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Sapphire AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB PULSE Graphics Card £140.99 @ ebuyer
Found 16 h, 13 m agoFound 16 h, 13 m ago
Great alternative to 1050ti as is better and nearly same price Sapphire Pulse 4GB Radeon RX 570 Delivers: • 1080p gaming with high quality visuals. • DirectX® 12 and Vulkan™ sup… Read more
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me! sarcastic, how dare you sir, i was only praising your much valued opinion, i don't know you try to be nice......


Nope, "Alternative".


I didn't vote cold, I merely pointed out the cost for the next gfx bracket. It's called information, use it as you fit... as a constructive info on deciding if you want to buy this or being sarcastic with no added value.


i`m so glad you pointed out that trend of spending more money gets you a better GFX card, for most people it flies straight over their head. . . . :|



Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 580 8GB Gaming MI Mining Graphics Card + Scan gaming headset £203.99 @ Scan
Found 15th DecFound 15th Dec
First deal posted so be kind :) Seems a good price, even without the bundled in headset.

I meant it’s not terrible but yes, you are right.


Not a great price, I picked up a new one of these for £155 a couple of weeks ago with an eBay discount.code.


Its not a good price for one either, plenty about at £170ish recently


Mining Edition (lol) . Good luck selling those in this climate, MI cards have short warranty too from what I know. These cards also have terrible fans. Shame as not a bad price for 8GB RX 580...

Radeon RX VEGA 64 WindForce OC 8GB HBM2 PCI-Express Graphics Card Was: £499.99 -20% - Now £398.99 @ Overclockers
Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
Free Items - Resident Evil 2, The Division 2 & Devil MayCry 5
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Pfffff, no worries, didn't check before posting.


Duplicate: Come on mods, stop messing about.

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ASUS AMD RADEON RX VEGA 64 ROG STRIX OC 8GB £428.99 (free shipping with Amazon Pay)  @ OverclockersUK
Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
Free games included are RESIDENT EVIL 2, THE DIVISION 2 & DEVIL MAYCRY 5 FREE DPD Next Day when you checkout with Amazon Pay otherwise shipping is £18.00. Last deal on this wa… Read more

Cheers for correcting me. I'd still buy the sapphire and a Bykski if I wanted water cooling.


A bit above my paygrade, do me a favour (lol) There is a water block for the Sapphire, which has a proper stock cooler, so you can have a proper stock cooler and add liquid cooling later if you like. However yet again you’ve assumed that people who don’t want liquid cooling are somehow poorer or inferior to those who do. So it’s really not worth my while arguing with you. Just buy what you want (y)


Because the Gigabyte cards available at the moment don't have full block covers for them either?! Why would you take offense and misrepresent a simple open ended statement? Water cooling a bit above your paygrade is it? And I'll repeat myself shall I? "Why would you advocate buying a GPU with a known bad stock cooler?" "the Strix (ROG-STRIX-RXVEGA64-O8G-GAMING) has a full block water cooler available for it, were as the Sapphire (11275-03-40G ) does not"


What a massive and ridiculous assumption... I know tons of people who spend this much on a GPU and don’t want to watercool it, myself included. Why would you advocate buying a GPU with a known bad stock cooler? Google ‘ASUS Vega strix vrm throttling’.


You can find block water cooler for the nitro, but if you're going for water cooled then why wouldn't you get the cheapest version (gigabyte?). The whole point of the nitro is to get the best non customised version. #warranty

Powercolor radeon rx580 8gb graphics card £169.99 @amazon
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Lowest price it's been from Amazon I believe. same price at overclockers & ebuyer + games. The PowerColor Radeon RX 580 Red Dragon V2 with semi-passive dual-fan cooler reache… Read more

Back up to £191 now :(


Almost certainly!


Is this compatible with Razer core x egpi enclosure?


My Dragon has been rock solid, neither hotter nor louder than previous cards I've owned. It ticks all the boxes as an RX580. You might get another version that's 1-3% quieter, cooler or faster, but it's going to cost you 50% more, which would be an insane decision to make imho.


not seen any issues with heat on the card and noise isn't that loud. Would love to see a noise comparison chart but can't find one... with respect to performance, plenty of videos about like this one which show no, if any difference at all.

ASUS AMD Radeon RX VEGA 56 ROG Strix OC Gaming 8GB HBM2 Graphics Card £359.99 / £364.78 delivered @ Scan
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
decent for VEGA 56 Asus :D
kester76 Amazon keep dropping the price to £385 every so often so you need to be actively looking for it.


