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    Can someone explain to me in simple terms what Plex can do for an average person?
    Plex takes all your films and TV series that you have stored on a hard drive/NAS, and makes it look like Netflix.

    It also does something called transcoding. Basically lowers the quality of stuff so you can watch it on the go.

    Unless you have a decent collection of films/tv shows/music, this isn’t for you. (edited)
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    Sorry for my ignorance but....
    What is Plex?
    What do you actually get for your money?
    It's a fork of (free, open source) XBMC/Kodi that takes info from public databases to populate a list of media you have on a server, and arbitrarily locks features, even of your own hardware, behind a paywall.

    I've only ever viewed them as greedy squatters trying to profit off a free project and I can't understand why people use it and pay them when free and better software exists.
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    for those asking what plex is, this is the sort of interface that plex gives you. it takes your media, goes away to the internet and grabs all the metadata like correct titles, artwork, cast, summary etc and lays it out like netflix...

    if you click on one of those films it will give you all the cast, reviews from rotten tomatoes (or another service if you prefer), a summary and so on, like so...

    also it will keep track of you viewing progress across platforms, like netflix or prime do. If i watch 10 mins of this film on my laptop here, then stop and move to my living room tv, it will start playing there where you left off. (edited)
    So that's it? Just give you a detailed description of the film's you already downloaded?
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    I have Plex membership but I struggle to understand what I can share and how. If I wanted to share some media with someone would they need to be a Plex pass member also or can free users stream also?
    If you have a Plex pass then everyone accessing your library has Pass functionality whilst accessing your server (edited)
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    I’ve got a Plex lifetime pass and an Emby lifetime pass and I’m currently using Kodi .. go figure
    I've been a Kodi user since it was called XBMP then later XBMC, and I think it is an impressive project.. However, since I bought a NAS capable of Hardware encoding (which is where the Lifetime Pass comes in nicely) some years ago I have switched completely to Plex.. Its a bit like IOS vs Android.. If you like to tinker with the OS Android wins hands down, if you like it simple IOS is great..
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    Is it worth it to pay for Plex pass? What’s different compared to free account?
    Skip intros on boxsets is one feature I know of, and on the fly video transcoding while streaming (edited)
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    I am sure there are big differences but heard jellyfin is pretty good?
    Jellyfin is good for simplicity. If you just want to stream your content and nothing more, it's a great choice.

    The one downside is that it's a bit fiddly, at least it was for me, to get it to properly handle 4K content.

    With Plex, you can just throw anything at it and it'll play it. With Jellyfin (and Emby), you have to tweak the playback settings until the content plays and even then, it might take a while to buffer.
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    Those who run a plex server using an NAS etc. What are you using? I’ve got it setup on my pc as it is currently but would like something I can leave on that’s going to be quieter and lower power consumption ideally. 
    amazon.co.uk/gp/…tle there's also a larger model with 4 bays but more expensive. You could build an unraid server cheaper with low powered pc parts like a Pico PSU but nothing will be as energy efficient as a purpose built nas. I've been down the unraid route but came back to a nas for simplicity. Qnap are very decent too. This link will give you lots of good information on nas specs and what each can do on Plex.docs.google.com/spr…Pc/
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    i've had plex for a couple of years (lifetime pass for the last year) and it's amazingly excellent.
    also just set up radarr / sonarr / lidarr / prowlarr and trakt.tv to work with it and it's so so so good.
    i could never go back to having a bunch of files in a folder that play in VLC or whatever
    Might have to look in to Trakt for requests, was using Ombi but not a simple exercise to give others access to it. Have the others set up just fine.
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    I bought this at full price because I wanted it there and then when I set up my media server about a year ago and do not regret it.

    Plex has changed how we consume media in our home. Four different TV's are all able to access the same high quality content and we never have to worry about a streaming service removing our favourite shows. Obviously you have to build up your own content library but this is worlds apart from plug a usb stick/hard drive into the TV or xbox and hoping the files will play.

    I have literally just come here to encourage anyone who has an interest in building a media server at any point to purchase a life-time license and then when the time is right, you will have an increadible front-end interface waiting for you.
    So when you say 'streaming service removing our favourite shows' are you saying that you need to decrypt all your films onto disk? How do you do that legally?
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    I recommend Jellyfin - the free, open source alternative
    Jellyfin is great at home. Difficult to set up for remote access. Plex makes that so convenient
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    be careful when anything claims "lifetime"
    I’ve had a lifetime subscription since 2012 and it has been a great purchase.
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    I don't need transcoding and currently jellyfin offers me everything I need from a media server. Does plex plus offer anything additional?
    honestly, the main reason is the plex app is on just about every tv. Jellyfin isn't. There are some releases looking to hit LGs web OS apparently. So if you were looking family members to join your server to view stuff on their older smart TVs then this could be a better option etc.
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    What is plex?
    you dont need it (edited)
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    Is it not still cheaper via Turkey? I got it last year for £37, works perfect.

    Selected country (TUR) does not match Credit Card country (GBR)
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    I have a decent nas originally bought for backups but have since installed Plex. When I try to stream to my Xbox it struggles with anything above 1080p. Would Plex pass and enable it to transcode while streaming fix that or would o be better getting a better device to stream to like an nvidia?
    Plex will struggle rendering most things above 1080p without a graphics card to handle the transcoding. However, I run a server with just an 11th gen i5 and it can handle at least four 1080p transcodes outside of my house.

