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Dolphin Fitness is a well known brand in the fitness and health supplements space. You will find a wide range of fitness equipment here such as cross trainers, stationary cycles, rowers and treadmills as well as heart rate monitors and accessories such as supporting garments, gym bags, stacker bottles, slings, weights, gloves, harnesses and more. The store strives to offer buyers the option of making informed purchases of quality products that are also safe and effective. 
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-5% Discount
-5% Discount
5% off order @ Dolphin Fitness
INSTRUCTIONS: Just apply the voucher code at checkout :) Enjoy!

Only 5% off on these named products only 5% Discount on Reflex, Kinetica, Grenade, Smartshake, Pharma Nord, Ronnie Coleman, MuscleTech, Sci-MX, York, Sunwarrior, Scitec, Sci-MX, PhD Nutrition, PhD Woman, Extreme Nutrition, Efectiv, Dedicated Nutrition, Fuel:One, Solgar & Vitargo range of quality products.


Morning jamiew23, thanks for posting, do you know if there are any terms & conditions with using the code & what the expiry date is? Thanks again


Yeah they're really good, one of my main sites for gym supplements :)


I ordered from these a couple of weeks ago, wasn't sure about them at first, but glad to say they're ok :)

-5% Discount
-5% Discount
5% off using voucher code @ Dolphin Fitness
INSTRUCTIONS: 5% Discount 5% Discount on Reflex, Kinetica, Grenade, USN, Smartshake, Dymatize, Pharma Nord, Ronnie Coleman, MuscleTech, York, Sunwarrior, SciTec, PhD Nutrition,… Read more

Still working!


i order every few months the discount code it always the same for a year and half its been the same so continued use is easy on every order covering things in the list.


still works!!! :)


still works, unexpire


Still working

-5% Discount
-5% Discount
5% Discount using voucher code @ Dolphin Fitness

Just used this code for the 2nd time and works great. Thanks!!


hey guys,use code dfd7 for 7% off ;)


This website is much better than myprotein, and that code doesn't expire i've been using it for quite a while and Dolphin fitness are the cheapest online compared to other stores.


This never expires code wise


Ta muchly! Surprised it worked given best buy on market and free P&P but..ain't complainin' :)

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Polar Smart Stride Bluetooth sensor (footpod) £46.99 @ Dolphin Fitness
67° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Polar Smart Stride Bluetooth sensor (footpod) £46.99 @ Dolphin Fitness£46.99 Free P&P Free
Free delivery. Usually around £55-60 mark. Works with Zwift. Compatible with dozens of leading fitness apps, including Polar Beat. Measures each stride you take to show y… Read more

my missus got me one of these for Christmas it fits really well on the dog's collar! ;)

York EZ Curl Bar £34.95 @ Dolphin Fitness
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Posted 25th FebPosted 25th Feb
York EZ Curl Bar £34.95 @ Dolphin Fitness£34.95£46.9926% off Free P&P Free
Thought this looked like a decent deal on a cheap EZ bar. Reduced from £45.49 and has free delivery. Looks like Amazon are selling the same bar for £50 Solid steel, chrome plated … Read more

Depends on the workout you want really. The EZ bar is ideal for curls using different grips so will target different muscle groups. A straight bar would be better for dead lifts, shoulder presses and such but will not cover as many muscle groups for curls only. Ideal to have both if possible.


This or a straight bar?


Looking for an olympic one.


I've had some York dumbells for a couple of years. Used 4/5 times a week. The chrome plate has started to chip a little but nothing major. If this is of similar quality I'll be happy for the price.


Nice! I wonder how resistant this will be to corrosion

CNP Ignition High Stimulant Pre Workout 30 Servings £15.95 (£1.95 delivery) @ Dolphin Fitness
56° Expired
Posted 4th Oct 2020Posted 4th Oct 2020
CNP Ignition High Stimulant Pre Workout 30 Servings £15.95 (£1.95 delivery) @ Dolphin Fitness£17.90£25.9531% off
A light pre workout but much better than the terrible products such as c4, warrior rage, optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre Workout etc which should be binned. Typical Values P… Read more

Didn't see where it says stimulant only?


Not at all but okay :)


Its not a decent product though at 1.5... Like feel free to share the full panel breakdown.


So a decent product is a product that costs 3x as much, with only difference meaning you do 1 scoop rather than 1.5 makes it a decent product.


