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Posted 20 October 2023

Samsung QE55QN90B Samsung 55 inch Neo QLED 4K Ultra HD HDR 2000 Smart TV + 6 year guarantee

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The QE55QN90B scores points is in its retrieval of the detail in the darkest parts of the image.” ’Trusted Reviews’ - Recommended

Quantum Matrix Technology
Samsung brings you innovation at the very source. This game-changing technology works with intense precision to control Samsung’s ultra-fine, super-sharp Quantum Mini LEDs. It works in tandem with the brilliant AI-powered processor to deliver epic contrast - for Samsung’s sharpest 4K viewing yet. With clear-cut lights and incredible blacks - the picture is so intense on this Samsung 55 inch TV, it’ll take your breath away.

Quantum HDR 2000 powered by HDR10+
From gloomy shadows to sun-scorched scenes – see the spectacular detail in every shot, exactly as you’re meant to. Thanks to leading HDR brightness, you'll see it in all true-to-life quality with rich colour and remarkable contrast. Plus, with Adaptive HDR10+ every frame is optimised to perfection, so that every movie you watch looks just as the director intended.

Samsung Neo Quantum Processor 4K
Imagine watching a smart TV where the picture and sound is constantly updated to be the best it can be. Using Deep Learning algorithms, Samsung Neo QLED 4K is able to adjust the picture in real-time, scene by scene and create three-dimensional depth. From the nightly news to that classic movie, this processor automatically adjusts the brightness, amplifies the contrast, enhances objects and upscales the resolution of everything you’re watching to 4K. Plus, AI sound perfectly adapts to what’s on screen and overcomes the background noise in your room.

Ultra Viewing Angle with Anti Reflection Screen*
Finally – see every moment from any angle, without the brightness of the sun or the lights in your room getting in the way. Samsung’s critically acclaimed anti-glare TV screen absorbs reflections, so you can enjoy TV in incredible colour and contrast, day or night. So go ahead, watch the midday match or lose yourself in a midnight movie - without distractions. Whether you’re on the edge of your seat or stretched out on a corner sofa, you'll never miss any of the drama.
Super Surround Sound powered by Dolby Atmos*
Uncompromising, best-in-class surround sound takes your audio experience to a whole new level of immersion. Samsung’s QN90B Neo QLED 4K TV is packed with 8 multi-directional speakers* and, for the first time, supports Dolby Atmos technology – bringing you the ultimate, cinematic surround sound experience. Helicopter flying across the skies or rain thumping down from above – it’s so realistic, you’ll feel every moment as if you’re actually there. Paired with Object Tracking Sound, no matter what you watch, you’ll get thrilling 3D audio that moves with the action on-screen.

*50" and 43" QN90B supports Dolby Atmos® with virtual top speakers.

Object Tracking Sound PLUS*
Experience truly immersive 3D audio that travels around the screen, matching the action. With eight dedicated speakers built into the four sides of the TV, you'll track every terrifying gasp or hear the roar from the crowd travelling across the pitch. Whatever you're watching, Object Tracking Sound+ brings you cinematic surround sound that places you right in the heart of the action, for a totally immersive experience.

*OTS Lite available with 50" and 43'' QN90B.

Sleek Design
Perfect the minimalist look with a super slim and ultra-stylish TV. From the middle of the sofa to the armchair in the corner, your Neo QLED TV has been delicately crafted to look beautiful from any angle.

Smart TV powered by Tizen
With the best-selling Samsung Smart TV* at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to enjoy TV. Set it up in no time with your smartphone. Then you’re only a few clicks away from all your must-see entertainment. Dive into a huge collection of 4K films, TV shows, and all your catch-up TV apps – including Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, NOW TV and BT Sport apps** - all in one place at the touch of a button. Discover Samsung’s easy-to-use and to-customise Smart Hub platform and spend less time searching, more time watching what you love, with tailored recommendations.

*Samsung TV has been ranked No.1 selling TV Brand for 15 consecutive years by Omdia.
**Subscriptions required. Some apps may not be available at launch. 3rd party content providers may remove apps from the Smart TV platform
Motion Xcelerator Turbo Plus
Get ready to perform at your peak. From those high-octane car races to that thrilling dungeon chase, bring the best out of next-gen graphics on Samsung QLED. Neo QLED TV and HDMI 2.1* work in perfect synergy with next-gen consoles to deliver ultra-high 120Hz TV refresh rates and ultra-low input lag. It cuts out the blur between fast-paced images, so you'll experience ultra-smooth, lightning quick, immersive 4K gaming. See epic moments in game-changing detail.

*Supports VRR/4K@120Hz as specified in HDMI 2.1.

AI Sound (SpaceFit Sound, AVA, Adaptive Sound)
Thanks to AI sound you can listen to everything on your QLED TV like never before. It analyses the acoustics in your room and automatically adapts to any background noise, so you’ll never miss what your favourite characters are saying – even over the hum of the vacuum. Your TV also adjusts the audio depending on what you’re watching. So you’ll really feel as if you’re in the stadium, or hear the action from that movie closing in from all directions. But that's not all - no matter where it's placed in your home, QLED outputs sound that's tailored to your space.

