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GUITAR HERO LIVE for Wii U £16.99 delivered @ Game
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
The all-new Guitar Hero. One game. Two ways to play. GH Live, where you can rock real crowds with real reactions and GHTV, a continuous broadcast of playable music videos, with … Read more
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Whilst in Florida last week we went to a shop called five below, everything is $5 or less. They had these in for every console. Just shows how desperate they are too get rid of them.


Definitely important that people are aware the online functions cease on December 1st, and you're just left with the on-disc songs (there aren't many of them at all, and most people probably won't enjoy all of them).


Got this a month ago and really enjoyed it. GH TV is a great idea with the music video but I guess it’s costing them a lot to keep it going for a game that ultimately did not sell well. Shame.


No point, it stops being supported in December along with access to the majority of the songs


Guitar Hero Dead as it’s soon to be known. That’s the issue with all of these games with such a huge online component that isn’t really needed, two years down the line it’s all shut down. Sure, there’s a bit of offline play but nothing like the old games.

Maestro by Gibson Full Size Acoustic Guitar £59.99 @ Argos was £129.99 (free C&C)
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Maestro by Gibson full size, steel string acoustic guitar with accessories. This guitar is based on the classic dreadnought design and has a spruce top which give it a big, clear s… Read more

The main thing about Yamaha that is impressive is the action. These cheap Made in China Fenders and Gibson have so high action that they are pretty much unplayable and they will be a bad experience for a new guitarist. Barre chords? Forget it, unless you pay another 50 quid on a good setup.


I learned to play on a battered £15 second hand acoustic and I would recommend finding one as cheap as possible. Firstly, I found it easier to press the strings on the used guitar and secondly, if you decide you don’t want to keep it up then next to no money has been lost. I used the money I saved to put towards a decent ‘proper’first guitar that I appreciated so much more for already being able to play (y) I’m sure others will say different, just my 10p’s worth...


If you want to turn off someone new to playing guitar, buy this.


Just because it says "by Gibson" in the title doesn't mean it's any good, as others have said a budget Yamaha would probably be a much better choice for not that much more money


I'd get a second hand that's easier to play. These tend to have a relatively high bridge if I'm thinking of the right one and it's hard to physically press the stings onto the frets for a beginner.

Yamaha FG800M Solid top Guitar at Thomann Delivered
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
The FG800 series is the best selling guitar in the world. Use one of the fee free credit cards to get this price (195euro converts to 173.45). A solid top for this price is fantast… Read more
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After a LOT of tooing and froing I went for the FG800 in brown Sunburst which I managed to get for £199. Many thanks for helpful advice, looking forward to getting it and starting a new hobby!


I don't think it is a great deal, I but have given it heat just for the information and discussion it has generated which is most useful. Have been using a £70 Yamaha acoustic for last couple of years, and need a step up in guitar now.


Surprised at the heat on this when lots of other music retailers have the same guitar for about the same price (ie PMT is £174, Dawsons and Gear4Music £178 based on a quick search!). Yamaha's are nice guitars though, but theres always deals around on the lower level FG models. IMO the best deal on the FG800M would be to pay £15 more, and buy the FG800M bundled with a Line 6 Sonic Port VX Interface for £189 for Gear4Music. There's a lot of choice with interfaces; but someone playing at home or considering recording some of their music, you really can't really go wrong for that low a price to get started on one as it even has a built-in mic and the quality of Line 6 devices in the last few years has been pretty solid. Its not fancy, but lets you give it a try without committing to something expensive! FWIW, I personally find Thomann are really really good to deal with, but if you decided you didn't like the guitar due to its action or size (Yamaha FG series are dreadnaught style bodies so bit large for some people), it is more of a hassle to return to them in Germany, and they don't automatically provide free returns from the UK.


Which model number is the fully varnished one? Is the fret board varnished too?


Its a great guitar for the money, and will last you years, its a guitar you'll keep as you grow more proficient. Its important to have a good quality instrument as a beginner, it doesn't have to be expensive, but an easy to tune, good tone and build quality will make you want to continue, without the distractions from a crap guitar. You can learn on a crap guitar, many have. And jimmy page, jimi hendrix would sound good playing almost anything. Just my experience.

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Maestro By Gibson 30 Inch Mini Guitar + Gig bag £38.99 @ Argos (Red or Black)
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
A good looking guitar for the kids that are wanting to learn. There are many cheap small guitars out there but I think this one is really good value for money. Nope you won't expec… Read more

A cheap way to crush your kids interest. Buy them something serious if you want them to take it seriously and then sell it on secondhand if they dont.


honestly buy a yamaha or fender mini. the difference in quality is hard to appreciate without witnessing it for yourself.. it will be with the extra £50 i promise


As someone who's Dad was always trying to teach them guitar, it took me until I was about 11 to become interested enough to stick at it, mostly because I thought girls would like a guy who plays guitar! I still play now at 29 - Maybe it is worth shelving the idea for a while and picking up a full size second hand acoustic (with low action if possible) nearer when your kids are approaching their teens?


