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Thinking of flying to a distant land for a well-earned holiday? British Airways is one of the world’s leading airlines and connects UK airports to destinations across the world. They also offer regular discounts and all of their deals can be found at the HotUKDeals British Airways pages. Read more

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£66 off long haul flights with British Airways until midnight Saturday 14th July w/ code STILLPROUD - for BA Executive Club members e.g. London to Dubai Rtn December £245.51
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Commemorating the Lions achievement, got an email from British Airways offering £66 per passenger off any long haul flight when using the promo code STILLPROUD at payment page. Ha… Read more

Worth mentioning that terms and conditions are £300 minimum spend per person.


Just a heads up - I've been keeping an eye on BA flights for a while, and since this offer started, most of the flights i've been checking on are around 100 more expensive...will be interesting to see if they drop back down afterwards. Some of the oversubscribed routes have stayed the same price, so you might be able to snag a better flight (if you assume BA is better than say norwegian to new york). That said, having flown economy long haul a few times, i haven't really seen much difference personally.


Yes, maybe someone in the know can explain. Similar deal for only £50 off went hot not long ago, and a more expensive one for rtn flights London to Dubai went even hotter.... lots of Scots in today? Glad it helped pal


Don’t see why this is cold. Just saved £198. So happy I browsed HUKD today.


Worked for me, as an existing Exec Club member :/ . I got it via an email, but there being a link would negate the 'invite only' possibility. EDIT: A colleague had problems, he needed first to convert his account on the My Executive Club page. This error message popped up: After using the dedicated link ( ) the discount code worked :) Description updated to reflect

BA Avios - Reward Flight Sale for Economy - World Traveller - half the avios required
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
This deal is not going to be for everyone, and may need some time invested, but IMO worth a post as I got a pretty good deal. Some things to note: - BA, economy, off-peak only - Y… Read more

Yes agree with you on that, obviously they have had to try and cut costs to temper the rise in the ‘no-frills’ airline but they aren’t quite at that level of standard.


British airways have gone downhill. They cram in more seats, try economy passengers like dirt and avios for flights can cost more in taxes than booking a flight elsewhere. Used to be my airline of choice, now I might put them before Ryanair but after easyjet. Customer service is not yet as bad as Tui but it's going that way - you get an answer that suggests they havent read the email. Premium economy in BA is now maybe equivalent to economy with emirates.


Yes Agree im over 50 so can agree with you that the standards have declined regarding hot meals then sandwiches and baggage but to compare them with the (poo) that is ryanair etc is just not true i could list 10 things better with BA then the bucket airlines and these are major things.


Never had this problem always off asap and security is excellent and to my front door takes about 40 mins, but as you say it's more a business oriented airport than for leisure flights and it would be annoying to me if this happens regularly for me when on business.


I’ve flown BA for the last 20 years and I can assure you they have declined in standards from how they used to be. I can remember the days of domestic flights having a hot meal, then it changed to a cold meal, then a sandwich, then a pack of pretzels and now you have to pay for a M&S sandwich. Avios is pretty useless in my eyes. When you factor in UK taxes and trying to actually find any rewards flights you’re best off just buying the flights direct. I’m off to California with Virgin at the front over the summer and I don’t think I’ll be back with BA.

£1 Fare British Always, just pay taxes, fees and carrier charges (eg £391.61 from London to LA)
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
This was based on 4 Adults in Economy flying from London Heathrow. Was looking for flights to LA in November can when was looking at the price i noticed that the fare was only £1… Read more

OK, they have changed their baggage FAQs page AGAIN. As of early Febuary, they had one nearly the same as the current page, but saying an extra bag MIGHT be allowed in the cabin, but might also have to go in the hold if they didnt have enough space, that luggage in the hold would cost £xx (I forget how much), and that you wouldnt know until you got to the gate which was going to happen. We sent our luggage with the grandparent's who were driving over to Spain. TBH, I feel sad you have to defend such a crappy airline.


You really don't have a clue do you? You are entitled to 2 bags in the base price. One you can take into the cabin, the other goes into the hold. You are then entirely free to choose or not to add on extras such as choice of seat, priority boarding (which lets you take the second bag into the cabin), extra bags in the hold, insurance etc. If you just want to get from A to B with 2 bags, the advertised price is all you need to pay.


