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Boardman HYB 8.6 2023 - Hybrid Sports Bike Mens - £480 @ Tredz

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Silver is available in Medium and Large

The HYB 8.6 is a fast and comfortable all-rounder which takes the speed of a road bike and adds comfort and stability with a more upright position. A lightweight triple-butted aluminium frame transfers power efficiently and won’t hold you back when climbing.

2x9 speed Shimano Alivio drivetrain combines a 48/32t chainset with an 11-36t 9-speed cassette to give a wide range and low climbing gears, and Tektro HD-M275 hydraulic disc brakes provide easily controlled stopping power. 35mm Schwalbe Citizen tyres grip well and roll fast while offering good puncture resistance through their K-Guard Kevlar protection.

Soft-touch, ergonomically shaped grips, ensure a comfortable hand position. With fixtures for mudguards and a pannier rack too, the HYB 8.6 is a very versatile package.

Key Features:

Triple butted 6061 X7 Aluminium frame and Alloy fork blades
Mudguard and pannier rack mounts make year round riding and commuting practical
Wide range Shimano Alivio gears give a ratio for any gradient
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    This is a good deal. I paid c. £50 more for the 2021 version just over a year ago. I find the bike very comfortable to ride. I was recommended a Small based on my inner leg, but only Medium was available, and I find it a perfect fit.

    One possible limitation is the gearing - I can max out on the flat with a helping wind. However it actually suits me as I do a lot of hills, and the gearing works well for me on that terrain.

    One other caveat...components are generally decent versions of decent brands, but the "consumables" seem to be a problem. I had to replace my chain after 2 months, the large chainring (not really a consumable!) after 6 months, and a gear cable after 12 months. This is probably reflective of the hilly terrain and regularly standing on the pedals, but I expected better. The chainring was also an unusual configuration, my LBS couldn't source one, and Halfords had to wait to get one from the manufactures. They did replace it free of charge as a "goodwill gesture"...probably realising I would have created a lot of illwill if they didn't.

    I would buy again, especially at this price. Just be aware that you may have some minor issues. When replacing chain, cassette etc, make sure you use decent components and you will be ok.
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    i'll 2nd the issue with consumables. decent bike but i wore out the chain and cassette within 2months and the area i live is completely flat for like 40miles in all directions.
    Halfords were an absolute pain to deal with at all stages even though i paid for their 'gold level service'. Should have known better but it's definitely cemented my resistance to ever using them again. They also refused to accept my review of their service. Said I was too critical so deleted it anytime i tried to post it. (edited)
  2. Tsingtao's avatar
    Got one of the earlier versions (8.4 I think), all I would say is if I was buying again I'd buy a road or a MTB - this is neither here nor there. Not much good off road if you're not on a decent path, not much good on road as you'll run out of gears really quickly - it's dog slow.

    Need to go get a road bike this year and this will be reservered for pootling round the park with the kids.
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    Agree I think this is great if you can afford only 1 bike (or don't have space for more) and you need it for commuting + some ride the odd weekend and you want versatility to mix paths and road.
  3. AnalystTherapist's avatar
    £455 if you grab the discount code that flashes on the screen when you first visit
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    They also do blue light discount I think
  4. rev6's avatar
    The green looks nice
  5. coldo's avatar
    Oh maybe time for an upgrade for me ! Had the Boardman Comp for about 10 years and it's an awesome bike ..use it mostly for bikepacking trips ...nice fast and light so hopefully this version is just as good .
  6. Dan_Z_Man's avatar
    Cheers ordered
  7. elkay's avatar
    I see that it's the same price at Halfords, and would still buy there for convenience if they had what I needed. But I agree the service isn't good.
  8. AuraGold's avatar
    Very good price considering I'm selling mine second hand on eBay for £540 and yes I am also encountering a strange issue the bike is basically new but I feel a funny click every time I do a rotation on the right pedal. Alivio back gear is really good front one hmm.. not so sure. Break are perfect and fine but Im selling because they don't do an XL
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    Shouldn't click, tighten and check stuff. Simple. 
  9. Cleanrug's avatar
    Has anyone made an e bike out of one ?
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