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The Boss Baby 2: Family Business - Cinema Tickets Only £2.50 (Select location - 'Movies for Juniors') @ Cineworld
03/06/2022Expires on 03/06/2022Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
Movies for Juniors at Cineworld has been going for a long time now, just wanted to highlight that The Boss Baby 2: Family Business is back and showing this Halfterm from Friday 27th May at s…

No but maybe he should've shot his agent (lol) (lol)


Here’s hoping there’s no firearms in this one


No, that was Rust




Didn’t he shoot the camera woman on this movie?

Movies For Juniors for £2.50 @ Cineworld
Posted 26th Jul 2018Posted 26th Jul 2018
Movies For Juniors for £2.50 @ Cineworld£2.50
Want to introduce your children to the exciting world of cinema? Then get involved with Movies For Juniors, our discounted weekly screenings of kids films at Cineworld Cinemas. Adults must b…

Last movie I paid full price for 2 adults was over £30 for just the tickets. V blueray for £10 or digital rental for £2-4. Some films though you have to see first at the cinema though which is where they have you, and why those films are excluded from any ticket deals 😥


Cinemas way too overpriced. If you want drink and food..... that doubles the cost. How they have got away with it for so long. Think £1.50 kids price realistic


The problem is its says from 2.50... From!


agree on the above, many used to refer to it as the pound club a few years ago, billed as a way of getting kids into the cinemas but they got greedy. I once went an email to their CEO to ask how they could justify the increase effectively told me because it was so busy. They do show recent films and its worth waiting for many of the kids films over paying through the nose for the non M4J films. Other cinemas have the same but with the exception of some of the odeons they can be cheaper.


TBH, cold from me. Prices have shot up recently - they were £1 per ticket not long back and I think that was the sweet spot. Now,for a family of four, it's generally cheaper to buy the Bluray. That, or the films are that old, they're already on the streaming services. I know that the cinema is an 'experience' etc, and this is cheaper than the standard price, but you need to factor in the age of the film and the fact that you're probably going to see and hear very little of it.

Disney’s Encanto - Cinema Tickets £2.50 this weekend (Selected Locations) Movies for Juniors @ Cineworld
439° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Movies for Juniors at Cineworld has been going a long time now, just wanted to highlight that Disney’s Encanto is showing this weekend for just £2.50 each for both Children and Adults. Han…

how come they never display ticket prices sooooooooooooooo annoying


Our little boy is the same, he does t really like social situations, but we took him to "Hey Duggee at the Movies" at Vue a few months ago and there weren't many people there, once the entertainment starts the place could have been rammed and he wouldn't have noticed. Same with this, could have just watched the Hey Duggee episodes at home but it was about the experience for him (and us) and as he adores Encanto we'll be going to this


Yeah not too worried, want to go as I figure it's the best possible introduction to the cinema for her. Would be more annoyed about travel time lost


Yep usually at least 15-20min for the ads. As it’s a showing for families the atmosphere is more child friendly so hopefully that will help. Not sure about leaving early, you could always ask if you do. At least it won’t be full price tickets that you miss out on (nerd)


How long do the adverts last at the start these days? Still a good 20-30mins? We suspect our kid could react badly to it due to being a bit sensitive, it will be our first experience. I take it they'll say hard luck if we leave within five minutes?

Free Uplift to IMAX, 4DX, Screen X for Unlimited Members on Saturday 26th Feb @ Cineworld
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Think this is ok to post to let folks know about the free uplift We’re excited to announce the very first Cineworld Day, sponsored by Pepsi Max! On Saturday, February 26, all tickets will …

I thought the free 4DX etc uplift was a new deal as I’ve just had an email from them but it’s discussed in the thread of the other deal. I’ve expired


Unlimited Uplift doesn't work if you try and book online - you have to book in person. What a waste of time.

All Tickets To Any Film On 26/02/22 £3 Plus 75p Booking Fee | Incl 4DX @ All Cineworld Cinema
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Posted 20th FebPosted 20th Feb
All tickets £3 each at cineworld cinema on Saturday 26th Feb 22. Booking fee 75p per ticket Cheaper if your a My Cineworld Plus member Info added by @wadz We’re excited to announce …
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vote for oscars fan favorite - #oscarsfanfavorite


Watched Spiderman NWH 4DX in Leicester Square today. I think I would have preferred the IMAX screen. Problem with 4DX was the big fans blowing air were noisy and the rumble seats felt like someone was kicking the back of your chair at times. Then every time a web was fired the air blowers by your ears make a loud noise.


Bargain prices but one day doesn't mask the fact that Cineworld are a bunch of inflexible corporate tossmongers. Booked 2 tickets, one of us couldn't go. Booking not amendable so would have to cancel whole booking, lose booking fee on each ticket then pay booking fee again if able to get another ticket. Either that or lose on the persons not able to go. The Ryanair of entertainment.


amc cinemas will soon start accepting cryptocurrencies as payment :


Credit cards. Online systems do not differentiate between small and large purchases.

Private Cinema Screenings - Up to 30 people - from £180 @ Cineworld
1220° Expired
Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Private Cinema Screenings - Up to 30 people - from £180 @ Cineworld£180
The Private screening offer has changed, prices are now for up to 30 people (previously was for up to 25 people) with prices from £180 (working out at £6 per person). You can reserve a priva…

Did I see it also includes a drink and food? Not seen that mentioned on here anywhere


Gaming tournament ???


Paid £15 for 4 of us to watch Spiderman on Tuesday night with Meerkat Movies. About 20 people in the whole cinema. Would have been good in the days when cinemas were full!


I booked it last year. They let us bring cake as it was for a birthday but otherwise you need to order food and drinks with them. They offer discounted food and drinks as long as you order with plenty of notice (from memory it was something like two weeks).


