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Beginning Contemporary Guitar FREE Kindle Ebook @Amazon
30/05/2021Expires on 30/05/2021Posted 21 h, 10 m agoPosted 21 h, 10 m ago
Length: 672 pages "This Full course for learning Guitar is offered in digital format, and some of the course material includes interactive audio/visual media."


Free Guitar Lesson Pack: Starter Bundle Kindle Ebook @ Amazon
30/05/2021Expires on 30/05/2021Posted 21 h, 23 m agoPosted 21 h, 23 m ago
Looking for inspiration? Not sure where to start? Welcome to the Free Guitar Lesson Pack ! Here you’ll find a collection of popular lessons taken from our series of bestselling gu… Read more

Thanks for posting.


Good as it is free but nowhere near as good as the free online lessons from




Been playing 30 years and still haven't a clue which note is where. XD I just can't retain the information and get bored. Highly recommend giving it a go though, you'll be able to learn jazz and stuff with much greater ease!

Rotosound R10-31 Electric Guitar Strings with Strap (Pack of 3) - £10.35 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
TODAYTODAYPosted 29th MayPosted 29th May
High quality electric guitar strings Box Contains: 3 sets of R10 electric guitar strings plus 1 webbing strap Made in UK!

Good deal. I always keep spare sets . They are good strings for the price .


I’m trying these but in my previous experience nothing touched the d’addrios in that price range. I tried Ernie balls and hated them, I remember vowing to never touch them again XD Ernie’s that is, I’m forever touching mine (lol)


I'd say yes. IMO Ernie Ball, D'aardio (?) and Rotosound are very similar. Obviously for the same nickel on steel versions.


I've only ever used ernie ball strings, are these worth the buy?


Thanks for posting! Heat :)

Fender Squier Bullet Mustang H Bundle - £111 delivered @ Thomann
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Fender Squier Bullet Mustang + Thomann E-Guitar Gigbag Eco + Thomann CTG-10 Clip Tuner + the sssnake IPP1030 all for £111. I got all this delivered a few days ago and its great. A… Read more
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A) Not a Fender, it’s a total no-name brand B) It’s a “mini” guitar, not full-size C) It’s out of stock. So no, not at all.


Thank you.


Probably a bit big.


Great deal. You can't expect more from 100£ guitar.


Mustang with humbuckers?

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Gibson Les Paul Junior Tribute DC £499 / Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC £549 - Including Gig Bag and Free Delivery @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Worth giving these a shout for the lower end double cut Gibsons. Both guitars are very similar for the most part in terms of build. The Junior Tribute is a single pickup model (P-… Read more

I don't think that's down to knowledge, really. More personal preference.


Without sounding like a design snob, if you know anything about design & aesthetics these are quite ugly looking guitars compered to a Les Paul or a PRS


I think the special is on for £499 now. Even better deal (y)


Damn these are nice. One day...


In a punk band? Get the junior. In anything else? Get the special.

Faith naked neptune for £299 @ Peach Guitars
Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Top price for a solid wood guitar
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Its a mini Jumbo, ours arrived today. Cant speak from a place of great knowledge but to me its unbelievable. Ive gone from sounding bad to passable!


Probably worth pointing out its a jumbo which is bigger than a dreadnought. I wouldn't buy this for a beginner edit: as poster below mentioned, its actually a baby jumbo so almost the exact same size as a dreadnought (still bigger but i doubt it makes a difference). My bad


Can't remember what model mine is - it's an electro-acoustic but I'm in work so I can't check the model - and it's an amazingly good guitar. My dad's been playing for 60-odd years and even he was impressed with it! If you're in the market for an acoustic you won't go far wrong with this.


Really like the look of the faith naked range.

Blackstar Fly Mini Amp Pack - £61.95 delivered @ Guitar Guitar
219° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Amp package seems a good price.
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This is primarily designed to be used with an electric guitar or an electro-acoustic guitar (an acoustic guitar with an electric pickup). Maybe something like this would be better Have a read of the reviews and see what you think.


yeah boss katana 50 is a good shout for a practice amp.....about a 100 quid give or take on ebay last time i looked


not sure how it would sound with an acoustic to be honest...might be ok with a bit of tweaking you could pick up a proper acoustic amp pretty cheaply i would have thought...especially second hand on ebay/gumtree etc... i bought a cheapy acoustic amp a few years ago..ended up giving it to my daughter...think that was 40 quid new..sounded alright from what i remember .....just realised you meant just to use for singing ? probably not....i thought mp3's sounded pretty ropy through it myself


Only came this week to be fair. If it was the same deal I did January ish then it’s worth waiting for as worked out under £30 I think?!


