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SGR by Schecter C-1 Electric Guitar - Black including gig bag £146.52 Amazon
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
I have been watching this one for a while dropped from £208 to £171 down to this price. Gets great reviews. DescriptionProduct DescriptionRight…. from the Start The SGR by Schect… Read more
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Is Schecter a good brand? I think my Squier Stratocaster is broken so it's going back to Argos :(


Had to google what this meant... hahah im too young for that, sorry!


Three to get lost?


Two for the show.....


Good for the money!

Audio Technica System-10 Stompbox Digital Wireless Guitar System £169 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Stomping price for this model, you can use up to 8 transmitters with it so no need to mess around with cables. Just have them paired up and ready to go. For use with gear with 1/4"… Read more

The Boss WL20 doesn't seem any simpler than the Line 6 G10, but is about £30 more expensive. Any particular reason to favour the more expensive Boss over the Line 6?


Prefer the simplicity of the Boss WL20.


Any thoughts on why this would be a better choice than the Line 6 G10 which can be had for alot less? (and also has a much neater 1-piece transmitter)

ESP LTD EC-50 Electric Guitar £131.95 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
A low price for this model, it's all down to what you want from your instrument. You can of course go 2nd hand and save some cash that way, although for brand new, I reckon this pr… Read more

Noted, thanks! I'm a bit ambidextrous so I'm not sure which I'll be more comfortable with, I'll try eighty and if it fails I'll exchange it, thanks!


Not really, you're better off buying a left handed model to begin with. The pickups would be the wrong way and the cut out will be on the wrong side to make the most of it. Same with the controls, they'd be up close to you and would be all upside down. Obviously you'd have to take the nut off and pop a LH one in too. It's not really ideal to convert it over with this and adds to the cost.


I have this exact model but in sunburst. Bloody awesome guitar. Plays better than my Gibson tbh


Does anyone know whether these guitars can easily be turned into left handed?


Thanks guys, trusting you, buying this as my first guitar! Excited!

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String Swing CC11V Violin Hanger now £1.61 Add-on item at Amazon
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Superb build quality designed to be really robust The instrument is incredibly secure Protects the instrument and wont cause scratches
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No chance, the weight difference is colossal and the neck width probably only does one or the other. The reviews all seem to talk about guitars, so it seems to be mistitled.


Oos ;(


£14.96 now!


Could be used for both?


Shame the price went up, xbox 360, xbox one, ps3 and ps4 controllers fit perfectly on these.

Chapman Guitars - ML1 RS Rob Scallon Signature Model / Neck-Through Guitar £699.99 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Stunning looking neck-through design on this. I posted a Chapman the other night and must have missed this one (Unless it dropped since) All the specs are below and it does come wi… Read more

Depends when you bought them, one of the production lines has moved to a different factory.


Rob Scallon is a legend. Such a great youtuber


He has an 8 sig, and this 6 sig.


Can't be a Scallon, too few strings...


I'm pretty sure they are made in the same factory as PRS SE's. They will have the same machines and tools (and people) used to make them. They'll have the same QC too. Personally I don't like Chapman guitars. I've played a few of them but I've also owned a few SE's. The difference isn't in quality but feel. They're totally different guitars and therefore subjective to whether one is better than the other IMO. I no longer own any of the SE's either. Just my two cents.

Ibanez Tube Screamer with Korg Nutube Guitar Pedal £139 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Fantastic price for this pedal, I think it's been around this price for a while now, but 100% worth a shout out again for this kind of money. If you want to hear it in action, ther… Read more

Thanks OP - ordered one mostly because I was curious about this NuTube ever since Korg announced it - plus the Tubescreamer's control for clean(-er) boost is a plus!


