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Posted 25 July 2023

AMD Ryzen 9 7900X3D (12C/24T @ 4.4GHz) AM5 CPU Processor & 24 Month Warranty - used - Free click and collect

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Cheaper than 7800X3D for this 7900X3D at CEX.

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  • 4.4 GHz clock speed
  • 12 cores
  • 24 threads
  • Up to 5.6 GHz maximum boost clock
  • AMD EXPO memory overclocking technology
  • AMD Ryzen master support
  • Socket AM5
  • USB Type-C port, 4 x Native USB 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps), 1 x Native USB 2.0 (480Mbps) interfaces
  • PCI Express 5.0
  • Boot, RAID0, RAID1, RAID10 NVMe support
  • 2 memory channels
  • DDR5 memory type
  • 128 GB maximum memory supported
  • ECC memory support
  • Integrated AMD Radeon graphics
  • 2200 MHz graphics frequency
  • USB Type-C Display Port alternate mode

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  1. dragon2611's avatar
    Given the issues around various boards overvolting the VSOC and damaging or outright Frying the chips I'm not sure if I'd be that happy with a 2nd hand 7800X3D/7900X3D.

    It's fixed now if the motherboard has had a Bios/UEFI update, but the damage will have already been done to the chip if it's been in one of the boards that had the problem.
    toge's avatar
    hence.... warranty.
  2. runnybabbit's avatar
    Nobody has pointed out that as a 12 core, this effectively functions as a 6 core for gaming. You have both the drawbacks of the dual CCD design AND having 2 less cores per CCD - it's really the worst of both worlds.

    With the 7800X3D you have 8 pure 3D v-cache cores on a single chiplet. With the 7950X3D you have dual CCDs with 8 3D v-cache cores and 8 non v-cache cores.
    friar_chris's avatar
  3. andrex_AaA's avatar
    this or the 7800x3d?
    ITFC1989's avatar
    From what I understand, the 7800x3d will be better for gaming as only one CCD. The 7900x3d will yield better productivity as more cores. However if productivity if your main aim get a non x3d as the non x3d variant have higher clocks and aren't locked for OC.
  4. Somersett's avatar
    Dear everything- is this a tasty deal or what? While GPU prices (for the good stuff) remain horrid, the CPU battle between Intel and AMD gives us better and better parts for lower and lower prices.

    Here's a clue for the clueless- a second-hand 7000 series AMD CPU with a good warranty is as good as new. A modern chip does NOT gradually wear out. So that warranty protects you from any prior user damage. And the 7000 series CPUs don't have pins to bend or break.
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    And as warranties go, CeX are easier to deal with than many other places/manufacturers.
    I got a 7800X3D from them, delivered today (£10 more than this, but is a better gaming CPU). Looks spotless, not even a spec of thermal paste on it so could even be unused (or whoever cleaned it is as thorough as me when it comes to removing TIM).

    The only issue you may run into is, if you are extremely unlucky and it does fail, you may not get like-for-like replacement as if depends what they have in stock.
    But like you say, the chance of it being 'worn out' (thrashed by someone that can't safely overclocked for instance) is almost non-existent. If it works when you install it, it'll likely keep working for many years. (edited)
  5. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    If it's just for gaming, you're better off paying the extra £10 for the 7800X3D from them.
  6. Andy_Reinlo's avatar
    I got this cpu brand new for £20 more waiting to go in a new build. From reviews this is very close to the 7800x3d in gaming but a good margin better at productivity. If you only game and web browse etc, then the 7800x3d or even 7700x will be fine depending on the gpu paired with. If you do a mix of gaming and productivity, then this or the 7950x3d is the better choice. It really depends on use case and future upgrade plans (and price!) as to what makes the most sense right now.
  7. JonReese's avatar
    A CPU from CEX. Not sure how I feel about that I guess if the warranty is decent, you're laughing.
    jaju123's avatar
    Should be fine and if not, return
  8. Darthballs's avatar
    5800X3D > ..... (edited)
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