasn't just comments from previous threads of lucky owners who received a decent phone, it was also how GiffGaff described "Good" pre-owned phones. GiffGaff's description made out as though your phone would have a few scratches on the back and "nothing a good case would sort out". The reality: scratches all over the back and a couple of nasty scratches on the screen. Sent back. If you're buying one of these in the hope of getting a high quality refurb, I recommend you revise your expectations.


Don’t build your hopes up on getting a good one we took the risk after seeing the comments on other threads and what we got was shocking. Bought three one was an exdisplay and had a mark where the security tag had been across the back and full of scratches, other two were just as bad and they both had battery of 60%. The worst thing though was the return process it took them 16 days to refund on two of them and I needed to chase and chase to get it.

Apple iPhone 7 32Gb Unlocked Grade B - Good ***Multiple Colours Available*** £167.96 @ Ebay /  wjd-store
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
Multiple iPhone 7’s available using the current eBay 20% off code PAYDAYFEB Examples - iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked grabe b - good = £167.96 with code iPhone 7 128gb jet black Un… Read more

So I spoke too soon ,the 256 gb one randomly switches off and goes from full to 1% battery :/


Mine turned up today and both had third-party screens so badly fitted the thing was about 1mm thicker than it should be with black adhesive splurging out the sides. The red one had sensitivity issues at the bottom and the TouchID sensor was risen so it was like a knife edge. Both will be going back when the seller responds - I would have been perfectly happy with a scratched OEM display... EDIT - seller responded, took a really blase attitude to it and basically said 'what's the problem with replaced displays...' other than it not being fitted properly, you mean? They're not long-term reliable and I think I have a right to know I'm basically purchasing salvage-repaired units which is what these almost definitely are. Shocking. I wouldn’t bother. Third-party screens have a habit of failing quickly. Get rid of it. Seems a lot of us got replacement display units, I will never touch a phone with a replacement done by god knows who and to what standard...


so i bought two from this deal, 128gb and 256gb and here are the details. 128GB - good condition with battery 80% but sensor does not work so when making calls the phone does not go black so battery will drain ,I will send this back. 256GB - good condition with a small scratch on top of screen and battery is 100% ,also everything seems to working fine ,gonna keep this one :)


I received mine today (128gb). I was really disappointed, definitely a poor replacement screen. The touch screen stops working intermittently. Definitely going back. Can anyone advise on any other good deals? The battery health was at 83% - but I’m not sure what’s good/acceptable/problematic


What about touch if does it work?

Apple iPhone 7 Leather Case Sea Blue Free Delivery £18 @ O2.co.uk
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
Was £45 now £22.50 use code ACCESSORY20 to bring it down to £18.00. Free delivery or click and collect. Also have it in Tan for £22.49 https://www.o2.co.uk/shop/apple/iphone-7-t… Read more

Bought the leather case at full price for my 7+ about two years ago and despite being dropped and scuffed, is ageing very nicely. Getting this for my wife's phone and think it's a great deal. For something you hold and use so much, it's worth paying for quality and not the chemical laden cheap cases. Chinese etc. case manufacturers won't care in the slightest what chemicals are leaching into you over time, apple however will want to avoid law suits and / or actually care. The fact it looks better and lasts so well is just a bonus.


I think the term you're looking for is 'string a sentence TOGETHER', care to edit your own comment or do you want my mum to do it for you.


LOL, you can't even string a sentence without having mummy edit your own comment 4 times.... Come back when you're old enough to own a phone. (y)


You put zero effort into this comment, yet you want us to think it's worth a mention. It's your comment that's garbage.


Best case that I’ve had. This is well worth the money. Issue I had ordering it was due to Apple auto fill with my card details. Works when I put them in manually (y) 🏼

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Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black New Unlocked/Sim Free £319.99 @ SmartFone Store
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
Plus £4.99 postage guaranteed next day delivery. Easy returns. Might help anyone after a new unlocked iPhone 7 at what seems a good price compared to elsewhere.
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Keep checking back if interested as they seem to restock every now and again.


iPhone 7 = potential audio IC fault. https://www.forbes.com/sites/ewanspence/2018/06/11/apple-iphone-iphone7-iphone7s-loopdisease-fault-broken/ I see this fault all the time in work. Keeps us in a job, cheers Apple :)


Seems sold out?