There are many TS clones which are very good. I have used Joyo vintage overdrive which is a fantastic clone . 15 to 20 quid on eBay . Another problem I have with those is that that nutube is broadly advertised as being just as good as traditional tube but at a fraction of the cost. Considering that there is a nutube amp for around 300 quid, a pedal with a single nutube at that cost comes a bit reach from Ibanez. Nothing wrong with the deal, I'lk just boycott Ibanez for these reasons


Fantastic pedal - can put it in front of ANY amp and improve the sound. NeoTrix - you gotta stop posting these bank account is taking a battering (y)


The TO800 is the same circuit as the TS808, Behringer's TS9 copy is the TO100. Why they didn't call it the TO900 I really don't know. Fragile? Not really. Less robust than a Boss would be more accurate.


Same/similar circuit as a TS9 but much more fragile for use on stage. It's all plastic. If you are a bedroom warrior though, there's no point to spend the extra money.

Epiphone G-400 PRO Guitar, Cherry - £299 delivered @ GAK
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Great price for this guitar, I was looking for one and this is lower that I actually paid. Had to be Cherry like Angus would want!!

Epiphone. PAH!

miffyl Same price there if you prefer PMT (shock)


Or the phone choice for those with food allergies


And there was me thinking Epiphone was an angry telecommunications device.

Yamaha CS40 II (Natural) 3/4 Classical Guitar (Ex-Demo) £65 inc shipping @ Coolshop
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Seems like they have a few in stock, really great instrument for the price to start on for younger beginners, or to be used as a travel guitar due to small size. Next best price I … Read more
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Uware now, the guitar is out of stock


Name is not Jeez??


Just be patient, jeez.


I have purchased many Guitars & Uke's and try to learn, but i lose my temper and they end up being smashed up..its the same with a keyboard, purchased a few, but my right hand just does what my left hand does... Ahhhhhh


In the end it's down to what they want to play. I think if you have proper technique the hand size barely matters , unless we are talking for very small children. That said, classical is much easier on the fingertips than electric, and way easier than acoustic. due to the lower tension on the strings, and them being softer and thicker. I would definitely much rather start on classical than acoustic, that's for sure! But if they want to play electric, then go for electric from the get-go.

Yamaha APX600FM Electro Acoustic Guitar - Amber Flamed Maple £239 Delivered @ Gear4music
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
A very good budget option with a nice flamed maple top. A really nice starting point for those that don't want to buy super cheap, to then want to move on pretty quickly and effect… Read more

Yes, this is an acoustic guitar after all.


Forgive me as i have no clue. Will this be able to be played without an amp. Without plugging it in as well or does it only play when it's plugged in


I bought an APX4A as my first guitar in 1997, which was probably the equivalent of this model back then. It's had heaps of use down the years and though I don't play quite as much nowadays it's lasted well and still plays just as it did when I first bought it


Looks really nice with the flamed top, but hardware and materials don't seem much better than the cheaper models. Likely more carefully crafted and setup though.


Good price... I was looking at these at one point. Then I went mental and bought a Martin DM15 for £775! It was brand new so I couldn't say no at that price. :o

Chapman ML1 Norseman Hjarn Electric Guitar w/Floyd Rose Tremolo + Chapman Pro Hard Case £699 @ Andertons - Various Weights available
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Something a little different with this one :) I don't think I've ever posted a Chapman guitar before... That said, I've not noticed a huge amount of offers on them either. I do … Read more

That ML1 is a looker! I won't try and make my own though :D As it's my first build, I've bought a kit and modified it. I don't have the tools or skills to start from scratch. Maybe one day though. It's been good fun so far. Once I have the hang of the basics then I'll make it more challenging. I've made slight adjustments to the body, shaped the head stock myself and changed the frets out, as they were pretty shoddy. Done some filling and started the staining process. This arrived today :) It's the small things, eh? Can see the reflection of the guitar (It's not photo ready just yet, ha) Tough one deciding on a decal for the head stock though. May leave blank, but feels weird.


How about the Harley Benton Fusion ll Flamed maple featuring an 'Ultra Flame' veneer Stainless steel frets Original Floyd Grovers £396 Hard to beat .


