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Samsung UE43NU7470 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV @ Currys for £499
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
The 43", 50" and 55" models are all currently £200 off at Currys

Good price for this new 2019 model. Planning to buy one of these during this year's black friday to replace my samsung JU6500 series tv.


went into currys today and the stand is soooooo much bigger than what the picture shows


It features Samsung's 'Gaming Mode' which does a good job of turning off all the unecessary features and optimises the motion and contrast. The input lag is around 21ms which will make such a difference for gaming.


I got the 40” version of this from Richer Sounds for £349 with 2% cash back from Quidco. Very decent and gets a great picture on the Xbox One X. However it isn’t 10 bit HDR so you can’t get the best picture. I’d recommend the 43” LG set that you can get for £399


It has HDMI 2.0a - apparently Microsoft MIGHT upgrade current Xbox Ones with a firmware update to HDMI 2.0 as HDMI 2.0 allows for better image quality from the Xbox to HDMI 2.0 capable monitors. That's all I can comment about this TV. Looks night. Shame it is 43 inches and not 49/50 for the price. Edit: Will need a new HDMI 2.0 capable cable.

SAMSUNG  QE55Q6FAMTXXU  Q6F QLED Ultra HD HDR1000 Smart 4K TV £726 @ CPC Farnell ( Back order)
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
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No worries, glad you got sorted (y)


Yeah just had a look at ao and they didn't state so guessing it's same. Thanks just ordered myself a new TV 8) (highfive)


Yeah, it's certainly 99% new stuff, I guess they will have the occasional refurb item but I'm sure it would be clearly stated if so. It's not really a retail shop, it's an enormous warehouse type place but with a counter open to the public, like a massive Argos in a way, only a small selection of what they sell is on display. It's relatively recent that shops started providing longer warranties, up until a couple of years ago most places only offered 12 months - I think most Argos TVs are 12 months aren't they? And AO?


Thanks for quick response... Are all the products brand new? as I have seen they only come with one year warranty


They are absolutely safe to deal with, their main centre is a few minutes from where I live, huge place and been in business for decades.

Free film rentals (including UHD) from Rakuten for LG & Samsung TV owners
Found 5th AugFound 5th Aug
Rakuten are currently offering a free UHD (also HDR) film rental when you register an account through their app on compatible LG TVs (also reported to be available on some Samsung … Read more
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If you close the app after registering and offered the free film then you will lose the offer but you can keep it open by just selecting the tv app


Was free for me until I rented something using points. Now offer has gone. ake sure you use the free offer before other offers (y) 🏻


Still £3.99 for me


FYI Ready Player One, recently posted as a £5.99 offer, is now available to rent. Still showing as £0.00 for me as you can see below. Pleasantly surprised as this is the movie I was originally hoping to watch when I discovered this deal

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Samsung QE65Q6FAM 65 inch Special Edition QLED 4K TV £1214.10 with code FACEBOOK inc. 5 yr protection plan @ Crampton and Moore
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
2017 QLED Q6. I'm assuming the protection plan is the same as a warranty but you might want to clarify before buying. Only 2 left in stock at time of posting. Btw the code FACEB… Read more

Seen both in showrooms, personally just waiting for the perfect OLED 65" or bigger, hopefully around black friday we'll see some for around £1500 then I'll bite, how much do you think I'll get for a old 60" 1080p?


Samsung have to a degree with MicroLED but that tech won't be at a comsumer friendly price for at least 5 years, probably more. Exciting tech though and has the potential to outperform OLED with none of the disadvantages.


Until the QLED pixels are self illuminating you won't see an LED screen better on OLED in viewing angles and contrast. I'm not a fan of OLED either, it's fantastic when it's new but it's too much of an unknown quantity in terms of what the display will look like 5 years down the line with heavy use as the pixels decay with use. For me it's simple for now, the only compelling reason to upgrade is for 4k, which I don't have an option of viewing with my regular TV habits very often and I'll stick them on a 4k projector on the odd occasion I do so I've decided to stick with 1080p plasma for the time being until either the LG OLEDs prove their long term durability or samsung nail self illuminating LED pixels.


