Cineworld discount codes

Cineworld Discount Codes

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Cineworld is one of Britain's favourite cinema operators. The company offers a choice of 800 screens in most major British towns and cities, many offering the latest in film technology. Aside from its Cineworld branded multiplexes, the company also owns the Picturehouse group of arthouse cinemas. HotUKDeals collects all the latest Cineworld discount codes on a unique voucher page. How to redeem Cineworld vouchers

All Cineworld Voucher & Promo Codes for December 2018

£17.90 off
£17.90 off Cineworld Unlimited card 13 months for the price of 12
Cineworld unlimited card one month free 13 months for the price of 12 months Use code BLACKFRIDAYM for a monthly membership/subscription Or code BLACKFRIDAYA for annual membersh… Read more

There you go, so it isn’t even limitless despite the name.


What restrictions on Limitless are you particularly chafed by? They are pretty similar. Standard 2D tickets are included in your sub but you have to pay extra for any upgrades.


Is this unlimited or a joke like the odeon unlimited card?

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More Info £20 voucher for snacks when joining Cineworld Unlimited
If you're like me and missed the offer of Cineworld Unlimited Card £156.39... Why not have £20 worth of snacks instead when signing up? (excited) If you're a regular at the cine… Read more

Yeah, I mentioned that. We use ours a lot so for us it’s money well spent. We have a few friends with them too so it’s a cheap way to socialise. Theres another post with the reduced membership fee again £155ish for the year.


Doesn't look like it :)


and when you have been with them for 1 year, you get upgraded to a black card and then get 25% off food and drink and no extra charge for 3d movies. Been with Cineworld over 4 years. Meerkat movies works a charm too and I take a friend with me to the cinema every week


Do you have to use the £20 up in one go?


Would be much more advantageous to use a refer a friend promo code (widely available if you search Twitter etc) to get an extra month added to your membership for free when signing up rather than using the code for this deal in the promo box.

£1 off
£1 off £1 off a large hot dog with free crispy onions @ Cineworld

These obviously aren't for everyone (I'm also too tight to pay for cinema food X)), you don't have to buy them, but for the people that do... they can save a pound.


£4.20 for pig anus and trotters mashed up if you are lucky, I take it they are paying me? ;)


Yeah onions come free with the hot dog anyway. This £1 off brings the price down to £4.20 for a large hotdog


are onions not complimentary as standard?


Cheaper to go to 5guys even with this discount. One right downstairs from the cinema in Silverburn, Glasgow 8)

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More Info Free Drink with Cinema Ticket using printable voucher @ Cineworld

Hang on, the printable voucher says only valid until 20/02/14. How is it still working for users?


Why did the assistant feel the need to shout? That's not very nice, embarrassing you like that. :( Oh well, at least the experience is over shubbyshunk. :)


how can you complain when your trying to fraudulently use a voucher?


I tried to use this in Gloucester today and was rather embarrassed when the assistant shouted that it was a scam and they were fraudulent vouchers posted by someone. I wanted the ground to open up...I was with my children it was appalling...


They tried to refuse me using this voucher yesterday, said it was specific to a person's MYCINEWORLD account, I said I had an account, showed them my ticket booked online and she let me have it anyway, I'll have to check my spam folder because they 'regularly' send this kind of voucher out, I was told. Might be worth signing up for MyCineworld for, apart from the fact it gives you 10% off your tickets and you can get 0.83% back off each purchase with quidco (fast payer too). I used my my cineworld account to book a saturday morning cinema ticket for my little girl and paid just £1 with it, plus the free drink. Cheap morning!

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More Info 2 for 1 Moshi Monster Movie using voucher code @ Cineworld

Just booked it for my 8 year old cheers


Try doing it in two transactions?!.. You don't get seat numbers these days anyway..


Try doing it in two transactions?!.. You don't get seat numbers these days anyway..


If you buy 4 it only knocks off the cost of 1.


working for me know thanks heat added :)

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More Info 2 for 1 Hunger Games: Catching Fire tickets using voucher code @ Cineworld
Ticket prices vary. Expires Dec 31. Book 2 tickets for the price of one, online, for The Hunger Games Caching Fire. Enter HGCF-2FOR1 in the discount code tab, for the offer to wo… Read more

Buy the "Running Man" on DVD which is a far superior version of the same scenario and far better than this teenage rubbish


Already seen it but going again for that price! Yayy, thank you :D


just used this.....thanks!


just booked for glasgow. thanks!!


Just be warned, if you didn't like the first one because the build up was all there was in the film, don't expect this to be different!

£8.82 off
£8.82 off 2 for 1 - Any Movie plus 10% off if you book online using voucher code @ Cineworld
Cineworld 2 for 1 with code works on any movie plus 10% off if you book online Code: FREEBIRDS-2FOR1 THIS IS NOT A REPOST BECAUSE THIS IS FOR ANY MOVIE NOT JUST FOR FROZEN 3D

When does this expire


Not working for frozen for me


not working for frozen either!!


I think the "glitch" has been corrected as the code generates a message "This code is not applicable to this film"


only valid for Free Birds you can get a free ticket for that one

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More Info Get 13 months for the price of 12 on unlimited card using vouchercode at Cineworld

Got this one today.....RAF-30XH-44NX-76TF-43KA no expiration date. welcome to use


RAF-59RE-66KX-18XT-95NV. Valid for 12 months :)


RAF-52LG-00YQ-01SG-64VM no expiration date. welcome to use anytime :)


If signing up this code gives you an extra month FREE! RAF-91DV-90TU-77SE-38FY


NEW VALID CODE: Get 13 months for the price of 12 with Cineworld Unlimited Membership card using the code below when signing up:- RAF-52LG-00YQ-01SG-64VM There is no expiration date on the code.

Newest Cineworld Discount Codes:

DiscountDiscount DetailsExpires
£17.90Cineworld Unlimited card 13 months for the price of 1223/11/2018
% off£20 voucher for snacks when joining Cineworld Unlimited27/12/2017
£1£1 off a large hot dog with free crispy onions @ Cineworld13/08/2015
50%BOGOF on hotdogs using printable voucher @ Cineworld28/02/2015
% offGet a free month with Cineworld Unlimited card using voucher code @ Cineworld ** No referral codes permitted**4/09/2018