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Samsung has been manufacturing TVs since the 1970s and they are known for producing a varied collection of sets, from stunning QLED to basic HDTVs and the quirky Frame TV. To find about all the latest offers as they are announced, shoppers can browse through the hotukdeals Samsung TV page. Read more
SAMSUNG 55" UE55TU8000 HDR SMART 4K TV (2020) WITH TIZEN OS + 5 Year Guarantee £569 @ box_uk / eBay
91° Expired
Posted 5 h, 41 m agoPosted 5 h, 41 m ago
Samsung UE55TU8000 55" 2020 Crystal UHD 4K Smart TV Crystal Processor 4K Universal Guide Smart TV Powered by Tizen™ HDR Ready. Set. 4K. - TU8000 Crystal UHD TV Experience you… Read more

Yep the GX800 is another another goodie, especially for the extra 3 inches. These great value 2019 models won't be around forever unfortunately.


Try this Panasonic £629 5 Year Guarantee (y) here some AV Experts! reviews and (y) if you're budget can stretch I recommend the Sony 55inch Xf900 was £677 recently (y)


Deal expired the AV Tv Expert says it (poo) ;( till my next deal (y)


For £600 @ 55" there are a few mid-range TV's that will offer good performance. Avoid this years models, as they are poorly priced at the moment, it's a great time to get a 2019 TV as the prices have come down a lot recently. Samsung's QE55Q60R is still available from a few retailers for around £600-£700. LG's 55SM8600 is £620 at Crampton and Moore. Hisense H55U8BUK is also priced similarly. All of these TV's have similar performance, and all of which are much better than the TV posted in this deal, which is newer, but lower end. You could save money by going down to the lower ranges though. Just be aware that in general, the panels get dimmer, and the colours more muted the lower down the ranges you go.


Dude there is no need to be so salty. Mute my comments in future if you can't deal with them. I'm here to help the buying public make an informed decision. Not to champion bad deals. You've already decided that I'm not an expert because I disagree with you. So It's pointless giving you an answer.

Samsung QE55Q90RATXXU 55" Q90R Flagship QLED 4K HDR 2000 + Free Samsung VGSGSM11S Gravity TV Stand (worth £300) 5 Year Guarantee £1199 @ PRC
Posted 17 h, 33 m agoPosted 17 h, 33 m ago
Samsung QE55Q90RATXXU 55" Q90R Flagship QLED 4K HDR 2000 Smart TV Free Samsung VGSGSM11S Gravity TV Stand (worth £300)… Read more

They would, but the law trumps whatever they say, when pushed they always back off. To be honest I'm sure it will be fine, TVs and any expensive electronics is mostly just a lottery, that being said I've had worse than you described from LG from Samsung. It's why I now pick my retailers with more care and generally am happy to pay a bit extra for a better retailer and I'll tend to go in order Costco, JL, RS in order of customer care and will never buy from Curry's. And always buy with a credit card as the insurance will cover you and nobody fights with Visa and Mastercard.


I was told the opposite by Richersounds and LG. However you’re not the first to say this. The whole experience I’ve learned a lot. Hopefully my Samsung will blow me away..... it wants too for the price! (excited) (excited)


Thanks for the reply. I use my tv very mixed, a lot of Xbox followed by films. The Xbox games I play this uniformity is very noticeable! To me it’s not acceptable on a £2k tv!! At least you offered a solution to try, LG just dismiss it all...... Shocking what you got back, absolutely shocking!


Actually it is the opposite, under UK law the retailer is required to handle the warranty for the first 12 months, after that it is the manufacturer unless the retailer offers extended warranty. It is pretty common for retailers to try and fob you off on the manufacturer, but you should always insist on dealing with the retailer as they should deal with the issue even if it requires them issuing a replacement and then they can deal with the manufacturer in their own time. PS you can also use your credit cards insurance to remedy a lot of issues as well.