Couldn't agree more.I have the Q9 and the KS9000 and both have the single connect box.Brilliant idea that works well no clutter.I prefer the picture on my KS9000 more then any other TV I've seen.So bright and colourful bit darks are affect by the white screen ghosting now a days again but it dosent bother considering how much going and sports I watch.


I’m hoping they push the One Connect box again as it would solve my wall mount problems. Currently got a big bundle of cables running through a 30mm hole in the side of the chimney breast

Samsung UE55NU8000 + free blu Ray player £899 w/code @ Electrical Discount
Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul Great TV with free DVD player use Promo100 to get £100 off to g… Read more

I wouldn't buy another Samsung - the picture quality has been great but each updates inserts more and more adverts into the interface - including self-starting adverts. Yes if you are technical you can disable some of them but why should you have to?


Is delivery fast?


Gone up £18 since yesterday, still good price


I went for the curved 55MU9000 from Crampton & Moore for £650. This was a £1750 tv last year and rates well. Use code FACEBOOK to drop it from £729 to £656. Can also get five year warranty for £63. I don’t care for curved TVs much but couldn’t say no for that price.


I would avoid it.

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Samsung TV UE49nu8000 + free ultra HD Blu-ray  player £904 at Hughes
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
£949 includes free ubdm7500 ultra HD player then voucher gets £45 off to £904
flemib Now £749 without Blu-ray player at electrical discount uk use Promo100 code


£804 quid now. Bargain


Worth noting it's a 60Hz panel on 49-inch version.

flemib Just the tv now £896


or you could have used - as they have published the voucher "save45" and got 4.04% cashback too (QUIDCO also showing voucher and 4% cashback)

Samusung  QE49Q6FNATXXU  49"  Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV - £250 off with code - £1249 @ Currys
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
As title. Next cheapest on Pricespy is £1464 from co-op (or £1349 if you have a company savings scheme that includes Samsung)

I did search before I posted ... ^ that one is last years model. Although an excellent deal!


65" £1,280 2017 model

Samsung QE65Q6FAM 65" Smart HDR 4K Ultra HD QLED Television at Hughes for £1279
Found 15th JulFound 15th Jul
3D Technology: No Bluetooth: Y Remote included: Smart Remote Resolution:: 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) Screen Mirroring: Y

Unless you spend 3k on a Q9F, all the Samsung sets are edge lit. The mu7000 isn't a 10 bit panel either, well, aparrently over 55" they used a standard 10 bit. The Q6 is a billion colour quantum dot 10 bit panel with much higher nit level than the mu7000, which is probably roughly only 400 nits max


It was £1299 in John Lewis last month


£1200 for an edge lit TV. Yikes. HDR won't look great on this in terms of brightness contrast. However the colours and actual picture in bright scenes will be fantastic.


Thank you, great website


I got this Tv in 55" and although the bottom of the range QLED the picture and brightness is exceptional. I've been watching the world cup which looks great and I use Xbox One X/Netflix. Playing COD WWII the image is amazing, my friend has the Q9 60" there are minor differences between mine and his. very small light bleed too for a panel lit TV. Below rating is the 2018 version, I have the above 2017 the main difference is 2017 doesn't support ambient mode.

One For All Samsung TV remote £1.70 @ Trowbridge Asda Store (+ other deals in OP)
LocalLocalFound 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Trowbridge Asda Store. In store only. OFA Samsung TV remote - was £12.75 now £1.70 BlackWeb Gold plated 5m HDMI cable - was £5.25 now £1.50 BlackWeb Gold plated 1m HDMI cable… Read more

I’d of cleared the lot and done a car boot sale this weekend!


These are the other deals :)


Excellent, thanks for posting @sulaco15 , some cracking bargaisn there


Fantastic tv for the price The QLED filter makes such a positive difference vs conventional led set. Colours and bright hdr is FANTASTIC! Knocks my LG B7 out of the park for bright hdr scenes! Go for this set. You'll not be dissapounted!