    If you check the Plex interface there should be a section in the settings that tells you if it's using hardware acceleration.
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    tempting, although I only watch my media at home so seems a lot to pay to be able to skip intros which seems the main feature if you don't need transcoding as far as I can tell.
    If you only watch on the LAN and don’t share media then it’s unlikely to be worth it. Plexamp definitely worth it for me as I regularly listen to music that’s not on streaming services.
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    How's this better than Kodi+seren+real debrid? Is it for simplicity?
    My mum uses Plex - yes simplicity
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    No - valid through 11:59 PM UTC on Friday, September 23, 2022 (edited)
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    Is this a platform where you can watch different services in one place but you still have to pay subscription to Netflix etc?
    no, this is a platform that takes media you already have (on hard drives or whatever) and turns it into your own personal netflix-type service
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    Doesn’t plex also like phone home and tells plex what media you have?
    No. They collect data but not what the actual file is.

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    FYI if you like Plex and don't want to pay anything then Jellyfin is a good open-source alternative that does essentially the same thing.

    Jellyfin: The Free Software Media System
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    Amazing deal for anyone wanting to host their 'own' media...

    LTT recommended this handy tool for grabbing metadata:

    some titles I had previously had random thumbnails and Plex struggled to grab data for it - after doing this, I can't fault the Plex service!
    Nice tip - thanks!
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    Using smb login in VLC player at present but I like the look of this. How do people kick off the downloads on their PC to get content? I use VNC Server on PC and VNC Viewer on my phone. Is there a better way?
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    Looking through the library without signing up, there seems to be a lot of westerns and things, but I haven’t seen a Hollywood blockbuster, or anything that’s really grabbing me.

    What appeals to you all with Plex?
    Plex is mainly for your OWN content. They offer free movies with ads but no ones are about those.
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    Bought mine several years ago on its last sale. Still have yet to make proper use of it.
    Had intended to record shows so that my father could watch them at his leisure on his own tv 100 miles away.
    Then he decided that it was too difficult to press a couple of different buttons
    The PVR functionality started out well, then, ironically, after leaving beta it went downhill fast. Recordings forever failing and they also switched to cheaper guide info, so series linking would fail - it was about the only thing it did do reliably.
    For the past few years I have been back to using NPVR as a PVR (which as the name implies is what it does best) and Plex to stream the resulting recordings. As I paid for plex years ago, I don't begrudge paying NPVR a few quid a year (optional, but I feel it's only fair) and also the XML guide data people whose name escapes me (they aren't optional - no pay, no service, but freeview built in guide data is only a few days worth and quite unreliable)
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    Worth it to unlock hardware transcoding. Been a member for years and wouldn't use anything else.
    I dunno, hardware transcoding isn't always good. I literally tried it yesterday on my pc and unless you have good GPU it's better without. I turned it on and my GPU was at 100% on my old rubbish card (Amd r9 290) and when I switched it off my CPU was at 40% doing the same task. Decent but old CPU (i7 4th gen}.
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    Been holding out a long time for the next lifetime deal.
    Me too!
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    1) I was a long-time Kodi user, I got fed up with all the configuration updates needed - Plex just works.
    2) Plex looks great
    3) Hardware encoding!
    Agreed - anyone who's less than techie will love it - it's even grandparent friendly!
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    For the techier I have heard that Emby and Jellyfish are better choices.... ( I bought a Plex pass about 10 years ago - still using it ).
    I am more than techie enough, but my mum is also a user, so simple is best.
    Are you calling your mum simple?
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    If anyone knows of a good shared library, please DM me!
    Not me
  32. Avatar
    It's not plex that's expensive, it's the hard drives....
    Anyone know of an icloud-connector? 2TB for not much a month, but would need some sort of NFS interface
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    I soldiered on with kodi for years. Haven't looked back since moving to plex. Kodi is amazing but Plex just works.

    Plex is wife-friendly, runs on everything and has a great audio player.
    How did you build content though? Like with Kodi it was stored elsewhere however I have to provide the files myself for Plex?
  34. Avatar

    Every Plex post, ever
    it really is amazing. people who can presumably drive, have kids, vote and feed themselves typing whAT Is Plex??? on here, when typing the exact same phrase into google will answer the question immediately.

    truly baffling stuff
  35. Avatar
    If anyone has a VPN/Revolut trick that works please let us all know. I’ve never got it to work.
    This one worked for me, the important step was cancelling the plexpass so you can reinstate it and change the country to Turkey., then upgrade to a lifetime pass.
    You might need to find some other working codes first if they don't work, TOUCHDOWN has been working for a few years so hopefully that's still valid.
  36. Avatar
    £36 deal long while ago for life time was most epic deal im glad i purchased plex is great on shield
    Jammy git, lol
  37. Avatar
    This is worth it, hardware encoding, info and subs on the fly, for any media. Lifetime pass since 2010. With faster home connections sharing is a real possibility - even for Luddite friends n parents.. tbh was worth it just for my music - love Plex
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    What is Plex even for anymore? I used a long time ago with my server for films TV etc... Now have CINEMAHD/Kodi/Iptv... Is there any need?
    That's like saying "What is CINEMAHD/Kodi/lptv even for anymore? I used a long time ago but now i have Plex..."

    Different strokes for different folks.
  39. Avatar
    I bought this last year.

    I don't know why.
    Check your DM
  40. Avatar
    Damn, bought the full price plex about 4 weeks ago. If I email them, any chance of a partial refund you reckon? Plex is awesome! Heat!
    Ah man - that sucks. Good luck -
    Let us know what they say!
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