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Encore EBP-E69BLK Elec. Guitar Outfit £82.09 Amazon Prime
Found 13th OctFound 13th Oct
Encore E69 Blaster guitar outfit Finished in gloss black BB10 amplifier with EQ and overdrive Guitar has good reviews .

This was the first electric guitar I ever had, around 20 years ago now. Brilliant instrument - so comfortable to play.


Great spot OP, many thanks, got one!


My mate had an Encore he had tuned professionally and it sounded like a beast! I was so shocked that a biginers guitor could sound so good.


I got this for my son. Thanks very much!


Price gone up

Rowin WS-20 2.4G Wireless Rechargeable Electric Guitar Transmitter Receiver Set £21.71 Del w/code @ Tomtop
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Bit niche but at this price I thought they were worth sharing since the exact same item is being sold by Rowin for £56.99 at Amazon & elsewhere, so for a massive £35 saving tho… Read more

Nice find, OP!


Think they have the wrong link, there is no correct trustpilot link below


Now £22.85 without code. Around £100 with code!


Back up to £101 now (!!!) - but only if you apply the SMC5 code


Fancied doing away with loads of cables lying about the house but was a bit dubious if it was worth shelling out for something like the line 6 for what would really just be minor convenience. Was literally looking at these the other day as a budget alternative, for 20 quid it's worth a punt, payed with PayPal in the hope of reducing the risk a little. Will see what happens..


Are there any age restrictions on this item?


the shape seems to be the same way in both sides, so I assume i would be possible to restring


Could this be restrung for a left handed child? Or am I better off getting a left handed one from the start


What keyboard did you get and would you recommend it?


This has been this price since at least before Christmas last year as I’ve had it in my basket since then. Was going to buy my daughter it but got her a keyboard instead. Finlly bought this guitar earlier this week for her 5th birthday. Can’t say how good it is though as it’s not her birthday yet for another few days.

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Lexibook Paw Patrol My First Guitar - £7.99 @ Very
Found 3rd OctFound 3rd Oct
Budding Guitarists Can Take Their First Steps Into Making Music With This Lexibook Paw Patrol My First Guitar. At 21 inches (53 cm) long, it’s much smaller than a full guitar, mean… Read more

Just ordered 2 as Christmas Presents. Ty!


Oops thanks for telling me!! Fixed now (lol) (lol)


Don’t know if you know but you have a phone number in the description part.... (annoyed) thanks for this post I actually ordered two as part of Xmas presents so heat from me!


Free click and collect to most places :D


That deal, but the £3.99 delivery is something to take into consideration...

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Maestro by Gibson Full Size Acoustic Guitar £55.99 @ Argos Clearance (Free C&C)
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
**Original Price £129.99 Maestro by Gibson full size, steel string, acoustic guitar with accessories. This guitar is based on the classic dreadnought design and has a spruce top … Read more
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I'll have to give the martins a try. Glad the lights, custom and medium are all the same price.


Used them for years. Like the sound and the feel on my fingers. And, of course, they're at the lower end of cost!


Great guitar for smashing up on stage!!! Rock on (strong)


Perhaps "duller" was the wrong word. I meant volume. As an experienced player you know what I mean, extra light strings will give you significantly less volume on a jumbo guitar... For anyone interested in the sound difference there are plenty of youtube videos. I'm curious why you use them as an experienced player?


What a breath of fresh air this comment represents (:I In another guitar thread it came up that if you find you enjoy making tunes by plucking strings then even an old stick and some fishing line is better than nothing (lol)

Freedom Electric Guitar Starter Pack £89.99 @ ALDI Special Buy (Free Delivery/C&C)
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
Freedom full size electric guitar Freedom 10w Practice Amp Accessories Included Great fun for the kids!
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Here’s a much better deal from Thomann as the guitar will be set up and inspected before its posted. Its difficult enough to learn to play a guitar but starting out with a disappointing sounding one that won’t stay in tune and plugged into an amp you can’t adjust to get a decent tone from would put any beginner off. As an alternative for around £150 you could have the HB Strat with a Blackstar fly 3 practice amp which has better adjustability to get the tone’s you like and a higher quality guitar that plays better and stays in tune.


