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16-25 Railcard is a travel discount card that lets 16-25 year olds save up to one third on rail fares all over Great Britain. A one-year railcard can be very economical for regular travellers and can translate into big savings. The savings are available on a range of tickets including First Class and ALL standard tickets - purchases can be made online and which can be delivered to your doorstep. How to redeem 16-25 Railcard vouchers
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-12% Discount
-12% Discount
12% off 16-25 Railcard with code
12% off a 16-25 Railcard. Deal has been posted before but the code has changed. It is also a good reminder.

Any new codes? None of them work


Doesnt work.


The railcard discount codes don't seem to work. Does anyone know one that is valid for 16-25 non student?


Cheers op. Jsut what I needed!


Thanks, just got my son a 16-25 railcard for £26.40 instead of £30

£26.40 Discount
£26.40 Discount
16-25 RAILCARD ( Save 1/3 on all train tickets, can be up to 50% off)
Usually £30, seen the discount code posted but not seen anyone posting a deal. Just some examples of the ticket prices you pay once you get a railcard Manchester to Sheffield ret… Read more

Yep! For me it's a good £300 cheaper a year for me.


So it’s cheaper to buy a ticket with a railcard then a season ticket


No, but it works out better for me to buy daily tickets with the 16-25 railcard.




The Two Together railcard gives better discounts, and can pay for itself in one journey. Not very flexible though, as you have to travel with the same person to get the discount (and both of your photos are on the card). Good if you are touring round the country looking at universities.

£24 Discount
£24 Discount
Get 20% off a 16-25 Rail Card with code 'BLK20'
Until Monday you can get 20% off your 16-25 rail card with the code 'BLK20' making the card £24 instead of £30 :) I always renew mine on Black Friday as they usually have a disc… Read more

You still here mate? (highfive)


That was a typo. You can't compare someone that makes a typo to someone that lacks basic reading comprehension.


I think if you're going to attempt to be speaking down to people, you spell politics correctly in your first post.


Or you could get your facts right in the first place :D :D


Your struggle to articulate the basic English language coherently says it all. I didn't need to provide you context, since if you were aware of the budget you would be able to use simple inference to deduce what the original comment was saying. Go back to school little kid.

-12% Discount
-12% Discount
12% off 16-25 Railcard with promotional code
INSTRUCTIONS: Was looking to renew my travel card and looked at the promo codes already here. Stumbled across the NUS11 one (didn't work for me) so I tried this promotional code… Read more

I tried NUS12 when renewing my son's 16-25 railcard for him and it worked, l got the 12% discount. Thanks hotdealsuk.com :D. 24/10/17


Still working on 02/10/2017


Still working 2 years later :D


NUS12 still works as of 2017-06-22!


Also just used it to renew mine haha! Glad it's still working.

£5 off 16-25 Railcard, now £25 for 1 year using promotional code @ 16-25 Railcard

This code still works. I've just renewed my railcard and got £5 off by using the 5OFF code.


Doesnt seem to work now


Thank you for the discount code! Have just renewed my railcard with £5 off.


Yes, a Railcard. It gets you 33% off nearly all rail fares when you carry it with you on the train, including when you book advance tickets.


Click on "GET DEAL" towards the top of this page, add the railcard to the basket and enter the promotional code.

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off a 1-year 16-25 Railcard using promotional code @ 16-25 Railcard

Worked for me, thanks pal :)


Worked for me today (21/7/15). Handy extra discount!


Worked for me! Thanks! Saved £3


Sorry, Zaps only works for 3 year railcard. Ops works for the year. Thanks.


Thanks op code worked. Thanks ZapBrannigan as yours did also!

£12 Discount
£12 Discount
1 Year Railcard for 16-25 year olds £18 using promotional code @ 16-25 Railcard (Starts Friday - but can use a code on Thursday)
Get the 16-25 railcard for £18 (usually £30) as part of 40 year celebrations. This promo is running from Friday to Tuesday 14th Oct. You can get the deal one day early on Thursday… Read more



Read FAQs


Does anyone know if I can travel from London to Cardiff with this railcard?


Birth certificate?


My son dosnt have a driving licence or passport, how can he get this offer?

Best 16-25 Railcard deals from our community

£10 free Amazon voucher from VoucherCodes Student  when you sign up for 16-25 Railcard
418° Expired
Refreshed 3rd Oct 2019Refreshed 3rd Oct 2019
£10 free Amazon voucher from VoucherCodes Student when you sign up for 16-25 Railcard
Update 1
Offer available again until 4th October
Hello, https://www.vouchercodes.co.uk/16-25railcard.co.uk?rc=5751768 i have seen maximum 5% to 10% discount on 16-25 railcard, £10 amazon voucher worth it when you get 16-25 rai… Read more

What the hell is going on with these student offers???😡 What about us thick people?