Can't speak for all Cineworlds but our local one (Ashford, years ago) already had an Xbox setup. So all we had to do was take the games we wanted to play, with us. This was the deluxe screen and they manned the bar as well, once we promised beforehand that we'd drink loads haha

Cineworld Gift Box Valentine's Day Limited offer 2 x Adult 2D vouchers and 1x Large sharing combo for £20 (£1.50 delivery) @ Cineworld
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Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
Received email for this offer in case you are planning a special day or Valentine (popcorn) Not sure if this is invite only... SHARE THE LOVE Cineworld Gift Box by Post (Limited Offer) …

Anyone used one of these yet? I put the code in and it only lets me select a single ticket!


Your partner gets a free one if you sit on the back row


I'm sure Bruce can afford something a bit more lavish than this.


Yeah did on my phone but went through when processed the order on laptop


If you haven't shared your hot dog before you haven't lived!

Private Cinema Screenings - Up to 25 people - from £150 @ Cineworld
3702° Expired
Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
Private Cinema Screenings - Up to 25 people - from £150 @ Cineworld£150
Private screening offer allowing you to reserve a private screening for up to 25 people from £150, circa 100 locations in the UK. Pricing varies by time/day and if you're location is in Grou…
Get deal*Get deal*

Have a home cinema so haven't been to the regular cinemas in ages. Don't miss them at all


You'll probably only get that price on a timeslot where the takings would be under £150. I don't imagine you'll be hiring the biggest screen at 8pm on a Friday for this price. (Also, sunk vs. marginal costs play a role here.)


Oh awesome, px701 looks good and is plenty bright, you got a good price. I do have a screen, it's slightly grey which increases the darker colours and lowers the bright. If you have a wall it should be good enough. I don't have speakers atm, that's next on my list. I had a nvidia shield a while back but sent it back, the upscaling is only for 1080p content and I wasn't impressed.


Interesting thanks. To be fair. I watched a movie in day time yesterday with curtains closed but still some light through. And Netflix was a lot better at night with more contrast. But I got this cheaper one in Amazon warehouse post black Friday for just 555 quid. Not top of the range model at all with low contrast apparently. But I don't need the bells and whistles of speakers etc as connected to my surround sound AV receiver. Do you use a screen? I only have a blank wall so could get more contrast with a screen I use a 4k firestick but also have a Chromecast ultra. I wonder if Chromecast TV better at upscaling? I read Nvidia shield best for that. ViewSonic PX701-4K, 3,200 ANSI Lumens 4K UHD Gaming Projector with 5ms ultra-fast input and 240Hz High Refresh Rate


Can you watch your own movie/video? Group of us completed a mountain climb last year and still waiting to see the video put together...

Free Cinema Snacks worth upto £20 with code - when you join cineworld unlimited e.g Group 1 area £9.99 p/m - min 3 months @ Cineworld
644° Expired
Posted 17th Dec 2021Posted 17th Dec 2021
Sign up to Unlimited by December 27 using code XMAS21 to get FREE cinema snacks worth over 20€*. That’s on top of our current 3-month trial which means you can cancel any time after just …

Is there a family option to this?


5. Cancellation rights 5.1 You may cancel the Agreement at any time within 15 days from the date Your application is accepted and the Unlimited Member receives their email containing the temporary Unlimited Card (as referred to in clause 3.3 above). This period is known as the Cancellation Period. Unlimited Members wishing to use their Unlimited Card during the Cancellation Period may do so (as the Unlimited Card subscription starts immediately in accordance with Your request at clause 3.1), although if You subsequently cancel the Agreement during the Cancellation Period, You will be charged and must pay for any Unlimited cinema tickets issued and/or other costs incurred by Cineworld arising from the visits to the cinema during that time. You agree that multiple visits to the cinema using the Unlimited Card during the Cancellation Period may result in these costs exceeding the amount of any subscription fee paid for the period of use. 5.2 To cancel, You will need to contact the Unlimited Helpline by phone or in writing by email or post (on the phone number or at the email or postal address detailed in clause 1.5 above) and let Us know of your decision to cancel within the Cancellation Period. Alternatively you may download Cineworld’s template cancellation form here. 5.3 You will receive a full refund of any subscription fee paid although we may choose to deduct any amounts payable for use of the Unlimited Card as referred to in clause 5.1 above, in which case the amount refunded will be reduced accordingly. NOT clear to me - you can use the unlimited card can cacenl and still use in 14days....but they theyre taking charges for tickets if you have to pay for everything you ordered not much of a trial is it. just a right to cancel is upheld longer than a month. hang will also have to queue 30 mins due to all the other triallers in queues before you.


Lockdown is inbound, wonder if they give refunds


British amc?


So 5 pieces popcorn, and you get to smell the nozzle of slush machine for five seconds or hold a bag of pick and mix

1 month free membership for Cineworld Unlimited membership with Code @ Cineworld
63° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2021Posted 25th Nov 2021
1 month free membership for Cineworld Unlimited membership with Code @ Cineworld£119.88 Free P&P Free
Black Friday offer: a FREE month of Unlimited! if you join Unlimited by Monday 29th November, you’ll receive 13 months of Unlimited cinema for the price of 12! How does it work? Just sign …

The Odean Black Friday deal puts this to shame. Fine world is right round the corner from me though… annoying


Little heads up, when you book tickets now, it states in Wales you need full proof of vaccination, so could be something they make happen at all Cinrworlds! If they do I'm cancelling my pass


Yes, as stated in the description


Says free month added at end of your first years membership, looks like you need to have membership for 1 year (skeptical)


Thank you all. I've amended the details

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