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Craghoppers - 4 Man NosiDefence Kiwi Tent (Colour: Potters Clay)

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Half price from RRP £550, and an extra 20% off with code CRAGS20

4-man anti-insect tent made from insect bite-proof polyester cotton with anti-mould finish and PFC-free DWR. Easy to pitch, the 2-pole tent features a double-door entrance with mesh liner, 2 windows, reinforced peg points, side skirt and guy ropes with reflective detail. Complete with carry bag with padded shoulder straps. Internal dimensions 2.6 x 2.1 x 1.5m.
  • Easy pitch
  • Internal dimensions 2.6 x 2.1 x 1.5m
  • 2 windows
  • Reinforced peg points
  • Side skirt
  • Guy ropes with reflective detail
  • Aluminium triangle guy rope slider
  • Single entrance
  • 2 steel poles
  • Carry bag with padded shoulder straps, toggle adjuster opening, peg bag & pole bag
  • Double door entrance with mesh inner
  • Midge proof
  • Plastic pole caps
  • 8.6kg

Note: due to the polycotton material it doesn't have a waterproofing rating that synthetic tops do, cotton is naturally waterproof, but you will probably need to avoid contact with it.
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  1. sleds's avatar
    Err cotton is the opposite of being naturally waterproof

    'Note: due to the polycotton material it doesn't have a waterproofing rating that synthetic tops do, cotton is naturally waterproof, but you will probably need to avoid contact with it.'

    But it does looks like a good price for dry conditions
    OLDSKOOL's avatar
    Polycotton certainly is waterproof - the fibres expand after getting wet and stop water from getting through. We have a polycotton tent that's been through massive storms / prolonged and heavy rainfall (weeks) and stayed completely dry. They generally don't suffer from condensation either. As stated above, it's good practice to keep things away from the material as prolonged contact can cause water to leak through, however, this has never been a problem for us. Compared to all the other numerous, highly rated, top spec, high HH tents we've owned that were made from Polyester etc., our Polycotton is the one that's handled everything. It's much heavier though, so not suitable for backpacking.
  2. Deedie's avatar
    Didn't even know they did tents. This looks pretty decent. Which is quite surprising as their stuff is generally pretty poor quality
    tinfoilhat's avatar
    craghoppers is good gear, much better than berghaus (imo). Cargo trousers /boots have been better quality. The berghaus Polartec fleeces are great but that's about it. Craghoppers and Berghaus both offer free repairs for life. (edited)
  3. lastjunkie's avatar
    I get the feeling this will become a mouldy nightmare
    Deedie's avatar
    Not if looked after properly. They will outlast you

    Once you try a poly cotton tents, it's hard to consider buying other ones. So much better

    Unless you are back packing (edited)
  4. royals's avatar
    Never seen the appeal of living in a tent unless right in the sticks. Fine if you want to be smelly
    grillnun's avatar
    Never seen the appeal of hotels when I can have a better experience in my own home as that is set up perfectly to cater for me, camping is an adventure and a connection with nature.
  5. bazpoint's avatar
    Cool, looks like a proper scouts tent that.
  6. thunkpad's avatar
    Proper tent.
  7. gaz_marshall's avatar
    So this is a tent you can't use in the rain?
    cb-uk's avatar
    It's perfectly fine for use in the rain.

    However, if you are inside the tent and it starts seriously chucking it down, do NOT touch the inside of the tent with any part of your body as this can create a leak point for water to start dripping in.
  8. marco806's avatar
    i have a craghoppers gore tex jacket, bought it about 5 years ago...its outstanding.
  9. Monclaire's avatar
    water "resistant" just what I need from a tent - lol
    RosieWoo's avatar
  10. The_Hank's avatar
    I have always liked the look of this tent, good reduction.
  11. decrypted's avatar
    Could just buy a tarpaulin sheet to throw over if really concerned about rain
  12. electriclinux's avatar
    Recommend using this occasionally (depending on use) to keep it waterproof nikwax.com/en-…of/
  13. SnakeDevil's avatar
    Perfect colour - as insects lure...
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