I had the UH7700 55", was ok but then randomly flickered and broke one day, 2 lines appeared vertically.


What lg did you have? I had 850v


Kool thanks for your reply. I had the Samsung mu7000 hope this one is better.


Can't see any to be honest, my old LG one was terrible for it especially watching films in a dark room....can't fault the Samsung, HDR seems better too, especially brightness levels on Netflix and Xbox One X games.

Samsung 55" UE55MU6120 HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV just £419 at John Lewis
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
Might not be the latest model and have all the bells and whistles of more expensive model, but seems an excellent price for a large TV from a well respected manufacturer for anyone… Read more
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Why don't you phone them and ask


Why dd not JL reduce the price on their website so people could go to Richer Sounds, get a lower price and 6 years warranty? They knew they were undersold?


Just did the price match refund with JL. All very straightforward and easy to do and £80 on the way back to my card.


It's not a game, they are out of stock because of the fantastic price match service. and the Tv is now discontinued because they will be selling 2018 models. Be quick next time you see a good deal.


Just got mine. Very easy to set up and connect to internet. Built in apps easy to use. Picture on HD is great and sound is much clearer and fuller than on our previous Panasonic. Very impressed, especially at just under £400 in the end. Haven't adjusted any of the default settings yet, but if anyone has also had theirs and has had a play around with the best settings I'd appreciate any advice.

Samsung QE55Q6FAM 55" Smart HDR 4K Ultra HD QLED TV £799 with code at Hughes
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
New Samsung qe55q6 qled tv only 799 with code GOAL40 that's alot of tv for the money.

That's seriously irritatingly well cable managed


Good point there if you broke a connector. Never thought of it like that!


I like my one connect box but boy does it get hot! Sometimes I can burn myself on the f screw sockets! I have my TV wall mounted and don't have an issue placing it but can see in these examples why it could be a pain. Think of it this way though. At least if you break an input you only need a new connect box and not a new TV/panel.


Yea it's a decent solution you have but if you have to stick the box to the back of the TV anyway then all it does is create extra bulk and one more thing to hide out of the way for us wall mounted users. Samsung should think this through and put at least 2 hdmi ports on the set itself and optical out, and also include the one connect box.


I have the 55mu7000 with the connect box with the tv being wall mounted. I don’t like the connect box either as it’s extra bulk and would have preferred the connections on the tv instead as I have the ports built into the wall that go to a hifi cabinet with all the gear in. I used some good quality sticky back Velcro and stuck it on the back of the tv like this... Hope this helps others!

SAMSUNG QE65Q6F  65INCH QLED TV £1299 With John Lewis
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
The cheapest i could find at the moment....

I bought this in the end because I wanted QLED and the 10bit panel, but I agree with you all, the gap between size is big. I hope to do a price match if it goes down somewhere else!


No issu No issues for me on my C6 with burn, staines, tints or banding.


I'm with you there on the SD. Every Sony I've demoed in the last few years has been good on HD but unwatchable on SD playing my favourite SD test channel of 4 music.


Fair enough. I don't have any of that. I do have slight banding on 5% slides.


Is that what £1500 gets you. I would want everything to be perfect

Samsung QE49Q7F QLED HDR 1500 4K Ultra HD Smart TV Plus 5 Year Guarantee £999 @ John Lewis
Found 20th JunFound 20th Jun
Best Price Yet for this amazing TV! 5 Year Guarantee Included
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Think this model will be gone by then, its last years model which is why its got as cheap as it has now, I wouldn't expect it to get much cheaper. This years 49" QLED is around £1500 and doesn't look great. Anyway, for anyone interested Richer Sounds have now come down to the same price.


I saw that! I contemplated it as it was going to be wall mounted anyway! Glad it went to you though! I have an overly cautious girlfriend sadly!


I got mine from Hughes direct clearance site on ebay. Box had been opened but tv and accessories all complete and brand new for £700. £700 was the most I wanted to spend on a tv!


Hopefully this qled tech at 49 inch comes down a few hundred quid by black Friday. Would love it for my kitchen/diner.


