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Posted 29 August 2023

Angle Grinder PWS 125 F6 £24.99 / Cordless Rotary Tool 12V - £19.99 / Paint Roller Set - £2.99 / + More (From 7th Sept)

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Lidl has teamed up with Arnold Schwarzenegger (Didn't think i'd be saying that anytime soon) to promote their Parkside tools, and lots of offers going live a week tomorrow.

Various tools on offer from 7th September at LIDL instore. List below.(Approx 40 offers)

10W LED Cordless Work Light - £9.99
Angle Grinder Accessories - £4.99
Angle Grinder Brush Accessories - £4.99
Angle Grinder PWS 125 F6 - £24.99
Assorted Hooks / Washer / Nuts - £2.99
Clamp & Sawing Guide Rail - £12.99
Cordless Rotary Tool 12V - £19.99
Decorating Tool Assortment - £2.99
Diamond Sanding Block - £7.99
Digital Heat Gun - £22.99
Double-Sided Organiser - £5.99
Extension Lead With Surge Protection - £19.99
Fast Battery Charger - £14.99
Head Torch - £3.99
Heavy Duty Dolly - £12.99
Helping Hand LED Magnifier - £7.99
Hook Set - £12.99
LED Moisture Proof Light - £7.99
Laser Distance & Tape Measure - £24.99
Lubricants Assortment CDU - £2.99
Magnetic Tools / Tool Holder - £3.49
Metal Shelving Unit - £34.99
Micro Drill Bits - £3.99
Needle File Set - £4.99
Neon Duct Tape - £1.49
Paddle Mixer - £49.99
Paint Roller Set - £2.99
Paintbrush Set (3pk) - £2.99
Plasma Cutter with Integrated Compressor - £149.99
Pliers Assortment - £3.49
Precision Screwdriver Set (12pk) - 7.99
Pressure Washer - £49.99
Rechargeable Light - £14.99
Rotary Tool Accessories - £3.49
SDS-Plus Hammer Drill - £49.99
Star Head / Hex Key Set - £4.99
Tap & Die Set - £12.99
Tool Sharpening Station - £19.99
XXL Cable Ties - £9.99

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  1. accidentalbuilder's avatar
    I have an old Aldi workzone angle grinder that's put up with my abuse for years until the bearings went recently (took it to bits, cleaned it up, fresh grease and new bearings and brushes and it's working great again).

    But I'm going to pick up one of these parkside ones as a spare. If it's anything like the old Aldi one (it seems to be) they really are great value for money.

    When mine went bang and I looked around for a replacement, there just wasn't anything else with the same features (5", 1200w,variable speed control) anywhere near these sort of prices.

    Hopefully it's as well made as the old Aldi one (I was surprised how little wear there was on the gearbox when I took it to bits considering what I'd been putting it through). (edited)
  2. HDUK2022's avatar
    How much are they paying him for this ?
    Christee4's avatar
    Does it matter? I'm wondering if I need an angle grinder, you're worried about Arnie's tax return :/
  3. mrsandmum's avatar
    I had to check twice to see if that's Arnold Schwarzenegger, he normally holds bigger "tools"
    This is a "telescope" if anyone is wondering! 50880197-Obxeg.jpg
    Dan_82's avatar
    It's not, it's an iPhone!

  4. BuzzDuraband's avatar
    Dan_82's avatar
  5. peterd65's avatar
  6. deleted2726503's avatar
    If my Parkside Lathe is anything to go by, then Arnold is the perfect ambassador... as I too Was Back when it fell apart after an hours use and had to be returned for refund.50880731-Bvquk.jpg
    liquorice_allsorts's avatar
    Yeah same. The multi tool and scroll saw I bought were useless.
  7. ziggycat's avatar
  8. loftie's avatar
    Arnie is here to show us how to terminate some cables.
  9. Ken's avatar
  10. WoodlandWanderer's avatar
    Props on posting the Arnie video, got a laugh out of me.

    Can I ask where you have found the details of the items that will be available though, I can't seem to find where that information is available yet?
    WoodlandWanderer's avatar
  11. Judge-Jury-Executioner's avatar
    Wanna laugh? See Bill Hader's impression of Arnold:

    Some early DeepFake in there makes it feel like your on acid without actually being on acid the way Arnie's face morphs back and forth. LoL (edited)
    RebelliousCode's avatar
    Thanks for this needed a giggle today and that was awesome
  12. Victoria_84's avatar
    I always pronounce the angle grinder wrong! It’s a joke with me now. It’s now known as the ankle grinder
  13. KingZain786's avatar
    Get to da choppaa
  14. ws007's avatar
    heat, just ordered an angle grinder, would wait for this but i need it now.
  15. Zek's avatar
    What reality is this? This can't be the right one, Arnie teaming up with Parkside?!
  16. Waldolf's avatar
    DIY Day can not be stopped, only postponed. DIY Day is inevitable.
  17. RoosterNo1's avatar
    If diz item is faulty.... I'll be back (edited)
  18. dewonderful's avatar
    Just don't do a click and collect of it under the name Sarah Connors
  19. cheliuta's avatar
    Voted hot for the Arnie photo!
  20. Pete's avatar
    I absolutely love this
  21. DodgeySolenoid's avatar
    Shame there won't be any of their Parkside Performance Range of tools available. They just don't seem as if they want to sell them to us Brits. (edited)
    TouchmymonkeyUK's avatar
    Saw the price of some of that stuff and to be honest i'd cry if i spent more on Parkside stuff than i ever have on Bosch Pro stuff lol
  22. dvdphile's avatar
    It’s kind of appropriate as Arnie was a big fan of Reg Park
  23. lucyferror's avatar
    This ad is brilliant Tools are good quality too especially considering price.
    Voted very hot.
  24. MildmanneredCalvin's avatar
    Is there anything available for sale that can help me get to da choppa?
  25. Shonk's avatar
    Anyone know how often lidl rotate back around

    Im after a Parkside 20V Angle Grinder and havnt seen one for ages
  26. ascen's avatar
    Is there a link to see all of these on the lidl website? I cannot find it.

    I can find them individually by googling "lidl <product name" and see that they are available 7/9/23 - but not a single page listing them
  27. AgentBartonBones's avatar
    I need a sander and multi-tool so will keep an eye Arnie lol..wonder if he used these in his new tv series.. lol
    zel69's avatar
    I need your sander, your multi tool and your boots!
  28. EAH1's avatar
    Does anyone know how often the impact wrench gets sold?.
  29. Evo_Lution's avatar
    What!? love it
  30. Sym0n's avatar
    I had the 20v drill for years, perfect for DIY jobs around the house and battery life was brilliant. I'd still have it now...but dropped it in the Terrapin tank. 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Hoping my local Lidl has one in to replace it.
    AgentBartonBones's avatar
    I am sure at some point "It'll Be Back!".. lol
  31. Shonk's avatar
    The 12v drill is still at some lidl's

    the 20v one will be back soon

    21st the 20v angle grinder is back £34.99
's avatar