(shock) you got a link?


That deal might return on Boxing day at OCuk


You can grab the palit rtx 2070 for £20 more when in stock off amazon.


I know! I’m agreeing with you. Vega makes sense at £300 mark, even more so if using Freesync. Vega 64 should be around £50 more than 56 not £100 more.

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Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX 580 8GB GDDR5 - £218.99 @ Amazon
Found 9th DecFound 9th Dec
Nice price for a good card

I think for the average gamer this offers fantastic value, akin to the good old days before the industry started taking the biscuit with price Vs performance


Granted, comparing a Sapphire to Powercolor is a stretch but OR make it a tough sell at 220.


in January at CES they're set to announce the new AMD Graphics cards so i'm gonna wait it out


Why is this voted cold, is it cheaper elseware?


hot (highfive)

Lenovo Ideacentre 520 - FHD 23.8" AIO PC - AMD Quad Core CPU / 8GB RAM / 2TB HDD / Radeon 530 / Wireless Keyboard & Mouse £489.99 @ Box
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
Box have this on offer at £489.99 including delivery. It's actaully really nice looking as far a AIO machines go. Plenty of storage there at 2TB and even Radeon 530 2GB, so you'll … Read more

Agreed although I can't see how these really save much if any room. The other problem is when they go wrong you lose everything. That being said they do look nice.


Thanks this looks like it might just do it appreciate your help mate


Take a look at this one at Compadvance have others but this includes an SSD so should be fast and last a good few years.


Could you help me find an all in one or a decent desktop pc mate need one for my nephews xmas box got around £300 to spend refurbished obviously but struggling to find a decent one he's not a gamer just want something that'll last him 2-3 years


Thats a 'usual' sort of CCL price. Imagine you have a large budget for parts and can buy 20 motherboards at a time? 20 cpu's, 20 hard drives.. now suppliers wanna talk when they got too much stock? And bancruptcy auctions are nice. (I know a supplier who has paid £6 for whole machines at auction, 10 at a time) Then you realise windows is a b/s rip off on most sites (they charge 100 despite getting it for much less) Suddenly your competitive. Dont get me wrong, you can be sure this is a low level board,probably gigabyte A320 chipset, (retail) but thats better quality than anything in a dell. And if you upgrade to an 'X' cpu (2600x for e.g) a locked board matters nothing, the chips are maxed out clocks wise anyway.(and you get a good cooler ;#} ) The power supply could be anything, might be a comes with a case job,might be cit 400 or aerocool 600 (common in pre builts) But this machine has a future? Its upgradeable. You want to see how far we've come thanks to A.M.D.'s efforts? This chip is near an i7 4770 (not 'k') and gt 1030 graphics power. Those 2 items retailed ~ £350 and you can buy this whole pc for that. I'm aware this chip goes another 7% if you can clock it (closer to that i7) but for this price who gives a hoot? You could sensibly drop a vega 56 or gtx 1070 on this chip, its that good. Now DDR4 R.A.M. should be half the price .. when its a fiver a gig I'm building an 8 core r5 3600x rig.(yes,its coming) ;#} Buying prebuilts like the lenovo AIO unit posted here is paying for and encouraging MEDIOCRITY. I will never participate in that and anybody who knows me personally would consult me before making such a mistake.

Powercolor Radeon RX 580 8GB Red Dragon v2 - £179.89 inc. next day delivery - Overclockers UK
Refreshed 7th DecRefreshed 7th Dec
AMD Radeon 580 8GB by Powercolor. Includes a choice of two free games from Devil May Cry 5, The Division 2 and Resident evil 2 remake. Specification: - Graphics Engine: RX 580 - V… Read more

showing as 199 for me


Not bad, I bought this card and it benchmarked a little lower than my GTX 970 until I overclocked the RAM to 2200 Mhz then it was slightly faster. . Don't recommend overclocking the core though, the extra noise from the card is not worth it. *Note - openGL benchmarks only, Vulkan performance is vastly superior to GTX 970.


AMD`s new cpu`s and GPU`S will be based on a new smaller technology and will be cheaper to produce, further the ryzen 3 CPU`s will be made from rejects from their EPYC server chips, making them very cheap for AMD to manufacturer .


They could also be cheaper because bitcoin is at the lowest it's been in over a year and these cards are very popular for mining.


