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Marshall Origin 5C Combo Valve Amp - £199 Delivered @ Thomann
Posted 10 h, 11 m agoPosted 10 h, 11 m ago
An all time low on this as far as I can see. Just under £200 is a fair price for what this is. It might not be for everyone, but if it is... It's by far the cheapest around just no… Read more

Well...each to their own I suppose. I bought this in a turquoise colour, with the sound leisure “rocket”’s a 50’s style jukebox, so I fill it with “oldies” that are fitting with the time period.Anything past Motown and it’s like putting “new” stuff in it. Have to say though that the Marshalls look makes it look modern and contemporary, so would fit a lot better more modern vinyl. I guess when you pay the prices for these new modern day machines you’re entitled to fill it what you like. (y)


Would sound great with some banging dance anthems or hip-hop coming out of that.


Shame you can't turn down the drummer 🤪


Shame no reverb


A nice deal. Still, I want a Fender Deluxe Reverb :)

Left Handed - ESP LTD D-4 Electric Bass Guitar £366 Delivered @ Thomann
Posted 14 h, 7 m agoPosted 14 h, 7 m ago
A beautiful Bass with a delicious price :D The right handed version is between £509 and £800, although at the lower they are on back order (DV247) The next best the LH version is… Read more

Sooo, I'm selling all of my guitars now (lol) Incredible accuracy and technique! Saw he has a string dampener on... it must be that. I'm off to buy one and if it doesn't turn me in to a 48 fingered Michael Angelo Batio, then I'm returning it. :p You don't often see anything that's in that video. The playing, style, techniques and all on an SG. It's not typically a guitar you'd see anyone belting around on like that. I struggle with speed on anything that's not relatively slim, like my good old Ibanez SA. I do have a dodgy left hand, so I'll tell myself that's why I'm nowhere near as good. Thanks again for the links, there's lots to learn from these chaps.


He's so good because his hybrid picking technique is superb, really really good and effortless. Also his note selection is awesome. He also has some tricks to his playing too, like on the second video by barre fretting over the fretboard with his thumb! and selecting harmonics to pick. He seems to be a fan of Paul Gilbert and Tom Qualye who are monster guitarists. I think though this kid is going to end up better than them both. Also Matteo Mancuso is insane as well, no one can play the guitar like that, the way he alternates between two picking styles and so fluid, mind blowing technique, it really is insane to watch, I have no idea how you can be that good > 1:46 is madness ^


@fishmaster Wow, that kid is incredible, buttery smooth playing! Thanks for that, I've found a new channel I'll be digging through now (well you found one for me) :D One comment made me laugh on Youtube "Can you at least pretend that it's hard.." What a talent he really is. I'm not left handed, no. I just like to dig out some deals for those that are. It's a bit of a challenge as well, really.


I was watching a Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal video the other day, he was discussing working with Portnoy, saying how great he is, whatever riffs Bumblefoot came up with, he had the beats for it. Are you a left handed guitarist/bassist then? I have well I'm not sure exactly. I think 7 or 8 guitars some of which I'm selling and have put back to right handed and I'm going to buy a left handed fanfret 7 or 8 string one day when Strandberg do another run if they ever do. If you're interested watch a few videos of this 16 year old wonderkid, he is incredible especially for his age, an absolute virtuoso, effortless advanced playing, keep watching 0:37 is where it gets great > and



ESP LTD F-205FM 5 String Bass Guitar - Walnut Brown Satin - £319 Delivered @ Thomann
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Another excellent offer from Thomann on an ESP model. This time its a 5 string bass guitar, reduced all the way down to £319 delivered. Currently not on back order, so you can orde… Read more



Wise choice


What's up slappers




Lovely looking thing. Couldn't sneak it in the house though.

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Back order (Approx 1 week) - 8 String ESP LTD JR-208 Javier Reyes Electric Guitar - £389 Delivered @ Thomann
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
An absolute steal for an 8 string by ESP :o 8 strings are fairly niche here I think, but if you wanted to get into playing one, then at this price you can't really argue. Not a gu… Read more

Here's my current favourite guitarist, just because it's so completely out there nuts and revolutionary way of playing guitar, I hate all their merchandise, but love the playing.


I'm waiting for the 10 string scalloped fretboard, floyd rose, fan fret (multiscale) true temperament fret guitar in left handed.


Rondomusic have a brand called Agile and they make 9 and 10 string guitars, unfortunately not scalloped or with a tremelo, I mean that does really sound like a tuning disaster :)


Where’s this craziness gonna end? At this rate we’ll end up with 12 string guitars....