Thanks for coming back with a comprehensive description of events, I can see why you would be upset with LG. That screen uniformity is shocking.

Samsung QE65Q80R (2019) QLED HDR 1500 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 65" with TVPlus/Freesat HD & Apple TV App, Eclipse Silver £1079 @ Hughes
Posted 18 h, 14 m agoPosted 18 h, 14 m ago
Samsung's Q80R QLED TV lets you experience amazing contrast and captivating colour in all conditions, and receive personalised suggestions for what to watch next. Ambient Mode turn… Read more

Do you have the option to buy extended warranty? If so the Richersounds will price match. I found a tv elsewhere with 1yr warranty, it was £100 to buy a further 4yrs warranty so Richersounds price matched the tv, added on £100 and I received a total of 6yrs warranty. Then again, will I ever keep a TV that long? No! Ordered my current Samsung 75” in Feb this year, as mentioned above, then today ordered the Samsung QE75Q90R so I need warranty for more like 4 months, not 6yrs XD XD XD Anyway, just ask..... see what they say, you’ll be surprised. Worst case they might charge a little more but you’ll get your 6yrs warranty. Also I think this will be the better option than the Sony one you’ve been considering..... imo Heat for deal, cracking TV at a very good price! (y)


Yea the 1year warranty really let's this down. The q85r is also 10% off at £1259


Anyone had any joy with Richer Sounds price matching tv with a 1 year warranty.


Now that's a nice price have some heat


They won’t due to it only being a 1 year warranty.

Samsung QE55Q85R (2019) QLED TV - £949 @ John Lewis & Partners (price match with Richer Sounds + potential £100 gift voucher)
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Samsung QE55Q85R (2019) QLED price match with Richer Sounds and £100 gift voucher Using code RSTV50 Seems good?

The way JL price matches work is when they accept it, you have to pay full price and then once you've ordered it you then reply to the price match acceptance email with your order reference to get a refund of the difference. They give you a month to do this if I recall. So you've always bought the item before hand?


Good eye - I paid full price and then claimed a price match to get a £50 refund. I can imagine they would honour the £100 anyway, but thought I would try and follow they’re FAQ as closely as I could


Great news. Please, Inoticed it says “refund” above, so does that mean you paid the full amount, then price matched ‘after’ like the £100 FAQ say - or price matched ‘before’ you paid, so paid less in that one payment?


... hopefully everyone will remember to actually claim that £100 in about a month’s time. Odd that the offer says the each individual customer has to remember, not JL, even though JL will know by then on their system who has returned or not.


Will do - the first available slot was a week today though so the £100 gift voucher will have stopped before then.

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Samsung QE55Q90R (2019) QLED HDR 2000 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55" with TVPlus/Freesat HD & Apple TV App £1124 @ rgbdirect / eBay
305° Expired
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Samsung’s Q90R QLED TV lets you experience pixel-perfect contrast and captivating colour in all conditions, and receive personalised suggestions for what to watch next. Ambient Mod… Read more

The black levels are clearly going to be better on an OLED especially when watching in a dark room setting. Samsung QLED TVs shines in bright rooms and with HDR I believe. Either way this is still a well recommend set with excellent reviews.


Widely reported blooming, particularly in game mode, but this is the trade off against potential burn in for the C9, which also has full bandwidth 2.1 hdmi, either way you're getting a fantastic TV


ummmm interesting because I heard this was almost as good as the C9 if you ignore OLED/lCD. Perhaps the 55" is lacking some features the 65" has


Oh right, apologies :p


This TV I believe is not that good for gaming in regards to black levels. On game mode, it appears to switch off local dimming so the blacks look greyish. I hear the 2018 Q9FN was better in this department. Despite this it has scored very well with critics especially with its extra wide viewing angle technology and with the included one connect box.

