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The US-based internet retailer Amazon is the largest of its kind in the world. Customers can save money on their online shop by using promo codes, or redeeming gift cards. There are tons of great deals on Amazon, and we keep them all in one place here at hotukdeals. How to redeem Amazon vouchers

All Amazon Voucher & Promo Codes for December 2018

-£40Get £40 off Amazon Fresh Orders with this Discount Code @ Amazon

Minimum spend:£120


Applies to:New customers only

Conditions:Some exclusions apply. See site for complete details. 

Get code & visit site
-£30Take £30 off Amazon Fresh Orders @ Amazon

Minimum spend:£90


Applies to:New customers only

Conditions:Some exclusions apply. See site for complete details. 

Get code & visit site
-25%25% off Amazon Kindle, Fire and Echo Accessories with this voucher @ Amazon

Expires:in 16 days

Conditions:Some exclusions apply.

Get code & visit site
-£25Take £25 off with AMEX Membership Rewards Points @ Amazon

Minimum spend:£40

Conditions:Some exclusions apply.

Get code & visit site
-20%Get Extra 20% off Selected Kindle, Fire and Echo Accessory Orders at Amazon


Conditions:Valid only on items featured on the promotional page. Some other exclusions may apply.

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£60 off
£60 off Get £30 off across 3 orders of £60 on amazon now with 2 hour delivery
£10 off each order of £60 for 3 orders using code PRIMENOW30 on the prime now app

Interesting to know thanks


It’s a good offer for those of us who can use it, done my first shop. Got most of the weeks groceries through amazon who go and get it from Morrison’s.


I see think i might aswel expire it lol


Only problem for me is the limited number of items available these days on prime now. Used to be plenty of variety


Yeah im lucky enough to live where i can get every service from them, just ordered a can opener 2 mins ago and its coming this afternoon free delivery which i think is an amazing service cant beat it. However i think people will vote this cold just because its not in their area, when its effectively around 18% off if you spend bang on £60, which isnt bad. Also someone posted £10 off one order a while back that went to over 200 degrees and this is going minus with £10 off 3 orders, just shows no point in using heat as a guage of a good deal. Whats cold today could be hot tomorrow

£10 off
£10 off £10 off £50 first order Prime Now w/code @
If Prime Now has hit your area now then get £10 off with PRIMENOW10

All this religious talk gonna get you banned!


What lol no I used this black friday so I saved even more it's an on going code


No idea it was valid last 8 months, does Now do Black Friday ? Interesting....


Do you have meetings over it then?


This has already been posted but I would recommend that people save this for black friday as it's a code that's been working over the last 8mtgs

£5 off
£5 off £5 Off for New Prime Student Members with Promo Code UCAS5
From Sunday, July 22 2018, new Prime Student members get £5 off their next purchase on when they enter promo code UCAS5 at checkout (the “Offer”). The Offer only appli… Read more

Just used this on the £9.99 TP-Link Smart Plug, thanks @anouj for posting or I'd have missed this!


:) congrats


Also i got in (y)


Worked for me even though signed up for Prime Student on July 10th. Thanks!


Worked for me, thanks :)

£10 off
£10 off £10 Off first order with Amazon Restaurant, Min £15.
Just received email giving me a voucher code to save £10 from my first Amazon Restaurant Order (Amazon Prime Members only). The code is YUM10. See the below picture for more info… Read more

Where do you put the code in when ordering in the app?


not available in my area, but nice deal, heat added


you don't have to... unless you find it cheaper elsewhere whatever you are buying..


I'd be willing to bet that most people bleating on about Amazon avoiding corporation tax would do the same with their own income tax in a split second if the government let them get away with it.


And without amazon tens of thousands of people wouldnt be employed... wouldnt be paying tax and wouldnt be contributing. Governments fault / not amazon. If i could get away with zero tax I would too... as would most, i suspect.

£10 off
£10 off £10 off £50 order with first order from Amazon Prime now
Prime now voucher, £10 off £50 spend first order. Has games and other items

Weird. Saw this off last week during prime day. Said if you use the app for the first time you get a £10 voucher...but didn't say it would be sent instant (think within 30 days), and no primenow10 code used. Still same conditions having to spend a minute of £50 though. Anyone else use the app for the first time during prime day and get their code?


