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Cineworld is a household name among British film-goers and its multiplexes are to be found in many major towns and cities. Overall the company, listed on the London Stock Exchange, is now the second biggest cinema chain in the UK and also owns the Picturehouse chain of arthouse cinemas. HotUKDeals collects all the latest and best deals from Cineworld on a dedicated page. How to redeem Cineworld Shop vouchers
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1 month free with Unlimited or 10% off Annual membership with voucher code @ Cineworld
Get 1 month free when you join Unlimited with code AWARDS . Or get 10% off your annual membership with code AWARDS2020. Offer valid from 31 Jan to 11 Feb.

Anyone know what the offer on kidspass is this year, last year it was £161 for a year


Existing members could still benefit from this by recommending a friend to sign up, your friend can use this offer to save some money and then you’d get a free month for recommending them (highfive)


They're usually legit - I can get an Unlimited pass for £167 with my work scheme, so you'll tend to find folk on eBay selling them for about £25 or so above this for a decent profit - and it represents a good saving for buyers compared to the Cineworld website price. I think eBay have been clamping down on it, though, as you see quite a lot of listings getting pulled.


I’ve seen deals on eBay, and they seem considerably attractive. Some would question too attractive. Does anyone know they work, legit with someone abusing an employee discount system?


12 months

£10 off your first month of Unlimited Or get 10% off annual membership with voucher code @ Cineworld
Offer: £10 off your first month of Unlimited with code BLUEMONDAY Or get 10% off annual membership with code BLUEMONDAY10 Promotion Code: BLUEMONDAY Promotion Date: 20th Ja… Read more

best website get this cheapeast pleasee


Same here didn’t realise I get 25% off through my employer as well :) , get one for the Mrs as well


Thank you for pointing this out. Seems I save 25% on tickets and unlimited through my employer.


£169 on several employee portals......


£22.08 off for the year

£20 off Worth of Cinema Snacks with voucher Code when you join unlimited @ Cineworld
This is a subscription code you only get the snacks when you subscribe to Cineworld ! Enjoy Unlimited Films Watch all the films you want at any Cineworld for just one monthly pric… Read more

I hope everyone realises you're allowed to bring food into cinemas, as long as it isn't warm food. I always go Tesco before cinemas and get cheap popcorn/drinks


For big releases the cinema might get to keep 10-20% of ticket price, in some cases this has been 0%(!). As weeks go by this improves so they might keep 80% after a month but attendance dramatically falls off too.


Ah Southampton. I lived there when Titanic (that ship that sunk because of the 6 day fire and built in Belfast so very poor quality) was released.


Ah Southampton. I lived there when Titanic (that ship that sunk because of the 6 day fire and built in Belfast so very poor quality) was released.


Well with showcase in Southampton open, I'm surprised Odeon is still open. They were forced to reduce prices of tickets and food however

£20 Gift card when you sign up to Cineworld unlimited (£18.40 p/m)
FREE £20 Cineworld e-Gift with Unlimited! Join with code GIFT20 between 29 Nov & 2 Dec – T&Cs apply.

By the look of it. It's expired


Are you able to check if that offer is still on please


how do I apply this code before my current one runs out


With the kids pass can u not cancel kids pass if u used it even if on trial is that right


Do u need to prove u got a kids pass card or just put in a promotional code ?

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
Cineworld Unlimited Card Promotion Codes - £18.40 a month or £220.80 a year (except london westend)
Cineworld Unlimited £18.40 a month or £220.80 a year (except london westend) You only need to watch a movie at cineworld twice a month to make this card worth while. I understand … Read more

Use either of these codes on top and you get an extra month free. Tested today and works. Enjoy!! RAF-97NT-81BR-03UN-30XT RAF-40NR-23ZU-67BL-40RE


Used Annual19 and £30 clubcard to get it for £168 for a year. I only need to go less than 20 times a year to break even.


Me and my partner have had passes since Dec 31st, got them through my employee discount scheme and managed to get 13 months for the price of 12. Works out to be around £13ish a month, we worked out we'd broke even after 6 months, but we have watched alot of films. We both love the cinema so will be renewing when the time comes.


Can get the codes on ebay for £165. Or cheaper if you know someone with an employee's benefit site


Not sure how good these deals are anymore. Bought Odeon Unlimited but won't renewing as Odeon have dropped ticket prices locally to £6. Means I would have to visit 3 times a month & if ypu take 4 weeks holiday out of that I doubt I'd break even. Also it ties you to one cinema chain.

