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Dextrose & Maltodextrin 50:50 5KG £18.94 delivered (also 5% TCB) @ Bulk
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Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Bulkpowders have their 70% off "sales" at the moment so just picked up DEXTROSE & MALTODEXTRIN 50:50. Didn't bother going up to the free delivery limit, £49+, and this still w… Read more

I'm glad you agree with somebody, go post a deal about 10kg of rice. To be fair I'd vote it up :)


fully agree with you


The benefit would be convenience to the individual (maybe they just prefer drinking their carbs), that's it really. The literature shows that carbohydrates from sports supplements are not superior to food sources in terms of post-exercise glycogen recovery and exercise performance. Also, carbohydrates intra-workout do not benefit resistance training and only benefit those training for endurance for at least 90 minutes. Glycogen replenishment occurs within 24 hours regardless of timing. You are not fully depleting glycogen during a workout (or even half, I believe resistance training on average depletes around 35% depending on the volume). If you prefer to drink your macros, buy it. The price is good. I wouldn't recommend spending more on other carb drinks (HBCD, Karbolyn, etc).


Good shout. To be fair I've never regularly bothered with intra though I can see the benefits and probably should give it a proper try.


I agree plus one sits alot better in the gut and it's not the rice... If you've got a eaa / intra with actigin that'll work well too.

12 x Macro Munch Chunky Orange Protein bars £13.44 + £3.95 delivery @ Bulk Powders
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Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
12 x Macro Munch Chunky Orange Protein bars £13.44 + £3.95 delivery @ Bulk Powders£17.39£29.9942%
12x Macro Munch Chunky Orange Protein bars @ Bulk Powders. £13.44 was £29.88 Really nice bars with different textures and flavours. The other flavours are full price. Spend £49… Read more

Myprotein were better before they rebranded in their prices and customer service. Product wise they are good. I mostly use their isolate and other supplements that I use to make my own pre workout. I started using them in 2015/16 when I started training again and alongside eating well they have served me well


I should clarify they were 18 protein oat bars, so like halfway between a flapjack and a chocolate bar it looks like? Still, low sugar and 22g of protein per bar, so can't complain! What's your opinion of MyProtein's supplements? Like I said, I've always gone with Bulkpowders as they are a little bit pricier but the quality seems excellent, and I've heard some mixed reviews about other places, including MYP. I've bought some unflavoured Creatine, some Brownies, Protein Bars, and a Pre-workout blend (side note: can't believe their pre-workouts don't contain BCAAs like most other brands). Thanks!


I usually buy my supplements from MyProtein. I'm a big fan of their Carb crusher bars. These Macro Munch bars are better then any of the bars I've had from MyProtein. Possibly my fave bars followed by Barebells. £10 for 18 bars is a bargain


I don't doubt these are nice, and I usually go for BulkPowders for all my supplements, however with the Revolut 38% discount at MyProtein, I couldn't resist. I picked up a box of 18 protein bars for under a tenner! Madness.


That's a good deal

2 x 2.5kg Whey Protein for £50 @ Bulk Powders
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Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
2 x 2.5kg Whey Protein for £50 @ Bulk Powders£50 Free P&P Free
Deal of the day at Bulk Powders. Qualifies for the free delivery over £49.

Don't think this works any more.. 2 x 2.5kg comes up as £95.98 minus 30% if you use the tier1 voucher


Switched from myprotein to bulkpowders recently - difference was night and day. Still yet to evolve into 80s Arnie. Pound for pound an expensive habit! Taking up smoking would be far cheaper


£20 for 2 x 1kg is a standard price in the member perks section on MyProtein.


Where exactly? Right now please show us where is selling protein at that price that makes this a bad deal. Probably can’t.


Wait until it hits price, stock up and hold til the next wave.

40% off everything flash sale @ Bulk Powders
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
40% off everything flash sale @ Bulk Powders
I got hammered last time I posted a deal for their powders, hopefully the fact it’s everything at the moment goes down better. Spend over £30 and get 40% off everything. Topcashb… Read more

Keep posting them, ignore the haters! I always look for a code here before I order & 40% off everything is decent - shame it's expired now...


where did you buy that?


They always have sales like this, and send emails. Compare with my protein they are most expensive


Yes this is Bulk Powders whole marketing strategy - constant and subsequently inconsequential sales. I know because, having bought some powder from them a while back, I've been getting a least 1 email a day from them advertising some sale or other. As much as the barrage of 'offers' is enough to put DFS to shame I will say if you're willing to buy in bulk the price is genuinely quite good. I got 5kg of natural whey isolate 90 at £60 so 36p per serving which easily beats any other comparable product I could find.


Nice but rated cold, normally get whey protein for around £13 1kg and it seems they’ve but the price up to £22!!