Maybe I will try after my August holiday (cheeky) (popcorn) (y)


You have 30 days free trial. What you have to do is to remember to cancel the Prime Membership before. Job done 8) Cancel Prime Membership is found on "Manage Prime Subscription" or something like this. And it is easy to cancel. If you do not cancel, you will be charged next month with £7.99.


i need more info how to get off before I get charged... (cheeky)


Well, I'll vote hot just for letting me know. Thanks, might use it or not but useful info as a non - prime customer

£20 off
£20 off 20 off 100 on Prime Fresh (existing customers, poss account specific)
Sign in to view offer. Worked for me after already using 20 off 60 "COURGETTE" and 20 off 80 "STRAWBERRY" in the past 2 weeks. I found some extras to fill 100

Heat Added (y)


If you are eligible, then don't forget you can buy other things on fresh that are not grocery related. There looks to be Sandisk ultra 128gb micro sd cards at £31.48 in fresh. Add 2 of these and get 20 off for £42.96 in total, for example.


Hot if it works but it wasn't allowed to be added my my order for some reason.


LOL! no they don't stack I used 20 off 60 on my first order, 20 off 80 on my second, nothing on my 3rd, and 20 off 100 on my 4th


So let me guess you spent GBP £100.00 on Amazon Fresh and used code COURGETTE for £20.00 off then used STRAWBERRY to get another £20.00 off then the final fruit code MANGO and got final £20.00 off. In total you spent £100.00 and saved £60.00 using codes and you paid a total off £40.00 for your Amazon Fresh order.

£50 off
£50 off 50% off first purchase of £100 @ Amazon Business
It’s this easy: Register a new business account during Prime Day by 17 July. If verified you will receive a business verification e-mail within 72 hours. Code ABPRIME18 will activa… Read more

Pointless exercise. Endless calls to customer service with no joy. Closed the business account again.


Maybe you registered after they pulled it. Seems you've a good reason to get onto them though. Mine worked a treat.


The code isn't being recognised for me even though I registered on day etc??


But you just add the code and it works. Why are you talking to them as prime day is over for registering.


Send them a screenshot from on here, how can they deny that?

£15 off
£15 off claim your Amex £15 off £25 - @ Amazon - start with £15 off £25 when you use American Express Membership Rewards points at
Amex £15 off £25 - @ Amazon - start with £15 off £25 when you use American Express Membership Rewards points at

Worked here! Thanks!!


Worked for me - as previous poster said - redeem points before adding the code ! Thanks OP




T&C posted above state that account needs to be active before 28 October 2017


But worked on my existing account.

£10 off
£10 off £10 off £40 @ amazon prime now
Make a new account and start a prime trial terms Amazon Prime members in selected postcodes can get £10.00 off their first Prime Now order over £40.00, by entering the promo code … Read more

Prime Now is only available in like 5 cities or something, and mine isn't one of them, so that's not really an option, sadly.


Yeah this is why I posted it. Basically just create a new account and new Amazon trial. Order from prime now use the code and then cancel your prime trial. You can have as many Amazon accounts as you like. Just use a different phone number when signing up


Precisely this. Drives me mad. People scroll past a cold post... meaning that people who WOULD find it useful are likely to miss out. Just because it’s no use to you specifically doesn’t make it not a deal. I post a lot less these days because of things like this to be honest, it’s a shame.


Might as well ask in here. Does anyone know if you can use a new email address and new account to re-use an offer, like the £10 free credit on £40 top up offer? I assume Amazon track accounts by address so this isn't possible but figured I'd ask, as if I can just set up a new account with a different email address then it's easy, but then I imagine I'd already know it was possible by now.


Used this offer to purchase Mario Kart Deluxe 8 for the Switch. Voted hot!

20% off
20% off Extra 20% off First Subscribe and Save Order for Prime Members at
Prime members only From Friday, January 5, 2018, Prime members save an additional 20% on your first ever subscription of selected products when you enter promo code 20SNSPRIME at… Read more

Yes I have done that


Do it all the time, no issues


good question


I subscribe,use the code,and receive the discounted goods. What happens if I don’t want to continue with the sub and cancel? Do people do that?

£20 off
£20 off Amazon Fresh - £20 off on order of £60 or more.
Just received an email from amazon. Offer applicable for both new and existing customers, ends 15th June. Use code: FRESH20

Window pops up: not available for my location.


