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Samsung QE65Q9FNA 65 QLED TV £2419 from CoOp Electrical
Found 3 h, 9 m agoFound 3 h, 9 m ago
Been waiting for this to drop a little. Not willing to risk going for an OLED as I watch TV in a bright room, game and have kids that like to pause the TV and leave the room for ho… Read more

Great deal


Man the price is getting dangerous for me!!!


It's a good deal. I was looking at this model, was no cheaper than £3000 a couple of weeks ago when I last checked.


Tempted to bite at this price, don't know if Black Friday will be any better...


While I don't disagree it's not always easy to ensure when I'm work. Pretty sure I won't be the only one with this issue.

Samsung QE49Q6FNA 49" 4K Ultra HD QLED HDR Smart TV £949.05 Delivered using code (5 Yr Guarantee) @ Hughes
TODAYTODAYFound 18th OctFound 18th Oct
Lowest price that I could find for this QLED set from Samsung. See true colours and the deepest blacks with Samsungs QLED HDR technology. Discreet stand and cable management help t… Read more

Sure, input lag is debatable, I would certainly argue I would notice the difference in some instances - or you could argue it's placebo and you may very well be correct. But it's something I get hung up on with gaming, and we all have our thing I guess. The Sony has an impressive spec, from what I've read its OS is easily tamed with some tweaks. I've also seen the feedback on the darkness of netflix DV - I have no experience with this, but maybe it's just growing pains and is something that could be fixed in software (I don't have either of these sets yet btw, so my knowledge is purely what I've been reading).


but - to future proof, consoles are all heading in a 4k direction. And input lag - you wouldn't notice the difference between the two sets. It's not bad input lag at all. You'll reply and say you would notice it, but I guarantee you wouldn't. However, The XF90 does have issues I'm noticing. Dolby Vision on netflix being one of them. The android OS is acceptable. I'm yet to see it behave like people have described. Maybe the august update fixed a lot of it?


It's a hard choice for me, the Sony is better in many ways (120Hz, FALD, better motion handling, Dolby Vision, better upscaling of lower res content), but mine will be used for a lot of gaming. My choice came down to: If I get the Sony, I'll always wonder how much better the input lag would have been when gaming (I will be connecting my PC for gaming too), and I'll get frustrated with the Operating System. If I get the Samsung, I'll be happy gaming at 1080p and 4k, and the image quality will be far better than my old 40" IPS TV I have at the moment anyways so I'll be happy (and I like Samsungs Operating System). The Samsung is still expensive for what it is (but that's Samsung for you), and it's annoying that the 55" and upwards in this range are all 120Hz, but a 55" is just too big for the space I'm putting it in (small gaming room).


Looking at it the Android OS is a little clunky... which is making me go for the Samsung also


Way too expensive for just a 49" LCD.

Samsung QE65Q8F 65 inch 4K Ultra HD Premium HDR 1500 Smart QLED TV TVPlus. Save 43% £1419.95 @ Richer Sounds
LocalLocalFound 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Take the next step up in picture quality, with the sensational QLED technology featured the Samsung QE65MQ8F. Ultimate detail as the creators intended Discover ultimate detail as … Read more
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Price dropped to £1149 now so I asked about getting a £50 refund but said that the code I used originally was not active anymore so they can't refund but for £1078 it seems a good price. I'm still waiting for mine it gets delivered tomorrow I nearly swapped it for the LG super uhd which was exact same price but thought would give this 1 a try 1st


You will notice colour and brightness shifting when mowing to the sides. That's normal with VA type of panel. Same goes for the black crush. It's not that its really bad, but you will notice it. Unfortunately that s the trade off for nice contrast and deep blacks. For great viewing angles IPS screens are better choice, but then blacks are not that deep.


Is the viewing angle really bad as I normally have on a stand in corner of the room but this 1 will be wall mounted above fire. My sofa will be direct in front of the TV but the other sofa will be to the side. I have purchased an adjustable stand so could always move it when have guests. Here is a link I found for settings. You will have to let me know if it helps that black crush issue. I have not heard of that before.


Yep, I went for 65nu8000. Ordered last Friday with click and collect. It was waiting for me in local shop on Monday. TV its good, so far mainly used it for games with ps4 and HDR looks fantastic. Be aware of poor viewing angles, for me its not an issue because I do sit right in front. As well as all VA black crush is noticeable, again my previous TV was va as well so its ok for me. Unfortunate nowday reality that there is no perfect TV, you have to balance price/pros/cons


Are we going 50-50 lol only joking glad I could help so is it the Samsung Nu8000 series TV u went for is it good and how long did it take to deliver as I only ordered mine last night

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PREORDER: Samsung QE65Q900R (2018) QLED HDR 4000 8K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65" £4999.00 @ John Lewis & Partners
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
real 8K resolution with intelligent AI upscaling for an incredibly lifelike picture. With over a billion true-to-life colours, HDR 4000 and Direct Full Array Elite technology 75" v… Read more
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If this is true for you, you need to get down to Specsavers.