Wow, aren't you afraid of blending in with the crowd with such a common instrument? Meanwhile I'm waiting for the fanned fret edition of the scalloped 10 string to come back in stock :{

Alvarez MF60OM OM Acoustic Guitar - Alvarez Masterworks Model / All Solid Woods / Bone Nut & Saddle - £449 Delivered Next Day @ PMT
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Ever since we saw the Faith models dropping a few models (All solid on all of their guitars) I've been trying to see what I can find within the ballpark of those that offer great s… Read more

Well having checked with them, it seems they're not expecting stock until November. And the 'WITH LR BAGGS ELECTRONICS' is a mistake on their website, it's acoustic only.


100%, if they get them in at that price it would be a cracker!


Fair enough, it would probably be worth checking with them though.


Yeah, saw those although I think it's been like that for some time now?


Well FWIW £369 here (WITH LR BAGGS ELECTRONICS): though currently: OUT OF STOCK DELIVERY INFORMATION Not currently in stock. We have ordered stock of this item. Order now & we will ship to you as soon as we receive stock. MORE STOCK ARRIVING SOON Estimated arrival date: UnknownPlease note this date is subject to change so maybe they'll get some in......

Ibanez AW54L-OPN LH - Left Handed Acoustic Guitar - Solid Mahogany Top - £181.95 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
We've not seen huge amount of deals on left handed guitars over the last few months, so here we are... A solid mahogany topped Artwood series by Ibanez. At £179 + delivery costs. I… Read more

Probably my favourite comment of 2020 :D Cheers!


Who's tried to iron the guitar


Good quality


A left handed guitar, nice. I'm left handed. In 2020 it's still a very bad thing to be a left handed guitarist, stop doing it if you can :)

D'Angelico Premier Ludlow Electric Guitar + Gigbag - £299 / Deluxe Models + Hardcase - £499 + Free Delivery @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Here we have another rather unique looking set of guitars. GuitarGuitar have heavily reduced these now vs other places. For instance the Premier model here is over £670 delivered f… Read more

Saw this deal when it went live on their website. The deluxe models were a steal at £499. Really high quality for that price and a hardcase to boot. I have an SS Excel and it is easily comparable in production quality to my USA tele from 2008. D'angelico customer service is also top notch. So if you don't care / like the looks of this model then you've got an awesome deal


Received today...lovely guitar, the neck is great and the pickups are a step up from my Epi LP Custom Pro (which I will still forever love tho!) thanks for posting OP!


Great for the money...bought the one in black at £299, bargain! Was not sure on the looks at first but this video changed my mind, looks nice :


This is a scorchingly good deal. At first I thought it was one of those ‘inflated rrp’ offers, but no, everyone else is selling it at over £600. This is an ideal guitar as a first, second or third guitar. Just spend any leftover money on a decent amp and you are away. I would buy this but as I have already bought three guitars during lockdown, all of them bargains m’lady, I cannot justify another or else I will be bankrupt before lockdown is over. Heat added.


Looks like a very bad copy of an Ibanez Iceman. :{

Ibanez 7 String Electric Guitar - RGDIX7MPB Surreal Blue Burst Flat - DiMarzio Pickups / Gotoh Locking Tuners £649 Delivered @ GutiarGuitar
258° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
This one may be a bit Marmite here, it's a 7 string that won't be to everyone's liking and the finish will probably not be either. That said... I like the finish, the colours are a… Read more

Hard to disagree with that. Considering it's meant to be a promotional video by a guitar shop, one might ask whether you'd want to seek their advice on something musical if that's and example of what they recommend. There's more to metal guitar than mud.


name of your sex tape!


Agree on the visuals, but let's face it you could get a sound like that out of a 20 quid Woolworths guitar ;)


More to give you a better visual than a stock image and a rough idea of sound :)


I've just watched the video. And that's supposed to sell me a £700 guitar?? (lol)

Ibanez SR305E-IPT 5 String Bass Guitar In Iron Pewter - £249 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
783° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Excellent price point on this 5 string by Ibanez. It's not one of the mega crazy drops we've seen VS other sellers, but a good price indeed. The weathered black is £289 at Anderton… Read more

I'm not suggesting either of us romantically pursue her, just that she's an attractive lady in addition to her being incredibly talented XD


Well I dunno, I'm not a member of The Rolling Stones and I could easily have a daughter that age, each to their own I guess :) I just admire her amazing bass playing skills which are exceptional.