You have just contradicted yourself. RA's website doesnt help; in one place it says you can carry an extra bag that may, or may not need to go in the hold; on another page it says you have to pay to carry an extra bag. I only flew RA, because that is what was booked for us; my own searches in the past have always found the final RA price to be more than flying a premium airline like KLM or Lufthansa (or Air France - but they keep losing my luggage, so I dont fly them any longer). Either way, I was more impressed with Jet2, for all the talk of the seats being smaller, I (all 2 metres and 150KG of me), found them to be more comfortable AND to have more space, than the RA seats. What they have taken away in pitch, they have more than gained in the reduction of seat padding - and by some miracle, made the seat more comfortable to sit in.


No, 2nd bag is included for free, you only pay if you want to take it on board. We flew last month and to be honest it was much better without the scrum to find space for your bags


You only get the 2nd bag if you stump up extra money; they may also (at their discretion) chuck it in the hold.

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£50 off long haul flights with British Airways this weekend with promo code BAMember50 - for BA Executive Club members
Found 20th AprFound 20th Apr
Just had an email from British Airways offering £50 per passenger off any long haul flight when using the promo code BAMember50 at checkout. You need to be logged in as an Exe… Read more

Flights a few weeks ago were £1800 for 4 of us, today without the discount £2650. Paid the £1800 last year a month before flying seems one if their non offers wait for the normal sales. You also can’t use the code with avios which for a family can be a better way of using miles as you have no chance of getting a reward seat for 4 of you.


What counts as long haul?

British Airways: Kids Fly for Free in UK
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Children under 12 fly free on BA (up to 2 children under 12 per accompanying adult) in UK destinations: Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Leeds and Newcastle (economy class on… Read more

I am a parent and who said I "chose" to be one?


However the toddler is not given a seat on a train I mean.


Just checked on flights from Manchester to Edinburgh.... they want me to fly to Heathrow first and change!? No thanks, will go on the train where my toddler is always free!


Used to live in Newcastle. One of the most beautiful places in the UK.


This deal really gets my goat I've got no kids 🐐 (lol)

British Airways launches affordable long-haul flights (London to US for £175)
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Good news for travel lovers - or those yet to book their summer holiday - British Airways has launched competitively-priced 'basic' air fares on a selection of their long-haul ro… Read more

Not sure but DFS is having a sale soon (lol) (lol) (lol)


I agree but you can't fly on Emirates to NY from uk.


Me too, I have solidly defended them on here!

waterloo (y)


That is the all business A318 - BA1. I doubt it is that important to them really. It is a once a day service now LCY - JFK. I would like to do it someday but currently saving Avios for a 2 for 1 F redemption for LHR to JFK. Never done BA first so looking forward to it. People love a good moan about BA but personally I have always been happy with their service. As for the Emirates comparisons - go and fly a 777 with 10 abreast and then tell me how wonderful they are........

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£50 instant discount on BA flights with Amex card application
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Might be helpful to someone given there's no longer CB on BA flights... £50 *instant* discount on BA flights if you apply for a BA Amex card at the time of booking a flight No… Read more
Get dealGet deal

Hi. Fair challenge, but horses for courses, no? If you are able and prepared to drop £3k on a credit card and then bank 25k avios for a future flight, do so. If you simply want £50 off a £200 flight *right now* take the offer, pay the first statement and then cancel it. Or do both!


oops , yeah I did mean the cashback card (didn't realise they introduced a fee on this one) not the £450 one. The Gold probably offers the most versatility for redeeming through the MR programme (could get 20k Avios if the rate is still 1:1).


Platinum charge card has a £450 fee, but is refunded pro rata. Platinum cashback is £25 or free depending on the version. SPG also worth a look.


From the OPs post it appears you can get this on the classic card. You can't get a 25k Avios bonus on this classic card. You're talking about the premium card which carries a hefty annual fee. Also, some might prefer instant cash over Avios. If you are looking for a high bonus card then their Gold, Platinum (both charge not credit cards) and Nectar credit cards are worth considering. None carry a fee in the first year.