Are you following a set of plans or do you know what you're doing from experience? :{ If I had a spare £699, I'd definitely be picking up the Svart version:


Yeah, same! I can't be 100% that I've NEVER seen them on offer, but I am pretty sure it's a rare occurrence. I'd like to see more too, currently just a couple on Andertons. Some beautiful models on there though.I tell you what I do like though. With some of their guitars, you can pick the exact one you'll receive. Not something you see very often, unless you're buying second hand. Ohhh, someone has good taste :D They are really quite something. I keep meaning to buy a single cut, but somehow end up getting something that I never intended to buy. The worst time was when I had a single cut / hard tail in mind, then ended up with a double with a trem system... I even started to build a guitar (At the staining process stage at the moment) As I looked at it curing the other day, I thought "That's not a single cut either" (y) I was even tempted to add a FR Trem in. Terrible for it! Keeping it as a hardtail and going for the SG HP look. I'm useless!


I wouldn't mind a Chapman, big shame that so few come with the Floyd Rose. Yours for £849! :{

Pre-Order - ESP LTD Volsung Lars Fredriksen Signature Guitar in Distressed Black Satin + Case £499 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Next Delivery Due: Friday, 19 July 2019 Maybe not everyones cup of tea here, but hey... you never know. I never used to be a fan of the SG style shapes until fairly recently w… Read more

Incase anyone was wondering, this is a signature build guitar for Rancid's Lars', a punk band and NOT a metal band. Still, one to play with distortion.


I'm with you there. If it weren't for the ridiculous "relic" nonsense, I'd be very tempted to get one.


Probably just waiting for more stock, as opposed to a new release :)


As an owner of seven guitars,I'm struggling here. How can that be on pre-release yet halved in price?


> I never used to be a fan of the SG style Sacrilege! ;)

ESP LTD EC-1000 ET FM Electric Guitar in Lemon Drop - £799 at
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
A great ESP LTD EC-1000 but this one is equipped with a flame maple top and Evertune bridge system. Pretty mega deal for anyone who wants an Evertune equipped LP. (For reference th… Read more
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If it plays well and sounds good, don't worry about the colour!


An extra splash of Old Spice whilst on stage, will retrieve the situation!


Well have I got a honey burst for you!


Nice guitar, but I am not sure that ‘lemon drop’ will appeal to the more manly amongst us!

Fisher-Price - Laugh and Learn Puppy's Piano @ Debenhams Free C&C And Free Delivery With Code Provided £8
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
What's the key to inspiring an early love of music and learning? A toy piano that's just the right size for your budding Chopin and conducts some fun teaching along the way, too. S… Read more

£9 not £8 for myself, but free delivery, cheers op, heated (y)


HOTSPOT! Larders are a bit thread bare at the mo AC, so if you come up with any of your magic food / drink / condiment deals, need to go shopping in the real world and spend money with no savings next week otherwise!! (y)

Yamaha P-125 Portable Digital Piano - Black £431 @ Amazon
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) weighted keyboard with matte black key tops 24 Voices including the sound of a Yamaha concert grand piano 20 rhythms (drums + bass). Power Consumptio… Read more

Price just went up to 479. Thanks for the shove to buy at 431....


Great price. Been looking at this for my daughter’s piano lesson (we don’t have room for a piano) so this will do instead. Managed to get Amex £25 off voucher and used my membership points and paid only £271


Great timing. I was wondering how “usual” this 431 price is. Still much cheaper than any of the European Amazons. I think I’ll buy in case the price does go up as I need to buy within the next couple weeks. One question for those in the know... do you use any of the iPhone apps I see available for it and are they worthwhile? Do you need any adapter or can you connect via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi? And do you have any thoughts on the various pedals available for it? I don’t play piano at all so am a bit lost, this is for the wife...


Aye, the P45 is a lot lower spec. If you want alternatives, a common one is the Rolland FP-30, but it's quite a bit more. Similar RRP but I don't see it discounted. This has better connectivity. I managed to get the P115 for around £370 from Amazon before. Not used it yet though. Seemed the best deal for the money, as the FP30 was close to £600 I think. This is only £60 more though, so would rather have this. Hmm But a lot of people prefer the action of the FP30. The P125 has more functionality though.