You’re just not reading what I said correctly.

Sorry but your contradicting yourself several times....your first post said "pointless, HD looks worse when upscaled", then you said "obviously 4k upscaled will look better than not upscaled"? You also said "its impossible to upscale 8k on a 4k tv" that is true I never said 8k upscaled on a 4k TV we are talking of the 8k samsung posted here upscaling to near 8k. Bottom line is if the Tv has a good upscale engine then then standard image will look better, that was my point, that the image on a 55" qled 8k will look better than on a qled 55" 4k as it has a better upscale engine (will bring it up near 8k) so how is an 8k tv pointless? If it gives better TV images watching standard, HD or 4k than on a current 4k TV then it is not pointless? The switch looks so much better on my 4k tv than on a higher model no 4k (1080p) set (I have several Samsung TV's so can see the upscale working.


Obviously on a 4K TV, 4K upscaled content will look better than if not upscaled due to pixel duplication and stretching needed to fill the screen. Pixel for pixel it would look better not stretched or duplicated on an HD TV as in doing so it’s showing you a false representation of the source material. It’s impossible to upscale to 8K on a 4K TV. Even with the advanced algorithms and improvements to upscaling over the years it always yields a slightly softer picture. My guess is it isn’t the pixel resolution improving your viewing experience but other benefits with your set.

Not sure what TV you have but my 4k upscaling looks SOOO much better than HD on my Samsung ku6500. This TV upscales even better (near 8k), so standard, HD and 4k channels/programs/dvds/blurays will ALL look better. This 'deal' though is stone cold as it's no deal, just free installation which is actually standard on a TV costing several of thousands of pounds!

Samsung UE55MU8000 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR 1000 Smart LED TVPlus (Open Box) - £754.95 instore only @ Richer Sounds
LocalLocalFound 8th OctFound 8th Oct
”Few rivals better combine this level of vibrancy with such a natural look.”– ‘What Hi-Fi’ – 5 Star review. HDR 1000 See exceptional brightness, shadow detail and vibrant colour j… Read more
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HOly s**t thanks!! Nice!!


Get an NU from RGB for 749.00 with promo code £100 off. Also FREE Promo 5 Year Warranty T&C Apply - Warranty via Registration by RGB


Yeah, you're right. I didn't read the post properly.


I have 2 Samsung smart TV's, 2 different models and I can no longer connect any of them to the wifi. Google it, thousands of customers are in the same situation. Think twice before buying a Samsung TV


NU8000 has freesync and vrr for gaming:)

Samsung UE65NU7100 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV £827.04 @ Amazon
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Samsung UE65NU7100 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Certified HDR Smart TV Ultra HD certified for true 4K colour and clarity Hidden cables for a clutter free and stylish cable management solut… Read more

Anyone had issues with this TV and Xbox one graphic blurring? Mate of mine bought the 40 inch version last week and gets slightly blocky graphics when moving within games. Tried different settings etc with no luck. I have the older version of the TV and don't get the issue. everything else seem fine on the TV. can't work out if it's the Xbox or the TV? Any help would be appriciated. thanks!


Usual get out . Any excuse not to price match



Should have, never should of


I should of made myself clearer and emphasised the around black Friday !!

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Refurbished Samsung 65 inch Curved 4K @ richersounds for £599
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
I bought this TV when it was reduced from 2799 down to 1200. I think for this price it is an absolute bargain and comes with a 12 month guarantee. This is 65 inch Curved 4K Quantu… Read more

Expire please unavailable


Don’t regret too much, chances are it’s a dud - I’ve bought quite a lot of hifi gear on clearance from RS and I found that their quality control on refurbs isn’t great, around 1 out of 3 items I bought were faulty / damaged / missing vital accessories. Luckily RS customer service is stellar and will process a return without too much fuss


Going to be a lot of people up at 11:59pm today to grab one of these.. if it go's live!! ;)


Was a cracking deal who ever got it!


Got the 49” version, just a superb tv.

Samsung 65 Inch NU8000 4K Ultra HD certified Dynamic Crystal Colour HDR Smart TV £1249 Delivered @ Box
Found 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Slight price drop on Box for this TV, making it the cheapest around for this particular model. Lots to be happy about with this spec, 1000 HDR for a true HDR image, dynamic crystal… Read more

What aboht ps4


Review I just read said response time in game mode is 27ms


Not the same but Purchased a steering wheel from them and seem fine.


Has any one purchased from thoughts please.