Limited Time - 40% Off Everything at Bulk Powders
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Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Limited Time - 40% Off Everything at Bulk Powders
You have until 6pm today to get 40% off everything* at Bulkpowders.co.uk with code: FLASH. Free Delivery available on orders over £49. *Minimum spend £30. Excludes CBD and Vegan … Read more

Yeah, unfortunately, I've seen this practice practice from numerous retailers.


they have put prices up vit c was selling for £7.49 before this 40%offer


The pancakes are great from here. Low in calories and high in protein. If you get the original flavoured one's you can use them as wraps too. (y)


Thanks OP - I personally like them and just saved me a fair amount :)


Their protein power is sickening ngl but good for other products 🤢

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65% off Selected Gym Clothing at Bulk Powders - Prices Starting from 73p + £3.95 delivery under £49
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
65% off Selected Gym Clothing at Bulk Powders - Prices Starting from 73p + £3.95 delivery under £49
A promotion on the Bulk Powders website today is for 65% off a selection of gym clothing. You can apply the discount code on the basket page of the website. You don't even have … Read more

I like the gray mark jumper but out of stock good prices, the massive logos are a put off for me though


No longer working


Ordered thanks


Ordered placed. Cheers OP


yeah it was just slow to let me choose ordered now !

Bulk Powders Complete Mass - Banana 5kg £21.59 + £3.95 delivery
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Posted 14th JanPosted 14th Jan
Bulk Powders Complete Mass - Banana 5kg £21.59 + £3.95 delivery£25.54
Banana only No code required 5kg
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Up to 60% off sale at Bulk Powders
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Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
Up to 60% off sale at Bulk Powders
Bulk Powders have an "up to 60% off" sale on (no code required). The link above takes you to the offers page. Here are, however, some examples: 500g pure whey protein (various f… Read more

As a comparison MyProtein currently have 5kg of Whey for £51.44. That's actually expensive compared to their other deals they usually run. It's usually £45 when they run their standard offers but I paid £40 last month.


Anywhere else that is cheaper you could recommend


Highly inflated prices. £13.99 for 1kg Whey or £76 for 5kg. Cold from me

2 x 2.5kg Whey Protein @ BulkPowders - £50
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Posted 2nd JanPosted 2nd Jan
2 x 2.5kg Whey Protein @ BulkPowders - £50£50
2 bags of 2.5kg pure whey protein at bulkpowders. One bag is usually about £46.99 so second bag is only about £3. Doesn't work with their NEWYEAR discount code which gets you 40% o… Read more

I only went for BP over MP this time as I needed more ZMA and MP don't do it (lol)


I've used bulk powders and MyProtein. Both normal whey protein products are similar in terms of protein quality/grade. I would rather go for the current deal MyProtein has got which is £1.68 more but you get 250g more which is slightly a better deal.


£10/kg is about average - they've really inflated the 'usual' price


I don't think it's a good deal at all, it works out as £10 per 1kg of protein which is a fairly standard price, the fact they advertise a 2.5kg at £46.99 is mental.

Bulk Powders Black Friday sale - up to 75% Off
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Posted 26th Nov 2019Posted 26th Nov 2019
Bulk Powders Black Friday sale - up to 75% Off
Selection of items up to 75% off including foods, supplements, proteins and sports nutrition. Free delivery on orders over £49.

Bulk Powders ALWAYS have a sale on so normally I'd agree, but I've checked the Black Friday prices against previous "sale" orders and there's definitely a bigger discount this time around. Plus a free shaker. Heat added.


Free delivery when you spend £49.


Bulk Powders sale is always a let down. Their usual prices are way too high and then they seem to have on going sale reductions which brings the prices to average value. So nothing special or money saving. On top of it all they always charge for delivery so even with the avg value sale you always have to add that on. Not much of a saving all in all.

Bulk Powders Deal of the Day - Two 2.5kg Whey Protein Pouches for £45
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Posted 25th Nov 2019Posted 25th Nov 2019
Bulk Powders Deal of the Day - Two 2.5kg Whey Protein Pouches for £45£45
Two 2.5kg Whey Protein Pouches for £45

This. Save your pennies up and jump when they have a 40% code.


5kg bag is usually cheaper with discount codes on bulk powders


Yeah, this comes to £48.94 so you might as well add something else to the cart for free delivery, and you can't mix and match flavours.


Isn't delivery another £4 on top unless spending over £49??

Pure Whey Protein 2×2.5kg for £45 at Bulk Powders
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Posted 25th Nov 2019Posted 25th Nov 2019
Pure Whey Protein 2×2.5kg for £45 at Bulk Powders£45
Bulk powders 2×2.5kg pure whey protein for £45
Get deal*Get deal*

I would say it's "just-abit-more" delicious ;) I hope this helps you make your mind up


Hmm, tempted now. I normally buy impact whey from MyProtein. Would you say it's a lot more delicious than the MyProtein whey or just a bit more delicious?


I like this brand, taste abit better than Impact. Fahid -heat added ;) 🔥


This is a good deal. This is grass fed whey too, so good quality protein. Just ordered it and stocked up on citrulline too.