Is there a minimum spending for the flights?

BA - London to Shanghai/Beijing in Business Class + 8 nights in 5* hotel £1110pp
Found 21st FebFound 21st Feb
BA have a sale on business class flights to Beijing and Shanghai for £1009pp that ends today. You can also add a hotel which sometimes makes it cheaper than flights alone if you ar… Read more
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Yep that's already been explained very well in thread thanks. Never done long haul not my thing three to four hours on a plane is enough for me. Longer than that and I would have to have a bed and more space for sure.


Also don’t confuse short haul business class with long haul business class. Two completely different products.


Deal all gone. I missed it whilst dithering about the visas etc. stupid country why can’t they do evisas like every normal country


Please tell me this is a joke?... 🙈 (lol)

May - Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau 12 Nights Flights + 4*/5* Hotels £988pp with BA
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
I'm posting this as i've recently booked this same deal as China has been on my bucket list for a while and thought it might interest others. If you want to check out the Great Wal… Read more
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I agree. Tourists should always get ripped off and scammed, everywhere in the world. I also think we're dipping into racism, discrimination, homophobia, xenophobia with people on here who are against criminal activity.


Seconded. Taiwan ftw


Taiwan is a good option if you would like to experience the authentic Chinese culture, with plenty activities to offer e.g. hot springs, forest parks, beaches etc. Visa free for UK nationals, nice food & much nicer people. Mega cities in China are rather soulless and will guarantee to stress you out big time.


Ouch! Been looking for a definite price on the visa. Didn't realise it was so expensive. Oh well, no choice but to get one now!


Only £110 if you have an Irish passport.

British Airways Flash Sale to Europe from £23 one way
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
Not a fan of the airline but this is a pretty good deal nonetheless. BA is offering flights from London to Barcelona and a whole host of other European destinations from £23 one wa… Read more

I just cannot understand why so many people in England think, that what happens there happens EVERYWHERE in the UK. See it time and time again... Not just here, but every forum I've ever used. Please, open your blinkered eyes, and realise that there are other countries in the UK, and that just because something is the way it is in YOUR country, England, doesn't make it applicable UK wide. Like school holidays... And so many wonder WHY the rest of the UKs countries, get so frustrated with England... this is just one thing on a never ending list it seems. The UK isn't just England. Voted hot. Good for those near London. However, stating that it's London only in the OP would be beneficial.


True BA is a good airline. The problem is Britain has become a land of cheapskates and people who wnat something for nowt without putting in the hard graft, efffort - call it what you will. My friends in europe laugh at Brits sadly They say that all Brits need is:- Their Beer Their Fags And Football How embarrassing as are their antics on the cheap Ryanair flights!


really? is everyone heading to Tokyo in August? do you think they have enough space


Don't we all?


DON'T book a car with them through Avis - made that mistake in September and the CDW has an excess of up to and possibly more than the value of the car. So not really a CDW is it? Avis have gone the way of BA trying to screw you at every possible opportunity. I used to fly with them a lot but now after 2 flights a month return to LHR (urrrgh) I can never manage to break through to the Bronze level. So now saving my money and flying with a more honest airline.

British Airways releases new flights on summer timetable, cheap school hol flights - you can now find cheap flights on the new slots because they were only released a few hours ago. Gatwick-Alicante rtn £88 June. Gatwick-Malaga £140 rtn August
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
BA bought the collapsed Monarch slots at Gatwick and have basically used them to add loads more flights this summer. Why a deal? Because: 1. the just-released flights are at bargai… Read more
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Thanks, I've managed to book dates close to my original Monarch booking.


You're welcome - glad somebody gets it :)


Price changed for me and saved over £200 as was waiting for this. Checked it yesterday and nothing, so glad uvsadealdealdeal posted it. Much appreciated


you need to be more flexible in your choice of dates sounds like you are mixing a cheap new flight (new slot) with an expensive old one (old slot) which sort of demonstrates my point, ie choose the new slots


there wouldn't be, obviously the cheap flights will be the new slots released today, so you couldn't have been watching them

1500 Avios bonus with £100 spend at British Airways - BA AMEX accounts
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
New offer found on my British Airways American Express credit card. Need to opt in first via account. I value Avios at around 1p per point in redemption value, so works out aroun… Read more
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We are a family with 1 child, very soon to be 4. We leave ours at grandma's and stay at the Holiday Inn when visting. You can get 2 kids in most hotel rooms if they are in a cot still. Going forward I am saving Avios and then you can book hotels and you can book room type too. We had a nice big room at an Intercontinental all booked with Avios.


