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Posted 14 September 2023

Capcom Game Offer Megathread - Nintendo Switch, Xbox & Playstation Titles (Digital)

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Over the years Capcom have released some absolute classics, and right now there are some really nice offers on. I've created a list below mainly for Nintendo Switch, although there are some Xbox titles in there too. I've added a fair few below, but you might find even more

If you're not aware Capcom have "Capcom Town" live via a web browser, for the 40th anniversary, where you can play a few games for free, such as Street Fighter 2 and a couple of Mega man titles - See there HERE

Mega Man Titles - Switch Digital

Fighting Games - Switch Digital

Resident Evil - Switch Digital

Other Games - Switch Digital

Something for the Xbox gamers here too

These are Capcom titles on offer that are backwards compatible with the Xbox one & Series X|S

Also for Playstation 4 Gamers

Thanks to who posted about a lot of these reductions over on dealabs

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  1. Serpico73's avatar
    Nice deal Op and your right Capcom have released some corkers. Was watching a Switch Up video the other day and they mentioned that Capcom were instrumental in getting Nintendo to put 4GB of RAM in the machine so it could run Resi. They will likely have input in the Switch 2 also. (edited)
    Decoded's avatar
    Can't believe there is only 4GB ram in a Switch. Even my crappy phone has that. It should have been made with more in it. (edited)
  2. luckysalt1ec8f1's avatar

    The Resident Evil games on switch are on sale for... £7.99!!!

    Serpico73's avatar
    They are regularly on offer for this price.
  3. Dan_82's avatar
    Nice thread!

    Ken's avatar
    Just me and my bro, when I used to have long hair. Still got bruises on my toes now, tbh.
  4. FinalBoss's avatar
    Are the Battle Network games on PS4 too?
  5. Gareth_Collins's avatar
    Where’s Capcoms…..Time Crisis…..:S
    dunlop47's avatar
    Dino Crisis? Time Crisis was Namco
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