Samsung QE55Q90r 4K HDR TV QLED £1199 After Richer sounds price match + £100 gift card @ John Lewis & Partners
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Still deciding on this Vs LG Oled c9. I have a bright room, so reflection can be immense. The q90 seems to do better in a light room. I got John Lewis to Price match Ritcher So… Read more

Cheers mate (y)


Just ordered so I’ll let you know


Not got that problem on my set.


I spent 2 hours in richer sounds comparing the TVs. It was a touch choice, I thought the oled would win hands down. But it feels very much like personal preference and how much you care for certain features. Q90R, no burn in, super bright, excellent anti reflective screen. "Should" support 4k120 but I'm not sure if they includes HDR or even a inspec HDMI resolution/framerate/compression. Only HDMI 4 has vrr,qms,allm. Earc promised in firmware update. No Dolby vision. Blooming is bad in game mode, although meant to be fixed in firmware. LG C9, bar Sony for motion handing, it's top of it's game for picture quality in normal and dim lit rooms. 4 proper HDMI 2.1 ports, no blooming. Screen is IMO reflective as such can ruin the feel Black's. Quick responsive time so great for games. Supports HGIG HDR settings in consoles. Has Dolby vision support. I highly recommend Panasonic 820 4k player as it has oled optimization settings. Edit - I picked the C9. Colours were not natural, and better contrast thanks to 8 million dimming zones brought out extra details. Makes 4k look better IMO.


I personally prefer Oled for the blacks and image quality. Dolby vision looks superb on supported content. The C9 also has GSync which is great addition (if you have a Nvidia Gpu and hooking up a PC) I also prefer Web os by LG. The Q90r is a much brighter TV- the reason my 9yr old chose it!and works much better dealing with reflections. Overall we are very happy with both sets. The C9's can be had at a great price at the mo particularly compared with the new CX range. The differences between C9 and CX are highly debated at the moment but will boil down to your use type to determine if the price difference is worth it. Atmos...I have mine hooked up to a sonus beam which doesn't emit atmos. Sounds great anyway and even the built in is excellent by tv standards. I'd always recommend seeing a tv in the flesh but understand Covid has stopped that at the mo. Best of luck with your choice.

Samsung QE43Q60R 43 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart QLED TV with Apple TV app Freesat HD £499 at Richer Sounds
98° Expired
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
The price is decent considering the 6 year guarantee. Otherwise the TV can be bought for a similar price will a smaller guarantee.… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Thank you very much. I was hoping it got to 100 lol


Thanks for sharing your first deal @Savemesomep ....just about to hit the Hot page at 100° and its expired (fierce) :( Look forward to your next deal!


Is this the one with bad light bleed??


Yep checked with richer as I'm trying to get one of these and it is OOS


Bought the 49 inch version for £50 more and with 5 y guarantee. Available at John Lewis

Samsung The Frame (2020) Full HD QLED TV 32" £599 @ John Lewis & partners with £250 cashback
385° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Samsung The Frame (2020) QLED Full HD Art Mode TV with No-Gap Wall Mount, 32 inch Only sold on John Lewis. £599 is overpriced in my opinion for a 32" Full HD, but with the cashbac… Read more

Might be silly question, any reason why this won’t be a great pc monitor? I’ve been looking at pc monitors for work and they’re hideously expensive. I wouldn’t mind paying an extra £100 for something that actually looks nice and doubles up as this


Yes awaiting an update from customer services


Yeah, that’s not cool. Have you contacted them?


Picture shows it does


Did you get the grey cable as well then? Does it actually state in the spec that it'll come with the invisible cable?

TCL 55C715K 55 Inch QLED 4K Ultra HD Smart Android TV £549.99 @ Costco
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
- Costco 5 year warranty - 4K UHD, with HDR 10+, HLG, Micro Dimming, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos - Android TV and Freeview Play -Ultra Slim Frameless metal design - Hands-Free Voi… Read more
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has anyone received theirs, would be good to have some reviews (angel)


Me too have you found anything on this set at all? The "micro dimming" in place of local dimming is my major concern.