I enjoyed reading this comment


I'll level with you - I talk a good game but I can't play for crap. I can't really answer this question authoritatively. I wouldn't touch your truss rod till you've seen someone else adjust one - you can snap your neck in half messing with it if you overdo it. Even then, practice on someone elses! Pickup adjustments I wouldn't worry about till you can play. Pickups are purely for amplification, and if you can't play why are you making other people listen to you??? Also, it's great to have the "It's not me, it's these damned unadjusted pickups!" to hide behind :D Plenty of guides online, how you do it and why you do it changes by pickup type. Read up on Why before How so you do the How right. But I'd do this : 1. Hold the body up to your eye-level and look along the neck. Now they know you're serious! Papa Stagg came to play! If it looks straight, great. If it looks bent, not a problem as long as it's bending forward and not too pronounced. You do not want to see the neck bending back though - that's going to cause problems with noise. If it looks like a banana, run away. There's a proper technique here, but I can't remember exactly what it is - something like you put a capo on the first fret, fret the wound E where it meets the body and then look about halfway down the neck for the gap between the fret and the string - which should be tiny but should exist. This can be adjusted, and if you check in the shop they might fix in the shop to get the sale. Saves you bringing it back the next day with the neck snapped in half! 2. Tune it and test that when it's in tune open (ie not fretting any notes) it's also in tune if you barre it at the 12th fret, and/or the 12th fret harmonics are all in tune. If not, it's usually just dead strings or a quick intonation adjustment at the bridge (if it's an electric) but if you check it in the shop they might fix it in the shop to get the sale. 3. Play a few chords, bend a few strings. If you have time play a note on every single fret of every string and listen for loud buzzing. Note - the problem with this for beginners is if you've never fretted a note, that buzzing is probably you not pressing the string properly. 4. Once you've done a bit of #3 there, go back to #2 - is it still in tune? If it doesn't stay in tune for longer than a few minutes it'll drive you mad in the long run. If it has a floating bridge (eg. with a "Whammy Bar" like on the Strat copies) you might want to give it a little lea-way here though.) 5. Play Stairway, Smoke on the Water, or whatever today's kids have replaced these venerable classics with. (Smoke on the Water's "duh duh duuuuh! duh duh dee-duuuuh!" is far easier to learn if you've never picked a guitar up before. Google ie!) I don't care what the shop's policy is - Play it! Because it's a guitar - it's a cliché, a big sexy anachronism in our beep-boop digital age and you will have a lot more fun if you buy into that than run away from it. Bear in mind, you're buying the guitar for your kid, they will be dead of embarrassment by the middle of step 2.


That cable will probably be the weak link in this deal and after a few weeks make your guitar sound like a crackling mess.


Well balanced opinion there and some of the best info I've had so far. I will be using this to answer questions on future budget guitar deals that I post. Getting help setting up is the key. Could a beginner find help online with some things such as adjusting the truss rod & pickup height? What would you say is the number one issue that beginners can't spot themselves? Thanks very much

Maestro by Gibson 30inch mini Guitar £30.99 Argos
Found 19th SepFound 19th Sep
This guitar delivers a powerful sound and tone, that is truly amazing for its size. Built to handle years of use, the 30-inch Maestro by Gibson offers maple neck, fingerboard, and … Read more
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I forgot about it until it was delivered


None more black


several reviews would suggest not


I'd like to think that Gibson do actually inspect the Maestro designs before agreeing to lend the company name, and that these 3rd party designers must have to meet a certain standard to qualify. (y)


Fair enough haha, but if that really matters to you, just buy a sticker and get a better guitar

Freedom 41" Acoustic Guitar £34.99 @ Aldi (Free Standard Delivery)
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Strings: steel - Top, back and side: linden - Neck: Catalpa - Fingerboard: rosewood Everyone loves the sound of an acoustic guitar. Whether you already play and are looking to add… Read more
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Thank you, and for my next number I'm gonna give ya 'The Long Checkout Blues', I thank yer


Because the kit is all there for you, it is just a question of assembling everything. I would rather do this than try to upgrade a very poor guitar. This is the same as the guitar they sell for £140 so if you take care and do it right there is no reason you can’t have the same. I did say just buy a better guitar but by what you were saying I thought you were looking for a bit of a project, if so, this is an ideal one.


Great looking kit, although the pickups are said to be questionable (in the reviews). How could I be expected to pull that build off inc paint job, when others have told me simply upgrading the Maestro should only be attempted by experts? Don't forget I posted this. How'd you like them potatoes (lol)


Very true


I am usually an Aldi fan but I wouldn't buy a guitar there. Spend £60 ish in a music shop and you will get a decent Chinese acoustic, or the Yamaha f310 at around £100 is a good buy. A really poor guitar will put you off playing; a decent one will encourage you.

Elevation Full Size Acoustic Guitar £31.99 @ Argos Clearance (Free C&C)
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Original Price £49.99 43 Reviews scoring 4.2/5 Well Suited For Beginners. Play your first chords on this vaule for money guitar and who knows, you could become the next guitar g… Read more
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well put it away then.


Yes, really clever how they've made it guitar shaped! Although probably just as well because I doubt it sounds or plays much like one... XD


T That looks like a great shout. Reviews are surprisingly good given the super low price point.


