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Posted 16 July 2023

2 x 5 Ltr Mannol Premium 5w30 Fully Synthetic Long Life Engine Oil Low Saps C3 dexos2 (UK Mainland Zone - A and B)sold by mannol

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Mannol 2x5L Premium 5w30 Fully Synthetic Long Life Engine Oil Low Saps C3 dexos2
MANNOL Energy Premium 5W-30
APPROVALMB Approval 229.51
Innovative, versatile, all-synthetic ester-containing premium synthetic engine oil for modern diesel and gas turbocharged and non-turbocharged engines. Designed in accordance with the requirements of European automakers.
Product properties:- High fuel efficiency due to optimal antifriction properties;- Highly effective additive package and synthetic base provide confident cold start in any conditions, thereby significantly reducing engine starting wear;- Due to its excellent washing and dispersing properties and the highest thermal oxidative stability, it effectively fights against all types of deposits and keeps engine parts clean throughout the entire interval between replacements;- The presence of ester components in combination with optimal viscosity-temperature characteristics guarantees the highest strength of the oil film, which provides excellent anti-wear properties which, combined with excellent pumpability, significantly increase engine life even in the most severe operating conditions;- Compatible with all exhaust gas aftertreatment systems.- Suitable for engines using liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum (LPG) gas.- It is applied in engines with the extended interval of replacement of oil (Long Life) to 40 000 km and ordinary.
Designed for gasoline and diesel engines in a wide fleet of cars, light SUVs, minibuses and light trucks of European and other manufacturers, where the performance level of ACEA C3 is required.Due to its versatility, it is especially recommended for taxi fleets.The oil is not suitable for use in heavy trucks and similar vehicles!
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  1. dert's avatar
    Not going to vote either way. The price is good for 10 litres, however; there has been a lot of issues with the seller recently, which are not Mannol but a reseller called carousel cars.

    In early May I purchased from them and it was not delivered, lost in EVRI depot, raised a case requesting items and they refunded instead. As I had used them previously with no issues I purchased the same product again, and yet again was lost in EVRI depot!! I again raised a case and that occasion they used DPD which arrived next day....the only problem was, it was 6 weeks from the original purchase.

    The seller has received a lot of negative feedback over recent months in relation to orders not turning up/lost in transit so it is a risk ordering, however; ebay will refund if there is an issue, its just the hassle of dealing with both carousel cars and ebay
    warmasice's avatar
    To be fair issues with couriers are not the sellers fault. I've checked their feedback and we're looking at 4.9 to 5.0 which is amazing given that they've sold close to a million items.
  2. neravarine's avatar
    If you have been using 0w30 previously, do you have to drain all that out before using this or can you mix it when doing the next top-up? A mechanic recently advised 5w30 over 0w30 for my 2010 Yaris.
    MDog0101's avatar
    You will probably be fine for a top up - but honestly it takes minutes to drain your oil and replace the filter whilst you’re at it
  3. bazray's avatar
    Nice find, you can also get 4 x 5L with an extra 8% off using code SAVINGS8
    Item price:
    -£4.56Discount amount:
    Your price:

  4. john_kirkpatrick's avatar
    Thanks! I've just had to pay 12 quid for one litre at the garage this is 3 quid a litre. Bargain!
  5. fishmaster's avatar
    I think I saw this on sponsored ad on og gassed today on YouTube so check his videos in case there's a better discount.
  6. Addy258's avatar
    Which cars is this ok for?
  7. oldskoolpug's avatar
    Had this in my mazda mx5 nb for a couple of years now…. Seems to work just fine
  8. adnanasif's avatar
    i use this oil to flush my car, seems to do the job.
  9. rizydude's avatar
    Comparisons with Castrol?
    dert's avatar
    Meets the same APi, etc. standards but doesn't have "snake oil magic" ingredients which means castrol can charge double for basically the same stuff
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