Why is this expired, still valid today?


I just renewed it. I'll let you know if it works!


Good question!


Can you get the voucher by renewing a railcard or do you have to buy a new one?

Use railcard at any time on any train until 31 August (no 10am start)
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Posted 15th Aug 2019Posted 15th Aug 2019
Use railcard at any time on any train until 31 August (no 10am start)
This happens every year, July and August. Can I use my 16-25 Railcard at any time of day? Yes you can. However, for all journeys made between 4.30am and 10am Monday to Friday a mi… Read more

if you book a train online you can use your railcard for discounts on single journeys at any time of the day, without minimum £12 fee.


If your ticket is over £12 before the price reduction, you will get 1/3 of the price knocked off. Example, a train ticket from Slough to Windsor return is £2.40, with the 16-25 railcard, it knocks it down to £1.80. However, if purchased before 10am, the price will still be £1.80 (if purchased in July and August). Or if purchased outside of the July or August months, it will be £2.40. However, say I buy a ticket from Slough to zones 1-6 day travel ticket, without a discount, that would be £15(ish). The railcard knocks it down to £10.05. So long as the ticket is after 10am on any weekday, I will get the discount. Also, applies to before 10am in July and August. Understand?




What station is this that you can do it ? Yes I read what you said.


There is a new 16-17 saver railcard which will be on sale from 20 Aug which gives 50% of fares so a great deal for those within this age bracket. Tried posting the deal but not sure why it was taken down without explanation as it would be a better deal than the 16-25 railcard which only gives 1/3 off. Cut and paste information from the site: The 16-17 Saver will go on sale on 20 August 2019. It's valid across England, Wales and services into Scotland, but not on ScotRail or Caledonian Sleeper services. Holders of a 16-17 Saver will be able to buy discounted tickets for travel from 2 September 2019. Customers will be offered the 16-17 Saver as either a digital product on their phone or a physical card that will be posted to them. It's not possible to have both, this is in line with other discount products.

16-25 Railcard £26.40 with code (No student verification needed)
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Posted 3rd Dec 2018Posted 3rd Dec 2018
16-25 Railcard £26.40 with code (No student verification needed)£26.40£3012% off
So it's coming up to Christmas and I suppose it's time to give the ol' family a visit. My railcard expired last week and I've been searching across sites to find some money off, to… Read more

this code still works, thank you so much OP (y)


The other week I saw a guy in his late fifties use this on a train. He explained he gets it because he's in full-time education.


Just paid £30 for my kid this morning. ;(


You can buy a 3-year one the day before your 24th birthday. Which means you are a member of the scheme until the day before your 27th birthday. This is the hard limit. There's not way to be a part of this specific scheme if you are exactly 27 or older. Example: If it's your 24th birthday today, the last chance you had to buy a 3 year one was yesterday. The last day to purchase this at all (1yr membership) is the day before your 26th birthday, which then takes your membership of the scheme to the day before your 27th birthday. So you don't really get any additional benefit by buying for 3 years (unless you can get a discount better than these recurring coupons each year.) The exception of course is if you're a mature student, at which point age becomes irrelevant. EDIT: Source: https://www.16-25railcard.co.uk/help/faqs/32/


Only way to make trains just about affordable. Hot.

Use a 16-25 railcard at peak times in July and August
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Posted 15th Jun 2018Posted 15th Jun 2018
Use a 16-25 railcard at peak times in July and August
Throughout most of the year there’s a £12 minimum fare when using a 16-25 railcard in the morning at peak times, making weekly/monthly tickets still the cheapest for daily work com… Read more

Is this deal active? Doesnt save me a thing on my daily commutes during peak time and I have a 16-25 rail card attched to my oyster.


I wasn't using Trainline because they charge booking fees and I can only speak about my experience that happened in 2015. Since then, the fare has risen above the threshold, but below is a similar fare on the same line. Notice how it doesn't say anything about time restrictions. Only someone who has read the railcard's fine print would know that it shouldn't be used in the morning peak, despite it being called 'anytime'.


Whenever I book with the trainline, my ticket comes to £12 before 10. After 10 it is £11ish. And the original ticket price is the same!!!


Well all of the online booking websites said £11 no restrictions and the hundreds of great northern ticket inspectors and gatekeepers did not say there was a problem.


The 12 pound rule is always enforced. If the fare should be lower they charge you 12!!

90% off YHA membership for 16-25 railcard holders!
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Posted 7th Dec 2016Posted 7th Dec 2016
90% off YHA membership for 16-25 railcard holders!
90% off YHA membership for 16-25 railcard holders!

