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Posted 6 May 2023

BOGOF On Graphene Range Hybrid Solutions Pro To the Max Wax, Flex Wax & One & Done Compound - £17.50 @ Turtle Wax

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Been on offer a little while now but thought I'd post again.

Buy one get one free on Turtle Wax Hybrid solutions products:

To the max wax (graphene)
Flex wax (graphene)
One and done compound.

Turtle wax have come on a long way with their Hybrid Solutions range and I prefer them to Autoglym and Meguiars. The Graphene waxes give an incredible shine and dirt just doesn't stick to the car.

At £17.50 for 2 bottles (£8.75 each equivalent) it's a really good deal. You can use the Max wax for your base wax and the Flex as a topper. Both waxes are very easily applied. You can also get the one and done compound if you have any paint correction to do prior to the wax.
Turtle Wax More details at
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  1. jon67's avatar
    I personally wouldn't buy anything of turrtewax directly ever again.
    Ordered 2 bottles of graphene wax 7 weeks ago that was never delivered.
    Have sent 10 emails and 2 recorded delivery letters to try and resolve this.
    No response whatsoever from any of them.
    Even a letter to the managing director was ignored. (edited)
    Dekard97's avatar
    That's pretty bad for a company like this. Hope you escalate it further.
  2. Miccheck1516's avatar
    All three of these are good, but 2 x bottles of the compound or liquid wax (not spray) will last AGES. If you bought 2 of each, you'll run out of the flex wax before you've used half of one of the other products.

    A 2 x flex wax + 1 one and done + 1 to the max wax deal for 17.50 x 2 would be a sweet deal and well worth buying.
    cominsknight's avatar
    Exactly what I did, best £35 spent on car stuff. Goes on easily, buffs off easily and leaves a great glossy finish.
  3. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Ignore the MAY20 discount code as you can't have multiple discount.
     I assume the same for the 15% sign up bonus
    i2pm's avatar
    Yes I can confirm, no discount code will work on top of this offer.
  4. BlackHawk's avatar
    How does this compare to their Hybrid Ceramic wet wax?
    adamrwood's avatar
    adamrwood Author
    The graphene is superior IMO. Literally nothing sticks to it
  5. Icarex_stranger's avatar
    Thank you OP.
    I usually buy SealnShine spray (aka Hybrid Sealant) or Ceramic Spray bottles in bulk from turtlewaxeurope ebay, but I've been wanting to try the graphene range but couldn't justify the slight extra cost over the other hybrid sprays because they are so good. This is the perfect opportunity - ordered.
  6. mebzz's avatar
    Graphene spray done wonders....looks great even after three spells of rain

    In fact. It looks better after rain dries (edited)
  7. BarneyRubble's avatar
    How aggressive is the 1 & done polish?
    Miccheck1516's avatar
    I think they market it as a one for all type deal with the idea that if you want more cut you use a pad with more cut (so harder.....right?). I have only used it by hand and it wouldn't cut as much as farecla g3 would by hand, probably comparable with meguiars ultimate compound but im not an expert. lots of YouTube videos about it should give you an idea....
  8. manoj_manoj's avatar
    I am finding that car gets supers dusty after day or too and looks bad but only when looking close up. I used wax by hand then flex spray as for drying. Anyone else same issues or resolutions please?? (edited)
  9. IvanArden's avatar
    Graphene is toxic.
    " the more carbon nanomaterials like graphene accumulate in the body, the riskier it can be for your organs to function adequately"
  10. Dangerboy's avatar
    My BOGOF order just arrived but minus the OF. Most disappointed. Turtle wax clearly have some problems with their ordering system, or their packing system, and their customer service system, as they've clearly not noticed all the negative feedback and put it right yet.
    Should have known better and will stick with the 303 graphene nano spray coating in the future, as it's always been brilliant
    adamrwood's avatar
    adamrwood Author
    Did you add both items to the cart?
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