My little girl has an acoustic guitar (8yrs) and she wants to have something so that her singing voice can be heard over the guitar. Is this the kind of thing I should be looking for. (Apologies if this is an absolutely ridiculous question).

D'Angelico Excel SS Shoreline - Semi-acoustic guitar - £679 @ Guitar Guitar
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
I own this very model and it is a joy to play and looks gorgeous. The trademark D'Angelico headstock is not to everyone's liking but if you like the Art Deco feel then it grows on… Read more

That’s the second comment I’ve had recommending the Gretsch... I’d kind of disregarded them...


Gretsch streamliner - under £400 @andertons


I picked mine up for £599 in an end of line sale. It's amazing for under £600, not sure I'd pay over £1,000 for it though. In terms of the quality, it's better than some USA made models I've owned by Fender and Rickenbacker which cost more than £1,000 (although those were easy to sell second hand).


This might be the one I returned last week. Quite a few finish flaws. A drip of poly, and damage/dirt on the binding and nut. They took it back with no difficulty. I understand this is from around 2017, and D’Angelico moved their factory shortly after this came out. New factory is supposed to be better. It didn’t feel or look like a £1000+ guitar.


Worth keeping an eye on their clearance section for a semi as there are some good deals that come up on there from time to time. Best of luck in finding what you're after!

Line 6 Firehawk 1500 Electric Guitar Combo Amp - £399 Delivered @ PMT
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Crazy good price on such a powerful combo amp. It's not something you're going to be using for bedroom practice at 1500W, but if you're into playing solos that can be heard from th… Read more

£369 for the display model


I used to have one of these. Paid a lot more then this. It was a buggy mess. You use an app on your phone to change all the settings etc, and it never worked reliably. They’ve stopped supporting the app now and new versions of iOS and Android have basically rendered this a very large, heavy paperweight.


I was reading the summary on the main page and it stopped at "solos that can be heard from the..." and I was like "I hope it's saying 'the moon'", you delivered and I am a happy customer. (y)


Didn't know this existed, now I want one. Great.


Same manufacturer but a very different amp:

Gretsch G9500 Jim Dandy Flat Top Parlor Sized Acoustic Guitar - £159 @ Thomann
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Almost posted over at GuitarGuitar but it was indeed a better price from Thomann. While checking, I actually saw that they were mentioned in the GAK post. as cheaper Thomann. This… Read more

Good to hear. In my experience when learning, just picking up when you have a few mins here and there can be really beneficial. Shorter practice prevented me from getting frustrated with it all. Been playing longer than I'd like to admit :D Makes me feel old, haha. But once you're over the basic hurdles then the fretboard is the best thing ever when you need to chill out.


Sweet guitar, real delta acoustic sound.


I posted that original GAK deal to see what you guys thought about the guitar. I bought it from Thomann at this price though after @aurora posted the cheaper price (it was out of stock at that time and I suggested they post it when it comes back in stock). It arrived super-well packaged with about a 6 day turn around, even though when i ordered it was not it stock. I've never owned a guitar but bought this one to learn on. It looks well nice and is a perfect size for picking up and having a quick little play/practice. I'd certainly recommend for anyone learning.


Cheers Ken. Looks beautiful


This probably gives you a better idea of the size, but to take on travels for sure

Blackstar Super Fly Bluetooth Guitar Amp Deal £99.99 Fair Deal Music
62° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Offer lasting 22-25th May Fair Deal Music offer its best selling bluetooth, battery powered amplifier at HALF PRICE! Blackstar Super Fly Buetooth Guitar Amp Highlights 12 Watt… Read more
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How are these compared to a Cube Street? The price is tempting


These are great little amps ..I used to have the stereo pack .....wouldn't pay £99 quid for one though...good deal or not Got a second hand Yamaha thr10c for £120.... As good as the little blackstars are the yam totally blows it away edit. Think this is the 'bigger' version ? Can't see specs other than 3" speakers...which would make it small?