50% off First Months Subscription 10% off Annual Membership with Code @ Cineworld
50% off First Month Subscription SPIDEY 10% off Annual Membership SPIDEY19

Thanks! Did not know that!


They count using your Unlimited card as buying a ticket for Meerkat purposes.


be warned, its the discounts for restaurants are utter useless now.. (for my local area anyway) recently cancelled 2 unlimited cards and I'm thankful, all they've ever done is increase prices and remove features... also sometimes I used to go out for a meal, without going to the cinema, but now the local businesses only accept cineworld tickets to get discount on the food. worthless.


Can you explain how this works? Don't you have to "purchase" a ticket to get 2 for 1?


If you dont mind how much do you pay per year ? And how many times per month do you go to cinema ? Don't know if it be worth it for me as i usually only go maybe twice a month but with the card might probably go often and watch movies on my own aswell (lol)

-10% Discount
-10% Discount
10% off Annual CineWorld Unlimited card
10% off the annual cost of a CineWorld Unlimited card. From the website... Watch all the films you want at any Cineworld for just one monthly price Being an Unlimited card hold… Read more

Yep, same here. I find that it is the older people that talk and make a hassle throughout (not to mention them snoring loudly ;( )!


The one time I was disrupted during a film I went to see with unlimited was by an elderly gentleman watching The Post. He was sat in front of me, and spent the entire film explaning to his daugther (I assume) the process of printing newspapers. Not quietly either. It was a packed screening, and everyone else was a bit raging at him, but I figured he was enjoying himself so didn't let it distract me from the film.


I use mine as much for the 25% off at Bella Italia, must have made the annual cost back off that alone without the trips to the cinema (which I do 2-3 times a month).


That's fine, it's part of the experience, and besides once you are engrossed in the film whatever is happening on the screen is all that matters.


Just be aware, I have just cancelled mine because of the awful film times for 2D - the only screen you don’t have to pay extra for. The new Lego movie, their latest timing on the week of release was 1620... and during the week :/

-50% Discount
-50% Discount
50% off first month of CineWorld Unlimited
50% off first month of unlimited Cineworld card. With the card you also get 10% off snacks and drinks too. From link... Watch all the films you want at any Cineworld for just one… Read more

You have to sign up for 12 months minimum.


Wonder if you could do every month


If you have a friend who already has a pass just ask them for a referral code, you'll both get a free month. I've refereed a good few people with mine and had no issue, you get an e-mail to confirm. Off to see Captain Marvel 00:05 tonight 8)

£10 Discount
£10 Discount
Cineworld Blue Monday is here!!! Cineworld got a great special offer that'll blow your socks off! 🧦💥 If you sign up for the Unlimited Card using the codes, you wi… Read more

Spare one if any one wants to use it: RAF-66LM-26CT-19GM-23GP


Code won’t work for non west end :/


£204 for 12 months ? Can be good if you go to the cinema more than twice. Especially on tues/wed (Meerkat code) If you have someone to go with on the weekend Don't think it is personally worth it for me though. If it was under £150 then maybe..


Please can you explain these hoops? I'm v interested. Cheers!


Stupid auto correct on my phone, for some reason Meerkat turns into meeting XD

Best Cineworld Shop deals from our community

Unlimited Membership Reduced - From £9.99pm (£119.88) Area Dependent @ Cineworld
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Great deal for those that live in Groups 1/2 in particular and anyone that’s missed the cinema or is looking forward to all the delayed releases! Cineworld Unlimited Membership i… Read more

Think I'm in group 3, only 1-month free. I have Greenwich O2 and West India quay on my account.


I think those now in group 1 are being offered 3 months free. (y)


Cineworld are meant to be taking over a large multiplex in Belfast called Odyssey Cinemas. I'm hoping it's still going ahead so I can get this deal but Belfast isn't listed


I just tend to find it makes films darker and less enjoyable, plus I'm colour blind so it makes the scenes appear quite washed out. When they're available in both formats I always avoid 3D. I usually find the auditorium is quieter that way anyway.


