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3Kg of Peanut butter for £11.93 (plus 2.02% TCB) at BuilkPowders
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
£4.99 per kg Tub, Spend over £10 and us code 'SCORE40' to get 40% off (Currently 1 Kg Tubs are £7.84 on Amazon) £2.95 Delievery for orders under £49 So ((3 x £4.99) - 40%) + £2.… Read more
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The coupon code "SCORE40" is not valid.


May contain nuts.


Read from the top (comment #1 onward)


Any good compared to Meridian? I hear this brand are a lot drier than Meridian and thus not really spreadable? They're cheap, but can be a false economy if no good...


You could've said "it's nut* on the Mondeo ! Lol

4kg peanut butter £14.98 delivered.
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
4kg peanut butter delivered using code SCORE40 for 40% off at bulkpowders. Of course you can order more or less i just happen to buy 4kg at a time,will work out as more expensive t… Read more

How does this compare to "Skippy's" ? Peanut butter on toast is my standard breakfast before workouts but anything other than Skippy's just tastes bland.


Mmmm... still bit of a risk if you don't like the brand. Some I don't like but I love PB. I you do try garribaldi biscuits with spread of it


Just my personal opinion on this particular brand of peanut butter and not aimed at the deal itself - this stuff for me does the job in sandwiches and as a filling, but for actual standalone taste, the MyProtein stuff just seems a lot better (I only purchase smooth though). Think I've read somewhere that MyProtein's PB also include the skins which might explain why theirs tends to be darker. I am working through the 2nd of 3 tubs of Bulk Powders' PB and miss the MyProtein stuff quite a bit, but this price is pretty good.


Brilliant price at today's market rate. Seems there's a craze now for peanut that many places selling above £8 /kg. Cheapest option is to make your own, for those who can, otherwise, this is a brilliant price. Hope its not 1 large 4kg tub XD

Up to 60% off + additional 20% off @ BulkPowders
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Haven’t seen this posted but they’ve launched their Black Friday sale in the last day or so Up to 60% off and then an additional 20% off your entire basket use code 20BLACK Br… Read more
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I'm not voting either way but I buy a lot from bulk powders and failed to see anything at 60% Off? The 20% worked fine. As a side note why does every supplement deal here get voted cheaper than ld regardless? Some are pretty good deals. Thanks for sharing btw.


Cheers. I'll have a look.

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10kg Pure Whey "unflavoured"£56.14 delivered (using code) @ BulkPowders
Found 26th Aug 2016Found 26th Aug 2016
Works out an insane £5.61 a kilo .....2 x 5kg pure whey protein UNFLAVOURED at Bulk Powders for £56.14 delivered using code 20FTC at checkout stage . Possible 2% @ quidco too. you … Read more

RAF4982829 gets you 25% off whole basket.


the 20% First Time Customer code is ongoing but how long they have the current 25% off whey im not sure about. im just gonna neck my protein shake and not bother about adding flavours . i know MP do flavour drops and im sure bulk powders will to


How long is this deal on for? I can only buy it on Tuesday. What are some good liquid flavourings to get?


just use a different email address if you are already have an account


managed (_;)

Pure Whey Protein - Any flavour 5kg bag - £32.02 with code PAMY16 @ Bulk Powders
Found 18th Aug 2016Found 18th Aug 2016
30% off and extra 20% off with code. 166 servings for £32.02 which costs less than 20p a serving. Free delivery over £50. Potential 2% cash back. Subtotal £40.03 Discount £-… Read more

Milk, I've had choc mint and its brill


water or milk? i updated above as water was a bit better for the peaches have apple crumble and choc mint to try but dont want to open them just yet


White chocolate tasting good over here!


for info: 'peaches and cream' opened, smells a bit cheesy, tastes merely ok very sticky feel in the mouth and long lasting annoying aftertaste hope the others are better anyway! :| edit: above was with milk, with water its a bit better as doesn't feel so sticky and aftertaste a bit less


Deal finished. Shame, was just about to order.

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BULK POWDERS up to 50% OFF SALE + extra 15% with code!
Found 29th Jun 2016Found 29th Jun 2016
Received a text for their sale. Great products if you're into your fitness, the powders mix well and taste great (prices are competitive as well!). Grabbed myself a few Kgs Summer… Read more
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They've alway got a sale on.


This is My first thread, please state why you've voted cold? Its a great deal for anyone that needs sports supplements.

COMPLETE PRE-WORKOUT™ 2.16KG £41.99 @ BulkPowders
Found 10th May 2016Found 10th May 2016
30% off the normal price with the code: MAY30 - enter at checkout 2.16kg (90 portions) available in Apple & Raspberry, Cola and Watermelon flavours Free delivery on orders … Read more

code expired


never understood the attraction of pre workouts.. i have a cup of coffee an hour before gym and still manage to have an awesome workout.. just musing


​Maybe it's better to DIY one?...