Hell, I'm 42 and I don't think there's anything wrong with saying a young lady is pretty :)


Ah past my sell by date on that one. I'm 49 and nearly 50 so not really appropriate for me to comment on that.


Back in the day when an Ibanez meant you wore spandex. Was always a Rickenbacker bass man myself, but I could only afford to play it in the shop..

Ibanez SR875 Electric Bass Guitar In Blue Reef Gradiation - Bartolini BH2 Pickups / Medium Frets - £549 Delivered@ GuitarGuitar
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
An absolute beauty of a bass, the finish is stunning. A good set of specs for those looking at options under the £600 mark. There's a couple of Bartolini BH2 passive pickups thrown… Read more

I think the designer might of have been on something when he designed this abomination


I've had my eye on a Fender Player Mustang Bass for a while now, but this is very nice!


Lovely, great find.


What a beaut!

Blackstar - HT Stage 60 MKII Valve Combo Guitar Amp - £599.99 + 5% Off Totalling £569.05 Delivered @ Musicstreet
179° Expired
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Great price on this at the moment. Spotted an ad for £599.99 and didn't expect the 5% off code to even work on it... It does :D That code is MUSICSTREET for those wondering. Onl… Read more

Great price! Wish i had the dough.


Looks to be live still on this, despite the date stating yesterday - Unexpired for now :)


I actaully saw that when it was too late! I inteneded to post. Music Street seem to have short running promos, but good ones when they're on. I'm relatively new to them, so that's only based on a few weeks worth of checking them out. Will keep an eye though


Apologies - I missed that bit in your post, so wrote my reply, then checked your post again, realised the 5% discount and (I thought) I deleted my post as it was now irrelevant, but I obviously didn't :( It's a good deal and even better at MusicStreet. I was really tempted with last week's offer of the Unity 120 (reduced from 379 to 249 I think) but there is a lack of information and reviews out there about their products, hence these offers I guess, to get products out there and people talking about them.


With the extra 5% discount code? (£569.05) Didn't see it elsewhere at this price? The code should work on anything at MusicStreet, pretty much.

Free 3 months trial with Amped Guitar Learning
Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
A great deal, free 3 months. Need to put bank information in but set a reminder to cancel if you don’t want to start paying. Great way to learn!

Just noticed this, virtual amp can you let me know a little more about this? I do have youcisian as the kids learn singing with it, the guitar decent? Given you have rocksmith and use yousician I'm intrigued.


interesting, I've had a guitar for over 10 years now, its more ornamental but I can play it, in the sense that I could plug it into my amp and play a tune you would think sounded like the song I'm playing and probably just passable as a performance, that just came from play the basic same songs over and over though! First song I learned was stand by me which has about 15 chords, I cant even write them all down, just look, see where the fingers go and off you go, I know the power chords ofc and could remember more if I had to pass an exam or something.... But I wanted to add, recently I just got Rocksmith 2014, you might want to consider this, its the most fun I've had from playing a guitar in all my time and has adaptive progress so if you suck early on it slooows things down then speeds up, but scores you. Whats clever is is drops you the most basic version of a song, a few notes here and there and then the next run a few more and so on...I love that. You buy a lead with a usb/guitar end and my setup if normally to my 55 inch TV in the living room but I run it on my laptop so its nice and portable. I have the fender thing, my trial ran out before I could even get going, it was just the teachers all seemed to be just a little too nicey/politey just not real, I bet as soon as they are finished caging all that inner beats there straight off taking drugs and bingeing on what not....and then it didnt seem as fun, but to learn proper its probably a really good way with the structure.. Just my little pennies worth, I'd love to learn the gutar properly, for reasons unknown I also bought an electric drum kit that remains unlearned!


Cheers gari189!, Nice to hear from someone in the sane boat. I'll defo take ur advice and try those. Justin Guitar on YTube was the place I started (the guy is awesome) and I mixed with a few others but after a while I felt I lost structure in learning and stopped to the point I couldn't even remember the most basic chords. With Fender Play it has a different structure where it gets you fingers moving and stretching before you even start learning chords which I really liked and have kept practicing. I'm only about to learn chords (again) but feel better about it this time around. It was then I realised 3 months are up and ibdidnt make enough use so got worried I'm gonna lose a good thing so signed up for the 12month offer. I just wish I wasn't practicing on a classic (spanish/nylon string) guitar as the fretboard is a lot wider than normal acoustic/electric. Anyway, cheers for the reply (y)


I just use my work headphones, obviously the better headphones you have the better sound but I think it’s more to get you started


Can anyone recommend what kind of headphone to use with this type of thing when I practice on an acoustic (so cannot use an “aux in” on an amp)? If I use my current headphones, I can’t hear if I am strumming correctly so usually play along with one side on my ear the other off. I thought perhaps I needed something like audio technica M20 but think these are the wrong type....