I have also picked up a second hand one ( from Shpock) and glad I did. My little one get bored after 3 lessons :(


Aria AK series are awesome starter guitars. Buy kids something that doesn't sound like a toy if you want to keep them interested, very difficult these days though!

Cordoba Guitars Estudio 7/8 Scale Classical Guitar - £29.70 @ Amazon
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
I've been watching on camel camel and it's taken a while to get down to this so took the plunge. Not as cheap as it was back in April, but now down to a respectable price. May jum… Read more

now £63.67


Classical fretboard is much wider, body shape and size is different, strings are nylon, sound is very different. Yes, the basics are the same, but you can get a decent steel string acoustic for similar money if you keep an eye on Amazon. It's well reviewed at a good price so a decent deal - I'm actually quite tempted myself, but someone specifically asked if it was good for a beginner and I'd argue not, unless it's classical they want to learn. It's certainly much harder trying to play a steel string acoustic if all you are used to is a smaller body, nylon string classical. Not as bad the other way around, except for the wider fretboard.


Found this on YouTube some may find interesting.


Not strictly true. The basics of it are the same, you could easily get this and learn all kinds of chords and shapes on it without worrying too much about it. It's a cheap way of getting into guitar.


Looks great, I've ordered for friends birthday Thanks OP

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AROMA AT-01A Portable Digital Clip-on Tuner for Guitar / Bass / Ukulele / Violin - £1.57 delivered w/code @
Found 15th JulFound 15th Jul
AT-01A is a portable digital tuner designed for guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin. Comes in a small size with mount clamp, it is portable to carry and easy to fix on instrument. 2 … Read more

These are rubbish, don't waste your money on it. I have 2 different branded ones and they are all the same, they swing wildly from note to note and if you have to change to a different key forget it. Use a phone app for free.


Thanks,OP just ordered this.


Excellent deal, Thank you tribalista.


I found free android apps to be as accurate as these cheaper guitar tuners. Handy alternative nonetheless.


This will most likely be decent enough if you're playing to yourself in your bedroom so worth it for the price. You can get phone apps with the same functionality these days.

6 month Subscription to Guitarist (Or Guitar Techniques or Total Guitar) With a free Blackstar Fly 3 mini amp £34
Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
For the Fly 3 amp alone is a saving of £16 from it's £50 normal cost. Not even taking into account the 6 magazines you'll get. Just remember to cancel your Direct Debit before th… Read more
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Thanks. I ordered at the weekend so just wondered the timescale.


about 2 weeks. just checked the emails, 15 days from ordering.


How long did it take after ordering?


Got the amp yesterday, it sounds great. Pretty amazing for such a tiny thing.


Received the Blackstar Fly amp today. Sounds awesome for its size! EDIT: I havent been charged yet.. I could cancel the direct debit now? Not that I would, just seems odd I have the amp without any money being charged.

Fender T-Bucket 450-E Flame Maple, Natural £149.00 (+£2.95 delivery) @ Guitarguitar
Found 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
First deal I have posted, so hopefully I have done everything correctly. Personally I don't know much about this guitar, but seems a good deal with the cheapest elsewhere I can f… Read more
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Whatever guitar you buy, if you are a beginner, it is worth taking it to a local guitar shop ,if you can stil find one :-( , and ask if they can give it a quick set-up, and a new set of strings. May cost you £20-25+, but they should be able to spot and fix any obvious issues and save you alot of pain.


Does it matter if it's made in Indonesia?


Ordered on Wednesday night, arrived this morning. Beautiful budget acoustic! Thanks :D


great deal! I got myself one. Can't go wrong with a fender acoustic.


It's one of these: I tried a few apps but it didn't work too well, so I bought something like this: Got all the strings perfectly in the middle for each setting and still sounded nothing like any of the tutorial videos i watched on youtube, like not even close ;( was very dissappointing as I couldn't really learn with it like that

Jack Daniel's Old No.7 Guitar Case £24.02 Whisky Gift Pack £24.02 @ Amazon
Found 1st JulFound 1st Jul
Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 Guitar Case Whisky Gift Pack, 70 cl Fabulous guitar case gift pack. Our 70cl bottle of Old No.7 comes in a guitar case gift pack with a metal guitar head sc… Read more

Happened, happy, eBay,


Mine just got delivered. I’m really impressed and it’s all in one piece. Thanks op.


Just got a dispatch email. Due tomorrow now.


It's hapening! (y)


Just got an email to say mine will be delivered this weekend, rather than the end of the month.

Free album download,12 tracks by blues/rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa.
Found 30th JunFound 30th Jun
12 track album by Joe Bonamassa,free download,just need an email address,so you could use a temporary one as the link is sent straight away.

It is OK if you like the blues, rock and country mix of music. I think it is worth a download.