Oh double espresso has bcaas etc? This isn't just caffeine.


A double espresso will do pretty much the same trick.

Pure Whey Protein unflavoured 5kg £32.75 @ Bulk Powders
Found 10th May 2016Found 10th May 2016
BulkPowders whey protein unflavoured for £32.75 with code MAY30 for 30% discount. Unflavoured Pure Whey Protein™ Undenatured Whey Protein Concentrate 82% free next day delivery o… Read more

code expired


​They do "Liquiflav" Chocolate, Raspberry, Strawberry for £5.99 - 30% Haven't tried it yet tho.. I prefer instant coffee, cacao or mixed fruits


Good price, tastes great lol


What do you guys flavour this with? Alternative is the MyProtein Whey Impact/Isolate better if at the same price?

Pure Whey Protein Chocolate 5kg £40.03 + £3.95 del @ Bulk Powders
Found 29th Mar 2016Found 29th Mar 2016
Bulk Powders currently have 30% off all of the products on their site until the end of March, using code 30MRC. This means that a 5kg bag of chocolate-flavoured whey protein (166 … Read more
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I used to use them but after I placed an order for multiple items I had to get in contact due to not receiving the delivery they told me they hadn't sent it out as one item was out of stock even though it didn't state that on the site, I asked them to cancel this item and send me the rest as I had nearly run out but they refused. And when I told him that they should of given me this option when they realised he wasn't interested either, as far as I'm concerned their customer service sucks big time


don't why people voting cold. bulk powders stuff is top notch. their strawberries & cream protein bars are awesome. in fact going to order me some if they have stock!

1kg Whey Protein Concentrate for £10 @ Bulk Powders
Found 26th Oct 2015Found 26th Oct 2015
Just spotted a deal on Facebook - 1kg Whey Protein Concentrate (80%) for £10. You can buy more than one and it's open to new and existing customers. Use code WHEY1KG Available o… Read more
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Ordered, great saving. Thanks.


Good deal, thanks for posting.


How long is the 25% off code valid at BP?


Or to experiment with flavours.....I once bought a 5kg of cinnamon roll....took me 6 months to finish (ordered another flavour immediately after to have between doses).....lesson = don't buy 5kg of cinnamon roll.


Any particular reason why? Lactose intolerance is pretty much the only benefit isolate has over whey. The difference in fat & carbs is negligible

FREE PROTEIN - just pay £2.95 delivery @ bulk powders
Found 6th Oct 2015Found 6th Oct 2015
This deal popped up on my Facebook and I've just ordered! Free 250g of protein, a few flavours to choose from and you just pay £2.95 delivery charge.

Nice one


got 10kg powdered oats and this free 250g protein all for £16.83 with their current BOGOF offer on all products... use code BYGT50. Thanks for posting!


Considering you can get 1kg of protein from MyProtein for £10ish this isn't really a great deal.


Not a great price on its own but great if ordering other items. Have some heat.

PURE WHEY PROTEIN™: BULKPOWDERS: £57.19 for 6 kgs flavoured
Found 1st Aug 2015Found 1st Aug 2015
Not sure if this should be in the voucher section. Follow the link and add a 5kg bag to your basket. Then from the same product page add a 1kg bag to your basket. Click on checko… Read more

Well while I'm being sad may as well be useful. Cheapest flavoured whey at the moment is from myprotein. You can get it at around £8.20 per kilo. They do these 'Pay Day' deals. Best one is 30% off over £80 spend. So buy 5kg and 2.5kg and apply the 30% discount. Should take you to £61.64. Also get a free shaker or something to add in on top of that and free delivery as it's over £50.


Just realised how unbelievably sad my post above was. Tragic start to the week. oO


Banana can be 100 cals. Same as one teaspoon of peanut butter. Difference between the flavoured and unflavoured powders is only 10cals. If you make banana smoothies as part of your routine (we do in our home for breakfast) then it's fine. But generally adding fruit or bits of stuff for flavour works out both more expensive and higher calorie than just buying flavoured versions. At 12p a banana (166 servings for the 5kg x 12p = £19.92), you would be paying more than £8 overall than just buying the banana flavoured whey (£57.19 - £46.79 = £10.40). Basically anything you use for flavouring has to be less than 6p per serving and the same amount of calories (10 cals) which rules out sugar (10.40/166). Going by the 5kg prices before delivery. Revise accordingly :{ Like I said, it's fine if you're adding the powder to existing parts of your diet, but that's not how a lot of people use whey.


that will teach me to jump the gun, i did it with the unflavoured varient and it came out at £50, seems app and cin is more expensive along with the flavoured ones.....unflavoured is £10 a bag cheaper than flavoured. will update my comment appropriately but then again blend the unflavoured one with a banana and a scoop of peanut butter or some frozen fruit and your on to a winner, dont pay extra for flavoured when you can make it yourself for less


Just tried to do this with their WHEY PROTEIN 80 (concentrate), Cost for a 4kg (48.99) + 2kg (26.99) is 75.98, take off 20% (£15ish), that gets you to £60ish then add on the delivery charge (£3) you mentioned. Doesn't seem cheaper unless you're talking about a different product. I tried flavoured (apple cin).

