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AEW: Fight Forever (Xbox/PS4/PS5)

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AEW: Fight Forever for Xbox/PS4 and PS5 down to 14.99 at Smyths

Amazon have price matched on PS5, I expect Xbox to follow.

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  • Combines nostagic arcade wrestling feel with innovative All Elite Wrestling finishers and offensive moves
  • Talent roster combines biggest legends to enter the ring pus brand new, high-flying AEW stars!
  • Single, tag-team, 3-way, 4-way, ladder, Casino Battle Royale, Falls Count Anywhere, Unsanctioned Lights Out, Exploding Barbed Wire Death and online co-op multi-player matches!
  • Online co-op multi-player!
  • Tag team matches feature a sequence of team maneuvers performed with simple commands
  • Deep career mode
  • Wide range of customization modes: wrestler attire and appearance, move sets, entrances, teams, and arenas.
  • More than 40 weapons!
  • Mini-Games!
  • Daily and weekly challenges!

Product Description

Developed by YUKE’s Co, Ltd., creators of numerous, multi-million unit selling wrestling games, AEW: Fight Forever combines that nostalgic arcade-wrestler feel with innovative All Elite Wrestling finishers and tandem offensive moves. All Elite Wrestling is currently taking TNT and TBS networks by storm every week with their Rampage and Dynamite shows, featuring some of the biggest legends to enter the ring plus a stable of brand new, high-flying, AEW talent. AEW: Fight Forever brings the best of the best from that talent roster together in one game! Online co-op wrestling is going completely next level in Fight Forever with Tag Team matches that feature sequences of team maneuvers performed with simple commands. A deep career mode, wrestler customization, signature AEW arenas, multiple match types and more match types than you can count, including some good ol’ fashioned, unsanctioned fun, all await!

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, GeForce Now, Microsoft Windows, More
Initial release date: 28 June 2023
Developer: Yuke's
Mode: Multiplayer video game
License: proprietary license
Genres: Fighting game, Sports Video Game, Action game, Simulation Game
Publishers: All Elite Wrestling, THQ Nordic

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  1. CaptainWest's avatar
    This is approaching a reasonable price for what you get (I purchased the Gold edition as a pre-order and I hate myself).

    This is a very very bare bones first attempt at a game with some really awful priced DLC of wrestlers that should have been in the base game (FTR were tag champs at the time of the game's release and had been in the company a long time, meaning they were clearly left out to get extra cash)
  2. nectar's avatar
    I went from liking this game to being disappointed to outright hate it hahaha.

    Gameplay is great fun but honestly the pins and counters systems are awful, almost non existent - they are so key to the gameplay it's really annoying.

    Entrances being 5 seconds is also frustrating seems like a shortcut.

    Bones of a great game in there but the way it has been put together and handled since release give me 0 hope.

    I would say if you actively watch wrestling/AEW then maybe it's worth £10
    LeePaulBaxter's avatar
    Yeah I'm still reluctant at £15. The issues you mentioned they could have fixed if they actually made an effort
  3. shamz1984's avatar
  4. LeePaulBaxter's avatar
    This died a horrible death didn't it
    Aerobiz's avatar
    Yes it did. But the gameplay is so good. A lot of No Mercy type fun to be had on the same couch. Rest of it just totally unfinished. The CAW is 0/10. Such a shame, such a shame.
  5. HonourableGentleman's avatar
    How bad is it? I have seen awful reviews - won't it be £10 soon? 😞
    Blandalorian's avatar
    The gameplay is pretty great, it’s just that the content is basically nonexistent for a game released in 2023.
  6. BClax's avatar
    Seems they keep releasing updated bundles on storefronts. If this version drops to a tenner I might pick it up. This still feels a bit too steep atm when I already have a sizeable backlog.

    Played it the other month when it was on an Xbox free weekend and enjoyed it. Story mode is fun enough and the battle royale was surprisingly enjoyable. Wish there was a bit more to it match wise but also had a good time with the matches I played. Solid enough arcadey fun for a first attempt from the company.
  7. RickyD's avatar
    Guy in the bottom middle looks like a roided up version of John Simm.
    senorsombrero3k's avatar
    I'm sure Kenny omega would appreciate that
  8. lewys's avatar
    Who's house?
    chunk3rvd's avatar
    Swerve just keeping the lights on till Hangman comes back. Cowboy
  9. BenFenlon85's avatar
    Good game for the price. Absolutely not worth full price though. Very similar to the No Mercy/Smackdown era games.
    Matthew_HarrisY2J's avatar
    Considering their aim was to make a game similar to No Mercy shows they got what they wanted. Look at the game modes, the game isn't meant to be fun and not super serious
  10. robertybob's avatar
    DLC is still being released (at a price), I would hope a “complete” Edition occurs at some point.
  11. Carl1892's avatar
    Same price at Amazon for PS5 now.
    adamguest1985's avatar
    Linked in the original post.
  12. WasteMoney's avatar
    Awful game, unless you want to play a game that feels like it’s about 15 years old…

    Maybe if it was £5 would be a good deal
    adamguest1985's avatar
    You mean when wrestling games had decent gameplay 🤫
  13. HonourableGentleman's avatar
    Watching the pay per view as I type this, if only this game was as good as PAC vs Okada!
  14. Robinsad's avatar
    This game is fun, my son has gotten in to wrestling recently and loved that it has cody Rhodes and cm punk, but the holy shit chant is so annoying, wish could turn it off, completely unnecessary.
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