This TV was announced 20th of last month.. Lets not discount or n compare it with older hisense models.. Moreover.. This is quantum dot technology which is outstanding for the price..i m waiting for honest reviews before purchasing


The tv is new to market and i couldn’t find any reviews on this? will wait for someone to post their reviews who owned it ;)


On paper looks great but in reality not sure? :/ There needs to be more reviews but yeah not sure why UK versions are downgraded compared to US.

Samsung 75" TU7100 Crystal UHD 4K HDR Smart TV £999 (£799 educational/employee benefits store) @ Samsung
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Samsung 75in TU7100 £799 (Next best price Currys 999) @ Samsung educational/employee benefits store

Bargain bin TV spend your money elsewhere.


LG out performs in the terms of smart additions such as in build WiFi direct, Web, Web os, apps etc


The Sony is better. The Samsung TU7000 is one of the most basic 4K sets available.


The TU7000 and TU7100 are the exact same TV, apart from a slightly different coloured chassis and bezel.


How is this compared with Sony 75 8096 currently sold for about £930 from costco? should I pay 130 more to get the sony one?

Samsung QE65Q80R 65 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR 1500 Smart QLED TV with Apple TV app + £100 Richer Sounds Gift vouchers Free 6 year Guarantee
291° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Samsung's Q80R QLED TV lets you experience amazing contrast and captivating colour in all conditions, and receive personalised suggestions for what to watch next. Ambient Mode turn… Read more

Yes I did as I bought new I updated firmware & android 8


Have you updated the firmware?


Has anybody actually got the £100 voucher and £50 off? You have to ring tele sales to get the voucher, did they also apply the code


I’m having issues with Dolby Vision on XF9005, Dolby Vision on Netflix is very dark on Sony XF9005


Costco Chingford had 55xf9005 for £490 on Friday

electriQ 49" QLED Double FHD Super UltraWide FreeSync HDR Curved Monitor - £504.97 delivered @ Laptops Direct
320° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Really good monitor that uses Samsung QLED display tech, great price today from what it was yesterday, only drawback is that delivery options is from end of July. Enjoy more rea… Read more

This is definitely not a high end model.


Well, that, and as I mentioned that the sides would be so much further from your eyes than the centre. This means that without a curve, it would seem distorted anyway, due to perception. With a smaller display, or with long viewing angles used on TVs the distance difference from the centre to sides is minimal, while with a monitor it is much greater, relatively. Really it comes down to a combination of factors, like your use, viewing distance, what content you will use it for, what space you have, and how you intend to mount/stand it, etc. Even the viewing angles thing is not always relevant, due to different display technologies being available, and different uses mentioned above.


£629.97 now. Just tried to buy one but backed out due to price.


Grrr.. no usb c even for this high end model.. !!


Cinema screens are curved out of necessity of supporting distortionless projection. The only benefit as pointed out by pea-wet is to compensate for colours appears to be washed out when viewing from an angle.

Samsung QLED QE55Q80R - 20% off with Employee or Student Discount Scheme - £764.15 @ Samsung Store
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
For those of you that have access to Employee Discount Schemes or Student Discount, this TV is an absolute steal - RRP is £899.00 in many stores but with the discount here at Samsu… Read more
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What’s the best way to get extra year warranty on the TV? As it’s only 1 year




Blue light card


What is the warranty like for companies such as Domestic and General? They have quoted me £3.60 per month - that includes accidental damage....


As much as I like this deal and have voted hot....I can also use my employee portal to get 8% off Curry's online. This model is currently £899 minus 8% equals £827.08.....yes it's more expensive but I'd rather pay an extra £62.93 for 4 years extra warranty

Refurb Samsung QE55Q85R 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR 1500 Smart QLED TV with Apple TV app Freesat HD - £799 delivered @ Richer Sounds
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Online Clearance Item, FREE delivery up to 7 working days. Remember, this is a clearance item and therefore condition and accessories/promo items supplied may vary. The product i… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*



You are


yes , but if you say it didn’t work, there is a good chance they will refer to T&C as highlighted but still would agree to put the offer as good gesture. so worth asking for. £749 is even better for this TV from a trusted retailer.