Don't forget you can also get discount as an NUS Extra card member - and you don't need to be 25 or below! Just log into your NUS EXTRA account for the discount code.


What if I'm over 25 but I have a railcard being a full time student?


Also you can get a household membership for £10 good for 2 adults living at the same address plus any children travelling with you if you have a family railcard using discount code 'ATOCJF-13'


Wow! Great discount



[Megathread] Top tips to save money on train tickets.
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Posted 6th Nov 2016Posted 6th Nov 2016
[Megathread] Top tips to save money on train tickets.
Hello all! I was helping a fellow user on HUKD when I had an idea to share all the methods I am aware of to save money on train tickets. There's regularly questions about train tic… Read more

Or just jump on... 😰


My tip is, get a cheap flight, land in Southern or Eastern Europe, relax and enjoy cheap and high quality rail travel wherever you go - no need apply Newtons 3rd law to get a 5% discount.


Great tips


I wasn't being so brave....I just figured it was worth checking online again (hence leaving the ticket office) - if the trainline £14 price wasn't still available, I simply would have aborted the trip! (it was a non-essential journey...the decision to travel was based on the £14 ticket!)


Wowzer. Well done for holding your nerve and knowing the facts. A lot of ppl would've paid up

20% off for 16-25 railcard~
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Posted 4th Jul 2016Posted 4th Jul 2016
20% off for 16-25 railcard~£24
Just use the code "SUMMER" when you renew/buy the 1 yr 16-25 railcard online. offer end 18.7.2016~ Hurry up !

Thank you I just saved £6 off my senior card. I paid £24 the same as last year. 1 trip pays for this , I usually save around £200 over the course of a year using my railcard


last year we got a £10 off, so I got my yearly one for £20. It expires the end of July. Anyone think they'll do this discount again, or is £24 the best we're going to get this time round?


£70 for three years is a better offer...


Aww wish this worked on children's railcards i have 2 annual passes to but for kids to get to and from school sept


Does the discount stack with the NUS discount?

15% off 16-25 Student Railcard 1 Year using code SAVE15
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Posted 13th Jan 2016Posted 13th Jan 2016
15% off 16-25 Student Railcard 1 Year using code SAVE15£25.50
Using code SAVE15 16-25 Railcard with 15% off. £25.50 down from £30

The code does not work any longer


just used to renew my out of date railcard, thank you!


Will have to look into this. My hubby starts his new job in Bristol soon and was going to train it instead of car so taking petrol and bridge into consideration this may be the cheaper option. He is doing his masters so is able to get it.




Any more info on this?

16-25 Railcard £26.40 - With code
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Posted 21st Oct 2015Posted 21st Oct 2015
16-25 Railcard £26.40 - With code£26.40
So you can get a yearly 16-25 railcard for £30 as standard, however, if you use code NUS12 when you pay you will save 12% (works out at £3.60, which, if you are like me, can be hap… Read more

Thank you, still working on 4/9/2016.


Thanks, code still working today - 15/11/15 :)


5% quidco; Quidco link edit - quidco might not track but worth a try; •Cashback will not be paid in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or discount code unless listed on this page, or with any other discounts such as staff or student discounts


*fixed your incorrect fix "So" is not a conjunction word. If you use the word "word" after, then the "conjunction" part becomes conjunctive. Hate to be pedantic, but if you are going to be picky, at least get your correction right. 2 possible's :- "So" is a conjunctive word. "So" is a conjunction.


*fixed 'So' is a conjunction word

1 Year 16-25 Railcard for £27
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Posted 2nd Sep 2015Posted 2nd Sep 2015
1 Year 16-25 Railcard for £27£27
Use code 'Save10' to get 10% off the normal price of a 1 year 16-15 railcard when you buy it online, reducing it from £30 to £27. Ends 15th May 2016. Should also point out that a… Read more

just been emailled this code? not sure if its useable but I wont be renewing £10 off ATOFWTVKV4


NUS12 for 12% off ;) someone will be back with 13..


thanks for this, used on renewal.


NUS11 = code for 11% off.


I wish I had read this when I applied for mine. Total waste of money for me :( Train ticket is £10.10

Newest 16-25 Railcard Discount Codes:

Discount16-25 Railcard Discount DetailsExpires
12%12% off 16-25 Railcard with code25/08/2019
£26.4016-25 RAILCARD ( Save 1/3 on all train tickets, can be up to 50% off)17/03/2019
£24Get 20% off a 16-25 Rail Card with code 'BLK20'25/11/2017
12%12% off 16-25 Railcard1/11/2017
20%20% off rail cards at railcard28/10/2020