Don't know really, first time ordering this protein from Bulk powders as i normally go for Impact whey from my protein. But reviews on website seem to be good. :)

Up to 70% off + FREE Macro Munch Bar with £30 spend at Bulk Powders
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Posted 12th Aug 2019Posted 12th Aug 2019
Up to 70% off + FREE Macro Munch Bar with £30 spend at Bulk Powders
I've just received an email from Bulk Powders - there are some great deals to be had here. Upto 70% off plus a free macro munch bar! :-) (think it's just me that gets excited about… Read more
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Upto 70% off at Bulkpowders
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Posted 4th Jun 2019Posted 4th Jun 2019
Upto 70% off at Bulkpowders
Check out the link - there are some excellent deals to be had. Not sure how long this on for. These deals only usually last a day or so - so be sure to be quick
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Yep. I always just buy whey protein. BP Vanilla whey is creamier, better tasting and thicker than MP.


Never tried BP, is it really that much better than MP? Tried MP once and didn't like it


That's not something that I've seen but I'll be sure to keep an eye out. Cheers.


And Bulk Powders is regularly cheaper than Myprotein. You'd be stupid not to always check both.


quality is key. difference is night and day BP>MP

40% off £25 or over spend at BulkPowders.co.uk (Protein shakes etc) ends Midnight
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Posted 25th Mar 2019Posted 25th Mar 2019
40% off £25 or over spend at BulkPowders.co.uk (Protein shakes etc) ends Midnight
(+ Free delivery over £49 + 4% TCB) Conditions: Excludes accessories and reduced items

Similar tactics to myprotein.

35% OFF + Free Standard Delivery at Bulkpowders
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Posted 18th Mar 2019Posted 18th Mar 2019
35% OFF + Free Standard Delivery at Bulkpowders
Deal expires midnight tonight. Accessories and reduced items are excluded. Spend £30 for free delivery and £25 for 35% off.

never used these before always MP, had a quick look and nutrition seems to be abit better in MP Whey, heat added for offer tho.


Thanks! Ordered 7 tubs of peanut butter for £3.89 a kilo. There's also 4% tcb available!

BLACK FRIDAY - Up to 65% off+ EXTRA 30% off at Bulk Powders
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Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
BLACK FRIDAY - Up to 65% off+ EXTRA 30% off at Bulk Powders
BLACK FRIDAY - Up to 65% off + EXTRA 30% off + FREE Shaker & Macro Munch Code: BLACK30 bulkpowders.co.uk

last weekend they had 40% off sitewide. i had stuff in my basket that's still there now - and it's nearly £10 more expensive with this black friday 'deal'


How to make a proper Black Friday promotion. Make sure you drop the price drastically , make sure the website doesn't work :)


Trying to stock up on the Peanut Butter. Website doesn't let you add items to the basket...

3Kg of Peanut butter for £11.93 (plus 2.02% TCB) at BuilkPowders
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Posted 28th Feb 2018Posted 28th Feb 2018
3Kg of Peanut butter for £11.93 (plus 2.02% TCB) at BuilkPowders£11.93
£4.99 per kg Tub, Spend over £10 and us code 'SCORE40' to get 40% off (Currently 1 Kg Tubs are £7.84 on Amazon) £2.95 Delievery for orders under £49 So ((3 x £4.99) - 40%) + £2.… Read more

The coupon code "SCORE40" is not valid.


May contain nuts.


Read from the top (comment #1 onward)


Any good compared to Meridian? I hear this brand are a lot drier than Meridian and thus not really spreadable? They're cheap, but can be a false economy if no good...


You could've said "it's nut* on the Mondeo ! Lol

4kg peanut butter £14.98 delivered.
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Posted 26th Feb 2018Posted 26th Feb 2018
4kg peanut butter £14.98 delivered.£14.98
4kg peanut butter delivered using code SCORE40 for 40% off at bulkpowders. Of course you can order more or less i just happen to buy 4kg at a time,will work out as more expensive t… Read more

How does this compare to "Skippy's" ? Peanut butter on toast is my standard breakfast before workouts but anything other than Skippy's just tastes bland.


Mmmm... still bit of a risk if you don't like the brand. Some I don't like but I love PB. I you do try garribaldi biscuits with spread of it


Just my personal opinion on this particular brand of peanut butter and not aimed at the deal itself - this stuff for me does the job in sandwiches and as a filling, but for actual standalone taste, the MyProtein stuff just seems a lot better (I only purchase smooth though). Think I've read somewhere that MyProtein's PB also include the skins which might explain why theirs tends to be darker. I am working through the 2nd of 3 tubs of Bulk Powders' PB and miss the MyProtein stuff quite a bit, but this price is pretty good.


Brilliant price at today's market rate. Seems there's a craze now for peanut that many places selling above £8 /kg. Cheapest option is to make your own, for those who can, otherwise, this is a brilliant price. Hope its not 1 large 4kg tub XD