I've watched a few but it's just a gimmick imo it won't make a crap film any better! 😄

Movies For Juniors for £2.50 @ Cineworld
Posted 26th Jul 2018Posted 26th Jul 2018
Movies For Juniors for £2.50 @ Cineworld£2.50
Want to introduce your children to the exciting world of cinema? Then get involved with Movies For Juniors, our discounted weekly screenings of kids films at Cineworld Cinemas. Adu… Read more

Last movie I paid full price for 2 adults was over £30 for just the tickets. V blueray for £10 or digital rental for £2-4. Some films though you have to see first at the cinema though which is where they have you, and why those films are excluded from any ticket deals 😥


Cinemas way too overpriced. If you want drink and food..... that doubles the cost. How they have got away with it for so long. Think £1.50 kids price realistic


The problem is its says from 2.50... From!


agree on the above, many used to refer to it as the pound club a few years ago, billed as a way of getting kids into the cinemas but they got greedy. I once went an email to their CEO to ask how they could justify the increase effectively told me because it was so busy. They do show recent films and its worth waiting for many of the kids films over paying through the nose for the non M4J films. Other cinemas have the same but with the exception of some of the odeons they can be cheaper.


TBH, cold from me. Prices have shot up recently - they were £1 per ticket not long back and I think that was the sweet spot. Now,for a family of four, it's generally cheaper to buy the Bluray. That, or the films are that old, they're already on the streaming services. I know that the cinema is an 'experience' etc, and this is cheaper than the standard price, but you need to factor in the age of the film and the fact that you're probably going to see and hear very little of it.

Cinema tickets £4 for Re-releases and most films released before October - just £4 per ticket @ Cineworld
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Posted 1st Oct 2020Posted 1st Oct 2020
Cinema tickets £4 for Re-releases and most films released before October - just £4 per ticket @ Cineworld£4
EDIT: Get in quick if you want to take advantage of this! Sounds like they are closing from some point next week. Cineworld to close all UK and US venues putting thousands of jobs… Read more

My Local is a Vue cinema but i visit cineworld usually for 4DX experience but such a shame staff losing jobs :S I'm hoping Vue remain open as i love to go 5-6 times a month (embarrassed)


It should have been, yes. Only when it is a premium format which costs more than a standard 2D performance do you have to pay an uplift charge on the Meerkat Movies ticket.


Me too, I missed the cinema most of all during lockdown, it feels like we're going back in, I have been Unlimited for 20 years since it started and I'm gutted, I just booked a last visit on Thursday and it's going to be a sad day & those poor staff on their last day at work ;( Should be boycotting bloody Bond but that will hurt the cinemas even more when they finally reopen.



tehreedy > We can confirm that all Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland will be temporarily closed from Friday, October 9. For more information and frequently asked questions, click here >>

CINEWORLD - Free £5 voucher for every £25 spent on gift vouchers
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Posted 14th Jul 2020Posted 14th Jul 2020
CINEWORLD - Free £5 voucher for every £25 spent on gift vouchers£25
Pretty good deal for families and regular cinema goers for when the cinemas open back up on 31st July. For every £25 you spend on gift vouchers, they'll send a voucher for another… Read more

It's a brave person to be buying vouchers (i.e. something of no value if the company goes under) from a company in a sector heavily affected by COVID-19 and also vulnerable to a severe economic downturn - they are reliant on the sort of discretionary spending that drops like a stone in a recession.


Not even for 100% bonus!


Yes. We did this before. Sign up via Quidco too as we got 1 month free


Possibly! You can buy a year in advance for about £220. Think you'd save about £35?


2 years!

£5 free when you buy a £25 Gift card @ Cineworld
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Posted 6th Mar 2020Posted 6th Mar 2020
£5 free when you buy a £25 Gift card @ Cineworld£25
Buy a £25 gift card and get a bonus card with £5 to spend

I use Meerkat code 2 for 1 Tues/Wed at Cineworld and go to Vue all other times.


Will never go back since it's £11.40 adult and like £8 child for a movie Vue is far better and is always £5 a ticket


I love cinema deals Always got everyone saying “Cold. 4.99 at my vue” THATS YOUR VUE There is a cineworld and an odeon within 10 mins of where I live and they are not a fiver a ticket.


Marked cold. Cheaper at Vue, even after this deal.


Voted hot as it’s a good deal (y) yet Cineworld is too overpriced i have one in my town yet i drive 7 miles to Odeon at Manchester Trafford centre (annoyed) Cineworld is £10.95 a ticket and Odeon is £6 and seating there is a bit more comfortable too :) I used to have a unlimited card for years yet prices kept upping and i couldn’t do the family meal deals when i went with my Mrs and kids, needed 2 adult tickets and i think was 2 kids yet they claimed it wasn’t valid because i had a card (fierce) so found Odeon was so much cheaper so cancelled it and never been back since.