Will definitely consider it later. But now a family with 2 young children, I guess is impossible to get a room for 4 people, or 4 free drinks at check-in LOL! Thanks for your recommendation anyway :)


Yes I do, IF you pay for a IHG hotel anyway at £99+ then there is no fee technically as you get a free night. Most people pick an IC hotel in London and get £250 value out of the free night. We would just be staying there because it's free (£99) so we spend it on a hotel we need during expensive time of year. Last year it was a Holiday Inn at £105. You get status with the card which gets you a pint and some nuts so that's £5 value every time you check in. We stay quite a lot of times a year at a Holiday Inn so make use of the free drink/s, sometimes you get 2 at check in. You are meant ot get other benefits like early and late check out but realistically you can just ask the hotel without status and normally get them. Also you are meant to get room upgrades but I haven't had any so far so don't count on it.


Are you using this as well? Perhaps is good for places that don’t accept Amex.... still not really a fans of pay card fees....


How about an IHG card - £99 fee but you get a free night after a year if you spend 10k so book an expensive room to make the most of it. You get Platinum status so get a free drink at check in. Spend £37.5k and get spire status, no difference really but 25k points bonus.

BA World Sale on - Singapore - £472 rtn Los Angeles - £462 rtn etc etc
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
Singapore - £472 rtn Los Angeles - £462 rtn etc etc Some great "Luxury" offers as well if anyone's feeling flush after Xmas!

yes! saved several hundred by going ARN-LHR-LAX. Flew to ARN the day before (cheap RFS redemption) to minimise chance of missing first leg, and got to potter around the the city, so effectively two holidays for the price of half, even accounting for 1 night' hotel in Stockholm etc


This is NOT a sale -I’ve just price checked my existing booking to NYC in March (same hotel, flights etc) and it is £1000 more expensive than when we booked it several months ago. Don’t be fooled by the adverts, do your homework!


if you want to go via Guangzhou, maybe.


Air China southern is generally cheaper to Singapore.


Yep, if I want to pay a premium then I'll fly with Singapore, at least I know what I'm paying for... Quality aircraft and quality service unlike BA. Gosh Qatar are cheaper and better! BA has a gone to the dogs, depending on where you are flying. You may get a A380/787 or a clapped out 747/777-2.

Half Term Fly Drive Holiday to Florida including Fully Insured Car (Price is for family of 4) BA.COM
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
12 Night Fly Drive Holiday to Tampa - BA Direct Flights depart 8th February to 20th February Price is for a family of 4 with category A car but can be upgraded for minimal cost … Read more

Does that include a fully insured car?? I have been to Florida many times and i have never paid £50 a night for Orlando hotels!!


You won't get a decent hotel in the idrive or tourist areas for much less than £50 per night. Our last visit was August, 22 nights with Virgin staying at the Clarion Inn Lake Buena Vista - £2200 for 2A and 2C. We generally pay £1500 for 2 weeks, £2100 for 3.


You can get a hotel for about £250, have you got a better deal?????


No harm done, maybe some others have appreciated it!!!


What about Universal, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens....most people go to Florida to visit more than just Disney. If they're staying in a villa a car is probably needed but not for those on I-Drive . The hotel shuttles or Iride usually leave you right off at the gate at most parks. I've never had a problem with the Disney Transportation anytime I've visited.

BA Holiday glitch on Flight+Car (cheaper to fly business than economy) @British Airways
Found 15th Dec 2017Found 15th Dec 2017
Alright, so I have to travel next week on business to Milan and I looked to book a flight. The price for the flight itself in economy class was £462, but since I needed a car, I lo… Read more

Website is clumsy and very difficult to find a holiday for 5 for certain dates


First of all, try checking through your phone a price of economy. Then ensure you use a browser on your laptop in which you never browsed the BA site (if you browsed the BA site, please clear all cookies and cache from browser). Then choose economy flight + car through the browser on laptop, and see if the combo gives you a cheaper price than the individual flight, plus see if it will give you by default a business flight which is cheaper (you can always change the flight in the package).


