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All Deals, Discounts & Sales for January 2019 - Refer A Friend earn £20 cash and 10% off **No Referral Links in this Post**
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
This seems like a very good refer-a-friend promotion from If you are are a precious customer you can refer-a-friend with a link (got to your rewards page). The person … Read more

I've always used and found the cheapest and also you get the 10%genius discount after booking more than twice. Well I think that's when they gave me the discount anyway


I’ve actually found the complete opposite. The price always seems the be the final price on whereas other sites apply tax etc at the end.


I've always found to be utter crap. When looking for hotels on comparison sites like Trivago, they always appear cheapest as they don't apply the tax until the final stages. Sites like expedia don't do this (to my knowledge). I always try to avoid for that reason.


Not worth the effort, tried this last year, it didn't track and the CS was abysmal


Not all accounts have this exact offer, some have a £15 for you and £15 for a friend who could work out better in some instances but worth checking

33 nights around Europe for £636 including flights, coaches and accommodation @
Refreshed 10th JanRefreshed 10th Jan
This deal is based on 1 person travelling to a number of cities over 33 nights. This deal includes staying in shared dormitories in hostels and a fair bit of travelling, mainly by … Read more
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Anyone seen the film 'Hostel'?


They always have lockers.... and reception will usually also look after stuff. I always stay in hostels. I’ve been in many in the UK.... in Austria, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. (I’m not a youngster, by any means!!). They’re always friendly places.. often full of youngsters (whose presence can recharge your batteries with their enthusiasm)...but also many middle-aged and elderly folk.... and small families too. For me, personally, a hotel is a little self-indulgent.... a bit too much like being pampered in a world full of need. But that’s a personal view... and I respect other opinions on the subject. I’m seriously considering this as an exciting break. Taking my cameras. A photo-expedition!


Bloke called Adolf tried a similar tour in 1939... took him a lot longer and it all ended in tears. Seriously though, take sheets too as there are a lot of bed bug reports at hostels


We would love to do this with our two boys, any top tips/ places to stay? Thanks!!


Didn't you know @shrew_dude that Brexit will mean will not be able to travel anywhere in Europe ever. (lol) (lol) (lol)

Festive Deals - 15% off bookings until the end of March.
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Just had an email about this, not sure whether it can help anyone but have got 15% off selected (I'm assuming) bookings until the end of March. Offer ends 14th January.

Hi, it says it's automatically applied, not sure whether at checkout or on the marked price


Hi, did you get a code for this offer or is it linked to your specific account?

From Luton: Romania Trip Inc Transylvania's Ice Hotel Stay, Flights & Car Hire £120.73pp @
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
I've stayed here about 10 years ago now and it hadn't long been open. This is a great trip and although the prices have shot up it's still significantly cheaper than any other ice … Read more
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Would this be good for small kids


Well I was able to book the car hire online to the checkout so I would guess so as normally care hir places are open to meet the planes. The alternative would be to get a taxi to the accommodation which should be fairly cheap and collect the hire car next morning back at the airport. The airport is only 3-4 miles away so it shouldn't be expensive getting there and back if you don't want to drive at night when you arrive. With the first night I'd book the accommodation, it's free cancellation anyway, so you can email and explain your late arrival and if they can't accommodate it just book an alternative. Definitely you do not want two nights in the ice hotel, trust me! Bear in mind you're using the toilets at the nearby cable car station, which are fine for the night but there are no bathrooms so to speak, shower etc. One night is plenty, you can get there early for snow activities, walking, etc and looking around, you'll go to bed in the ice hotel, then next morning get up and do what you want and leisurely leave. You'll want a warm bed!


That is really great to know hun. It is my boyfriend's birthday 1st of January and I would love to book us a cheap adventure like this in January. I am just worried that I will do it all wrong as it would be nice to have two nights in the ice hotel aswell. Arriving so late at the airport on the first night, would it still be possible to pick up the hire car then? And also, would it be too late to get into the first hotel's accomodation as that is quite late for someone to let us in? Sorry for all of the questions x


No problem. The ice hotel is an amazing experience especially for people that don't want to do the one in Sweden that don't have the serious money to do that trip!


