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Ryzen 7 4750G - 16GB - 480GB SSD - Radeon - No OS - Desktop PC £499.98 delivered @ Laptops Direct
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Punch Technology no operating system PCs are designed for IT professionals and computer enthusiasts looking for excellent value hardware for delivering their solutions. Our PCs are… Read more

Probably not without a PSU upgrade. The PSU included is only 250w. I would say its better than the i7 10700, especially with the included hugely superior Vega graphics. Should also have a much better resale value also.


Can I put a 1080ti in this? Also is this CPU equivalent of an intel i7 10700?


min spec for VR is the league of 960/1050ti specs. ideal i reco a 1660Super.


Is it capable of running vr at decent enough rate


800 to spend now. I dont really want to be selling bits if I can help it. I just want a decent desktop that I can plug my 1660super into and won't struggle if I buy a 3070 in a year's time.

Punch Technology 2003 mATX Ryzen 7 4750G 16GB 240GB SSD Radeon Windows 10 Pro Desktop PC - £604.96 @ Laptops Direct
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Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Punch Technology Business PCs are backed by a warranty and support service designed for professionals. Pre-installed with Microsoft Window 10 Pro without unnecessary extras, our PC… Read more

Ryzen 4650G 8GB / 240 = £350.00 +30 for boost on ram to 16gb = £380 like awd windows charge £89 = 469 -599 fee on site for this, so thats £130.00 4650G VS 4750G worth £130?? that is the Qs regardless of ebay. 3600 vs 3700x is regional 90s difference. excess over 90s = 40 bang that 40 on to awd windows charge = 129.99 for windows which is what i say before, No deal for me, But looking at it as a whole i can see why the op posted it, is it beatable in a prebuilt market 8core 10700? with graphics of 1030.... dont think u need to expire it @ComingInHot i can gripe about the windows mate, but i can certainly see why u posted it, its got merrit vs the field. people can say go 6core higher gpu; but not all wanna do that way. if someone was interested, a challege on the windows ask for it off, it be perfect.

Am I missing a trick here, or leave this well alone and go intel and a 1030 GPU for additional £80-90 in the short term, which will beat the pants off the APU?


True just think ryzen 7 4750g doesn't represent good value. 4650g gives great cpu performance and adequate graphics grunt for short term, the 4750g is to much of a premium for what it is


Oops, removed a don't that shouldn't have been there (lol) . Essentially, some people might need a workstation right now but also want it as a gaming PC in the future. In that situation a 4750G would be a good pick. 3400G may be too slow (or at least not as fast as they'd like) for video editing/software development depending on what they're doing.


Read it 3 times and still didn't understand what you were saying. Sorry

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Punch Technology 2003 mATX Ryzen 5 4650G 8GB 240GB SSD Radeon No OS Desktop PC £354.96 delivered inclusive 3 year warranty @ Laptops direct
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Punch Technology 2003 mATX Ryzen 5 4650G 8GB 240GB SSD Radeon No OS Desktop PC.... Change the power supply and add dual channel memory and this is a good PC for the money, especial… Read more

Now OOS.


Hahahaha....what a w⚓ I think he doesn't need coaching from you pal @sarden84 has helped me and prob dozens others. Children should be seen and not heard (poo)


Thanks Sarden... I already have 2x8gb ram, an nvme drive and an SSD ready to put into whatever I end up buying so I'll consider the options! It does look like I need a gpu for proper vr though.


have a watch of this mate so u understand the vega aspect of VR and its limitations. as for the cpu that is vega 8 4core zen, original. moved on since then but this newer is vega 7 so some edges in many ways but the cpu is 6core 12 thread and its as good as a ryzen 5 3600 regardless of the above chaps statement: ^ does have a 16GB package, and then it does have a sweet 500 deal which has upgrade PSU / NVME for folks who wanna add in a GPU upto an RTX3060 laters., check both, no harm in sharing regardless who posted as long as people know the deals for consideration.


Probably a silly question, but as I'd like to know I'll ask it! The specs for Oculus link say that for its graphics "AMD Radeon Vega Series” is OK and for a processor ”Intel i5-4590 / AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or greater” is OK...... so would this (or a similar spec machine) work for playing VR games from Steam (not AAA titles!) on a Quest 2? I'd add another stick of ram immediately and look to add a graphics card (with a new power supply) at a later date when prices.

Refurbished HP EliteDesk 705 G3 AMD Pro A8 Quad Core 3.10GHz 4GB 128GB SSD Radeon R7 Desktop - £93.49 @ eBay / newandusedlaptops4u
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
15% OFF - Discount applied in checkout Processor: AMD Pro A8-9600 R7 Quad Core 3.10GHz Memory: 4GB DDR4 Hard Drive: 128GB SSD Operating System: Windows 10 64 Bit … Read more

As will the 4GB of RAM. And whilst they're small form factor, they must be right on the upper limit of small form factor, so they're not so small. Having managed these at work, my opinion of them is pretty low. Cheap, yes, but you'll soon see why.


Not bad for the price, but the CPU is going to hold back anything except basic tasks.