Same price in most other dealers including GAK

Tanglewood TW2 E Winterleaf Orchestra Model - Electro Acoustic Guitar with Case £232 @ GAK
177° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Brill offer from GAK - Dropped another £37 vs last month, which was already a very fair price. It's not clear but as I stated previously, I'd expect this to be laminate top, back a… Read more

Got a TW55 in good nick from Shpock for £85. Felt a bit guilty as the seller didn't know how much it should have been worth.


“Brill” love it (y) Great looking guitar that

Yamaha C40II Full Size Classical Concert Guitar – Black £106 Prime @ Amazon
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Product Features: Perfect Beginner Guitar For Children and Young People, aged 11+ Yamaha C40II - Full Size Classical Guitar - BlackFind your next opportunity or challenge with… Read more

What's it like playing jazz on this guitar?


Wondering how this Yamaha guitar compares against something more basic like the below one for a kid who wants to try out :


If you're not bothered about the colour, then the natural version is a bit cheaper here:

ESP LTD MH-400NTM NS Standard Series Electric Guitar In Natural / Seymour Duncan Pickups - £499 Delivered @ Andertons
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Sometimes, just sometimes... I love the natural look over a highly polished finish. Can't argue on specs, decent SD pickups, XJ frets for those that prefer them. As we've had a few… Read more

Nice. Very nice.


Ken you post some great stuff on here mate. Thanks, it is appreciated!


Yeah the RRP is up there, yeah. The price I added next to the deal price is the next best, which if memory serves me right was DV247 :)


Its fine they are stored safely on the internets and backup copy with Easyjet servers.


Ok now where did i put them?

Bogner Uberschall Guitar Overdrive Pedal - £101.95 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Fair ol' price at GuitarGuitar. I'd probably not go for one at full RRP (around £200) But this price feels worth a go. There's a vid below if you want to have a peep / earhole at t… Read more

Yup, sounds like a clone of the Guv'nor with a hint of RAT. Apparently, you can only buy one if you wear a silly hat and put a fake moustache on each eyebrow, so that counts me out anyway. :{


Pretty generic sounding.

Faith Titan Acoustic Bass Guitar + Hardcase - Solid Woods / TUSQ Nut & Saddle / Grover Rotomatic Tuners - £499 Delivered @ GuitarGuitar
158° Expired
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Stunning price on this! There aren't many left at this price and for the spec I can see them going pretty quickly here. There's nothing I can see to complain about. Solid Englem… Read more

Nice deal OP, heat added (y)


I've got 4 and a couple in the attic. Very rarely play now. :(


Faith actually make quite a nice guitar for the money, given this is all solid construction. I also play Taylor guitars and like those this also features an ebony fretboard. Very nice!


I do :D I need to sell an electric and another acoustic, so I can actually move out of the office :o


Must resist... Need to sell before I buy any more... Who else (unintentionally) collects guitars :D

Faith Naked Saturn - £299.00 @ Peach Guitars
196° Expired
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Great deal on this all solid wood guitar. There has been a few of these posted but I think the closest was 350ish. The Neptune version is the same also available at this price h… Read more

It seems the naked ones originally didn't come with a bag, but now they do. So the one on this deal just predates the free bag I think. I rang peach and the guy on the phone said no case/bag. The guitarguitar one will be with the proper gigbag yes. It was guitarguitar who had the non electro for 299 with bag also. They must have got them in more recently. I had seen the electro when I was searching also, ta for looking! Unfortunately I've got no use for electro and £79 extra for a £30 bag doesnt turn me on. But yes a steal for someone looking for electro


Oh, alternatively to the above, I happened to enquire about a different guitar which comes with the official gig bag. They just don't mention it.


Are you referring to the Saturn? Don't know if it's the real-deal branded bag, but GuitarGuitar have the electro version including unspecified gig bag for £379. Even more of a deal, if it fits the bill.


Unlike the previous £299 deal, this one doesn't have a gig bag which is disappointing. Can't find the proper bag anywhere which is more annoying. There's a hard case but its 1/4 the price of the guitar! The bags retail at about 30 quid so if anyone can find one I'll go ahead.


