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Posted 2 September 2023

2 x 4 pack EBL AAA Rechargeable Batteries 1100mAh Ready2Charge Triple A NiMH Battery, EBL Stores/FBA

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Retail package with 8 Counts 1100mAh AAA rechargeable batteries providing a long use time and performance well.
Low self-discharge rechargeable aaa batteries: will remain 90% juice when you leave it alone for 1 year
Embedded seal structure, ultra slim and make more inner space, DBCK steel shell can protect the battery from explosion due to overpressure.
Ni-MH high quality aaa cell, no memory effect, can be charged and used at anytime.
Biggest Save - Best product but lowest price and high efficient after sale service always here to help.
Amazon More details at

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  1. GrimDanFango's avatar
    These have VERY mixed reviews if you read comments on other deals for them. I personally find them to have a high self-discharge rate. For confidence buy eneloop.
    Coyon's avatar
    Agreed. I bought quite a few of these previously, and several were dead on arrival/wouldn't charge.
  2. adammalvern's avatar
    These are not great rechargeable batteries. I’ve bought several in the past and many don’t recharge and have had to throw them away! I wouldn’t buy them again!
    steven5watson's avatar
    IKEA ladda for me too. Also amazon basics seem to be performing well for me. But it's early days.
  3. dynamac's avatar
    These things are a complete lie. They actually have no more than 800mah. Which makes sense as all other AAA are at 800mah. Discharge rates are high and poor internal resistance. Have a look at battery testing videos on YouTube. Yes they work OK, but if they are just straight up lying about capacity then you really wonder. Go with LADDA or Eneloop. IKEA Laddas are some of the best batteries for very good prices.
    WrathOfKain's avatar
    What’s your general opinion of Amazon and Aldi offerings ?
  4. PhatTrance's avatar
    Ikea batteries! Just make sure you stay away from the brown label ones, not sure they still sell them. The white or Grey AAA are made in Japan, The brown ones are made in China.
    Joanna_K's avatar
    I have the brown ones and they are made in Japan.. bought them about three years ago and still going strong.
  5. AaronIsFab's avatar
    Agree with the other comments, worst rechargeable brand I've ever owned.

    Everytime come to use, they've self-discharged to an unusable level after a week
  6. cocoiffy's avatar
    I recommend this as you get a really useful storage case aswel.

  7. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    EBL batteries always state higher capacities than they actually are.
    I bought an EBL capacity tester and found that out.

    Reduce the stated number by around 20% and that's more like what you get. (edited)
  8. jinsta's avatar
    Cheap! I prefer the ikea ones though
  9. Immotek's avatar
    I have a lot of the AAA variant of these. Advertised at 1100 but find they usually hold around 900-975 at most.

    They do work well though and for the appliances I use them for they work for a good while.
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Did you get the HiQuick 1100 AAA's that were posted here last year?
    All tested between 5690-630.
    The worst I've seen so far.
  10. Diogenes007's avatar
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    For some reason that vid won't play for me.

    Best value for money ones I've found were Amazon Basics, they were all very close to the stated capacity and did last longer than most.
    The worst were HiQuick, almost half the stated capacity.
  11. tapnet's avatar
    I paid £6.99 for these in November 2020 so a good deal
  12. RustySpoons's avatar
    Better off getting IKEA LADDA batteries which are Enerloops. It will be more cost effective in the long run.
  13. fish323's avatar
    Don't waste your money, these are garbage. Go to IKEA and buy some of their eneloops.
    cocoiffy's avatar
    Iv had these in my firestick remote for over 2 months and still not had to recharge them.
  14. knocka's avatar
    Ordered many thanks , got AA was looking for AAA
    Farooqi's avatar
    Report it to Amazon if you have got something which never matches the description. You would probably get the refund without returning or free AAA batteries as replacement which matches the description.
  15. garnerw's avatar
    Amazing deal, shame it's not the AA though
  16. twigandtwoberrys's avatar
    poor product
  17. matys88's avatar
    Lower end brand, really doubt they have 1100mAh. But...it doesn't matter, im buying this for kid's toys. 74p per one is a good price and it has plastic case which is good addition too. Even if they last only 5-10 charges still cheaper than batteries!
    Alexander.MarinovskyJr.'s avatar
    I use mine for a microphone and wireless IEM set every day for the at least a year. Still work. Charge every 4 days. Not as good as an IKEA or ansmann , but does the job.
  18. MrsPickleJuice's avatar
    I have EBL batteries and they're fantastic but they don't work in any of my Xbox Controllers for some reason inlacing my new Starfield one.
    motionwerk's avatar
    So, they are not fantastic after all.
  19. jakeblade's avatar
    I have these and the 2800 AAs. No problems at all (famous last words).

    The AAs last ages in the Xbox controllers.
    MrsPickleJuice's avatar
    how do you get them to work on Xbox? I put fully charged ones in and the controller won't turn on but if I use other batteries they work fine.
  20. JoeUk123's avatar
    Thanks been waiting for these again
  21. Little_Casper's avatar
    I bought loads of these a few years back, they're very hit and miss; honestly though I wish Id just bought eneloops.
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