Could not agree less- the P125 sounds light years better than the P45. I say this as somebody who owns a P105, P105, and Kawai digital piano

Jack Daniels 70cl with guitar case and bottle top £29.58 @ Jack Daniels
Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Virtually free jack Daniels... 70cl jack Daniels with limited edition guitar case which sells on eBay for between £15-£20 so if not interested in keeping the case etc, it virtually… Read more
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Prove It



I bought this last year for my other half - paid £31 for it on Amazon though :S Hubby loved it - the guitar case is a faux leather type tough casing rather than just a box which we still have on display. Really good quality gift which I would buy again for someone else


Order 3 and it’s free delivery (lol)


And back to £496 ;-/


Back down to 388


Back in stock at £388 price tag!


Heat added - would have bought this but its now expired.


Good Price, price seems to have flown up as I got the Casio PX870 for £585 at Christmas from musicroom much more now (though that was a great price at the time). I think the two are quite comparable with better stand / pedals so this was a great price

ESP LTD SC337 Stephen Carpenter 7 String Electric Guitar £349 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
For those that like their music heavy... and with an extra string :D I reckon this one is brill value for what it is. It's also nice to see 7 string guitars at reasonable prices (… Read more

Stephen Carpenter - guitarist from the Deftones. Rob "Chappers" Chapman - demo guitarist for Andertons music and entrepreneur with his own company making guitars in China to beat the Chinese crap imports and nice bloke who reminds me of a Dad playing guitar as a hobby. It is incredible how cheap some guitars have become now. YouTube is depressing though because even 6 year old girls can play guitar better than me now, and then you have musicians such as the 24 year old Jacob Collier who are in another Universe in terms of their musical knowledge and multi instrumental talent, that if I live another 48 years (very doubtful and horrible to consider) I wouldn't get within 1% of his talent, when I watch his stuff I think "how is that even possible?" Genius is a word that is a true understatement for him.


Use with an amp that goes up to 11 and you have a mega set up.


Not my thing, but excellent value nonetheless.


hot for me too


Heat from me. Tempted at that price, but don’t have a need for a 7-string. If I did, it’d probably a LTD. I have an old LTD that’s still going strong and a dream to play. They’re not ranked with Fender and Gibson, but often the build quality’s better; certainly better than most Epiphones.

ESP LTD EC1000FM FR Electric Guitar with EMG Pickups / Floyd Rose £749 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
I actually saw this on the "Sound like Metallica" Video (Appears at around 3:05) Looking at the image on site, it really doesn't do this any justice at all. That flame top and th… Read more

There's quite a big difference in tone, you should watch some video comparisons. Active pickups are usually very high output and don't sound good clean, and even distorted they produce more/louder harmonics than passive. On average that is, there are actives that are lower output too but the EMGs on this are not.


What’s the difference? Yeah I know I could google it but it’s Friday evening and I’ve had a beer...


It would be tempting if it had passive pickups. Not a big fan of active. The specs are really good otherwise.


I love guitars, I have too many of them. I wanted to stay in the EU just so I could buy cheap guitars from Thomann, that's how serious things are with me and the guitar.

Gibson SG Standard 2018 Ebony or Heritage Cherry - £899 @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 13th JunPosted 13th Jun
Great price for a brand new Standard. The new Standard is 1,199 and has the batwing stratchplate. To get a new half plate version you would have to get the 61 re-issue which is 149… Read more

LPs do tend to have a Maple Top, Body Binding. There's normally a Flame to the Maple which costs more and much more labour binding and finishing. Having said all that the price of LPs nowadays is crazy.


Why are they so much cheaper than Les Pauls?


Great guitarist but just not my cup of tea these days. Derek Trucks seems to play an SG and I dig his music.


Not Angus Young?


Only £29 in ALDI.

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