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Posted 27 February 2023

Black Country Living Museum - Free entry / tickets 19 Mar & 23 Mar (Lottery Tkt / Scratchcard Req from £1) @ BCLM

£1£22.9596% off
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Decent offer if fancied a day out in the West Midlands. Black Country Living Museum has now put free entry / tickets for the 19th March and 23rd March live. Available to book online now. Part of National Lottery open week. The offer is open to anyone who presents a National Lottery ticket or scratchcard (digital or physical), scrathcards can be bought from £1 if you don't have an old ticket.

credit @Wiggywoo9 for the spot / heads up

4.5/5 Tripadvisor

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Black Country Living Museum - Free entry / tickets 19 Mar & 23 Mar

Covering 26 acres of former industrial land, Black Country Living Museum is uniquely placed to tell the story of the creation of the world’s first industrial landscape. Over fifty authentic shops, houses and workshops have been carefully reconstructed to preserve the character of the region when its manufacturers bought worldwide fame to Black Country Towns. Take a trip on the tram to explore the canal-side village, where you can meet and chat to the costumed characters. Explore the underground mine and experience the authentic sights, sounds, smells and tastes from the past.

Terms & Conditions

Visitors must be pre-booked with a timed entry ticket.

A maximum of 5 visitors per party can enter the Museum as a Free Lottery visitor:

Entry is via one Lottery play per visitor (i.e. either up to 5 Lottery tickets, or 5 Lottery scratch cards, or 5 lines of play on a single Lottery ticket)

Proof of play can be paper ticket or digital ticket. There is no date valid requirement on tickets/games purchased.

Free entry via Lottery ticket/game is only valid on Sun 19 Mar and Thu 23 Mar 2023. For entry on any other day, standard General Admission applies.
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  1. Joe90_guy's avatar
    jhsmith87's avatar
    But remember if it’s Bost it’s broke. Still confuses me & I grew up in Wolverhampton!
  2. Pigsy.'s avatar
    jarjarmustdie's avatar
    B is for Bostin 😜
  3. polar111's avatar
    Am I interpreting this correctly, you can present an expired ticket? It doesn't need to be current for an upcoming draw?

    There is no date valid requirement on tickets/games purchased.
    Chanchi32's avatar
    yes any ticket
  4. mb1's avatar
    Bring your sleeping bag for the fish and chip shop queues. It's like an Apple Store at times. The new mine bit is great, as is the expanded shop and new entrance. We bought the Unchained Membership last year and it was worth every penny for the free parking and 20% off at the food outlets and shop. Looking forward to the new 1960s town centre opening soon. Looks good.
    HerefordCiderApples's avatar
    A £2 coin works to get out the carpark 😬
  5. W_jelly1's avatar
    take money for chips.... very good and if a cold day even better
    Janine_'s avatar
    Unless you vegetarian no food for them as they are cooked in animal fat here like they used to.
  6. Simong_1984's avatar
    Absolutely brilliant place. The Victorian school, the miner who needs subtitles, the fish and chips (and pickled onions). We've all got fond memories of the place. (edited)
  7. Rastafari's avatar
    Could have just said “country living museum” and not mentioned the colour
    jig2480's avatar
    I have lived in the area for much of my life. I suggest you check the history and reasons for the name before jumping to clueless assumptions
  8. ASongOfIceandFire's avatar
    Worth it just for the fish and chips
    polar111's avatar
    If they are still using beef dripping then it definitely is.
  9. stefancampbell's avatar
    The museum does us yam yam’s proud. Dont get us confused with the peaky blinder (brummie) lot they just chose to borrow (steal) our heritage and pass it off as their own (edited)
    Joe90_guy's avatar
    Arffer Shelby had a very definite Black Country accent. Ee wor no propa Brummie loik...
  10. blazons's avatar
    Peaky blindin'!
    dlo247's avatar
    Completely wrong area
  11. brum86's avatar
    Booked for the 19th. Thanks
  12. Dexidoodle's avatar
    Booked 19th - worked fine
  13. tarasy's avatar
    Great museum and fantastic, passionate staff - don't be afraid to ask them questions, you will get very detailed answers! We went on a quiet day and they really went out of their way to show us things and explain historical context etc.

    And the fish 'n' chips were delicious too!
  14. lakderana9988's avatar
    Had anyone got spare ticket on 19th to swap with 23rd please?
    BAY_'s avatar
    If no takers for exchange would be interested in thursday tickets please. TIA (thanks in advance)
  15. Janine_'s avatar
    Good place been lots of times god to waste half a day around .
  16. muniphobia's avatar
    Just doe get falling in the cut while yoam there
  17. bengalknights's avatar
    Visit dudley canal,zoo and castle while you visit
    BAY_'s avatar
    Included in ticket entry?
  18. SkeptikShopper's avatar
    The Black Country is the worst place in England in my opinion and I have been all over.. build a wall around it.. battered chips is the one and only positive mention I’m able to conjure up
    tattybonce's avatar
    Lovely, thanks for sharing your opinion.
  19. supamart's avatar
    It doesn’t seem to be taking bookings yet.
    Mr_Haq's avatar
    It worked for me for the 19th
  20. icedgem11's avatar
    Does anyone know if children need a lottery ticket as well ? I've booked for 6 4 x adults 2 x children but now just noticed says max 5 so will i need to book 1 more separate? When does that lottery ticket have to be dated ?
    Mr_Haq's avatar
    I think everyone needs a ticket. Date doesnt matter
  21. Lixo77's avatar
    Just booked
  22. lucas's avatar
    Watch Gary Powndland’s review first
  23. vividheights's avatar
    Thanks booked for the 19th
  24. amesio's avatar
    Booked thank you.
  25. Donna2017's avatar
    Sold out now for Sunday 19th (edited)
  26. Dylan244's avatar
    Nice one
  27. allysonmacdonald's avatar
    Sold out for Sunday 19th
  28. kerryberry89's avatar
    This is great. Would of liked to of gone but realised the 19th is Mothers day xx
  29. AndyAT142's avatar
    Booked thanks
  30. Forecheck_13's avatar
    Really great day out. Went over half term and thoroughly enjoyed.
  31. harrythefish's avatar
    Not sure if they still do it, when I went they issued you with some shillings, pence and farthings coins to spend in the emporia. Worth going just for some money that's still worth anything

    If you've spare time also visit and walk across the iron footbridge a few miles away. Opened in 1781, it was the first major bridge in the world to be made of cast iron. If the nearby china factory hasn't been closed by the energy crisis, include that too.

    Ironbridge is a whole valley of invention.
    ironbridge.org.uk/ (edited)
    tattybonce's avatar
    This isn't Blist's Hill in Ironbridge, it is the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley. You may be geting it confused!
  32. Thelakes43's avatar
    Is this where the apprentice was filmed from for last weeks task
    jarjarmustdie's avatar
    No that was Blist hill, similar and not far away
  33. vivianstuckinboringville's avatar
    Fishy ana chippies ! 😝
  34. Reptargh's avatar
    Sunday 23rd Sold Out
  35. vivianstuckinboringville's avatar
    Sold out
  36. Dexidoodle's avatar
    The 23rd is a Thursday - still available i think
  37. greenant's avatar
    Anyone happen to know what happens when you get two tickets using this offer but only one person is able to attend on the day?

    Booking page states "Before you proceed to purchase, please make sure the numbers in the fields above match the number of people in your party."
  38. rollin182's avatar
    A great day out.
  39. uog's avatar
    Great deal and saves you money which helps keep the wolves from the door
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