Thankyou very much. This is an amzi g deal and I really love seek g deals like this. Really appreciate you taking the time to do this and hope that there will be more x

From Edinburgh: New Year's Eve in Lanzarote £133.70pp @
Found 30th Nov 2018Found 30th Nov 2018
For those in Scotland who want to escape for a brief bit of winter sun, here is a deal for NYE in Lanzarote. Due to the flight times, it's very limited but at least you're guarante… Read more
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One day? Is this a wind up?


I will be in Lanzarote on New Years Eve, but heading out 22nd Dec to 2nd Jan. Have done it before, but its really nothing special - some fireworks and the local restaurants try to stiff you with high set menu prices. We're going for some winter sun, to relax and to get away from it all, but definitely not worth all that effort for a day.


Nice one Have a great time.


Ryanair charge extra fees to take a standard cabin bag, and split up travellers on the same booking on the plane unless they pay extra fees. They have also cancelled many flights, so careful you don't get stranded!


lol didn’t read it properly the time of the flight not worth the wait at the a

11 night Croatia road trip for just £228 each (total £457) including flights, central hotels and car hire @
Found 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
This deal is based on 2 people flying out of Manchester on Tuesday 23rd April, returning Saturday 4th May and staying for 11 nights. This road trip includes Zadar, Plitvice Lakes … Read more
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Set in Slovakia actually, but was filmed over the border in Czech Republic.


We went 1st April last year & wore shorts & T-shirt’s every day :D


100% recommended. If you're on the line about going...just go. It's a breathtaking place.


Lakes are great. Bottom waterfalls are busy, because all buses go there with tourists. Realyl worth to start at the top waterfalls and walk/ferry down to the bottom. Nice 5h+ trip, so make shure weather will stay dry.


Amazing coastline. Just be aware that travelling from Split to Dubrovnik, you need to pass through a short section of Bosnia. So check the car hire for foreign surchages and breakdown coverage. If you do go to Split & Dubrovnic check the ship arrival schedules to avoid being swamped by cruising zombies. Personally I'd skip them anyway up to 40% off black friday
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
Just received an email stating this, With at least 40% off and an extended time to book, Black Friday just got bigger at Book a stay at our participating hotels, ap… Read more
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No its more now than what I booked a week ago


I booked a place a week ago and if it was cheaper now I would have cancelled it and rebooked it but it's £270 more now so not sure where the deal is for 40% off :/


Sometimes I feel these 40% off are just a click bait


its not real i am afraid. Standard 'reductions' that there always are.


Anyone have a view on how real this is? I always find these offers massively exaggerated. Heat though!!!

10% off all bookings over £90 or more on App
Found 3rd Nov 2018Found 3rd Nov 2018
I was just booking my accommodation for next holiday on iOS app when a message popped up saying: Get 10% back on one new booking of £90 or more. Expires on 4 Nov 2018… Read more
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Nothing like that shows up for me... Probably account specific.


This is showing up for me today on the website when logged in however the terms state "Book before 1 Oct 2018." Mistake?


Agree that's fair. I guess sub £300 it will be. Unless you book each night separately assuming their is no discount for booking for than one night.


If you have an account with them, send out deals almost daily. Currently they are offering me deals up to 50% off. Of course, it depends off what, and mostly their net prices compare to Expedia and depends who has the best deal on at the time. However, I did all my bookings with them, but going via Topcashback link, and last summer my cashback was just over £180. If any of the companies give you a discount code, it will invalidate Topcashback, so you have to decide who is giving more at the time. Going through Topcashback, Expedia, as well as discounts, give an average of 10% cashback on park entries and experiences, which can mount up on places such as Universal studios which is £350 for two, or Disneyland which is £250 for two. Another thing of note, is that if you have Tesco clubcard points, you can exchange them for 3x their value to use on which is an amazing savings.


