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Diggerland tickets £18.72 each 3 locations with code valid for 12 months Buy a gift free delivery £10 off newsletter sign ups as well
Posted 16th JanPosted 16th Jan
This experience is available at Durham - County Durham (North East) Rochester - Kent (South East) Castleford - West Yorkshire (Yorkshire and the Humber)

Interesting video on the history of diggerland


Absolutely loved this place. Went with my husband and my son who was sic at the time. We paid full price and it was great value for money. Would definitely go back.


Went to the Kent park with my nephews, adults and kids alike had a blast. Worth it even at full price.


Code not recognised


code no longer works.

Tour and Tasting for Two at Chiltern Valley Winery and Brewery (Tasting of 3-4 wines, ales and liqueurs) £16 with code @ BuyAGift
Posted 13th JanPosted 13th Jan
Really can't grumble at £8 per person. Can't be many things to do in January for £8 that better a vineyard and Brewery tour and a tutored tasting of 3-4 wines, ales and liqueurs (H… Read more

Fab deal, although been this price for ages. We did it either last year or the year before, I know it was during a lockdown easing but all the times have mergers into one! A quick word of warning, the good news is that you get plenty of decent sized samples even including a liqueur, the bad news is that it’s in the middle of nowhere. If you can, it’s worth biooking to stay, the rooms are nice and you don’t have to worry about being over the limit.


Completely miss read that as children and thought Jacko was back

High Street Dining for Two (Zizzi, Café Rouge, Ask Italian) - £25 with code @ BuyAGift
Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
What's included? Stop for a bite to eat at one of a range of high-street restaurants throughout the UK. Whether it be for lunch or a delicious dinner, you have plenty of relaxed re… Read more

U think


Cafe Unless you want to use Cafe Rouge with the free drink, that’s not available in that one


I miss getting the prezzo deal for £15/£20 ;(


Ah okay used to be £30 on its own which would have made it £20


Prezo is on the 39.99 box so 29.99 after code

Full Day of Paintballing for 4 People with 100 Paintballs Each at Combat Splat £10 with code @ Buyagift
Posted 7th JanPosted 7th Jan
A few places available, great value for paintballing for 4 people What's included? A full day of action-packed paintballing for four people Includes 100 paintballs per player … Read more

You need at least 500 balls if your taking it easy or 1000 for more fun.


Go on and report back! The Marshalls would grab their much better guns and make mince meat of you! They always feel like they are looking for an excuse to rumble to me


Shouting grenade and throwing a tin of Dulux One Coat got me banned from my local site! Not a bad price but they make money from paintball 101 onwards!


When I used to marshal at this time of year we used to shoot each other with paint balls that were rock solid after being kept in a container outside in freezing temperature.....used to get home covered in bruises. Paintballing is for warm weather.


Yes this would be the best thing todo, all 4 of you unload you're hoppers on 1 or several marshal's.....

Junior Toyota Supra driving experience - £19 instead of £49 or £9 with £10 off newsletter code @ BuyAGift
Posted 29th Dec 2021Posted 29th Dec 2021
Take the iconic Toyota Supra for a spin with this exhilarating junior driving experience. As Brian O'Conner's car of choice in Fast and Furious, this eye-catching legend is thrilli… Read more

Just a scare tactic then... But also, in the event of an accident you couldn't even claim off them anyway because you're the driver.


My son also drove car lol but yeah proper rip off... Sighting ok ap is pointless, so is insurance to they won't let you wreck the car... It's duel control


I owned a MK4 Supra for 4 years, while it was fun the handling isn’t brilliant, my brother had a puma at the time which was much more fun and the Boxster I have now handles infinitely better.


Honestly even if he was 17 and newly passed these things are overrated and hyped. He will have more fun going go karting with some friends, and if you joined in and "let him lap you" he will feel like he's a better driver than you all his life. No instructor, just him behind the wheel going at high speed... So obvious to me, as a kid. OR if he wants to test drive a real car, let him drive yours on some private land. Take a showroom car for a test drive after he's had a little practice in yours and let him grab the wheel. Many options. All legal, well most ;)


So this isn't getting the best of reviews. My son soon to be 10 is desperate to do something like this, well just be able to get a taste of driving. Is there a better company to do this through?

Introduction to midwifery online course - CPD accredited and certified £14.25 with code (Students Only) @ BuyAGift
30/09/2022Expires on 30/09/2022Posted 16th Dec 2021Posted 16th Dec 2021
Introduction to Midwifery course. Reduced to £19 on Buymeagift, but comes down to £14.25 when discount code is used. This should provide a great introduction for anyone considerin… Read more

At best, male-midwives. At worst, "someone who has no business doing this". Relating to the fact there will be many that would be a bit uncomfortable. Midwife means "with the woman". Doesn't specify gender.


Are they called midhusbands?


Thanks will let the Mrs know but probably give this a miss as the access course is quite demanding of her time as it is with 2 kids!


Apparently only 0.4% of midwives are male. No argument. Just a fact.


