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Posted 5 May 2023

Bosch Home and Garden Cordless Combi Drill PSB 1800 LI-2 (2 batteries, 18 Volt System, in carrying case) £65.99 at Amazon

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About this item
  • The PSB 1800 LI-2 cordless combi drill – power and comfort for drilling and screwdriving operations
  • Optimum power for every task 3-in-1 system that can be used for screwdriving, drilling and impact drilling. It also features 20 torque settings for screwdriving in different materials
  • Suitable for different materials For drilling and screwdriving in wood and metal or impact drilling in masonry, Drilling in metal 2.5 m/s²
  • Easy screw and drill bit changes The cordless combi drill features a 10 mm shank and a single-sleeve drill chuck
  • Power for ALL 18 V The battery supplied is compatible with all tools within the green Bosch Home & Garden 18 volt system
  • Scope of supply PSB 1800 LI-2, 2 batteries, charger, screwdriver bit, case
  • Note Please use the product in a good ventilated area and also prevent dust accumulation
  • Note The power tool switches off automatically as soon as the set torque is reached. The LED indicator flashes 3 x
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  1. RogPJ's avatar
    I have both of these drills and the Bosch is lighter and fine for light DIY, but the DeWalt is much better. I recently fitted a key safe to my elderly neighbour's granite wall and the Bosch didn't make a dent, but the Dewalt did the job.
  2. BenjaminDover99's avatar
    My first one of these from a good number of years back was brilliant. The second that replaced it when it finally died may look the same but feels like a very different drill and I'm not a fan. It seems to have to take a moment to get itself going and feels like it has far less grunt once it does. I'd merrily drill masonry with the first but the new one barely makes progress and I feel like it'll go pop if I carry on too long.
    Couple that with Bosch's insistence on providing the smallest batteries out there with these kits (- does anyone else still sell 1.5Ah batteries?) and that the Bosch green stuff is generally expensive in comparison to other ecosystems, and there's a lot of reasons to pass on this and go with another brand.

    I have quite a few Bosch Power 4 All tools but switched to Einhell/ Ozito some time ago for anything new and I've a few new Fatmax cordless toys picked up from great deals within the last 6 months that I'm looking forward to trying out. As the Bosch stuff dies on me it won't be being replaced by more Bosch unless it's Pro.
  3. mrneds1_'s avatar
    Great drill, but commonly develops the “flashing light” fault, which means the battery is charged, but the drill won’t work !
    fastclau's avatar
    Planning to buy one! How to get around the fault? Thanks
  4. TheChiefExecutive's avatar
    If you buy this from B&Q for £78 you can claim another free Bosch battery by redemption - so 3 batteries total. Offer is from Bosch on purchases over £70. Not sure if would be eligible if using B&Q Club discount voucher to buy the drill (probably safer not to).
  5. Dalkirst's avatar
    Hi, from someone who knows 0% about DIY, does this have or can it drill through plastic?
    Need something to put my electric blind pully thing up but the frame is plastic.
    No doubt I'll split the frame
    Nib1337's avatar
    Most drills should be able to drill through plastic. The important part is using the right drill bit. A decent wood drill bit should be sharp enough, but if you're fixing to brick you'll need to use a different drill bit for the wall.

    This drill would easily do the job. If you already have a drill at home then it'll be cheaper grabbing a drill bit as this doesn't come with any. (edited)
  6. dealsonly's avatar
    Hi everyone one, just bought my first property and trying to be a DIY person as handymen cost an arm and leg to do the smallest of the jobs so need assistance from someone who really knows these drills, I need to do my curtains and fit swivel TV bracket to hold 65“ tv and I have seen the bolts for the bracket are quite big, to summarise, would this Bosch be good enough for the tv bracket and curtains in bricks plastered walls pls?
    Nib1337's avatar
    When buying a drill like this check the maximum torque. This drill only has 38Nm max torque whereas most Dewalt drills have 50Nm torque and above. This means the drill will struggle getting through dense material.

    I have this drill and it would be able to make 8mm holes for curtain poles but will struggle to make holes for the TV bracket. I used an SDS drill to drill the holes for my TV bracket and this drill struggled to screw in the bolts.