Pure Whey Protein unflavoured 5kg £37.43 20%OFF @ Bulk Powders
Found 31st May 2015Found 31st May 2015
BulkPowders whey protein unflavoured for £37.43 with code 2MYVR for 20% discount. code will expire at 6pm on 2/5/2015 free next day delivery on orders over £49 +TopCashback / Q… Read more

Code not working, expire?


This stuff gives me a migraine about 24 hours after taking it. I seem to have developed sensitisation to it as I was taking it for about 6 months without out any problems.


WPI is an added value protein. That is, it mixes better, can taste better and has less lactose than WPC, if you're intolerant. If none of these are an issue then wpc is a better choice as it offers more value for money, but if any of the things above are a concern, wpi could be a good choice


Well why not buy ON gold standard which is about £90-100 for 4.5 kg, that costs more so it must be even better. Do you really think digesting it any quicker is going to make a difference to your muscles when most of your growth and repair occurs during sleep? This shake is a fraction of your daily protein intake, how can this one product make that much of a difference? If it was that significant, everyone would be buying isolate and the regular stuff probably either wouldn't exist or would be a lot cheaper. If you want to pay nearly 50% more for something with no proven benefits or significant advantage then that's up to you. I'm afraid the supplement industry loves to convince you otherwise.



Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 4.6kg  for £60.24 delivered with code @ BulkPowders £60.24
Found 25th Sep 2014Found 25th Sep 2014
You can get 4.6kg of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for £60.24 delivered. Simply add it to your basket, search '0.5 measure' and add this to your basket. The total should now be £80.24… Read more

Dare I ask why you would need that much KY Jelly? Also it's not really an alternative to KY Jelly since... That's not even a good price since I can buy the same quantity from Amazon for £14 less http://www.amazon.co.uk/Coconoil-Original-Virgin-Coconut-Oil/dp/B00AK9WSX8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1411641270&sr=8-1&keywords=virgin+coconut+oil+4kg

Bulk Powders Whey protein 2.5kg Delivered for £26.19 with codes
Found 11th Jul 2014Found 11th Jul 2014
Free delivery on all orders over £10 + £5 off with code WELCOME5 or NEW5(both should work). Plus FREE Samples to choose from BCAA, Whey, Protein blend, etc.

Cool, I will keep an eye on TPW(have ordered from them once, actually.They price matched Beta Alanine for me and sent some whey samples, too! I was satisfied). Thank you for the advice, as well!


Keep an eye out for TPW discount codes that they offer almost daily. I've tried quite a few protein powders and this is the only one (so far) that i've found that doesn't make me heave. Thanks for the info though Barzev :-)


@MissYDW, looks good but the price is twice more expensive that bulkpowder's whey offer atm. IMO, Bulkpowder's chocolate cookies is pretty good.


The Protein Works = best flavours and great prices! Honestly, this is really drinkable stuff. Try the protein smoothie, unbelievably delicious. www.theproteinworks.co.uk


ok pricing, but some great flavours finally!

Bulk Powders Whey Protein 5KG £39.77 Unflavoured, £48.78 Flavoured plus £3.95 delivery (free over £49) @ Bulkpowders
Found 24th May 2014Found 24th May 2014
Bulk powders whey protein. As far as I know the cheapest you can find right now. Use code PRN15 for 15% off, delivery is free if you spend £49+. Also free men's health mag if you … Read more

you're welcome :-)


This is a great deal, dunno why it's cold, gonna go for the unflavoured one as theres no sucralose, thanks op!


Personally I go for unflavoured as I like to have a few scoops in one shake a day rather than mess about spreading it out during the day and find that flavoured ones taste far too strong doing this and even a bit chemical-y sometimes. Unflavoured 'tastes' fine to me, far less sickly than flavoured, mixes perfectly well, significantly cheaper and fractionally higher protein content as a bonus. Pro tip: When mixing, particularly with more than one scoop of powder, put the water/milk in and then first shake horizontally before vertically to avoid blocking the top with an immovable lump of sticky powder.


I have used this one and caused me headache every time I take it, cheap stuff. I wouldn't recommend it


I've not used this product, but a good price when you consider Gold Standard 2273g Chocolate is £46.30, and you get twice as much with this deal specified by the OP. What's this stuff like to shake and drink OP? Does it mix well?