Returns are easy as long as the box isn't opened. They clearly say make your mind up before opening the box XD . Once the box is opened, it's a whole different story then. Heat added 🔥


Thanks for posting. Finally got my mum a new phone .

iPhone 7 128GB Jet Black on EE - Unlimited Minutes and Texts, 20GB Data for £31pm with 0 Upfront (24mo - £744 total) @ buymobiles.net
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Looking comparatively this seems like a very decent offer for the 128GB variant of the 7. Most other deals seem to carry an upfront cost, buymobiles offer has eliminated this, givi… Read more

I was thinking of getting a more 9, but in 18 months it won't get any more updates. Might get a Apple instead


I’ve had Android since HTC desire but recently got a 6S as a short term replacement. Battery life pretty poor but I’m never getting another Android phone. I’ll be getting a 7 or 8 in next few weeks & expect a good 3 years solid use out of it


Might be a few years old but Apple tend to have a 5 year cycle on their products which if you brought this now then you are still within that cycle at the end of the contract, there isn’t a vast difference in hardware between the 7 and the latest ones that would warrant the price being double/triple on the new ones in my opinion


Explain why this is cheap? Im an apple devotee but wtf?


Someone better tell Argos. They’re selling this phone new for over £500.

(If The get deal link doesn't work, try the app link below) Apple iPhone 7 Black - Good Condition - Unlocked 32GB  £169.99 @ Xsitems ebay
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Good price using the code, grade good description is below, if its no good, then send it back, if its a good'n keep it XD ACCESSORIES: The unit comes with its internal battery o… Read more

I play the game myself and it is a battery drainer, with a couple of hours of game use, hours of web browsing and hours of ebook reading plus some bluetooth usage, my battery is 66% and was in the 90's about 9pm last night. Im using an A5 and its very heavy so must just have an oversize battery. If you want form over function thats the trade off, will there ever be a slim phone with long battery life and full features? how much longer could a battery last if the dozens of unseen unused services could be binned... In my case Samsung Pay which alone has ensured my next phone will not be samsung due to persistent pop ups. Sony Z3 was same choc full of useless Sony bloat. I dont remember my old iphone 3g being llike that... Is there much mithering from modern iphones?


what was the code?


My iPhone SE doesn’t get this much and battery is 100%. It’s in pretty constant use though - Pokémon go mainly.


Black out of stock


Only a day on a full charge is really poor

Apple iPhone 6s REFURB 128GB 64GB 32GB 16GB £186 Unlocked with code at eBay/WJD-Store.Other variants (6 6s 6s plus 7 etc available too)
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Apple iPhone 6s 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB Unlocked SIM Free Smartphone Various Grades available at eBay store. All come with 12 months warranty. I personally went with 128GB Space Gre… Read more

Cool thanks


daughter got an 8 and son got two 7 from GG had bought from them years ago and no issues but after seeing reviews went and ordered the extra 7 as its pot luck. For us the reality was worse, the state of the phones were shocking all three were in shocking condition, battery strength was in the 50% for the 7's the 8 75% but one of the 7's had been ex display and had the security tag mark burned on the back of the case. The phones had been wiped down with a dirty cloth, as part of their refurb process :( To cap it all it took them 2 weeks to refund despite me chasing every other day and them promising it would be sorted. Music Magpie on the other hand, phones came in excellent condition the 7 was about 18 months old good battery life and not a mark on it, came in the original box, grade was good. The 8 was immaculate except one mark on the edge, that was a Very Good one. Three weeks later it developed a fault Apple changed it with no issues as the phone had 10 months Apple warranty on it.


A home had a good condition from here how good was it


Cool thanks. Previous experience with music magpie not good. How does the giffgaff deal work? Is it straight forward?


Have a look on music magpie they recently had 7 for £199 or you can take a big chance on Giffgaff they have them for the same.

Samsung Galaxy note 8 / S8 Plus / S8 Used (From £269.99)(S8 Plus From £279.99)(S8 £219.99) + IPhone 7 From £189.99 Varying Grades @ 4Gadgets
Refreshed 11th FebRefreshed 11th Feb
Some absolutely cracking prices at 4gadgets using the valentine code BEMYVALENTINE As I'm posting there is Note 8 https://www.4gadgets.co.uk/mobile-phones/samsung/galaxy-note-8/… Read more

An app called battery cycle


The full app info is: Phone INFO (star) SAMSUNG (star), and the creators name is vndnguyen


Not sure mate, sure I just typed in something like 'battery stats' or something like that on the play store and it came up


Eh? Where, can't see it?



iPhone 7 32GB refurbished good - £199.99 @ MusicMagpie
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
Add to cart to get £20 off making it £200, thought this was a good deal
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Still works very fast and smooth with latest iOS update,so what exactly you find strange,its just £200 but current generation top of the range phones are at keast £700?


i read on another thread that battery changing costs (through apple) are £45 (which isnt horrible - i thought it would jump back up to the 80 mark). Plus if the operation goes wrong you get a new (refurb) from apple (it was the case with a 6s plus a few months back anyway).


Wow, thats not bad, could be iOS software issue




Settings > battery. Might show you how worn it is

Apple iPhone 7 Plus (128 GB) - Black £559 @ Amazon
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
Cheaper than apple website, Brand New
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What is the best place to buy reliable refurbished iPhones.