Yeah, the terms of the discount state that refurbs are not included though!


If you call Richer sounds they are offering £50 more discount making it to £749. (based on their RSTV50 code. tell them it’s not working and they should honour it) if anyone wants to take a bite. (y) 🏻

Renewed Samsung QE55Q85R 55” QLED TV £799 1 Year Warranty £799 @ Amazon
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
**This is an Amazon Renewed product Only 7 in stock available as of now. Backed by the 1-year Amazon Renewed Guarantee. This product is eligible for a replacement or refund within… Read more

How does this compare to the Sony KD55XF900?


my bad you both are correct - I had a time in mind when samsung was messing about with oled names and weird variations to the naming scheme just to sell their tvs my point about used oleds is still valid however it is not related to this product


No it isnt. OLED each pixel has its own backlight that's why it can lead to burn in. QLED has an even backlight so no burn in although colours are not as good


The technology is completely different. The only thing they have in common is that they are both display panels. QLED is LCD with an LED backlight, it doesn't suffer burn-in like OLED panels can.


Same tech fancy name

Samsung 2019 QLED Q65Q85R TV £1119.20 via employee purchase scheme @ Samsung Store
311° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
If you have an employee discount scheme (such as Perks at Work) the Samsung Store have this 2019 TV at 20% off as well as the advertised 20% off specific 2020 models. Cheapest I'v… Read more

The 1 year warranty is really putting me off this. However maybe possible to get a price match at RS at £1229 with 6yr warranty. The other alternative is the LG 65B9 at £1399 from JL with price match and £100 voucher off. Also JL are covering screen burn if you pay the £139 for the protection plus.


Not the 65" versions they're not


£40 more for a C9 or £200 less for a B9...


The viewing angles on this TV are great. I have a dining table at the end of my lounge and the angle should be almost unwatchable but the TV is super clear


Ditto - thought I'd need to upgrade my receiver but with the One Connect box i don't need to (y)


It's pure exploitation from Samsung. Charging more for an inferior TV with the same name+2020 next to it. Anyone who hasn't done their research is obviously going to think it's the best they can get.


it’s a bit underhand , you would expect to get better not worse specs for new models


Very scummy marketing aimed at the majority of TV buyers who don't know about this sort of thing.


Don't forget these are downgrades for this year, eg Q70 is same as Q60 this year , Q90 is same as Q80 this year, bit naughty just check specs as you may be better getting 2019 model


Not sure if this can be used in conjunction with the cashback offer posted the other day which for some bizarre reason went cold but if not you'd be better off using that. Can choose the cheapest retailer and still get the cashback

Samsung QE55Q85R 55” QLED TV £949 6 Year Warranty @ Richer Sounds
Posted 23rd MayPosted 23rd May
£999 with 50 off at Richer Sounds with a 6 year warranty, tad better than other deals over the last few weeks, albeit not quite as good as some a month or so ago EDIT: They're hav… Read more

i've unexpired it as it seems like the deal is back on.


LG SM9800 on ebuyer is £902 but only 1 year warranty. Cracking TV though apparently


85 has the one connect box and more local dimming than the 80


Oops! What is the difference between the 80 & 85?


Wrong tv (y)

£200 off Samsung QE65Q90R 65" 4K QLED TV with Apple TV App - £1,799 With Code @ Hughes
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Use code QE65Q90 at checkout £1599 free delivery

£1699 at Richer, £100 code on the page


This model.has 500 zone FALD amd blows OLEDs out of the water for HDR with about 4 times the peak brightness and wider colour gamut. Unless you watch TV in a dark room, these are better for HDR material.


This offer has been pulled, hasn't it?


Samsung led in the price of great oled. Cold.

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