I picked up a Valencia CG160 second hand off Ebay for £25. Has been an absolute pleasure to play, completely recommend it if you're looking for something to start with.


Electric are easier to play for beginners but you won’t build calluses as much with acoustic. If you’re dedicated, it’s be worth picking up an acoustic and trying to learn with that. Can’t say much about this model, but I would expect that you pay for what you get and this model is cheap which may mean it doesn’t play too well or it might slip out of tune ( but as I say, haven’t used this brand)

Maestro By Gibson Full Size Electric Guitar W/ Amp + Accessories £89.99 @ Argos (Free C&C)
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
**Original Price £169.99 The single cutaway guitar is based on a design made famous by Gibson starting in the early 50's. This classic design offers easy playability and great roc… Read more
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If you are serious about learning the electric guitar, start with a Squier HARD TAIL Stratocaster, as it won't go out of tune as much as the tremolo ones, and get a decent amplifier, not a toy. You could spend around 200 for both. If you are not serious, get a classical or acoustic Yamaha. Don't buy the cheapest thing available, it will make your learning experience miserable.


Now imagine spending £300+ only to find out electric guitars aren't your cup of tea.. More reason to go in lower, it won't be such a big loss financially, and if on the other hand you fall in love with the pastime, you can then confidently go and spend more (or upgrade) (y)


Getting looser by the minute.


Absolutely, my comments weren't a reflection on the product or the fact that this is a good deal. In fact I even gave you a + just after you posted it. My point was about usage trends on cheap musical instruments. People buy them, play them for 15 minutes, realise that guitar learning requires work and then just discard them until the spring clean-up. The only looser in this? The amazonian forest...


I know it's only an example but it would mean trusting "martin" who's only been posting on gumtree for 11 months, plus collection only, no guarantee etc.. The guitar looks great for £40 (to me) but it could have a serious problem that's unnoticeable to a learner. This Maestro package comprises of a decent beginners guitar but with low quality accessories, esp the amp. I could imagine the amp being outgrown in a few months even though it's only meant for practice.

Rio 4/4 size (41’’) Acoustic Classical/Dreadnought Guitar with bag,Strap, Picks, Pitch Pipes(various colours)£49.49 delivered @RayGar(Junior ones for £39.49)
Found 15th SepFound 15th Sep
40-45% off RRP. Free delivery, Various children's sizes available as well, Follow link on first comment, Ideal style guitar for beginner Low action Nice sound with easy playabili… Read more
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I second this. If you are thinking about learning guitar and want to strum some chords on this, you need to buy a steel string acoustic instead. A plectrum will destroy the nylon strings in no time at all and you won't get the sound you are expecting.


It's my personal opinion of course, but owing to the wider fretboard, I wouldn't advise a classical guitar as a good beginners guitar. Especially for children.


WD10s is a steel string though, so if you specifically need a classical guitar it wouldn't be suitable. However otherwise it seems a well-regarded guitar.


This crops up extremely regular, but personally, if learning to play, I would recommend paying more and buying something such as a Yamaha F370 or my favourite, a Washburn WD10S. What you will have, is a great sounding guitar, which will only encourage you further the better you get, a guitar that you will still want to play in 5 or 10 years, or a guitar that you will lose very little money on should you give up and sell it. Cheap guitars generally aren't very encouraging for beginners. This is of course, just my opinion.


That's not such a downside mate. It's a reason why you buy a Rio in the first place.

*Gear4music Clearance* B-Stock LA II Electric Guitar HSS Trans Red W/ AKG Open Box Headphones £97.97 Delivered
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Link To Guitar £69.99 Link to AKG DJ Headphones £24.99 Standard Weekday Delivery £2.99 Total £97.97 *Guitar and Headphones both supplied with a two year warranty* Please no… Read more
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AKG K181 DJ Headphones for £24.99


Here's a handy bit of kit if you don't want an amp Amazon Link Or if you want a good deal on a practice amp: Link To Amp


I'm not sure why you paired headphones with this guitar? You cant just plug headphones into a guitar, you need an amp. Also only one in stock for both items.

*Gear4music Clearance* SubZero Vintage Sunburst Electric Guitar W/ Yamaha 15w Amp Delivered £155.96 @ Gear4music
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
SubZero New Jersey III Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst Details Combining classic rock sounds with stunning vintage looks, the SubZero New Jersey III is perfect for aspiring g… Read more
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Be careful as I almost missed the fact that all the amps are gone now.