I just purchased a "like new" iPhone X 64GB from agos ebay for £589 which I thinlk represents much better value.


The sheer level of irony in this statement. It's a phone, it's overpriced at this point in time irrespective of how good it was. There are much better phones available now, phones you can buy twice over for the money here. Do we still have to be 12 year olds when it comes to phones? Really? It's cold from me, for no other reason than it can be had for much less anyway.


I bought a Huawei P20 Pro the other day for £399, and found it to be very clunky UI wise. I wasn't impressed with the 1080p OLED screen either. I Compared it to my mrs' iPhone 6s and the 6s was way more fluid and the screen was easier on the eye than the P20 Pro. My point is that an iPhone 7 will still hold up will performance wise to the latest Android flagships and if you have other Apple products such as a MacBook for example, the iPhone will be a better choice. Having said all that, this doesn't seem a great price for an iPhone this old.


I see the fandroids are spouting their usual garbage on an apple thread as per usual, they’re very bitter. Anyhoo, poor price for a great device, you should be able to source one for way below this price. Still got my day one 7 plus and still flies, no slow down or throttling that the fandroids like to claim. Battery still shows 91% helath and still updates all the time.

Apple iPhone 7 - 32GB - Jet Black - In Good Condition On Vodafone £189.99 @ Music Magpie Ebay
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
Good price for this, cheapest it's been that I've seen recently £189.99. Apple iPhone 7 - 32GB - Jet Black - Good – This product will show moderate signs of wear and tear, t… Read more

Do you really think the person who tested the phones really care that much. They must do a canny few a day on minimum wage. If they they still work from the company they will get a slapped wrist.


Yeah, as soon as i read that and looked at the phone I thought to myself, thats a load of olb dollox, who ever tested this phone wants their ears checking


Rogue Traders who should be reported to your local Trading Standards Department. This statement is false :- Our team of trained professionals test every phone we receive using PhoneCheck, an industry standard software solution that tests devices for over 70 potential faults. PhoneCheck is renowned for its accuracy, helping us to identify and fix any potential issues during the refurbishment process. Every device we sell has passed the PhoneCheck test and has a Certificate of Identification and Functionality to prove it, meaning you can shop with complete confidence


Total luck of the draw. At least you can return it with warranty. Unlike eBay or private sales.


I just got an iphone 7 with both speakers defective and 84% battery health

GiffGaff - iPhone 7 Pre-Owned £199 ( Potentially £149 after Quidco )
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Pre-Owned "Good" iPhone 7 32gb in Black, Rose Gold, Gold and Silver - £199. Plus free £10 GiffGaff goodybag. Unlimited calls, Text and 3gb data. You can cancel at anytime. Plus go … Read more

I raised it with cash back site


Did you raise a ticket with GiffGaff on cashback website?


I’ve had to raise a ticket to get mine! It’s now confirmed so waiting for the payable sign! I activated the sim in ancient iPhone and made few phone calls etc hope that helps (iphone 7 good bought December)


Does anybody have an update on the £50 cash back? I bought an iPhone 7 Plus for £249 and hoping for £50 cash back. Does anybody know whether or not you need to activate the attached SIM card to get the cash back? Furthermore, does anybody know if you have to at least pay for 1 additional month as you get the first month free? In my head, it would make sense to pay £10 for the next months SIM package to get the £50 but don’t actually plan on using on using GiffGaff, just the unlocked device. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.


As you can see from my comment above, "good" fell well short of giffgaff's own definition. I ended up getting an 'Excellent' quality in the end and I'm pretty sure I received a new phone. Still had the original cellophane around it and the battery condition was 100%. Agree with you about the returns process. It's seamless.

Apple iPhone 7 32GB Locked To EE In GOOD Condition £194. 99 @ Music Magpie
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Good price, lots in stock, use topcashback as well for a percentage. Battery Standby Time 240 Hours Battery Talk Time 14 Hours Bluetooth Standard Bluetooth 4.2 Brand Name Apple Bu… Read more

I got a case open against them as I got a iPhone 6s and battery life after 1 week as now lasted 2hrs before dead


Ordered a ‘Good’ 32gb 7+ yesterday from giffgaff for £249.99 arrived this afternoon and it is immaculate and battery health is still Peak. Hope you get a good one too.


Definitely not


Music Magpie = bandits


Nope! :D

Apple iPhone 7 32GB Black Unlocked Good Condition £209.99 ebay Xs items
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
I am in need of a new phone and currently I have a 6s. I found this iPhone 7 at 209.99 in good condition and thought it was a decent price can’t see it cheaper anywhere else.
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https://www.giffgaff.com/mobile-phones/pre-owned/apple/apple-iphone-7/phone-details https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/apple-iphone-7-32gb-used-on-vodafone-network-for-only-19999-music-magpie-3160040 (y)


showing for @269.99. Not a deal!

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