Cineworld IMAX Festival - Tickets for £3.75 at IMAX Screenings (Joker / Avengers: Endgame / Lion King 2019 / Spider-Man: Far From Home)
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Refreshed 22nd Feb 2020Refreshed 22nd Feb 2020
Cineworld IMAX Festival - Tickets for £3.75 at IMAX Screenings (Joker / Avengers: Endgame / Lion King 2019 / Spider-Man: Far From Home)£3.75
UPDATE ; Most IMAX cinemas have added a 2nd showing of Joker at 2250 as well as original 2000 showing. Feb 22nd. 4 IMAX films in 1 day at 18 Cineworlds with IMAX screens. £3.75 per… Read more

It It should be at least IMAX with Laser CoLa (single 4K projector). I don’t believe Cineworld are installing any non-Laser IMAX new-builds nowadays.


You’re probably right. I only use my unlimited card for standard 2d, or i will upgrade to imax or 4DX. Screen X is a waste of money so I don’t bother with that.


Standard 3D is free but the other premium formats still have the uplift charge. I read somewhere (will try and find where) that it's not getting IMAX with laser; have you read otherwise?


It’s about a fiver extra but once you’ve had your card for 12 months it’s then free. Plus the food and drink discounts are a bonus


Was trying to find out what the uplift charge is for IMAX for you but Cineworld do not make it easy! (confused) These are the uplift charges for Cineworld, Sheffield to give you an idea of what they might be.

Star Wars: The Triple Bill - Episodes 7-9 2D @ Cineworld
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Posted 14th Dec 2019Posted 14th Dec 2019
IMAX 2D @ 32.75 Please note, for IMAX screenings: The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi will be screened in 2D IMAX followed by the midnight showing of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywal… Read more

That's my Wed evening/Thurs morning sorted.


I wouldnt go see this garabge if you paid me to . Complete mess of a trilogy infected by hollyweird sjw trash .


Awesome deal... just gotta persuade the mrs! (y)


The Last Jedi should be free anyway (lol)


Triple bill is price of one showing in Isense in my local odeon so 13.75 I think for all three including the midnight showing

£3 tickets to Cineworld Warrington
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Posted 12th Dec 2019Posted 12th Dec 2019LocalLocal
£3 tickets to Cineworld Warrington£3£1275% off
Customer Notice: To celebrate the opening of Cineworld Warrington on Wednesday 11 December, tickets will be £3 for any standard 2D ticket between 11 and 17 December. Uplift charges… Read more

Great find OP. Heat given


Thanks (y)


Oh dear (shock)




You look like your from warrington

£3 Cineworld Tickets (York)- 13/12 to 17/12
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Posted 11th Dec 2019Posted 11th Dec 2019
£3 Cineworld Tickets (York)- 13/12 to 17/12£3£1173% off
York specific. To celebrate the opening of the new cineworld near vanguard tickets for 2D films are £3 this weekend.

The deal is specific to York - hence my comment specific to York.


Not here in Cramlington it’s not the vue is very up market and very modern Just paid £9.98 for two people to see stat wars. And that’s normal price. £4.99 per person


The Vue is York is abysmal - flat seating, tired everything... unless the refurb sorts out the interior layout (not just new seats...) then Cineworld will be my go-to.


Good deal. Heat add


Great price that like!

Cineworld Edinburgh Tickets @ £3.00pp
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Posted 12th Nov 2019Posted 12th Nov 2019LocalLocal
Cineworld Edinburgh Tickets @ £3.00pp£3
Received an email from Cineworld Edinburgh today. Tickets £3.00 for 2D showings from 15th to 21st. You can also get cheaper than usual tickets to other screenings. Snippets from… Read more

Yep, Dundee Street.


Don’t see any reason why not.


Skip cineworld if your in Edinburgh go to Vue at ocean terminal big new leather recliners for 4.99


can still combine with meerkat movie on Tuesday or Wednesday?


Fountain Park? Nice one!

Newest Cineworld Shop Discount Codes:

DiscountCineworld Shop Discount DetailsExpires
10%10% Off Unlimited Membership at Cineworld6/02/2020
% off1 month free with Unlimited or 10% off Annual membership with voucher code @ Cineworld4/02/2020
% off£10 off your first month of Unlimited Or get 10% off annual membership with voucher code @ Cineworld20/01/2020
% off£20 off Worth of Cinema Snacks with voucher Code when you join unlimited @ Cineworld26/12/2019
% off£20 Gift card when you sign up to Cineworld unlimited (£18.40 p/m)27/11/2019