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Established in 1792, WHSmith is a familiar sight on the UK high street selling stationery, magazines, daily newspapers, snacks, music and films. Many stores also stock a range of toys as well as art supplies and greetings cards. How to redeem WH Smith vouchers
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A Song of Gladness (Signed Edition) By Michael Morpurgo (Author) Emily Gravett (Illustrator) £10.99 delivered @ WH Smith
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
I spotted this whilst browsing WH Smith and thought it was a bargain for any Michael Morpurgo fans. Standard editions of this new book (Released 29 April 202) seem to be around th… Read more

When I first saw the title I thought iy had something to do with Game of Thrones! It looks like a good children's book though.

Green Day Insomniac Vinyl - £13.99 (With Code) Delivered @ WH Smith
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Just saw the Offspring Smash vinyl deal and added this to get 2 Vinyl for less than £25 using the voucher.... :-)



Best Green Day album ever, no fillers, no BS. Perfect for my ADHD 👌


Great album!


Just to clarify, the CD format, which is rather "low" quality compared to other lossless digital formats, is capable of far greater dynamic range than vinyl - there's no comparison. BUT, most CDs (popular music, not genres such as classical etc) are intentionally mastered for "loudness" compressing the dynamic range, because there's the perception that "louder" sort of "stands out more", and once some CDs started being mastered for loudness, nobody wanted to be left behind, to the detriment of audio quality. Vinyl releases, on the other hand, are aimed at audio enthousiasts, so they are not following that stupid loudness trend. So, while the vinyl format itself (regardless of what some vinyl fans might tell you), is not capable of the same quality as lossless digital (in general the "vinyl sound" some people like is a result of lower fidelity), and even degrades on each play, it can in some cases actually provide the best sound due to better mastering.


It’s not £13.99 with code, not sure why that has been added. The code did allow £5 off £25 spend which makes it even cheaper if you want some more vinyl / pencils / whatever

Prince - Around the World in a Day [VINYL] - £13.99 delivered @ WHSmith
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Can be combined with £5 off £25 code, SPRING21. Tracklist A1 Around The World In A Day A2 Paisley Park A3 Condition Of The Heart A4 Raspberry Beret A5 … Read more

Head on the door would have worked out at £8;99 yesterday combined with the £2 TCB bonus (maybe slightly cheaper if TCB tracked on top)


They are ok if you buy the right ones at the right time.


remember getting "Head On The Door" by the Cure when it was £7.99 at HMV in 2018. Don't think any of the WHSmith prices are particularly great if it wasn't for the discount code.


That's true I have bought 29 albums this year from WH Smith, along with 3 WHSmith Narrow Ruled A5 Exercise Books to make the desired amount up "Head on the door" by the Cure is the best buy at £12:99 (less any discounts and TCB.


suppose it depends on how many vinyl you can afford to buy at a time, never buy that many, just 1 or 2 here and there.

The Offspring - Smash [Vinyl] - Remastered - £15.99 delivered @ WHSmith
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
10% off when you spend £30 or 15% off when you spend £40 with code EXTRAOFF until 23:59 17/05/21. Tracklist A1 Time To Relax A2 Nitro [Youth Energy] A3 Bad H… Read more

Amazing album but the remastered version is pure pants.


My favourite Offspring album - Bad Habit - great for the morning commute!


A CD only being read by a laser shouldn't ever wear it out, unlike something like a record read with stylus. CDs did sometimes degrade over time due to the way the layers were originally put on.


Thank you for posting. Your thread was selected for our Highlights pages (highfive)


Amazing album

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory [Vinyl] - £13.99 delivered @ WHSmith
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
10% off when you spend £30 or 15% off when you spend £40 with code EXTRAOFF until 23:59 17/05/21. Tracklist A1 Papercut 3:05 A2 One Step Closer 2:37 A3 Wit… Read more

Nothing worse than vinyl hipsters. He went full throttle too... "bad pressing & you don't have the right equipment". If it sounds good to you mate, thats all that matters. I too purchased on Amazon around December time and it sounds fine to me.


I Don't know where your getting 6 bad reviews from either. I see 4 negative, 3 positive and 1 that doesn't mention the quality. Not exactly the slam dunk you're making it out to be....


Jeez, you're a bit of a knob aren't you? You've no idea what my set up is like so climb down from your high horse.


Many positives? hmm, ok well lets just be clear. 8 Reviews. 6 Bad and just 1 good and the 1 other claiming its just the album. If you enjoy it then great but I'm with the others in finding this particular vinyl press is bad. But then again you need the right equipment to listen to it to verify that, so I'll assume you probably don't.


I'm well aware of discogs thanks. I'm also seeing as many positive reviews as negative. It sounds fine to me and frankly, that's all that matters.

The Stooges Vinyl LP £13.99 at WH Smith
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Description 1 - 1969, 2 - I Wanna Be Your Dog, 3 - We Will Fall, 4 - No Fun, 5 - Real Cool Time, 6 - Ann, 7 - Not Right, 8 - Little Doll

Raw power, and I mean raw


Proper garage rock!


Hot,Hot,Hot! Iggy Pop and Ashton brothers. Thanks mate.. Ordered

The Prisoners - In from the Cold Vinyl LP £16.99 delivered @ WHSmith
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
1 - All You Gotta Do Is Say, 2 - Come Closer, 3 - The More That I Teach You, 4 - Mourn My Health, 5 - I Know How to Please You, 6 - Deceiving Eye, 7 - In from the Cold, 8 - Wish th… Read more

Lots of prisoners off shoot bands to catch up on too .....


Had to take a 2nd look when I saw the poast,,,,,, Is it?? no can't be,,,,, bloody is!!! Now I'll be searching my old vinyl's out - when I can clear the junk to get to them ;-) just a fridge, fruit machine and scooter to move 1st LOL


Class is permanent!


WOW, blast from the past !!


Amazing band. Well worth the money

Akira Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray (Limited Edition) - £32.99 delivered (with code) @ WH Smith
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Lowest I’ve seen with the discount code

Damn, I remember something similar happened with the afro samurai complete murder sessions blu-ray, think they put a crappy 2.1 soundtrack on it instead of the 5.1 or something


Yeah I saw that, thanks anyway. Got my copy on the way, easy enough process.


You can even without proof of purchase. They ask you to send in your old 4k disc


No it won't. But you can get a replacement disc with HDR by sending in your proof of purchase. I've just done it. They haven't done a recall, only giving it to people who ask for a replacement.


Avoid, it's been DNR'd to death and the new Japanese audio track is dreadful.

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