I heard this too but I'm sceptical to say the least. If the current generation of ryzen gpu's are selling so well at this price, why would the new prices be lower.

Gigabyte Radeon RX VEGA 64 WindForce OC 8GB HBM2 Graphics Card - £398.99 + 3 Free Games / £408.89 Delivered -  Overclockers
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Gigabyte Radeon RX VEGA 64 WindForce OC 8GB HBM2 Graphics Card - £398.99 + 3 Free Games - Overclockers Adding £9.90 for delivery gives you £408.98 but you get 3 games free - Resi… Read more
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Really? I wanted to build a Ryzen 5 2600x / Vega 64 with a 550w Corsair gold. 750w it's a lot, how much power it drains? Should I go for Nvidia?


Bought it on Black Friday. Excellent GPU after undervaulting, Overkill for FPS games perfect for 1440p Ultra setting games. Had no issues so far no loud fan noise. But its power hungry it requires 750w PSU. Read if you are running cheaper lower power PSU VEGA64 might whine and underpreform.


Good luck. I wish I bought one when they were £600 on ebuyer or over clockers.


I picked one up yesterday for 440.. I shall get it in few days. It is used with no warranty but cannot justify spending 600 for a new one. Done PayPal credit deal so wife won't find out lol


I'm doing the same on eBay but I just can't risk buying second-hand I never have any luck with that.

Gigabyte - Radeon RX 560 - 4 GB GAMING OC rev 2.0 - £121.86 @ more computers
Found 4th DecFound 4th Dec
Not a bad price for a entry level card.

Yea, I was wanting an rtx card to be honest. But as usual there is no direct 1060 replacement rtx card as yet. Plus with all the bad press of cards dying plus the expense I think the 580 should sort me out for a while yet at 1080p.


Great price for a great card. I've got a 3840x1600 monitor so I need more GPU horsepower and I'm currently on a 1070ti which I paid £350 in January (when they were £500-600). It was still a steal, but the jump from an RX580 to 1070ti in horsepower isn't worth double the price


I know, I. Picked up the Sapphire special edition rx 580 8gb from Amazon 2 weeks ago for £181 absolute bargain.


I mean, you can game at 1080p on less, but given how cheap they are, why would you? There's one available now on Ebuyer for £144 including 2 games from AMD. That's like £22 more than this deal, including free shipping and 2 brand new games. You'd have to be crazy to pick the RX560 for anything over £100. At this bottom end of the product segment, the gains for every £10-20 spent are (can be) massive.


Yea, the 4gb rx 570 is the absolute minimum of go for 1080p gaming.

Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 580 8GB - £209.99 @ Amazon
Found 3rd DecFound 3rd Dec
Available for order in stock 14th December
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It would, especially as this isn't 209.99 anymore. :)


then wouldnt it be better to purchase the card from overclockers? same price with 2 free games right now.


Not from Amazon unfortunately.


do you get any free games with the card?

PowerColor Radeon RX 580 RED DRAGON V2 8GB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card £189.95 @ AWD-IT
Found 2nd DecFound 2nd Dec
PowerColor Radeon RX 580 RED DRAGON V2 8GB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card Best price I've seen this yet!!
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Actually, in games fps (not benches) there is single figure % differences between those cards,particularly as the cut down gpu scales better with clocking (and generally comes with lower stock clocks so they catch up a bit). Basicly in my mind ultrrrra is a bit o.t.t., I cant see any difference from v.high, so a 570 is better value. No bad cards,only bad prices!


PS 5 gonna be $500/ (prob near that in £'s) The problem with upgrading from 3rd gen is ddr4 but it should drop in price,eventually, cos gamers will all have some. I guessing a board, 12 thread 7 nm cpu and ram wont set you back that much , and lets face it, an rx 580 is plenty for casual gaming.


I'm actually running an i7 3770 (probably 3rd generation) as I'm averse to spending money. I looked up forums about the issue and there were plenty of others running far better graphics cards (1070 etc) that were only getting 40fps on AC Odyssey, so maybe it's not well optimised and/or suited for my good albeit well aged CPU. When the time comes to upgrading in a couple of years, if it costs me more than a console for equivalent performance I'll probably go console as this PC gaming malarkey is expensive.