Shows me code STRAWBERRY with £20 off purchases of £80 or more.


maybe to the ones who have recieved the email only?


Not working for me, is this definitely for existing customers too?


You mean cold votes? Nah heat added

£30 off
£30 off Save £30 off the Kindle Paperwhite code @ Amazon UK, (probably account specific)
Going away on holiday soon and decided to replace my broken Kindle. Looked through Hot deals for a voucher code and tried the ones from here without any luck, ( Save £50 off the Ki… Read more

This worked for me using the code UPGRADE40 Thanks for posting


dammit amazon


I believe if the voucher is valid for your account it will tell you on the kindle page about it, and don’t forget, like the bookworm codes from before, the upgrade codes have varying amounts of discount. For example, when I go to buy a kindle paperwhite, it tells me to use code UPGRADE50 for a £50 discount.


Aww. I'm sorry it's not working for others. I'm sure it wasn't there at first. It only appeared after I tried the bookworm code, then went back to the kindle page on amazon to browse the kindles again


I wanted to upgrade from a Fire 7 to a paperwhite, did not work for me either.

25% off
25% off 25% Off Kindle, Fire and Echo Accessories with Promo Code SPRINGSALE25
25% off on accessories kindle fire and echo amazon voice remote for £15 and all accessories 25% off us… Read more

Thanks op. Used code to get 25% off a case for Fire tablet.


Thanks for sharing @johnsaab1 - have moved to vouchers because there is not a deal example in thread title


Doesn’t work for the echo spot stand


Which accessory didn't the code work for? I tried several and they all worked.


Another Amazon code which doesn't work for me

More Info
More Info £10 off 15 spend at Amazon restaurants, possibly account specific.
So I found an email by Amazon with this message and a code to use by 17th June. You’ve streamed Amazon Video recently and as a thank you, here’s a code for £10 off your first orde… Read more

JUST ordered, sorry everyone (lol)


Nothing in the mailbox so far but heat added. If anyone as a spare code I could use it!


I cannot afford the flights nor like creepy crawlies, so no good for me, but heat from me.


Ooo...I'm lazy, I like a takeaway, and I live in the bleeding expensive London. So this is a plus from me. Dunno if valid for me yet but ace deal


Heat added, good deal if you can get it (y)

£10 off
£10 off £10 off a £40 spend on selected jewellery with code via app @ Amazon (Prime Exclusive)
Use the code JWGET10 TO GET £10 off selected jewellery

Works only on Very limited, over priced items, not worth it.


I saw it on the site yesterday, unable to look right now though.


Just had another mod have a look & although we both have Prime & it's a Prime Exclusive offer, we can't find it on site, have linked to the App now & moved to vouchers :)


Hi thanks, is there not a way of linking to the app?


Good morning @Mrswitch - I've had a good look on site but can't see anything, it may be that it is only via the APP or that I am being more obtuse than normal this morning :D If anyone else can find it, let us know & we can change the link :)

£20 off
£20 off Amazon prime now shopping. May be worth checking your emails. I got an email earlier letting me know £10 off next two shops if I spend over £50. Good luck

The code only works for first time orders.


Makes it sound like a competition rather than a deal. Similar to the the just eat threads that keep popping up.


For people who don't they are useful, and if you check your emails don't click on the deal.


I refuse to vote on something that says check your emails. I do that already. Don't see the point or benefit. Starting to get a bit annoying now.


Are these emails not going to everybody? After I have cancelled my prime trial, I had received 3 of these in a week. To shop in 2 specific 'shop's, spend £50 in one and get £10 off, after that to spend another £50 in a different 'shop' to get the other £10 off. I was interested in a few items, but these were not in the 'shops' suggested so didn't bother. I have assumed we all got these 'deals', perhaps they sent it to me to make me keep the membership.

£15 off
£15 off Shop with Points of American Express and get £15 off your eligible purchase at
To receive your promotional discount, you must: 1. Add £25 or more of eligible items sold and shipped by to your shopping cart. 2. Enter the promo code AMEX16SWP… Read more

Does anyone know if this is still working ?


Nice one, Just saved my £15 The offer ends at the end of this month.


Thanks op. That worked a treat. You need to use an account registered before Oct 2017 for it to work but it does work!


