Unfortunately, this deal has expired 17 May 2021.
Posted 17 May 2021

Any Size Domino’s Pizza for £5.99 via App (Min Spend Applies / Select Locations) @ Dominos

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**ANY SIZE PIZZA £5.99**

Only on the Domino’s app.


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  1. Mr0's avatar
    Not this deal again very limited places do it
  2. mrb30's avatar
    Downloads app, checks deals, removes app
  3. Guysy's avatar

    Thanks ! Texas BBQ
  4. ehpablo's avatar
    Sucks to be in N.I, never any good offers from Dominoes
  5. sibeer's avatar
    Not on in Merseyside as far as I can tell.
  6. trampjuice's avatar
    Too fat for this. But thanks anyway.
  7. ibblackberry1's avatar
    Ordered two pizzas, they gave me three and a starter and extra sauce, when i noticed and phoned to get it swapped there was a hooha and i ended up getting it all for the £11.98 i paid online.

    Happy days.
  8. Helmski's avatar
    Works in Wishaw ML2
  9. garspaceman's avatar
    Works in Bristol
  10. Dinho's avatar
    Not in Birmingham, so save your time
  11. kimd83's avatar
    Works for Livingston, thanks
  12. Half_Cut's avatar
    Yes OP! On its way now
  13. toffeechris's avatar
    Working in Thrapston. Diet resumes tomorrow
  14. danielwhicks's avatar
    £8.99 any size where I live. Rubbish deal. Also this “any size pizza” marketing is stupid. We all know it’s a large pizza. It is not like a someone would do this deal and only get a small
  15. BARKMAN's avatar
    I had a text about the offer for today

    44725014-hpPhq.jpg (edited)
  16. Munkee's avatar
    Working for my locals in Glasgow( merchant , Alexander parade , cranhill , bailleston )

    shame I’m eating better I might still get a couple for the kids (edited)
  17. ihavestatichair's avatar
    Bonedome12317/05/2021 14:57

    Anyone know if this is collection only?

    Works on delivery too but you need to meet the minimum spend
  18. suzaylogan's avatar
    Is there a list of locations?
  19. olilovespies's avatar
    Working in Lowestoft
  20. Snipe's avatar
    Works in Aylesbury, Thame, Oxford
  21. Kloppo92's avatar
    Snipe17/05/2021 16:44

    Works in Aylesbury, Thame, Oxford

    Jansel Square? Only comes up 9.99 for me
  22. deleted856664's avatar
    They must do this offer in the worse selling stores only! Never once been available to me
  23. LukeJC94's avatar
    Not Avaialble in Manchester
  24. wajid_aziz's avatar
    Not in LUTON
  25. bobthewibble's avatar
    Just ordered from Weymouth, great deal. Thanks OP.
  26. flystarjay's avatar
    love this deal, in my area
  27. Bonedome123's avatar
    Thanks to ‘ihavestatichair’ for posting this deal.

    You made my 2 teenage boys very happy tonight! 😄
  28. Bonedome123's avatar
    Mr017/05/2021 13:44

    Not this deal again very limited places do it

    Worked in Cheltenham- Thanks!
  29. Chrissybh0y's avatar
    Just got it thank you
  30. Taz1106's avatar
    Worked for me. Two pizzas and cookies delivered for £14 something....
    God I love second dinner!
  31. Naomiomi's avatar
    Noticed this wasn’t on my app earlier when I was deciding on dinner plans. It’s there now. Must come live later in the day. Ragin lol
  32. Bonedome123's avatar
    Taz110617/05/2021 22:14

    Worked for me. Two pizzas and cookies delivered for £14 something....God I …Worked for me. Two pizzas and cookies delivered for £14 something....God I love second dinner!

    😄Balanced diet, all major food groups covered.
  33. peter.whitmoreSJ1's avatar
    perfect, just delivered, thanks
  34. rp1974's avatar
    Great deal if it's available to you,as it is to me in Glasgow,Baillieston. .
    Not such a great deal if it's not available to you though,granted. .
    Some of the snippy comments uncalled for,really. .
    Oh by the way thanks OP. (y).
  35. anna.flanagan's avatar
    Dominos stores in Glasgow do this deal fairly often. If you follow the dominos Glasgow fb page they post when it’s on.
  36. Jason's avatar
    Sorry - we added the wrong image to the thread We've updated it and reset the thread. Thanks for the reports on it.
  37. chrisom's avatar
    Not in west Yorkshire
  38. deleted150790's avatar
    Not in Plymouth
  39. martyn.colclough's avatar
    as always with these offers, not on app for locations near me :-(
  40. Bonedome123's avatar
    Anyone know if this is collection only?
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