    Drill bits are also important when using this drill. The bosch professional drill bits work really well with this and most cheap drill bit sets won't get you anywhere. My advice would be to grab a drill set (combi drill + impact driver) as well as a decent drill bit set for all your needs around the house.
  7. Shinrin-Yoku's avatar
    Mines about 7 years old now and still going strong. Used it heavily too. No complaints here.
    Ned_Kelly's avatar
    Same here, bought over "better" drills but still go to this one
  8. michaeloswell's avatar
    Good drill, good deal, good night
  9. Sid666's avatar
    I have this drill and haven't found a job it couldn't handle yet (diy a lot) and with the 2 batteries it's brilliant
  10. highdon's avatar
    I've had this for 2 years now and still going strong. I've even gone through the torture of drilling into concrete supports and even though this is obviously not powerful enough for that, after about an hour I had all the holes done.
  11. loxell's avatar
    mine randomly does work when i press the trigger...lightly used ...would give it a missss
    ilakast's avatar
    A tab inside the battery might have come off. Mine did that and opened the battery casing to find that this was the case.
  12. deleted1015476's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Had one for about 5 years can’t fault it!
  13. seancharles's avatar
    Brilliant drill, I've had it for about 12 months and do a LOT of DIY
  14. nicktee55's avatar
    Had mine for about seven years. Brilliant bit of kit for home use. Light and powerful.
  15. GrumpyOldGamer's avatar
    Had mine for just over 2 years for general DIY when it started smoking like a chimney, moved to Ryobi.
  16. Bobef90's avatar
    got two of them - one to drill and one to screw.

    Use decent drill bits and they go through most stuff without fuss
  17. Chaoslava's avatar
    Chuck broke on mine the other week. Need to see if Bosch will replace it even though I don't think I filled in the warranty card.
  18. Riyaal's avatar
    It all depends on how often you are going to use it and for what purpose. For the occasional use this is fine. The DeWalt is aimed at the Trade professional and will have better build quality, torque and feel. Also, the advantage being you can then add other professional bare power tools to your collection.
  19. Kiwi's avatar
  20. dazbang's avatar
    Hmmm! Trying to decide between this and the DeWalt mentioned above too… 
    Nib1337's avatar
    I've had this Bosch green drill since 2017. It just about gets the job done but I've recently upgraded to Bosch blue because I needed the power.

    One of the main problems I found with the Bosch green ecosystem of batteries is their tools are expensive, sometimes more than the Dewalt range, or on par with their professional blue range. It doesn't make sense for lower quality products aimed at DIYers.

    I would go for the Dewalt if you have the budget. Their ecosystem is really good and you'll find plenty of deals in their range
  21. happi's avatar
    Bought this a few months back, if you register on Mybosch website they give you 3 yr warranty instead of normal 2 yrs.
  22. ALBO4EVER's avatar
    Great deal but i must resist, i have more tools than a builder and they all brand new barely used
  23. erroll's avatar
    Slightly different model but during lockdown I went for the Bosch Advanced Impact drill (slightly dearer if I recall and came with 2 x 2.5 mah batteries and some useful angle accessories).

    Yes the Bosch torque might be lower than a DeWalt but always remember your use case and what else you're likely to use in the shared tool range for the same batteries/charger.

    My Advanced Impact has served me well, comfortably getting through wood, brick etc (quality drill bit is equally as important as others have already pointed out). I use my 2.5 mah batteries in other Bosch hedge trimmers in the range and whilst I don't acres of Bush, I've never been starved of battery.

    Granted the 1.5 mah batteries that seem to be commonly bundled are on the feeble side and why I steered clear of those. Also, mine was a Hungary model and another reason I went for it. Brushless motor was also a major consideration.

    Unless you're Tommy Walsh in his heyday do you really need a DeWalt, unless you're drilling more holes than a woodpecker (edited)
  24. Amit_Khatri's avatar
    Price is showing 83.99... has the deal expired or is it still there ??
  25. mrneds1_'s avatar
    The blue one is the Pro range, so better all round
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