I would say it's only important if you watch lots of high paced movies, a lot of football or play with an xbox or pc:)

SAMSUNG QE49Q6FNATXXU 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV, HW-N650 5.1 Wireless Sound Bar, Free Xbox One X & PUBG Bundle £1,698.98 Currys
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Get everything you need for the ultimate cinematic gaming experience, with the Samsung QE49Q6FNATXXU 49" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV, HW-N650 5.1 Wireless Sound Bar, Xbox One X … Read more

Now oos


You wouldn't believe me If I told you the title says Qled and not Oled,Amazing that dont you think? think you are on the wrong thread.


Show me where! Such a troll comment.




You know that QLED is not OLED? It's just a fancy reincarnation of your regular LED backlit TV. I'll pass on this one thanks

New 2018 65" NU7100 UHD HDR Smart 4K TV £909 @ Samsung
Found 17th SepFound 17th Sep
New 2018 65” NU7100 Ultra HD certified HDR Smart 4K TV Follow link for more info, great price on this TV as it’s cheaper from Samsung than the other shops, as well as checkout wit… Read more



Not really. What type of wall was it? what tiles did you opt for?


shotgun weekends... it was on the wall? Moved house and wall wasn't ready (being tiled) for bracket? so wanted feet to stand it up? make sense now? (skeptical)


You 2 should meet and make a whole tv out of what you've got left!


You're lucky. I've only got the polystyrene packaging left and nothing to keep them in.

2018 Samsung  75" 4K ULTRA HDR 1000 LED TV - UE75NU8000 with 6 years guarantee,24 months IFC and a £400 soundbar cashback offer down to £2148@Richer Sounds
Found 3rd SepFound 3rd Sep
Been monitoring this TV for a while having had its predecessor, the 75MU7000. It's now down to £2148 having been at £2500 for a while and £2249 last week. Review here: techradar.… Read more
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And just to add, I now have the 75" 2018 QLED and it is way way brighter than an OLED.


How would you tell when its not filmed or replayed in HDR. Go compare at say Richer Sounds. High end QLEDs are visibly brighter with HDR content. Plenty of reviews and specs to confirm it too


Where is this huge difference in brightnes?


Brightness and saturation are easy to change in the menu if you don't like the defaults. 2000 nits is significantly brighter than OLED. An obviously noticeable difference. As per the extract above from a review of a 2018 LG.


That is typical samsung, make big noise about figures. Theirs tvs are too bright and oversaturated. For some peoples it look better but this is unnatural and tiring. 2000 nits qled it is only slightly brighter than oled.

Samsung QE55Q9FN 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Premium HDR 2000 Smart QLED TV £1919 - Richer Sounds
Found 24th AugFound 24th Aug
Credit to chanchi22 code tv80 works on this too. Also can get extra £200 cashback when purchased a soundbar at same time.

Kool thanks for your response


Well, when you switch on the TV with the remote it's quick because it's on standby mode. I use it with the Q acoustics M3 soundbar and it's very good.


Kool thanks for your reply. Is the TV slow to startup? I may get the Sony 49x900f too with soundbar as well.


Very good picture quality, deep blacks which make dark scenes far more enjoyable than my previous TV. I use it for Blu-ray, streaming (HD and UHD) and gaming and no problems so far. I sit 2.30 metres from the screen.


Hi how you finding the Sony? How far is your distance from seating?

Samsung QE65Q6FAM 65" QLED Ultra HD Premium HDR 1000 Smart TV  @ PRC Direct £1199 - 5 years warranty
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
65" QLED Ultra HD Premium HDR 1000 Smart TV Special offers • Free 5 Year Warranty • Use voucher code AUG100 to receive £100 off • Exclusive Deal only available at PRC

"HDR 1000" so about twice the brightness of the best OLED set then.


Ordered thanks


Here you go. Here. George


release their what? where have you seen QOLED??? Im sure you mean microLED.


Yeah people who got them new at £1199 for the 55s in the new year got a bargain tbh

Samsung UE43NU7470 43" Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV @ Currys for £499
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
The 43", 50" and 55" models are all currently £200 off at Currys

Good price for this new 2019 model. Planning to buy one of these during this year's black friday to replace my samsung JU6500 series tv.


went into currys today and the stand is soooooo much bigger than what the picture shows


It features Samsung's 'Gaming Mode' which does a good job of turning off all the unecessary features and optimises the motion and contrast. The input lag is around 21ms which will make such a difference for gaming.