Just leave it my man he’s clearly a samsung shill xD Yes QLED is essentially a marketing term for the most part to counter OLED which yes while samsung are the main provider who’s TVs are we hearing about? Oh thats right its LG and Sony OLED TVs . . . Also why wouldn’t they try to up-sell their LED TVs after all they cost less to manufacture same reason LG does the same with their “Nano-cell” TVs everyone has a gimmick to try and sell their TV but apparently he doesn’t get it xD

Samsung QE65Q6F QLED HDR 1000 4K Ultra HD Smart TV £1399 @ John Lewis
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Samsung QE65Q6F QLED HDR 1000 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65" with TVPlus/Freesat HD & 360 Design, Ultra HD Certified, Black with 5 years JL guarantee.

1000 nits isn't the minimum for HDR. Got a reputable review of the Q6F? As I can't find any which details the peak brightness, except Tom's hardware one which is pure fabrication as there is no chance it's hitting 1400+ nits. I personally don't trust the Q6 series at all, especially after the latest Q6FN hits around 500 nits peak brightness.


The mu range has about 400nits, the q6 has 1000nits (minimum required for hdr).


Unfortunately the Q6 is a bit deceptive, you've got to go for Q7 and up to get a truely good peak brightness and 4K HDR performance. It's basically the same as MU / NU range below with a couple of extra bits. It's a shame they decided to go this route, putting a model in the QLED range which is sub par. They should of left it so the Q range was for their higher performance 4K HDR sets.


Why is this cold?? Only OLED currently provides a better picture than the QLED displays, and show me a 65” OLED that’s less than £2k.. with a John Lewis warranty. Have some heat!


(lol) (lol) (lol)

Samsung UE55MU7000 55" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - £649 @ Co-Op Electrical
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Use the voucher code CT50 at the checkout. Valid until 14 June 2018.

I agree, JL or Costco (good CS too) I have 2 Samsung KS9000’s both from JL, one 65inch one 55inch, both had issues with light bleed/clouding. Both ok now. Speaking to the engineers who did the screen swap on one of mine it’s the price we pay for these ultra thin screens. Mind you, when they are good, they are very very good.


yep 100% with the 55 inch, now i have a good one it has a great quality pic. However no chance I would buy from anywhere else but JL now, their CS is fantastic


I'm torn between this and one of the new Hisense 55 U7. How reflective is the screen on the Mu7, and how does it handle the footie? Ta


I was torn between this and the Sony Xe8596 - the deciding factor was that the Sony isn't certified for iPlayer (world cup 4k) and reading online folks had massive issues even getting the FA cup 4k stream to load... Samsung wins this time (first time not buying Sony...)


The interface is too slow on the Sony for me. Samsung is much better, but with ads (shock)

Samsung UE55MU6120 55 inch TV £419 @ RGB Direct
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Samsung UE55MU6120 55 inch LED Flat UHD Smart TV (4K HDR) Initial price £449, use code SPORTS30 for a £30 discount.

I have the 50 inch version and for the money it's a fantastic set.


Just got my email from John Lewis to say they will match price. Worth doing for 5 year warranty


Nice, got my price match. Had a hisense but it keeps freezing. Looked at the LG but just don't fancy it.


3 days and nothing from JL. Phoned them and just need to wait a few more days....


how does this compare to Panasonic TX-50EX700B LED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 50" appreciate Samsung is 55"

Samsung Q6F Series QE55Q6FAMT - 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Premium HDR 1000 Smart QLED TV TVPlus £835.05 @ Richer Sounds
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
RRP £879, get it for £835.05 at Richer Sounds (in-store and online) with free delivery using code WC5 for 5% off. Also comes with 6 year guarantee!!… Read more

Good deal, but I’ve had this tv less than 24 hours and it’s faulty. Going black screen for 1 second, loses sound.. then back on .. REALLY FRUSTRATING !. And losing HDMI connection ... other than that that it’s a great picture ... (embarrassed)


Surely not for a simple opinion!? (cheeky)


Citation needed...


Sony tvs (poo)


This or the 55 mu7000 :/ this is £166 more..

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