Past sales on eBay don't really bear that out. And it seems you'd generally get a hard case as well. Prices aren't a million miles away though. There's not much to go on at the moment, I've been guitar-browsing quite a bit and seems like there's a real selling-out-during-lockdown effect. Usually you can't swing a cat without hitting a dozen used G-400s. I'm not knocking the deal, I just bought an EW accoustic myself that's all fine and good but I suspect also would not compare. I need an offer I can't refuse. Also I ding guitars and really don't want to do that to a new one again. Used with minor cosmetics is my thing now. It's less painful. And cheaper. Rest assured I won't be forgetting the brand. Guitar reviews are useless aren't they? If somebody steps in with that much enthusiasm, it speaks.

DAngelico Malta 4/4 Classical Acoustic Guitars - £129 Each + Free Delivery @ Thomann
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
I posted the spruce top a while ago, but didn't see the cedar one or the cedar with no cutaway. Either way, the price has dropped a little more and there are 2 others to consider a… Read more

Hi, this is what the comment section is for, as long is it's not derailing the thread. I don't think we should limit chat here to the type of guitar on offer. It just means folks can help each other out on making a decision or comparisons to other types / models / brands :)


Great deal and heat added! Bought myself the Spruce cutaway as a little quarantine treat (y)


Guys this is a classical guitar find somewhere else to discuss accoustics.


Cort do a couple and also would say the F310 is a good choice, as above


I always recommend Yamaha F310 for 100-120 pounds. Have to pay 3 times as much to get anything more playable. Edit. Just had a quick look and they seem to be more like 120 now.

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars + Free THR5A Amp - Yamaha AC1MIITBS £529 / Yamaha AC3M ARE Solid Top, Back & Sides - £699 @ Guitar Guitar
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Spotted this earlier and also saw that Joni23 posted the A1RIITBS model in at £569. There are a few alternatives that I thought I'd shout up about, both slightly cheaper and some s… Read more

I’ve just took a punt and went for the A3CR in Natural Vintage. £750 with the amp. Reviews compare it to a £1000+ quality guitar. Too good of an opportunity to pass up. Thanks for posting


Not sure about the guitar but the amps are incredible, I have the thr10 and it's worth every penny and more!


Hmm, maybe next week I shall see what I can hunt out on the Yamaha front. Totally agree though, they kind of get lost with some of the other names out there.


I had two Guitars, since more have been posted on here, I now have 4... Faith are lovely guitars also. Everyone raves about the Pacifica as a starter guitar but they make some great electrics - this isn't aimed at you but I think sometimes they don't have the 'cool' name


I felt that recently while I was shopping around. I nearly bought one, but backed out as I had so much choice on my silly short list, that was longer than the M6. It was only because I picked up a deal that was too good to be true on a pre-owned Faith (Turned out to be true) That I didn't end up with one. I may have to go try a few out once we're able to again. Mayyyyyyyybe won't tell the other half :D

Yamaha A1RIITBS Tobacco Sunburst with free Yamaha THR5A acoustic Guitar Amp £569 @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
GuitarGuitar are currently offering a free Yamaha THR5A acoustic Guitar Amp with a purchase of any acoustic guitar from their A series. I haven't played either, maybe someone else … Read more

regarding the amps...tried a couple of the normal 10's ...(new versions) out in the shop......both sounded amazing....think the main difference is the newer ones offer blutooth and a wireless option...( i use a 20 quid wireless set with mine) ended up with a second hand thr10c ...blues edition...firmware updates and pre sets are easy to do ...these are great good in fact that i've hardly touched my big fender bassbreaker 15 valve amp since i got it my one has an 'acoustic' option ..which is also sounds great with my yam


Just be careful with the model numbers. The latest version is the THR10ii (2019) but some prefer the older THR10 (launched 2011ish). The firmware was updated in 2014 and Yamaha called this the THR10v2 but you can update the firmware on the pre-v2 versions to make them v2. Other pre-2019 models include the THR10X (metal pre-set tones and is dark green) and THR10c (blues presets and is a very dark navy blue)


I'm hoping to pick up a THR10 very soon


Good deal for the guitar (do not appear to be inflating the price of the guitar) with the free amp which generally sells for £160. Recently purchased the big brother to this amp (THR10) - not only does it look great but it sounds great too...


I've got a Yamaha acoustic....they do make nice geetars

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