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Posted 8 September 2023

Airline compliant Carry on Backpack Online / Instore Bracknell

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Saw this yesterday looked reasonable quality compared with what the likes of Trespass are offering. For anyone travelling on a budget airline well worth a punt at £9.99

Seen instore at Bracknell


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  1. Amitbe11's avatar
    are you really willing to carry all the weight on your back rather then wheeling it for 10£ more? I can think of other useful things to do with it rather then break my body on the roads
    NickelQwerty's avatar
    You can easily and safely carry a decent amount of weight on your back if you have no pre-existing medical conditions that is

    The secret to carrying weight on your back is not the back size

    It's the shoulder strap padding, width of the shoulder straps,

    And the main one is that it would have a waist strap, it is best to take a lot of the weight of the backpack around your waist and to a lesser extent take some of the weight onto your chest with a chest strap.

    Obviously this isn't a hiking rucksack and isn't going to be designed to carry a lot of weight for distances comfortably,

    But something like an osprey rucksack such as the 55litre osprey farpoint trek most healthy adults without medical conditions and could easily put 5-10kg in that backpack and providing they had the strap setup property would be able to have the backpack on for hours and not be encumbered by the weight,

    To say carrying things in a backpack will "break my body on the roads" is a tad dramatic mate.

    Alot of backpacks are specifically designed to distribute weight across your hips and chest comfortably

    Maybe not this £10 backpack, but it's a carry on and not really designed for 20kg loads is it.

    Have a nice day.
  2. lookingforadeal's avatar
    Too large for easyJet?
    OsamaBeenSaven's avatar
    You can cinch the straps down and squish it into the sizer.
    Most airlines don't count, flown 8+ times this year (lucky) budget between Vueling, Wizz, Ryan and EasyJet with a large looking backpack.
    Got through everytime (aside from one) without being asked to use the sizer, usually they don't care if it's a backpack unless it's a huge hiking style rucksack.
    The only time I didn't was my most recent trip from Birmingham to Barcelona, asked to put into sizer, a little squeezy and it fit in perfectly.

    tl:dr Don't overpack your back, wear your heaviest/biggest pieces of clothing and layer things like jumpers/jackets, don't be a target.
  3. chelleuk's avatar
    Brilliant bag. Too large for Ryanair but it served me well on a two week trip to Thailand! I traveled light and only took this bag. Amazing quality for the price! Far superior compared to anything else even close to £10
  4. Inman's avatar
    This has been around for a while. I bought one of these about 6 months ago. Very lightweight bag. Only suitable as a carry-on during flights. Not suitable for any shopping or carrying a laptop. Its intended as a carry-on for low cost flights and serves the purpose very well.
    _Titan_Warrior_X's avatar
    Oos for a good while online and at several shops though....£24 cheapest price on eBay for it now
  5. punjabputer's avatar
    MangoVango's avatar
    The UK government should force airlines to have checked luggage and reasonable carry on bags included in the fare and stop this extortionate nonsense.
  6. BartyBoy's avatar
    The dimensions are H55 x W40 x L20cm, and air france only accepts 55 x 35 x 25cm :/
    Robdataff's avatar
    The joy of a soft bag is you can squish it in the bag checker, assuming it's not completely full.
  7. R1992's avatar
    Sorry if this seems a daft Q,

    Going on a trip that allows 8kg hand luggage and a personal bag/laptop bag/briefcase....would this bag count as a personal bag? Or would it be the hand luggage?

    Apologies if it's a daft Q, haven't travelled since covid
    wendyak's avatar
    Which airline ?
  8. loofer's avatar
    Might be compliant for overhead cabin but will be too big for the free under-seat baggage allowance you get with the no frills airlines.

    Unless of course you’ve packed lightly enough to squash it down and make it fit in their frame
    ansonuk1's avatar
    Not sure if you call EasyJet no frills but I've flown twice to Edinburgh and twice to Inverness in the last year with my wife's wheeled size conforming retractable handle bag and it went in the overhead rack. Also flown BA to Edinburgh and they allowed the same bag overhead and a small backpack
  9. Kn0c70f's avatar
    Good find for in store, but online..
    Postage cost is £10!!
  10. jaizan's avatar
    This used to be a good size, but, as far as I know, all of the low cost airlines now have smaller free bag sizes.
  11. knocik's avatar
    I have those bags and don't worry about the size. If you will not fill them up so zippers are nearly giving up you will be ok as you can squeeze them.
    Quality is ok, but not great. After a couple of years those will strart to give up on stitches etc. After several years of use for trips those need replacing.
  12. SarmadT's avatar
    Out of stock
    _Titan_Warrior_X's avatar
    In stock at my local though......
  13. Shab99's avatar
    If buyjng one make sure before purchase to fasten the plastic expansion straps and give the buckle a good tug. A lot of them will come open which you don't want. (edited)
  14. Shez879's avatar
    I'm amazed at how some people travel with this bag for 2 or more weeks specially in hotter climates. Do you guys wear the same clothes for more than a day or do some washing etc?
    We used to go for weekend trips in Europe with just a wheelie hand luggage a while ago. But on longer trips of 2 to 3 weeks, we have our 30Kg hold luggage with our hand luggage full up
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