Mate it's a deals site not a talent show.


Nope.. still can't get any deals.. Every option I try (with different browser) shows Business / club class about double that of Economy. Need more details on how/where this deal/glitch will work.


When the economy costs £462 and you get a business and a car for £450, it's a deal. Like it or not, the purpose of publishing the deal is letting others to try and save money on their holidays, using the trick I just described, whether you book it a week or a year in advance.

Florida Flight & Car 12 nights February Half Term - 2 Adults & 2 Children  BA.COM
Found 13th Dec 2017Found 13th Dec 2017
Great price for February half Term family of 4 with fully insured Group B Car Direct flights with BA from London Gatwick to Tampa on 08/02/2018 returning 20/02/2018 Car can be up… Read more

Was a great deal thank you


Voted cold but No one has posted a better deal, I am wondering why i bother????


Always fly to Tampa. Great airport. Very easy to get to Orlando.


Love Florida but careful driving out of Tampa at night. I've been probably 30 times and Tampa is the only place where I found trouble when I got a little lost. Get a sat nav and stay on main road and you'll be fine.


It depends where your staying. If you're staying in the Davenport area then I've always found the drive from Tampa as easy (if not easier) than from Orlando International. Also, the airport at Tampa is much quieter than Orlando so you can usually get through security, etc quicker.

50% off avios redemptions on BA from LHR and LGW. Book by 17th Dec, Fly by 30th June
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
Great deal on all avios flights out of Heathrow and Gatwick. World Traveller ONLY (so only longhaul economy). Few examples.... these are RETURN avios values.. (All PLUS taxes) Bo… Read more

Dehero I was going to signpost HFP myself. 5years in and going strong!


Agree! First went first with Avios for our Honeymoon to NYC, bargain when combined with Amex companion voucher. I've since been a few times in F and have managed to not fly below CW since, that won't last forever though! If I keep flying for work the way I do though then my miles will keep racking up. Although only got 205k at the moment so not anywhere near what I had at maximum! And to reiterate, using them for WT redemptions are really bad value. Read the website for tips on the best way to spend them. It will explain everything you need to know.


Bad idea to fly BA in the first place.


Don't trade them for Avios until you have a very clear plan about how you would use them (i.e Avios / cash cost of where you want to go; whether it is good value compared to a straight cash fare and using the Clubcard vouchers for other uses etc). Never use Avios on hotels and other services as the value per point offered is terrible.


As Portillos states, if you're going to fly economy, then long-haul ex-DUB on Aer Lingus is just about the only way you'll get reasonable value for your Avios as you're not getting ripped off with BA level service charges and taxes. If you're looking short haul then Reward Flight Saver fares (i.e within Europe) still offer >1p/avios value, as well as short haul overseas routes with no or low taxes (e.g internal flights in US, Japan).

BA best price guarantee
Found 18th Oct 2017Found 18th Oct 2017
I went direct with BA (for peace of mind) - managed to get over £100 refunded as omega flights had the same flights on for less.

Any advice on getting best flights to florida..there is six of us leaving end of March until mid April.. (so a 3 weeks or so trip can alter it suit price ) As have wedding on 13th April to attend.. With it been easter no sure leaving last min will be way to go this time as we did that last time as was out of season (do have airports I prefer to fly from and to) Have nut allergy just to add another problem.. Lol


Further to my previous post.. The e-tickets have arrived in my inbox. All API date input on BA site - confirmed booking made. Seats booked for FREE both journeys on American Airlines site NO DRAMA


No worries. They've improved the process recently, you used to have to pay over the phone but now it's online


Booked a BA flight LHR to JFK on Omega, £100 less than BA site, hoping all goes well. We looked at BA best price small print and decided too many get out clauses


I ha I hadn't realised that. Now I know I will do that.Many thanks.