I got the 40” version of this from Richer Sounds for £349 with 2% cash back from Quidco. Very decent and gets a great picture on the Xbox One X. However it isn’t 10 bit HDR so you can’t get the best picture. I’d recommend the 43” LG set that you can get for £399


It has HDMI 2.0a - apparently Microsoft MIGHT upgrade current Xbox Ones with a firmware update to HDMI 2.0 as HDMI 2.0 allows for better image quality from the Xbox to HDMI 2.0 capable monitors. That's all I can comment about this TV. Looks night. Shame it is 43 inches and not 49/50 for the price. Edit: Will need a new HDMI 2.0 capable cable.

SAMSUNG  QE55Q6FAMTXXU  Q6F QLED Ultra HD HDR1000 Smart 4K TV £726 @ CPC Farnell ( Back order)
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
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Not to mention that afaik OLED doesnt as yet support the HDR10+ standard or Freesync. So for instance wont fully support common equipment like the Xbox One X.


No worries, glad you got sorted (y)


Yeah just had a look at ao and they didn't state so guessing it's same. Thanks just ordered myself a new TV 8) (highfive)


Yeah, it's certainly 99% new stuff, I guess they will have the occasional refurb item but I'm sure it would be clearly stated if so. It's not really a retail shop, it's an enormous warehouse type place but with a counter open to the public, like a massive Argos in a way, only a small selection of what they sell is on display. It's relatively recent that shops started providing longer warranties, up until a couple of years ago most places only offered 12 months - I think most Argos TVs are 12 months aren't they? And AO?


Thanks for quick response... Are all the products brand new? as I have seen they only come with one year warranty

Samsung QE65Q6FAM 65 inch Special Edition QLED 4K TV £1214.10 with code FACEBOOK inc. 5 yr protection plan @ Crampton and Moore
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
2017 QLED Q6. I'm assuming the protection plan is the same as a warranty but you might want to clarify before buying. Only 2 left in stock at time of posting. Btw the code FACEB… Read more

Seen both in showrooms, personally just waiting for the perfect OLED 65" or bigger, hopefully around black friday we'll see some for around £1500 then I'll bite, how much do you think I'll get for a old 60" 1080p?


Samsung have to a degree with MicroLED but that tech won't be at a comsumer friendly price for at least 5 years, probably more. Exciting tech though and has the potential to outperform OLED with none of the disadvantages.


Until the QLED pixels are self illuminating you won't see an LED screen better on OLED in viewing angles and contrast. I'm not a fan of OLED either, it's fantastic when it's new but it's too much of an unknown quantity in terms of what the display will look like 5 years down the line with heavy use as the pixels decay with use. For me it's simple for now, the only compelling reason to upgrade is for 4k, which I don't have an option of viewing with my regular TV habits very often and I'll stick them on a 4k projector on the odd occasion I do so I've decided to stick with 1080p plasma for the time being until either the LG OLEDs prove their long term durability or samsung nail self illuminating LED pixels.


Couldn't agree more.I have the Q9 and the KS9000 and both have the single connect box.Brilliant idea that works well no clutter.I prefer the picture on my KS9000 more then any other TV I've seen.So bright and colourful bit darks are affect by the white screen ghosting now a days again but it dosent bother considering how much going and sports I watch.


I’m hoping they push the One Connect box again as it would solve my wall mount problems. Currently got a big bundle of cables running through a 30mm hole in the side of the chimney breast

Samsung UE55NU8000 + free blu Ray player £899 w/code @ Electrical Discount
Found 26th JulFound 26th Jul Great TV with free DVD player use Promo100 to get £100 off to g… Read more

I wouldn't buy another Samsung - the picture quality has been great but each updates inserts more and more adverts into the interface - including self-starting adverts. Yes if you are technical you can disable some of them but why should you have to?


Is delivery fast?


Gone up £18 since yesterday, still good price


I went for the curved 55MU9000 from Crampton & Moore for £650. This was a £1750 tv last year and rates well. Use code FACEBOOK to drop it from £729 to £656. Can also get five year warranty for £63. I don’t care for curved TVs much but couldn’t say no for that price.


I would avoid it.

Samsung TV UE49nu8000 + free ultra HD Blu-ray  player £904 at Hughes
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
£949 includes free ubdm7500 ultra HD player then voucher gets £45 off to £904
flemib Now £749 without Blu-ray player at electrical discount uk use Promo100 code


£804 quid now. Bargain


Worth noting it's a 60Hz panel on 49-inch version.

flemib Just the tv now £896


or you could have used - as they have published the voucher "save45" and got 4.04% cashback too (QUIDCO also showing voucher and 4% cashback)

Samusung  QE49Q6FNATXXU  49"  Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR QLED TV - £250 off with code - £1249 @ Currys
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
As title. Next cheapest on Pricespy is £1464 from co-op (or £1349 if you have a company savings scheme that includes Samsung)

I did search before I posted ... ^ that one is last years model. Although an excellent deal!


65" £1,280 2017 model

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