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Tefal Ingénio Émotion 15-piece Cookware Set £122.50 With Code + Free Delivery @ La Redoute
322° Expired
Posted 31st OctPosted 31st Oct
Bit cheaper from when it was previously on offer Code gives an additional 30% off and free delivery Good Quidco & TCB cashback rates too Set of 15 Ingénio Emotion Piec… Read more

one lid for a set of 6 pans? Am i missing something?


Just do a search on Amazon for Tefal Induction Pans. This one for example shows several pictures of the base separating from the pan: Ok, that's for the black set, but I imagine they all have same issue. When you pay nearly £200 for a set of pans, you expect them to last more than a couple of years. Maybe that is why they are being reduced?


Maybe it’s a My Bosch induction hob warns against preheating pans for any length of time without anything in them since it’s apparently possible to melt the base!!! Coming from an old ceramic hob which heated and responded very slowly I def found how quickly the induction gets pans up to temp was a shock. I’m def guilty of overheating pans as a result, any chance the failures you’ve had are related to similar?


I also have bought for an induction hob, is it the stainless steel ones you are referring too?


I bought them a few months ago via JL and have plans to use them on a induction hob. Can you please link me to those reviews?

SO'HOME Set of 4 Blue Reactive Glaze Mugs (stone) - £7 delivered @
831° Expired
Posted 31st OctPosted 31st Oct
Set of 4 blue reactive glaze mugs , blue, SO'HOMERef 3927911 / GIR757 This product will be dispatched by one of our trusted suppliers. You’ll be contacted by their selected courie… Read more

A melting or oxidation reaction in the glaze which creates a certain colour.


Look quite small, nowt worse than a stingy mug.


What's the reaction that makes these 'reactive'?


Thank you so much.


La Redoute are very funny with their codes. One item in blue 30% off, same item in green 15% off. Guess they have an algorithm working with sales and stock holding etc.

Ingénio Émotion 10-piece Cookware Set £105 / 15-Piece Cookware Set £122.50 Free Click & Collect / £3.99 Delivery @ La Redoute
567° Expired
Posted 12th OctPosted 12th Oct
Ingénio Émotion 10-piece Cookware Set £105 / 15-Piece Cookware Set £122.50 Free Click & Collect / £3.99 Delivery. Reviews Compatible with gas, electric, glass-ceramic a… Read more

Tefal ingenio on ideal world 20 pce £139.99 + £5.99 p&p


How does the tower freedom set compare? 13 piece comes with the same as this set but includes a wok. Can't see any reviews for the tower set online


Tempted, again, to buy these, especially for £89 but I might hold out for the 22 piece set that John Lewis does, it's a bit more but you get more pans


The website has an app


Which app?

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La Redoute Collections black 3-in-1 hooded parka with detachable gilet jacket for £47.99 click & collect @ La Redoute
45° Expired
Posted 9th SepPosted 9th Sep
La Redoute Collections black 3-in-1 hooded parka with detachable gilet jacket for £47.99 click & collect @ La Redoute£47.99
Nice parka coat here from La Redoute Collections, with an extra sleeveless jacket (gilet) inside, which is removable. So you could wear it just the coat, just the gilet, or togethe… Read more
Ronda Vintage Style Cabinet - Turntable and Record cabinet - £184.49 delivered from La Redoute using code EXTRA10
-11° Expired
Posted 24th AugPosted 24th Aug
I’ve actually ordered one of these for myself as I’ve been looking for something for my turntable and records recently. Seems like a decent deal although be aware this is only waln… Read more

nice, looks great when all set up


Edited this deal now as for the next 4 days you get an extra ten percent off using code EXTRA10 making it £175.50 plus £8.99 postage. Doesn’t help me though as I’ve already got mine. I like mine a lot, it’s solid and goes together well. unfortunately I still need some more storage for my records as I have more than this can hold. Here’s mine.


Thanks - finally bought after nearly getting it in a few sales. Laredoute website and pricing weirdness worked for me as I had left it in my basket at £300 last time I looked so it took 40% off that price.