Or just buy a decent product like mvpre

CNP Ignition High Stimulant Pre Workout 30 Servings £15.95 @ dolphin fitness (£1.95 delivery)
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Posted 21st Aug 2020Posted 21st Aug 2020
CNP Ignition High Stimulant Pre Workout 30 Servings £15.95 @ dolphin fitness (£1.95 delivery)£17.90£25.9531% off
Typical Values Per 10 g Astragin (mg) 50.0 500 Beta Alanine (mg) 3,200. Betaine (mg) 2,500. Bioperine (mg) 10.0 Caffeine (mg) 200.0 Calcium (mg) 250.0 Infinergy™ (Di-Caffeine Mal… Read more

Still available


Ahaha that made me laugh like all the air was replaced with fun and laughter bars :)


Does it only work on dolphins? What about other marine animals?




That's why I put it up, solid daily

1100 Clipper tea bags - £23.44 Delivered @ Dolphin Fitness
55° Expired
Posted 1st May 2020Posted 1st May 2020
1100 Clipper tea bags - £23.44 Delivered @ Dolphin Fitness£23.44
Premium tea at the price of budget tea. If you're happy to buy from Ebay you can get it even cheaper for £18.99 Tesco sell 100 Clipper tea bags for £3.00 on promo (usually £5.49) … Read more

Recieved two smashed hars, almond butter, customer service non existent


Amazon have these for similar price.


Used Dolphin Fitness for years always great delivery. I also ordered first week of April. I cancelled order at end of third week. They must be so overwhelmed with orders or suffering from major staff shortage. Shame


Me neither until this time


I have ordered stuff from them. Namely xtend bcaa powder. Never had a problem.

24 bottles of Luscombe's hot ginger beer (free delivery) £29.99 @ Dolphin fitness
-76° Expired
Posted 10th Dec 2019Posted 10th Dec 2019
24 bottles of Luscombe's hot ginger beer (free delivery) £29.99 @ Dolphin fitness£29.99£38.8823% off
This authentic ginger beer is crafted with only the finest fresh root ginger, raw cane sugar and Sicilian lemon juice. Packing a punch with its distinctive heat, this classic is co… Read more

They're actually pretty big for the price most are only 20cl bottles. Its the cheapest you'll find these aswell but it is it a niche market that will buy these I suppose.


This is the price you have to pay for proper pop these days. Fentimans and Dalston's is costing me a fortune (fierce)


27cl these are pretty small for the money.

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6x 1000g Biona Organic Smooth Peanut Butter for the totally amazing price of £29.95 DELIVERED at dolphin fitness
-50° Expired
Posted 26th Feb 2019Posted 26th Feb 2019
6x 1000g Biona Organic Smooth Peanut Butter for the totally amazing price of £29.95 DELIVERED at dolphin fitness£29.95
Biona Organic Peanut Butter Smooth is made using carefully selected nuts, which are freshly roasted in small batches just before milling. These nuts are then mashed together … Read more

i prefer it - meridian is more red skinned "grass" peanut taste imho, but obviously subjective.


i ordered some a few months ago and - 31-07-2020 on current batch (they don't last long...)


Thanks, ordered the crunchy version. Hope it tastes good.


Probably because it is more expensive than Sunpat (lol)


Not sure why this is cold. Biona make very high quality products. £5 a tub is great price.

Crystal Pea Protein Isolate (2.5 kg) Suitable for Vegans + Free Delivery at Dolphin Fitness £16.95
-118° Expired
Posted 30th Dec 2018Posted 30th Dec 2018
Crystal Pea Protein Isolate (2.5 kg) Suitable for Vegans + Free Delivery at Dolphin Fitness £16.95£16.95£25.9935% off
Crystal Pea Protein Isolate With over 24 grams of Protein per serving, Crystal Pea Protein Isolate is a great alternative to milk based proteins. This vegetable-based product is th… Read more

I don’t think anyone on here likes dolphin after the mars bar whey fiasco


If you hit Bulk Powders when they have a 30 - 40% off code you can grab 5KG for near £25

Floradix 500ml Liquid Iron & Vitamin formula - Free delivery - £12.40 @ Dolphin Fitness
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Posted 12th Dec 2018Posted 12th Dec 2018
Floradix 500ml Liquid Iron & Vitamin formula - Free delivery - £12.40 @ Dolphin Fitness£12.40£18.8434% off
Seem like a good price - £17.89 in Boots and Holland & Barrett. Also further discounts added when you purchase more than 1.

So provide links then if there are proven studies....I’ll be waiting.


Right this is going to be the last time I reply as I can see you don't have a clue. You're just going onto google and finding pages from these websites that bait you into reading them. They have millions of pages of why 'this' is bad for you etc. I bet they have pages on why they do work as well. To be honest I don't really care what you think.

cossy3 Shall I continue?


I hate buying supplements. But the Floradix has brought my iron levels back in optimum range according to blood tests. I have not noticed ANY difference in my wellbeing/health, but my gp is happier. I usually get this on 3 for 2 at boots when it's about £17 a bottle. I also take Vit D, B12 and an omega 3.


And you just pulled that out of your ass lol. (lol)

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