Much better, you can play this one

RockJam Full Size Electric Guitar with 20w Amp + Accessories £119.99 @ Amazon (Prime)
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Full size black rockjam electric guitar with spare strings, guitar picks, and a strap Five-way pickup selector switch, three single coil pickups, two tone controls, and volume con… Read more
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Cold; highest price its ever been according to camelcamelcamel


I got a beauty recently for £29. A Cordoba Protege on Amazon. Found on hukd of course! It shot up to £69 the next day just like OP said it would. It's down to £44.30 right now though (prime) and worth it if you ask me. I love mine. Beautiful natural stripes in the wood and sounds lovely. I would def pay £45 for it. Here's the link (y)


This looks nice. Heat from me. Any recommendations for a 3/4 Kids Acoustic guitar for beginner?

RockJam Full Size Electric Guitar Superkit with Amp, Strings, Tuner, Strap, Case and Cable - Used, Acceptable at Amazon Warehouse - £74.87
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
Seems very good value as Amp is 20W and includes tuner etc.
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Now £77.80


Where could they have all gone?


Great birthday present for the child of someone you hate.


a friend of mine bought this new at the same price and it's borderline unplayable. I set it up best I could but the frets weren't correctly levelled so you get a bunch of dead frets. Also the high E string sounded like a sitar, probably from a badly cut nut. unless you are very lucky these guitars need a lot of work and I do not recommend them.


I can only see "acceptable" as the used condition not "very good" as you state in the title?

Maestro By Gibson Full Size Electric Guitar W/ Amp + Accessories £99.99 @ Argos (Free C&C)
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
**Original Price £169.99 The single cutaway guitar is based on a design made famous by Gibson starting in the early 50's. This classic design offers easy playability and great roc… Read more
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What would you recommend second hand? I’m in the market for a reasonable electric guitar.


Why not 50 or 100? Because I don’t have 100. I do have more than 10. I do have a USA les Paul, I do have a USA Strat, I do have an almost 40 year old Ibanez mij artist among others. Nothing I have said wasn’t backed up by even the guy in the video who upgraded one. Also I do think an iRig and headphones are much better for a beginner than that terrible amp. Here you go, here are the first few. I’ll do some more in the morning for you if you like, I have a lovely Schecter Strat ala dire straits and a very nice mij tele. Also I didn’t shout at anyone and if you don’t like what I say you are free to move on.


no i am not going to watch a stupid video at your suggestion and no i don't care what some random idiot is saying - (on the basis: one idiot is more then enough) what sort of deplorable person would buy a guitar and amp package to then throw the amp away ?? - unless maybe he has atleast 1000 amps lying around the house ??? - you can talk nonsense, but keep your behaviour to yourself - like i said.


If you watch the video of the guy upgrading he confirms what I said. bridge had to be replaced, fact pick up had to be replaced, fact tuners replaced, fact wiring work had to be done, fact fret/neck work, fact truss rod adjusted majorly almost to breaking point, fact. amp that came with set up binned, fact. Or just buy a decent guitar to start I said oh and if you scroll back you’ll see some of my 10+guitars, USA Strat, USA les paul, mij Ibanez artist


your talking out of your bottom - all you have done is (bar being annoying / spouting / spamming brand names) advise people to spend a SURPLUS (over two times over deal price) and have no amp... - enjoy your alleged "atleast 10 guitars" (why not 50 ? why not 100 ?) / - you factually talk nonsene (as above). (up to you if you want to talk nonsense, but don't go around shouting at people because of it.)

Gibson SG Fusion USA Made £354.90 New @ Thomann
Shipping from DEShipping from GermanyFound 28th AugFound 28th Aug
Great price for a USA made Gibson includes gig bag. Free Shipping from Germany Body: Mahogany Neck: Maple (Satin Finish) Fretboard: Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) Neck profil… Read more
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Recent review of this


yeah I've left mine alone but I know some people have their own preferences, great guitar for the price hope you enjoy it :)

Ban_Anas point buying a g400 pro if intention imho. (have one on order / bought for action + pups / taps - leaving well T.F. alone)


can't beat a maple satin neck though... imho (garbage ceramic pickups and bridge aside). if had a epi standard bridge setup i would have probably have been buying.


I’m not sure how good the very cheap Gibson’s are, the firebird zero and M2 seemed to get some pretty mixed reviews. It’s probably worth the extra money to step up to the faded or studio models ( whatever the next step up is ) or for 300 you can pickup an G400 pro Can even get it in a silver burst for a tenner more leaves you some extra cash to start swapping pickups or hardware Second hand can probably do even better for your money either on the Gibson or epiphones

Xiaomi Populele [Smart Ukulele] - for £66.65 @ Gearbest
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
Edit: Now this price is further reduced to £66.65. I bought this 2 months back for £75 without any customs and was delivered in 10 days. I am looking for Uke for learning, foun… Read more
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Got my uke today. Happy for it. Not paid any customs. Delivered by Royal mail. Took only 10 days for delivery.


Mr B Gentleman Rhymer


Same for my electric bicycle :)


Only Hoover make 'Hoovers'

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