Bought rx 570 8gb for £185 two months ago, should've waited smh, did get the new ac with it though so not all bad


I don't know if it is the case with Odyssey too but Origins ran heavy DRM on the game, eating up CPU like mad. When I switched from my 4th gen i5 to my Ryzen 7, it helped loads.

Sapphire Radeon RX 590 8GB NITRO+ £248.99 @ Amazon
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Sapphire Radeon RX 590 8GB NITRO+ even cheaper than Sapphire RX 580 Special Edition (still £283). In stock on December 6, 2018. Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.


Honestly, everywhere. Mind you that was around black Friday/cyber Monday but just search 580 on this website and you'll see how common it's been. Sooner or later one of the sites will have a discount on them again :D


Where have you seen 8gb 580's sub 200£?


I like the colour


Save £100; get the 580 4GB from ballicom.

Dell Inspiron 15 5570 Laptop, i5 8250U, Full HD 1TB, 8GB, AMD Radeon 530 2GB, REFURBISHED £450 @ Laptek Ebay
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
Make sure to use the code PRESENTS. Although this is a refurb, I believe for this price it is fairly good. Should have an SSD slot, please confirm in comments. Has better build qua… Read more

No need to vote cold just for that honestly since the laptop can be equipped with a SSD and then you can just install Windows on it and keep the HDD for storage.




Cold. I have this laptop and as other have said. The hard drive is absolutely rubbish. Its not even good enough to surf the internet.


I can see your point. Updating OP.


be careful in case there is a plastic clip - i snapped mine (different dell model) ... not that there was ANY need for one with the number of screws but was still annoying getting windows on the m.2 and to boot was much harder than the installation itself so make sure you've looked it up first (was ages ago i did so dont ask i cant remember (cheeky) ) edit: looks like you know about the clip - ah well so did i but snapped it on second go ;)

Gigabyte AMD Radeon RX 580 Gaming 8GB Graphics Card £199.97 Ebuyer
Found 29th NovFound 29th Nov
£35 cheaper than amazon and also 2 free games unsure what they are have been looking ofr a cheap rx580
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I picked up a Nitro+ special edition during Black Friday, it's whisper-quiet. You won't notice it when playing games. I specifically avoided the PowerColor because I read the same reviews.


The graphics card market is a minefield right now. This seems the best card around £200 with the 1060 not coming with any games. Then there's the bizarre 590 sitting around £250, and the 1070 at £300.


I purchased a 570. The email from Scan said this. “Go to enter the Key found below. Once you have created and account and redeemed your Key - you can enjoy your chosen titles.” I did this and receive an email from @ with Steam keys for two out of the three games. I do not recall having to link my Steam/Uplay and AMD accounts. Whether the keys will work if you do not have a 570/580, I honestly don’t know.


I did the same thing! thinking I would be able to sell one of them on ebay, oh well you win some/lose some.


Was waiting for the sapphire nitro+ to come down to a similar price. I hear the power cooler 580 is really loud, anyone had a hands on with this gigabyte card?

Sapphire Radeon RX 580 NITRO+ Special Edition 8 GB £209.99 Sold by Realtime Distribution & Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Not as cheap as it was a week or 2 ago but still a good price for the specy edition... Seller: realtime distribution
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Just wondering what is that app or website your using?


But you are right, it seems that the price was ~£210 for a some period a bit earlier


Must of ended :(


Nope, wouldn't touch this price knowing it was £30 less last week. Ebay currently has an Rx 570 8GB for £136 (2 free games)

Gigabyte Radeon RX 570 Gaming 8GB - £149.98 @ Ebuyer
Found 27th NovFound 27th Nov
Looks to be the best deal to get an RX570 + the amd free games. The 4GB version is also available for £144.98. TCB is 1.5% too.

Good find, you still also get the free games so this is an even better deal until the ebay 15% off runs out Edit: wont work for me


anybody know if the nitro+ 570 4gb comes with the 2 free games? Same price from ebuyer also.


I've gone for this from eBuyer on eBay with the 15% eBay discount taking it down to £136. The eBay price is higher than eBuyer's own website. Thanks OP for the heads up.


Amazon Warehouse had some great deals for these, I found one for £107 after the 20% discount. Think the 20% discount is over, but worth checking.


Thanks very much for your input. I’ve seen a few models that keep the fans still, and therefore silent, under low load situations. I’m assuming that my music creation requirements will be a low load as far a graphics are concerned. I just have no experience of this in the real world though. But it seems promising. Thanks for the link too. Much appreciated.

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