Didn't work for me :/


How did you get past invalid code or was it valid on your account? Do you have to link Amex beforehand

£20 off
£20 off Prime Now £20 off across First two shops £50 min spend (£10 off each £50 Spend) Deal Examples Within
Just noticed this offer reappear whilst shopping specific items. I know its availability is restricted but potential for some good offers here, if you dont have prime now access in… Read more

Kind of standard on this website. If id posted a single deal with the code attached, as has since occurred a few times, it would be hotter. Aslong as it helps people out even if it goes cold, doesnt really matter (:


I'm surprised this deal didn't get hotter. Maybe it's due to the limited delivery addresses.


Just to note, some example deals will have or will expire. If your browsing deals out of curiosity, good place to start is with any "hot" recent Amazon deal posted on hukd, chances are you will be able to knock £10 off (assuming price is £50+ , or discounted appropriately from £40.99+ with filler). Thats where the majority of examples come from.


Used a code from a previous promotion? Can always do usual amazon trick, new account.



£5 off
£5 off Redeem £5 off First Amazon Treasure Truck Purchase
I went to my Amazon app and saw the £5 off on the top left menu drop-down and saw this and just clicked sign up. It should be there for those who haven't purchased from it previou… Read more

Just picked up a kilo of pork belly and 4 cans of savanna cider and a free pair of sunglasses all for the grand total of £4.99 thanks amazon, just got to wait for the sun to come out now 8)


To anyone still looking at this deal, I just went into the app and kept opening and closing the side bar until the £5 off link appeared as it did for op. Not a bad deal today and tomorrow either, £5 off for a £10 qi charging pad by Belkin. For central London today and tomorrow and only 5W but it will get the job done, thanks OP.


headphones i got for £ 99 half the price of anywhere else were very good for crappy tat :)


They have an actual term for this: CRAP it out. Can't Realise A Profit. That's what they say in meetings: We need to CRAP this out. Not sure if it's industry-wide but heard it many times while working there.


I registered my interest 2 days ago, so unsurprisingly not there for me.

£10 off
£10 off £10 off £40 new customers@ Amazon prime now
£10 of £40 at amazon prime now new customers only *excludes baby formula, gift cards, alcohol and third party products.

M Mine says that too 🙈


Hi, I have one new account and I have for £60 total. I've select free trial Prime. But when I add the voucher it says : "The promotional code you entered is not valid".


You can use PRIMENOW10 and save £10 when you do spend £50 (First order only)


Anyone stacked this with June offer? If you did two lots of transactions in may?


Never :(

£5 off
£5 off £5 off a £30 spend on pet supplies @ Amazon
Spotted in the Crufts programme today. Photo attached. Spend £30 on pet products and get £5 discount. I've tested it, and it worked for me on a bag of dog food and some dog toys… Read more

cant get it to work on felix?


yes you have to checkout on its own with s&s you can add 2 or more of the same item then use the code (that's what I did)


How did you get it to work with s and s because when I try it I can't add anything else to the basket. I need to checkout with s and s on its own


TY used


Used on subscription, was already getting 15%off, this worked on top. Thanks!! Hot!

£10 off
£10 off £10 off £50 spend on 'First order' on Amazon Prime Now
£10 off your first order when spending over £50 using code PRIMENOW10 Also get 2 hour delivery on toys and games. Hope it helps someone

No Show -_-


£40 Min free delivery and delivery times


I'm finding they struggle to deliver with standard prime. More than 50% of my recent next day deliveries have taken 3-4 days. They savagely penalties sellers that use their platforms for many things along with charging massive amounts for it but don't hold themselves to the same ideals. I know someone who sell through Amazon and they're laughable.


I haven't used amazon prime now for a while. What's changed???


Never used it since they changed so another ex buyer here.

More Info
More Info £40 Off 2 Echo Spot Orders at Amazon
Terms & Conditions: Amazon Echo Spot - Buy 2 for £199.981. This offer (the “Offer”) applies to customers who order 2 or more Amazon Echo Spot in a single trans… Read more

expired since the spot dropped to £99. Would have been nice 2 for 160,


Offer since launch and also available at Argos, Currys, Tesco etc.


errr... no idea! just found it on amazon webpage, sure will be handy for someone.


Has not this been the case since launch!?