Multi View
Never miss another moment. With Multi View, you can play your mobile content alongside the TV program, all at once, on the same screen. Simply cast your phone to your TV with screen mirroring to split the big TV screen*. Handy if you want to keep an eye on the football score whilst watching a movie.

*Mobile mirroring requires internet connection and compatible mobile device.
Available Source: Tuner/HDMI, TV App, USB Webcam/IoT Cam, Android Mirroring/iOS Airplay/YouTube Casting.

Settle back to luxury sound and vision, with the Samsung QE55QN90B.

Please note, this Smart TV features third party Apps. These Apps may be modified or withdrawn at any time. There may also be a delay in launching some of the featured Apps. Catch-up TV Apps may vary by region. The function and availability of apps is not covered by the manufacturer’s or Richer Sounds
Richer Sounds More details at
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  1. Uns's avatar
    Great review but one point to note on picture quality - the Rtings review is for the US version that has a VA panel, whereas the UK version uses an inferior IPS panel. And vice versa for the QN90C where the US has an IPS panel and the UK has a VA panel.

    So for this model when looking at picture quality specifically the QN90C review is more accurate.
  2. onamission100's avatar
    How good are Richer Sounds warranties and how do they work?
    I read somewhere they give you vouchers depending on how long you have left on warranty or something like that
    TheGhost's avatar
    I think it goes on year by year obviously they won't give you full refund at 2 years +
  3. creamycaptainjack's avatar
    Any advice between this and a lg oled c3? I have a very bright room and my previous
    Lg B7 oled as sometimes unwatchable on dark scenes during the day, and also got terrible burn in that’s also ruined the colours (yellows look green) so I’m reluctant to buy an oled again, but has the technology gotten better or is this my best bet?
    kevinhoque's avatar
    Dark scenes are unwatchable on any tv during the day. That’s intended. Some shows are meant to be watched in the dark? But maybe your old TV is just very dark?

    I have a 3-4 year old Panasonic Oled in a very bright room. Great picture. No issues.

    This year’s LG G3 OLED TVs are very bright and have better black levels in a bright room compared to QD OLED.
  4. Nathan_Cobourne's avatar
    Researched myself into a hole but have finally taken the plunge on this! Arrives next week
    Chrismarkwell0807's avatar
    You won’t regret it, cracking tv, bagged one last November for Black Friday when they threw in a soundbar and the double discount trick by adding a second to your cart and removing it. Lovely tv.
  5. shariifi's avatar
    Great TV paid £649 grade A like new. Excellent picture quality and snappy. Can’t install apps outside Samsung store.
  6. TheGhost's avatar
    Samsung QE55QN90B
  7. kadooosh's avatar
    I've got a LG oled c1 but I've seen how bright these are.. Would actually really like one of these. If I needed a new TV id snap this up. (edited)
    RJA964's avatar
    Won't look as good at night though, contrast better on the c1
  8. KyleKeighley's avatar
    It's not a bad TV but my screen picked up a single line of pixel fault and it was in a lab for 6weeks waiting for repair and when I got it back it wasn't fixed. Currently arguing with Samsung over my rights for replacement that are currently bring denied. CS is hard all Indian based centres with no understanding of UK law.
    Trevbil's avatar
    Interesting. Samsung changed mine without fuss, and it was a completely different TV upgraded to this one.
  9. Stellar_Age's avatar
    2022 model
    C0mm0d0re_K1d's avatar
    Correct. The qn9x C is this years, but it's a lot more money.
  10. lageryron's avatar
    Why not get the 55QN90c £1199 5yr warranty, with the free HWQ800C Soundbar Woofer (£700 cashback) and 6 months Disney+ ?
    TheGhost's avatar
    Yes but you need to buy the soundbar first..not many need sound bars ..I don't..k take it the sound barcwas £700? So your paying £1899 then waiting on cashback ?
  11. toptom007's avatar
    All the people with opinions on this tier of tv in the comments don't buy one at this level.
    TheGhost's avatar
    Correct they're going by some comments on reviews but this TV has a very good review and for the price is a bargain . Pretty much any tv you look at gets a poor comment or 2..don't let it put you off .do your own research or go see it in action I've an LG cx oled very good reviews but if you go on tv threads there's always some people with bad comments about ur
  12. Man_In_The_Mirror's avatar
    Absolutely horrendous blooming. Blacks are black except if there is any light on the screen at all, around those lights the black becomes blue. Was unwatchable when trying to watch horror or sci fi.
    TheGhost's avatar
    Why would you have lights on your tv? If it was that bad they'd remove it from stick but ml.. its a popular tv
  13. 1VR46's avatar
    I have the 65 inch version of this tv and it’s great
's avatar