Not always ;) I just made a booking for £685 and Booking confirmed that they will be returning £68 to me after my stay. So much higher than £30.

From Luton: 3 Nights in Barcelona 13-16 December £79.98pp @
Found 23rd Oct 2018Found 23rd Oct 2018
This is a lovely pre-Xmas getaway for two people to Barcelona. Staying in accommodation that is 15 mins walk from La Rambla, close to Sagrada Familia and many Gaudi works, it's exa… Read more
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Take the bus, there is the airport tourist bus and normal bus. Normal bus half the cost but takes longer


Which transport would you suggest to use from the airport to the hotel and vice versa?


How much do they charge now??!


Yes it was disgraceful behaviour, I'm surprised that no one sorted that guy out, the woman was a bit of a dope, she didn't really stand up for herself and deal with that guy after he assaulted her. And I've no ideal why they keep saying that he can't be prosecuted after he used racist language.


To teach them a lesson Other scenarios- they would have had the passenger thrown off for sure

2 night weekend stay with breakfast in Beaumaris for 2 people - £98 - 15th/16th Feb 2019 @
Found 21st Oct 2018Found 21st Oct 2018
A 2 night stay including breakfast for 2 on Friday 15th February for £98 in the Buckley Hotel Beaumaris Anglesey
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No wonder stinking cheap .... I withdraw!!




The recent reviews on trip advisor just put me off. Dated place and everybody says stinky.


It's also my wife's birthday on Feb 14th, you can take her if you like (lol)


The well-known Amsterdam suburb of Beaumaris, Wales

From Leeds: Long Weekend Xmas Markets Gdańsk £40.48pp @
Found 5th Oct 2018Found 5th Oct 2018
Here is a great deal the weekend the Xmas markets start in Gdańsk. Leaving on Friday 30 November and returning 2 December, from Leeds. It's flying with Ryanair - look away now if… Read more
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I can only find flights for 2 people on November 30th returning on 2nd December for about 160.00 is there cheaper options or flights this was with Ryanair


Ryanair are having a £9.99 seat sale right now travelling nov-dec


There’s tons in Gransk, we go regularly! Gorgeous bars and restaurants around the old town, a few museums that even non-museum people are amazed by, and brilliant hotels - Puro is our favourite m. My favourite place to visit outside of America. Sopot is also lovely but better in Summer


No doubt be very handy for lots of uk residents (y)


Went in March as had week off and nothing to do! Take a was -8 during the day -15 at night lol! . Nice place though beware the Plum Vodka it's dangerous but lush! Sopot a short clean warm train ride was something like 3.50 return for 2.Sopot is a nice place had a lovely lunch at top of the hill near station.If you want hotel i highly recommend Craft Beer Central hotel,was a fabulous hotel rooms beautiful,wifi enabled everything and huge brewery on site! What's not to like!! (y)

Weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria for just £71 each (£142 total) including flights and central accommodation @
Found 19th Sep 2018Found 19th Sep 2018
This deal is based on 2 adults flying from Stansted to Sofia on Friday 9th November returning Sunday 11th November. I’ve chosen the super central guest house “Santa Sofia” which … Read more
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Do the double, Sofia followed by Sunny Beach


My boss is based in Sofia. May be the only chance I get to see him as work won't pay for me to fly out there despite turning over £10billion a year they have no budget LOL


As a Bulgarian i can definitely tell you that most of the food is Organic and more flavorful tasty, more fresh as it does not travel like imported ones here in UK. If you choose average restaurant in Bulgaria you will not regret it. Traditional food is recommended, Do not go there and eat Sirloin Stakes. not that they are not great but we have them here and eat them all the time :D


If you want shopping, Sofia has some very large Malls. THE MALL, Serdika and the Paradise Mall, are all big shopping centres, with many top names. Vitosha Blvd, has nice shopping but its been taken over by a cafe culture. The weather can be very cold in November. Last year it started to snow in October, take warm clothes. Anything imported will cost more than locally produced items. If you want to stock up on medications, it can be much cheaper to buy in a pharamcy, than on prescription in the UK. The downsides, do not get stung in a tourist trap restauarnt. I have seen and heard of so many scams and prices are crazy. Slightly out of the centre, a three course meal for two, plus a bottle of wine and beers can cost 30 Lev about 15 Euro's, in a toutrist trap the bill can be 200 Lev +. Just be very careful.


