Posted 1 March 2023

D'Addario Planetwaves Guitar Dock - £17.99 @ Amazon

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This dock offers a quick and easy way of setting your guitar down, without worrying about it falling over and getting damaged. Now... I know! There are lots of stands and wall mounts out there, so this may not be for every guitarist out there, but I think there are plenty that would appreciate something like this when recording and having to pop their instrument down.

Does it solve a problem? Not as such, if you already have stands or mounts anyway, just move them near you or get up and hang them again. Perhaps if you're short on space though!

For me, I'd like something like this, just for the amount I am up and down when recording. Or wanting to free up my hands to type or mess with my tracks. I could go put it on the wall mount, but then there's unplugging (unless you have a long cable) to then go grab it again and what not.

You'll instantly know if your the target market for something like this. It seems like a good idea for those that get annoyed keeping the guitar on your legs, but keep needing to use it.

What's the alternative?
A guitar stand at the side of your desk. Obviously that takes up more room than something like this, so there is that to consider.


The Guitar Dock by D'Addario allows you to turn any surface with a flat edge into a secure instrument stand. When a conventional stand is unavailable or inconvenient, the Guitar Dock will protect your instrument from falls by clamping to most tables, chairs, work benches, consoles, amps, and more!

  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Easy to use, adjustable clamp with ergonomic knob
  • Durable over-mold protects instrument and clamping surface
  • 360 degree rotation allows mounting at any angle
  • Easily stores in most instrument cases and gig bags

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  1. addisj's avatar
    These look like a great idea! Never seen them before. Bought one, ta
  2. link0045's avatar
    Looks good thanks
  3. clle44's avatar
    I've been looking at this which seems more practical for an ad hoc stand. gear4music.com/Gui…NA3
  4. Gooner1011's avatar
    If you normally lean your guitar against a desk, these look great.

    I hope you don't just lean your guitar against a desk though....😯
  5. shopkeeper's avatar
    In 8 years of playing guitar i've never had a guitar fall over on me as common sense and physics tells me never to lean it against something where it could easily slide to one side or another! But joking aside i did once have a case of a guitar falling off a stand I was using to easy the effort of playing stand up and it did drop off it making a horrendous racket. I thought it was a gonner but being a Les Paul its built like a tank and weighs in at an impressive 5kg. Hence the stand to save from wrecking my back!
  6. KVP's avatar
    Seems expensive for what it is; looks worth about a fiver (edited)
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