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Posted 2 September 2023

Bosch 2607017319 Professional 32-Piece Screwdriver Bit Set (Extra Hard Screwdriver Bit, Drill Driver and Screwdriver Accessories)

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This Bosch steel screwdriver bit set comes with 32 pieces. All pieces are compatible with most brands, and organised in a plastic carry case.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand : Bosch
  • Material : Steel
  • Finish : Modified steel
  • Number of pieces : 32
  • Weight (g) : 265g
  • Shank size : 1/4"
  • Model : Energy class A
  • Fitting type : Hexagonal

What you get:

‎4 x cross-head bits (PH1, 2x PH2, PH3) / 4 x Pozidriv bits (PZ1, 2x PZ2, PZ3) / 4 x hex bits (3/4/5/6) / 8 x T bits (T10, T15, 2x T20, T25, T27, T30, T40) / 4 x S bits (3/4/5/6) / 7 x Th bits (10/15/20/25/27/30/40)

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  1. johnwillowlfc's avatar
    I have this set, been using for years and all pieces still fine, good quality. Had many screw bits break in makita sets. This is a bargain imo
    stealth666's avatar
    My go-to set for security torx
  2. frozen's avatar
    Are these impact rated or not?
    SpeedbirdB777's avatar
  3. sangheili08's avatar
    The rrp is it actually 32£....?
    Kornelius's avatar
    Maybe back in 199950909034-LPnFy.jpg (edited)
  4. alexdx's avatar
    Internet speed test
    TedStriker72's avatar
  5. rev6's avatar
    Lesser quality
  6. cantbRssed1's avatar
    Been using mine for well over 10 years. Broke one bit with my impact driver (they aren't impact rated). Other than that, the but holder is (now) someone's a bit grabby and difficult to release, possibly because I've used in an impact driver. If you need impact bits, get Makita gold ones, expensive, but never broken a bit in nearly 4 years.
    nocturnal74's avatar
    Wera are the best of the best but around £3 each, good for really high usage, not diy handyman.
  7. ForzaGTC's avatar
    Anyone recommend an actual screwdriver handle to go along with this set, Bosch or otherwise (edited)
    nocturnal74's avatar
    I've a Stanley clutch srewdriver I've used professionally for nearly 20 years, still as good as the first day, think it was about £15 back then. Great grip, ergonomic, triangle shape for more leverage, clockwise, anti and static settings. Will easily last another 20 years.
  8. hugekebab's avatar
    Can someone recommend a good household drill that won't fizzle out after six months
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    If going wired, these are surprisingly good -

    Ordered mine on the day it was posted. Have used it quite a bit and it's very well made and actually feels more powerful than 550W (feels no different to the 700W drill it replaced).
    You can always buy 2 for £25.51 delivered so if one eventually dies you have a spare, lol. (edited)
  9. Zeek123's avatar
    Is there some sort of handle to this screw driver? Looks like it will shred ur hands when trying to screw in tight screws?
    kiteless's avatar
    No, it’s to use in a drill or driver. 
  10. Jinxstar's avatar
    Thanks, bought.
  11. lewsam's avatar
    Thanks op.
  12. JazzySnake's avatar
    Ordered, thanks OP and other commenting for your recommendation
  13. PJN78's avatar
    Great looking set. Have a couple of cheap ones that are rubbish so will replace with this one. Thanks for posting.
  14. Ascension's avatar
    Ordered, thanks.
  15. werdoomed's avatar
    Thanks, ordered.
  16. deadnheadless's avatar
    I got given a 10% voucher for other bosch products for buying this. I added the bosch tripod that is eligible for the 10% off according to the link in the email, but it says the code can't be used! Typical, I actually wanted the tripod as well
    gingerjust's avatar
    Same here when I tried to use it. Looked at T&C's and it said for purchases made on amazon.de 🤷🏼‍♂️
  17. Gordon_Riley's avatar
    Bought two sets for my business three years ago, still going strong. Highly recommended at this price.
  18. L33TL33's avatar
    I always buy this one and use it daily. I prefer it over others as they’re colour coded. Used to drop to around £5/£6 but now £8 is a good offer price
  19. stevebaloney's avatar
    For some reason the pick-up option doesn't work for this item.

    > Not deliverable to this address
    rev6's avatar
    Depends on the item imo
  20. Bobbins's avatar
    No Torx T45 for my sump plug.
    nocturnal74's avatar
    Nor T35 for my fuel filter.
  21. Sgt_Nibbler's avatar
    This set is amazing! Had mine for just over a year, one in handy countless times and all still in really good condition! Bargain price for this!
  22. yumenolala's avatar
    Hot for this price.
    I have the non pro version (Green Box) and that is still usable after 10 years.
  23. OperateOnMe's avatar
    Amazon basic hardened version seems to way better and unlike the reviews for the bosch no broken bits with impact driver
    jcg's avatar
  24. vincento_1's avatar
    Are these ok to use with impact driver?
    SpeedbirdB777's avatar
    They’re not impact driver rated from what I can see, so one could shatter under high torque but at this price, would you be bothered?
  25. Gigasonix's avatar
    I know these aren’t impact rated but does anyone use them with an impact driver? I’m currently using an erbauer set and I have broken any but a couple of bits are worn
  26. phil001's avatar
    Looks a good set...

    Question - I have to clad a ceiling so will be fixing battens to the ceiling
    Ideally want a magnetic bit that will hold screws on it so I don't need another 3 hands

    Not sure this set is magnetic on the end of the bit?

    Any suggestions?

    Have a standard drill/driver not an impact driver

    Cheers (edited)
    M91's avatar
    For the battens themselves you can surely put the screws in place at ground level, unless you're doing a clearance fit in which case I guess you could hold them in the holes with some blue tack. Otherwise, if the batten is not too heavy, you could fix with a screw near the middle first and then work your way out to each end.
    Obviously for fixing any plasterboard you will really struggle without some-one or -thing to hold the boards.
  27. mumihp's avatar
    Hot, have the green set and still going strong. This is the pro set, brought.
    SpeedbirdB777's avatar
    Brought where?
  28. Simbass's avatar
    Hotshot_147's avatar
    Still in stock.
  29. dashforth's avatar
    £7.49 right now
  30. annidukanovic's avatar
    Ordered to add to present. Thank you
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    My Birthday is in October.
  31. HUKD69's avatar
    Great deal, thanks. Anything else that goes well with these?
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    A handle/drill driver to put the bits in?

  32. Steve_SKP's avatar
    If you Google them, all shops sell them for £10
  33. karlparky's avatar
    Looking for a reliable compact driver to use general DIY any recommendations TIA
  34. wildswan's avatar
    Good timing all my bits are trash, bust or lost. Just need a decent drill bit set now for wood, metal, cement
  35. Mariussx's avatar
    Used the green set today - decent set. This is even better as it’s the pro version for £8.
  36. Titanium's avatar
    Thank you, ordered!
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