A steal at £71 pp. Great find! One can find the usual big fashion brands around the Vitosha boulevard. You can also check tripadvisor or foursquare for nice places to eat & (y) drink

Two Night Central Barcelona Stay for Two with direct Flights from Birmingham during Christmas Market Period via Ryanair, Vueling and - £81.24pp
Found 3rd Sep 2018Found 3rd Sep 2018
£81.24pp Outbound flight £51.15 for 2 passengers. Ryanair Wed 12th Dec Dep Birmingham 09:45 Arr Barcelona at 13:00.I have added priority on to this for £12 to ensure it inclu… Read more
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Sorry Ryanair and I vote cold dire company with dire staff and had utter dire experience using them.


That's appalling. I went to Barcelona in April and found everyone very welcoming.


You're not welcome in Barcelona any more.


And weed salesmen


Sure known for their pickpockets

3 nights in Montenegro for £98.49 each (£196.98 total) including flights, apartment and car hire @
Found 27th Aug 2018Found 27th Aug 2018
3 nights in Montenegro for £98.49 each (£196.98 total) including flights, apartment and car hire @
This deal is based on 2 adults flying from Stansted to Podgorica on Thursday 22nd November returning Sunday 25th November. I’ve chosen the centrally located Apartmani Emil where yo… Read more
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got on this deal last night, looking forward to it! thanks for finding it, any recommendations where to drive too and what to see? never been round these parts? :D Cheers


How is Montenegro for two females travelling alone?


Ryan Air.... Cold


Anyone fancy going with me?


My wife's did. Holiday cost a total of 380 for 2 sharing. Got 560 (for both people total not pp) compo back :/ I said not to question it and take it lol

Five nights Manchester to Rome Flights + Hotel included - £210.30 for 2 People - 16th-21st Jan 2019 via
Found 12th Aug 2018Found 12th Aug 2018
Five nights Manchester to Rome Flights + Hotel included - £210.30 for 2 People - 16th-21st Jan 2019 via
Looking at some deals after Christmas and come across this perfect Christmas present for two people, Flights return Wednesday 16th January to Monday 21st January £78.30 for two p… Read more
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room showing for 300 for me..the flight includes no added extra as well. Still hot


Booked this thank you hotel was £149 though cos i dont have “genius status” on !


Ryan Air are good as long as you don't have any problems with them, if your flight gets cancelled that's when the fun starts. Our flights in December got cancelled due to snow and the best we could get from Ryan Air was our money back. No chance of them re-booking on another flight of their own , never mind anyone else's. They even gave us the compulsory copy of EU rules in French , hoping we wouldn't understand it. Queued for 4 hours at the airport only to be told you have to re-book online and when we got online they hadn't updated our flights to cancelled and didn't do so for around 8 hours and when we could re book said everything was fully booked for the next 7 days. Tried Chat / phone but they'd only direct you back to the website when they should have found us flights with another airline. Holiday had to be scrapped and my insurance ended up paying for a replacement later in the year.



Can be decent, but then again could be wet.

34 night trip around Asia for £836 including all transportation and accommodation @
Found 1st Aug 2018Found 1st Aug 2018
34 night trip around Asia for £836 including all transportation and accommodation @
*Solo Traveller* This is a 34 night trip starting and finishing from LGW. The first flight departs on 9th February and last one arrives on 15th March. 34 nights visiting :- Oslo… Read more
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Great work but based on my experience of Norwegian you will be lucky to get to Oslo


That must take a long time to plan and research! I get fed up looking and booking one direct holiday with return flights! (y)


Huge amount of work there, great work OP, wish I could go, but heat added ;-)


Disagree. Solo travel is getting bigger all the time. And it's a great price


Great work. Amazing. But no luggage for a 34 day trip?