Traveler Guitar - Travelcaster Deluxe With Bone Nut - £172 Delivered @ Thomann
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
It's official folks! This is the weirdest looking guitar I have found so far. It's obviously built for being compact for travel and would likely suit a very small amount of people … Read more

Yeah I've seen her before, that was a few years ago. Also seen Tina S too. For me though Max Ostro is leagues ahead of them, a unique talent.


There's always somebody better - often quite a lot better - than 'you'. It's just how it is.Guitar isn't a competitor sport, and it's important that you use it to make music, rather than as a platform for demonstrating how much better one player is compared to another. :-)


Check this 10 year old girl out. She makes me want to stick all my stuff on ebay.... I'm playing guitar for 20 years before she was even born, and she's better than me??? And I truly put the hours in way back when. But hats off, she's better than me. Also Look up Tina S on Youtube. She's a 15 year old French girl who makes everybody else looks stupid.


I think they're more like Wilkinson pivot tremelo. Could be wrong. I don't like Floyd Rose that much, ok once you know how to tune the guitar. Anyway my favourite guitarist at the moment because he's not just good for his age (just 15 years old), he's good for any age, is Max Ostro > One of his own compositions, which just shows how amazing he is > Very few guitarists can actually play as well as that with all the technique he has and the note selection, the fact he's that good at 15 is just incredible.


I had no idea that there were Floyd Rose tremelos that weren't floating bridges. Thanks for the info. (y)

Line 6 Relay G75 Wireless Guitar System £147.25 Delivered Using Code @ MusicStreet
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
It's been a long time since I've seen a reduction on this to be honest. Andertons held it at £159 for what seems like forever.. Not that it's a bad price, I was just waiting to see… Read more

It's because the g10 uses TRS Jack's to do multiple functions depending on whether its charging or discharging The active electronics particularly semi acoustics use TRS ports on a TS jack to open and close a ground switch (to turn the guitar on and off). It's jsut that the g10 has a TRS jack with no shorts between the three pins, so on the active guitars the ground switch is never closed.


Good point about doing the sound check yourself! However let me correct you, with active guitars, all you need is this small jack adapter, TRS to TS, however your active electronics will discharge the active power source unti you unplug it. Edit: I just read that the adapter didn't work for you. You're right, they don't work on all guitars.


Should be, that got fixed via firmware update some time ago.


Can't see the handiwork behind the dongle too.


I used a tie wrap! Loosened the nut inside, pushed the jack out a bit, thick tie wrap on and snip the end off neatly, re-tightened the nut. Saves un-soldering the whole thing just to stick washers on it. And finding the right size washers with the right diameter hole and total circumference is solid too. Plus when you want to sell it just snip the tie wrap and re-tighten the nut. Again no soldering and the plastic won't damage the finish in the cavity like a washer might. You can use purple flavor tie wraps. Invisible.

Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive £84 / Expression Ambient Delay £99 With Free Delivery @ Gear4Music
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Both of these are great prices! The overdrive at £84 is a stunning price point that no one else seems to be anywhere near. The delay is still a great buy too, but just not as much … Read more

And I was thinking that it does not look exactely like a usual external hard drive...


Obviously a fellow non musician (highfive)


I thought they were nail clippers


As a non musician i honestly thought it was one of those gadgets for sealing open bags with heat (highfive)

Line6 Pod Go Multi Effects Guitar Pedal - £379.05 With voucher at musicstreet
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
New pod go with helix tones cheapest I can find using voucher STREETWISE Decent price on some new gear. Ordered mine let on Saturday night, shipped first thing this morning. Nic… Read more

It arrived this morning. Just managed to squeeze in half an hour. Seriously impressed. Sounds very good to my ears. Feels a premium bit of kit....


Thanks I'll check it out. (y)

Mankytom This is from the line 6 forum. A very brief discussion of helix which is the big brother of this vs amplitude. I guess it depends what you want to use it for. Ultimately the pedal is portable, has physical switches etc. I suppose what sounds better is subjective...


I'm tempted to get a multiFX pedal again, especially with the amp modelling. I've been using Amplitube for years but not 100% happy with it. How does this rate against the usual software plugins like Amplitube, GTR, GRig5 etc?


HOT !!! These have the Helix amp models, cabs and effects, with a direct Amp out as well as the XLRs. Fantastic bit of kit!

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