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Posted 23 July 2023

Asrock Radeon RX 6600 Dual 8GB GDDR6 PCI-Express Graphics Card + Free Starfield

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Now £188.99 + 7.99 delievery so price is up 10%, but still seems cheapest for this card with the starfield.
This deal is for those who want to play Starfield on a budget!!!
Lowest price 1080p card with Starfield included.

Lowest recent price for the card alone was : £171.74
If we compare to this price here: £187.98 it effectively means you're getting the copy of Starfield for a mere £16.24.
Bring me your heat!!!

Some really good options now at different price points.

RX 6600 at ~£190 (Starfield Regular)
RX 6650 XT /7600 at ~£240 (Starfield Regular)
RX 6700 XT at ~£300 (Starfield Premium)

Two fans that provide strong cooling performance and make your gaming rig stay cool. It’s optimized for delivering excellent gaming experience with stylish and streamlined design.

Designed to avoid PCB bending. The fancy outlook makes the graphic card more legendary in visual. It also helps to enhance cooling with the premium thermal pads equipped backside.

ASRock’s custom Striped Axial Fan delivers enhanced airflow to optimize cooling from not only the stripe structure on each fan blade but also the polishing surface on the bottom side.

The fan spins when the temperature goes high for the optimal cooling, and stops when the temperature goes low for the complete silence.

The heatpipes are consolidated to maximize the contact among each others and also the GPU baseplate for the optimized heat dissipation.

With premium copper base heatsink design, the direct contact area to the GPU would be maximized to improve thermal transfer effectively.

Eliminate the gaps in the contact area to maximize heat transfer and thermal efficiency. The premium thermal pad helps to transfer the heat of the components to the heatsink, improving heat dissipation.

ASRock adopts precise screw torque when assembling its graphics cards to optimize the cooler mounting pressure to improve thermal efficiency while avoiding damage to GPU die.

- Boost Clock: Up to 2491 MHz / 14 Gbps
- Game Clock: Up to 2044 MHz / 14 Gbps
- Base Clock: 1626 MHz / 14 Gbps
- 7nm AMD Radeon™ RX 6600
- AMD RDNA™ 2 Architecture
- DirectX 12 Ultimate
- PCI® Express 4.0 Support
- 1 x 8-pin Power Connector
- 3 x DisplayPort™ 1.4 with DSC / 1 x HDMI™ 2.1 VRR
- Dual Fan Design
- Striped Axial Fan
- Ultra-fit Heatpipe
- Stylish Metal Backplate
- 0dB Silent Cooling
- Super Alloy Graphics Card
Overclockers More details at
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  1. MaxJenson's avatar
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the Starfield included in these AMD deals for Bethesda's own launcher/storefront and not for Steam ?
    Czubaka's avatar
    50649059-WCbwv.jpgIt's Steam according to T&Cs.
  2. iceburglettuce's avatar
    dont.mack.me.off's avatar
    I think that list is showing that you get the game for free if you buy those products (from a participating retailer), not that you get if free if you already have them.
  3. ought's avatar
    Would this be a physical version of the game or a download?

    (Not really sure I need Starfield so wondering if it can be sold on.... ) (edited)
    Joeymx's avatar
  4. abaxas's avatar
    Looks like the £500 gaming machine is back on.

    Excellent value.
  5. mickmartin16's avatar
    Watched a YouTuber talk about this deal last-night.

    if you consider standard starfield is £70 and premium is £100 that’s some cracking savings. (edited)
  6. Gkains's avatar
    I know 6600 to 6600 XT is only about 15% faster or so, but Navi 23 is a 237mm² and TSMC 7nm yields have been excellent for years...
    ...So really for yields there is little reason for these to be cut down to 6600 spec. About the only reason in terms of costs is that 6600 XT needs faster memory clocks. Therefore it is all about market segmentation, I guess.
    UKScottDeals's avatar
    There will always be chips that fail to attain XT spec.
  7. ought's avatar
  8. Hemichromis's avatar
    Great deal.

    Very tempting as it should run fairly cool due to low power draw.

    It's heat sink is partly uncovered by the back plate. I assume this might help as well?
    Thomas_Pereira's avatar
    Tbh, not sure if that's a good or bad thing!
  9. IanC7's avatar
    Just upgraded my ageing PC to Ryzen 5 5600, 32gb DDR4 RAM. Monitor resolution is 2560x1080 and this definitely won't be getting upgraded so I don't need to think about 4k capabilities.

    What sort of graphics settings could I expect for modern games with my setup paired with this card? Will I be able to run them at high/max or should I look for something better than this? In the past I've liked to aim for this, that way I can still run games coming out in a few years time, even if only at low or medium settings.

    Happy to consider Nvidia too. Always had more issues with drivers with AMD compred to Nvidia anyway.
    KCChief19's avatar
    In a not too dissimilar position myself. Built a rig last year with i5 12400, 32gb DDR4 Ram, and just ordered a Crucial P5 Plus SSD to replace the cheap P2 SSD I bought back then. Currently using a 1080p gaming monitor (165hz) and an RX 570 4gb I picked up "cheap" from CEX when prices were insane. Now looking at replacing the GPU and kind of between RX 6600/6650 or going the extra for the RX 6700 XT, which seems more futureproof but is also quite a bit more cost wise.

    I also connect to a 4k tv so wanting something to play games on that (at a lower than 4k resolution that upscales).
  10. shinds's avatar
    …is this better than a RTX 2060? (edited)
    ought's avatar
    I was wondering the same, how it comares to the Evga Geforce Rtx 2060 Sc Gaming....
  11. twiggy9999's avatar
    I've been out of the GFX market for some time, how does this stack up against the 590 fatboy 8gb I currently have? Is it worth the upgrade or should I be looking at more of a budget for something the next step up like the 6700XT. I mainly game in esports at 1080p so the 590 is fine for high fps there but struggles on my 2k ultrawide on other games mainly driving-based titles unless the settings are tweaked downwards.

    For context, I will be upgrading my entire platform going up to a AMD 7600 and DDR5.
    Thomas_Pereira's avatar
    Definitely better, but the upgrade path isn't straight forward.

    There's kind of 3 options.

    £180 for this RX 6600
    £240 for the RX 7600
    £300 for the RX 6700 XT

    Not too easy to pick which one, but obviously each time you're paying more you are getting something better! Would say if you're upgrading everything, maybe worth saving up and just going for the RX 6700 XT. It will be the most future proof.
  12. Jack_Ch_'s avatar
    ARGH I'm so tempted, said I'd wait until these hit £149 before biting but the game sweetens it... can we sell the game or is it linked to the card as I have Game Pass?
    Joeymx's avatar
    Deleted due to incorrect info. See below. (edited)
  13. Rambojazdude's avatar
    Borderline specs on this GPU to run Starfield. Still a good deal non-the-less
  14. Dddd89's avatar
    Have the triple fan version of this which I paid the same amount used about 6 months ago. Been faultless and runs super cool.
    The only downside is the 8GB but if your running a budget rig you can easily run this on a 500w PSU and watched some YouTube videos and seems to run the same as a 4060 GTX which goes for 300 
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