Liking the oak one :) 40% discount at La Redoute doesn't mean they are trying to shift the product. Very random promotion strategy. The same item can get reduced by 30%, then 10%, then 50% and finally back to full price (confused)


Hotter than July.

Ingénio Émotion 10-piece Cookware Set £105 / 15-Piece Cookware Set £131.25 With Code - Free Click & Collect / £3.99 Delivery @ La Redoute
330° Expired
Posted 24th AugPosted 24th Aug
Ingénio Émotion 10-piece Cookware Set £105 / 15-Piece Cookware Set £131.25 With Code - Free Click & Collect / £3.99 Delivery @ La Redoute£105£14930% off
Back on offer, this time with no code and the 10 piece is actually a little lower than before at £105 (Was £112.50 / £7.50 cheaper now) These are really popular and currently the c… Read more

How do you purchase lids separately? I can't find them on the same site.


What’s the code please


Love mine


Good info. I washed our handles very carefully and also never put the pans in the dishwasher, handwash only (and the non-stick coating makes them very very easy to wash). But the handles still didn't last, so I suspect that's to do with often leaving them on the hob as you mention. We found it difficult to adjust to taking them off all the time. If you're making a dish in a single large pan, for example, then it's quite easy to unclip each time, but often if you're making something with 3 or 4 pots & pans on the go, unclipping the handle each time is a real hassle. So it may well depend on what sorts of things you cook. If you do actually need the space, then I would still recommend these despite the potential issues. We were able to clear another cupboard out to make space for a set with handles so decided the downsides weren't worth it.


My wife bought a similar set to this around 5 or 6 years ago, a slightly different pan design but the same handles. Initially I was sceptical about them, but actually I think they're great. The extra room you get in the dishwasher when there's no handles to worry about is something you don't really consider until you load them in for the first time and realise how much easier it is. As other people have mentioned the handles will eventually start to take the non-stick coating off around the edge of the pan, but given how long we've had them and they're used every day I can accept that. However, in terms of the longevity of the handles, our set came with two handles and in 5 or 6 years of use, they're both still working flawlessly. Tefal guarantee them for 10 years provided you follow their strict conditions. I hate to be "that guy" but I suspect this is where a lot of people have trouble with them. Tefal recommend that the handle should be removed during cooking, and only clipped on to move/ shake the pan, or for stability when stirring. Overheating the internal mechanism can potentially damage it. This can take a bit of getting used to if you're used to regularly moving and lifting a pan during cooking, but eventually it becomes second nature to clip and unclip as necessary while cooking. The handle should also only be hand washed, and I would suggest that this is more of a wipe down rather than a dunk in the sink. Again, if the pan is removed for most of the cooking time as Tefal advise, then the only bit that should really get dirty is the metal part that sits inside the pan. So there should be no need to dunk the entire mechanism in water. Doing this will ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Ingénio Émotion 10-piece Cookware Set £112.50 / 15-Piece Cookware Set £131.25 With Code - Free Click & Collect / £3.99 Delivery @ La Redoute
343° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Ingénio Émotion 10-piece Cookware Set £112.50 / 15-Piece Cookware Set £131.25 With Code - Free Click & Collect / £3.99 Delivery @ La Redoute£112.50£153.9827% off
A very well regarded set of pans, with or without extra utensils. I think many would opt for the 10 piece at £112.50, although both options are priced well. Also they work on prett… Read more

Thank-you. I always miss out on the JL deals so went for this. Attempted to purchase through quidco for 9% cashback.


Sounds like you’re making a lot of assumption there. I’ve used this set a year and it looks like new. No issues with the handle and its very easy to clean.


We’ve had ingenio for 6 years - a cheaper set, but purchased in France. They are excellent. We’ve had one handle fail on us (as we dishwashed it too death) and one we melted! We wash the handles after every use and they are clean. We love the ability to easily put 4 different size pans on and only use one handle. Leftovers and the pans go in the fridge. Can’t rate them more highly


detachable handles = terrible. plus the handle will be full of bacteria / dirt / last months curry and is impossible to clean.


Youre amazing. Thank you so much.