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Posted 12 December 2022

Babylon 5, The Complete Series Remastered £29.99 @ iTunes Store

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All 110 Original Episodes Fully Remastered! Own all five seasons of the award-winning series about the space station that's the tumultuous center of the 23rd century's bid for peace among humans and aliens

includes the pilot episode The Gathering
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    So many of the cast have died early. They must have all gone to Z'Ha'Dum.

    Cmdr Sinclair (Michael O'Hare) aged 60
    Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) aged 60
    Dr Franklin (Richard Biggs) aged 44
    G'Kar (Andreas Katsulas) aged 59
    Vir Cotto (Stephen Furst) aged 63
    Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) aged 60
    Delenn (Mira Furlan) aged 65
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    No idea what these look like as I haven't seen them. I'd kill for a full blu ray release however. Probably won't happen as it would require all of the CGI to be re-done.

    For anybody who hasn't seen this show however, grab this and enjoy! I watch the old DVD set at least every 12-18 months, and I love it every time. Fantastic TV from better times.
    iTunes v DVD comparison
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    I don't like giving heat to anything related to Apple, but I'll make an exception for Babylon 5. Sci-Fi of the highest level.
    Totally agree
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    Just a heads up for those who have bought but not started watching yet.
    Depending on where you’re starting to play from you may see a different first episode.
    Direct from the library the first episode is the series first episode Midnight On The Firing Line.
    The Pilot Episode: The Gathering is actually included as a bonus episode numbered 201 so is listed as the last episode.
    However playing direct from Up Next then it plays the Pilot episode first.
    It’s also worth pointing out that the Pilot Episode wasn’t remastered and is shown in a 16:9 format as opposed to its original 4: 3 format so has been cropped and zoomed to fill the screen, looks a little washed out and low quality. (edited)
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    Great price for a brilliant (but underated) sci fi series. Heat
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    my mild claim to fame is I used to live in Claudia Christian's / Ivana's from the show's house in Bel Air / Los Angeles until we fell out over some imaginery thing I was 21ish at the time. I attended one of the cast birthday parties and all the aliens were there without make-up pretty weird. (edited)
    Now I think we need more info on this. (edited)
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    Waiting for it to come back on Amazon Prime Video again...

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    I am very, very disappointed that the first comment on this deal wasn't -
    "And so it begins...".

    So many great characters in this series, G'Kar, Londo, and of course Zathras.
    No, not Zathras...Zathras!
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    " Now get the hell out of our Galaxy.....! ". Top series.
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    These are good value for money a great series
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    And don't forget divorces too, with Melissa Gilbert Little House on the Prairie and Bruce Boxleitner Bring Em Back Alive.
    Claudia Christian too. Wrote a book, Babylon confidential. She had a wild ride too. Massive issues with alcohol. (edited)
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    Hest added. I'm hoping the reboot is going to be as good as the original.
    I strongly suspect the reboot is dead.
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    My favourite series of all time, absolutely love it. Keep telling my kids to watch it but they just say I'm sad. Bought all the original series as they were released at a cost of approx 50 quid a time. Bought all the films too.
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    Can someone educate me on how to actually purchase this? I seem to be going around in circles. My Mac just opens the Apple Music app. Looking for it in Apple TV+ you can only buy episodes/individual seasons.
    Under Season 1 you’ll see 2 Versions, you can buy from there
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    I love this series as whole, but, Series 1 is a tough watch for sure if you've never seen it before. Like - really tough. Beyond that *chefs kiss*
    Someone has done a fan edit of the whole show into a series of movies, with a lot of unnecessary stuff cut out.

    You can find the guys Reddit post and direct message him for a link to the downloads. Due to murkyness with the legality of fanedits, the community usually require you to own a physical copy of the media before they give you the edits.
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    Not the one. No, no, not the one
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    Apparently J Michael Strazinsky kept a closed set. The cast wouldn't know what was gonna happen until about 5 minutes before they did it. (edited)
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    What do you want?
    Who are you?
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    Great series - I have the DVD boxed set inc. the feature length episodes so will not be buying - otherwise I would snap this up. If I recall correctly, the CGI was done on networked Video Toasters.
    Yeah the CGI is pretty bad, especially in the first 2 seasons.
    Thankfully everything else about the series made up for it!
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    I have the original run DVD box sets so i can wait and hope for a TNG type remaster of the show at some point.
    This is the HD remaster