£10 off
£10 off Amazon Prime Now £10 OFF £50 spend (New customers only / county specific)
Just added a couple of Phillips Hue bulbs into my weekly shop to make the most of this. This is for new Prime Now customers only (ie: you have never checked out on the Prime Now a… Read more

If anyone is a student with a uni email free 6 month trial:


I had this when it was £10 off £40 spend.


My fav type of deal. Thanks




T&C’s state: London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Surrey, Berkshire, or Hampshire (y)

25% off
25% off 25% off all Coca Cola Zero products @ Amazon Pantry
Apply voucher on product to get 25% off all varieties of Coca Cola Zero. Multipacks, Bottles, Cans. £2.99 Amazon Pantry Shipping

If you don't like Coke, why not just piss off from this thread & go lecture someone who cares?


I did a "survey" a few months back of every 2 litre bottle of diet cola I could find my local Tesco. The worst, unsurprisingly, were the Tesco own-brand colas, which had a nasty aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners they used. Best 2 were Coca Cola Zero and Pepsi Max - both still had a slight aftertaste (putting me off from buying them again), but I suspect it's something you could get used to over time. Is there actually *any* diet cola on the market that doesn't have an aftertaste from its sweeteners? I did continue my survey with other diet fizzy drinks and they were almost all universally awful - though the Tesco Mango Zero 2 litre was probably the best (the strong mango flavour mostly covered the aftertaste). Sadly, I never found a good diet lemonade (yes, Schweppes and R Whites both failed the taste test). If Canderel Sugarly (an excellent granulated artificial sweetener that has no aftertaste) exists, why can't diet fizzy drinks makers use something similar to that instead of the atrocious stuff they currently use?


Better simple water


Your point being?


It sure is!

20% off
20% off 20% off for Amazon Prime customers on first subscribe and save order
Prime Customers making their first subscription to a Subscribe & Save product can save 20% with this voucher.

RIP and don't come back


Waste of time . Prime no longer next day delivery


Me too, was thinking yeeehaaaa (annoyed)


Totally agree, please change the title


Title is a little misleading. Got my hopes up for a general 20% discount.

20% off
20% off 20% off Amazon device accessories with code NEWYEAR

Hahah I tried that :) - on entering it says it can't be applied to this order... just a fire stick in my basket. Its currently 39.99


With the code.


How did you get the price down to £16?


Thanks. Latest fire stick for £16. CEX giving £14 for the old one so essentially £2 to upgrade.


Thanks so much needed a new fast charge cable but was putting it off til now

£15 off
£15 off It's back! £15 off a £25 spend on with Amex Membership Rewards
Here's how it works: 1. Make a purchase of at least £25 of eligible items on (not marketplace items, and not gift cards). 2. Enter the promo code AMEX16SWP in the … Read more

So is there any way to use this on multiple amazon accounts?


Just got an Amex Gold. Any way to get some points posted before having the purchase ones show up in a month or so?


Using it on products sold and despatched by amazon, adding membership points to the payment... not working


This isn't working for me, is it expired?


only thought for me could have been the order you applied them in? i.e. do the AMEX code first, then BIGTHANKS? I tried to get it done via complaining through chat but they said you couldn't stack the BIGTHANKS code :(

£10 off
£10 off £10 off first Amazon restaurant orders over £15
I know this is a contentious issue for some as it is not available nationwide (myself included and I live in London) however it is still a good deal for some so please be kind :p … Read more

I've been using prime 30 day free trial for a year now. Just keep changing email adress.


A bigger joke than Morrisons delivery area - available in around 100 sq yards from Amazon HQ only for the gullibles paying £80 a year for free Amazon delivery !


Delish delish... I love take away!


Excellent! Thank you!


Food delivery, but only for those with Prime.

Free shipping
Free shipping 20% off Joe & Seph's products on Amazon
Picture says it all. Code TreasurePop

Thanks. Heat added. I've got a family member who loves her some popcorn. This will make a great addition to her gift.


(popcorn) Poptastic

£5 off
£5 off £5 off £30 spend on luxury chocolate at Amazon
How to claim:Add any of the Qualifying Items from this page with a combined value of at least £30 (the “Minimum Purchase”) to your Shopping Basket via the “Add to Basket” button. W… Read more

Still working, automatically applies.


£30 on luxury chocolate ? Are you the shopkeeper from the Harry and Paul "I saw you coming" sketch

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