If you're already studying a midwifery specific access course, it may not be of much benefit to you in terms of knowledge gained. Although it may be worth having a look at the modules covered and comparing them. If there's a lot of overlap and you already have the knowledge from your access course it could be an easy additional certification to achieve and help strengthen your application. If you have the time I can't see that it would hurt, but just be sure to prioritise the access course. Any offers you receive for a Midwifery Degree will be based on the outcome of the access course.

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Relaxation Spa Day with up to 55 Minutes of Treatments for Two - £61.62 with code @ BuyAGift
231° Expired
Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
What's included? Grab this amazing 2-for-1 spa day voucher while you can, with a full day’s spa access plus two treatments each at luxurious Marriott spa or Virgin Active club nat… Read more

I had some much trouble trying to book a place. Noone answers the phone when they do they dont want to give you space if you tell them you have voucher. Other people might have different experience but it was horrible for me. I ended up getting a refund


Until they want £10 for a padlock.


Time to relax (y)


looks good thanks

Go Ape Treetop Adventure Plus for one (Age 6-15) - £14 with code @ BuyAGift
589° Expired
Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
Looking to taking kids to Go Ape. Its £23 each rack rate for the Plus course, BuyAgift have a £10 off promo today taking the price to £14 per person, then order two separately. P… Read more

Thanks booked 2


Thank u great deal of booked one atvtome


Hey are any of it close to Staines


Thank you o/p


Thank-You (y)

Entry for Two to National Videogame Museum (Sheffield) £10 with code @ Buyagift
1130° Expired
Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Entry for Two to National Videogame Museum for £10 with code PLAN10. Valid for 12 months if you fancied a day out and a bit of retro gaming, the museum is based in Sheffield. Und… Read more

Bury Arcade Club is HUGE - 3 massive floors, all packed with machines (not just arcade games but pinball, consoles and even basketball and skeeball games) but always with plenty of space even on a busy weekend. It's so big that unlike the smaller options you never feel cramped in there, and there's so many machines that if something you want to play is occupied then there's countless other options, and they have plenty of hand sanitizer about. . I've been there a number of times during Covid (including a couple of weeks ago) and always been absolutely fine - it's all pretty easy to avoid close contact with people. It's well worth the effort to get there - it's a 2 1/2 hour drive for me but well worth it. Even the food and drink prices are reasonable in there too.


How can it cost £20 for one in Sheffield but only £16 for one in bury that is far bigger (confused) Just looked up the one in bury and it looks brilliant But it is cramped place not much space and I find it hard to believe if you are going spent a full day in there you are not going come away with covid? Full of kids packed out inside and all crammed together puts me off going ;(


The one in Bury is the biggest in Europe, I've been to the other one in Leeds and a few others and they just don't compare. If I was travelling from a far I'd want to go to the best place, rather than wasting my time; an extra 30 minutes in the car isn't exactly a problem. This is a similar situation across the country, there are a few arcades that opened in Liverpool which use Mame cabinets. I agree, being only 30 miles away from Bury is really amazing, but if I was 100 miles away I'd still make the trip every so often. It's good, but not a crack on the Bury one; but that makes sense considering it's the bigges in europe.


I can't recommend Arcade Club enough, been a regular visitor for a few years now ever since going on a stag do - Bury just tips it for me but Leeds is great too, and both are tremendous value for money. The problem is that after you've been there all the others look rubbish in comparison. I was really excited about Pixel Bunker in Milton Keynes opening, as it's an hour or so closer to me than Bury, but really shouldn't have bothered as half the machines were either completely out of order and switched off or had some sort of fault. It was virtually the same price as Arcade Club too, but for a limited 3 hour session as opposed to all day (and despite that we still left early)


Well I live in Sheffield and my brother lives in Swindon, so just trick me into thinking you are my brother and then come and stay for free :D

York Sightseeing River Cruise for Two - Valid for 12 months - £11 with code @ Buyagift
450° Expired
Posted 7th JanPosted 7th Jan
York Sightseeing River Cruise for Two back down to £11 with code PLAN10 - thanks @JG_Deal Voucher is valid for 12 months. Select e-voucher for free delivery. There is also a … Read more

But the York cruise isn't really a city cruise like the London one.


It's defo worth the money and it's OK not as bad as many make out. Been to York a few times and took the cruise everytime, totally agree. I seen plenty wildlife along the route and got some great pictures.


How much if supply can you get to survive on this for 12 months?! (lol)


Thanks for this, ashamed to say that I’ve visited less than half of the attractions in York despite living here for over 15 years. Just applied for my card and decided I’m going to do many of the attractions this year. I go into town regularly and get my Caffè Nero just opposite the Chocolate Story and never been in once!


Bought this last year and tried 3 times to redeem, impossible to contact them and when I did there was no availability, even though it was weeks in advance. Unless you're after off peak dates and can book months in advance, I wouldn't bother

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Would you like to a buy a unique holiday gift for someone special? Or gift some pampering to a really special lady? BuyAGift is the online store that offers a lot of unique suggestions for gifts; even for those people who are typically difficult to buy a gift for. Pick from graduation gifts, adventure gifts and budget getaways as well as bestseller gifting ideas such as a flying lesson, tandem skydiving, a Thames lunch cruise, weekend Segway rally and much more. 

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