3 nights in Barcelona for just £112 each (£225 total) including flights and hotel @
Found 1st Aug 2018Found 1st Aug 2018
3 nights in Barcelona for just £112 each (£225 total) including flights and hotel @
This deal is based on 2 adults flying out from Liverpool on Monday 15th October returning Thursday 18th October. I’ve chosen the centrally located Hostal River don’t be put off by … Read more
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Thank you :)


Park Güel doesn't look like that currently though unfortunately


Flights £65, flight times aren’t great though


How much flying from Birmingham please Blueskies ? Thanks for your time


I carry everything in my BUM bag

Long weekend in Wroclaw, Poland for £79.48 each (total £158.96 total) including flights and central apartment @
Found 25th Jul 2018Found 25th Jul 2018
Long weekend in Wroclaw, Poland for £79.48 each (total £158.96 total) including flights and central apartment @
This deal is based on 2 adults flying out from Leeds on Thursday 18th October returning Sunday 21st October. I’ve chosen the beautiful Przystanek Wrocław which have 9.5/10 rating o… Read more
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in winter we are drinking is freezing....


going to Wroclw end nov / early dec - which bars do you recommend for craft beers


New pub just opened in Wroclaw... You've probably come across Pinta beer... New pub is very first Pinta Pub in Poland (more to open in other cities). What I would recommend is to go to WFDP 2019 (Wroclaw Festival of Good Beer) , biggest and best craft beer festival at the Milenium Stadium (yes you could have pint inside the stadium). There's also Targowa craft beer pub newly opened, stunning inside with local craft beers. Can't wait to visit Wroclaw again!


It has changed a lot... Whole Market Square and old town has been revitalised. There are plenty of new objects like Sky Tower, New Stadium, National Music Forum, OVO Building, etc , even airport is brand new... If you're beer lover there's no better place in Poland (You've just missed biggest craft beer festival). Many craft beer breweries in and around Wroclaw. My wife's from Wroclaw and I love the city, always something new to see!


Wroclaw is famous for world class craft beers! Many pubs and brewery's in and around Wroclaw, best beer festival in Poland (probably the biggest in Europe).

From Newcastle: New Year's Eve in New York, 5 Nights Hilton Doubletree & Aer Lingus Flights £1610.56 (£805.28pp) with Aer Lingus and
Found 17th Jun 2018Found 17th Jun 2018
From Newcastle: New Year's Eve in New York, 5 Nights Hilton Doubletree & Aer Lingus Flights £1610.56 (£805.28pp) with Aer Lingus and
If you are after a NYE trip then this looks great. Granted, there are cheaper flights but these have two stops and very long transit times at LHR, or worth shorter transit times bu… Read more
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Heat! Very good price for 5 nights in NYC on NYE


Only soft drinks and water are complimentary on Aer Lingus transatlantic economy, alcoholic drinks have to be bought. Could be relevant those who like an inflight tipple....


Not particularly cheap. Don’t expect any Hilton benefits unless you book direct. If you are going to book, at least click through to from the Avios store website for extra avios. Alternatively If first time on ask a friend for a referral code for £15 off.


It’s a good price from NCL.


Hey, why not! HEAT. (y)

5* Hotel in Volgograd (England's match on 18 June) £55/night for a couple @ Booking
Found 16th Jun 2018Found 16th Jun 2018
5* Hotel in Volgograd (England's match on 18 June) £55/night for a couple @ Booking
Absolutely beautiful hotel for only £55/night. England will play the world cup at Volgograd, Russia on 18 June 2018 at 1900h.
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I'm thinking you are joking about extra pillows?!


Why confused lol


Well, that porn studio specialises in"shame" *sigh*


Save more and for longer, be a jock. :{


In both laughing and confused 😏