Hope you're not referring to his music :D


He remnids me of Andrew Ridgley


New one,old one still available though


Ice cold doesn’t like pedals (lol) (lol) (lol) (lol)

Behringer UMC22 USB Computer Audio Interface £28 @ Amazon prime exclusive
Found 24th JunFound 24th Jun
Seems a good price a beginner's audio interface. A couple of inputs (mic/instrument) and includes phantom power. Cheapest it has been on Amazon.

And i'd definitely go for system stability when recording. Basically, if you're serious about recording glitch free audio this is not your hardware. If you want to playback audio at better quality than your standard motherboard audio then this will do it, and of course it will record as well...but it "All depends what you use it for" they sung in unison


Yes this is super cheap and it will actually be a step up from most motherboard audio, however... If you want to use this with DAW applications such as Fruity Loops, Ableton Live, Cubase etc, be aware that the ASIO support is questionable. ASIO4ALL should work but I recommend upping the budget and getting an interface with proper ASIO support. Focusrite for example.


It has stereo output so is fine in that regard which relates to the question I answered. If the inputs don't suit your requirements then that will be the case regardless of whether you use it with a laptop or desktop. Personally I wouldn't want to use this as it appears to be 16 bit only which doesn't give much headroom when recording from the inputs. It's better to capture at 24 bit then you can always reduce to 16 bit later on if required.


But the inputs will be mono, so probably not the best for a laptop or console.


Thanks I'll stick to getting a creative USB card unless I find a better option before buying in the future. :)

Fender T-Bucket 350-E Electro Acoustic Guitar £131.95 delivered @
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Just found this offer via GuitarGuitar’s email list. The newest member of the T-Bucket family, the Concert-style 350E, features the slick visual appeal, easy playability and auth… Read more
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Arrived today . Excellent and good deal . Will be used on Saturday night gig.


I received this yesterday, it is quality, and a massive step up from my Yamaha F310. A real game changer. I can keep playing this without pain for more than thirty minutes, the action is much better, it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to do an F barre chord. Basically I will be able to properly enjoy playing, rather than playing for thirty minutes and getting disheartened every month and giving up. Thanks OP


Ordered! Thanks Op.


Offer extended to Friday.


Eric Clapton uses a Martin acoustic and has a signature model with them. He only uses fender electrics

Even lower in price now...Martin Smith 36 inch 3/4 Size Classical Guitar - Blue £16.55 (Prime) £17.30 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Price only available in blue Guitar Only, Lower price then last week... Dispatch 2-4 weeks Enjoy :) Quality 3/4 size classical guitar ideal for ages 7-10 Nylon strings for e… Read more

I still wouldn't expect it to be "quality" as written in the description. :{


all gone :(


It's £16.55! I won't be expecting a Gibson-esqe.


"Martin Smith" - don't be surprised if it's shoddy



Martin Smith 36 inch 3/4 Size Classical Guitar - Blue £21.79 - Amazon
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Price only available in blue, lowest price it’s been on amazon... Enjoy :) Quality 3/4 size classical guitar ideal for ages 7-10 Nylon strings for easy playing Includes carry b… Read more

Thanks again for the tips, got me highly motivated now to be honest (y)


That's OK anytime, If you need further info down the line or any help drop me a message will help as much i can. I have aspergers and anxiety and depression and guitar has been a big help/healer for me. But it's just so much fun always something new to learn and i gotta say even though at the start you want to throw the thing across the room..... and believe me i have it's all part of the learning and the :D Few things that helped me learn quicker : Building up calluses on the fingers can take a while but i read somewhere to help toughen up your fingers is to dip them in pure alcohol to dry up your hands and develop calluses quicker. Guitar playing needs to become natural so your no thinking about it. So when i first started out i stuck to down strums and A D E but i watched TV while i was practising on my own and all a sudden i could just switch without thinking about finger placement and then i continued this a i wanted to learn new chords (Yes at first you will need to check finger placement and you will occasionally get it wrong but that's normal) ;) This one is a weird one but somehow when i didn't practice for a while mostly due to getting fed up, i actually improved by not playing. You got to play when you want to dont force it otherwise it becomes a chore and you will get fed up. Also persevere with it, My guitar teacher told me i was hopeless and i wouldn't be able to do it and i had no musical ear at all, now he tells me im a better guitarist than him......Lol, Always makes me laugh that one. Anyway to remedy my problems at the start with chord changing i watched Justin guitar on you tube and as i said A D and E chords 4 strums per chord on each then change (A,2,3,4 then D,2,3,4 then E,2,3,4 and switch again) anyway i went back to him told him i learnt the chords we wanted me to and he said to me "Right boy we have something to work with" :D Anyway wish you and your lad all the best and have fun :)


Thanks a lot for the info and advise. I’m actually looking for a guitar for my son who is turning 7 soon. He asked for a guitar for his birthday. He also wants a blue one so it works out perfect 👌🏾 I’m also gonna start learning with my boy , btw (y)


Very good price to me considering I paid £112 for mine, Not bought from that store personally as i prefer to go out and try and look at a guitar before i buy but i can tell you the MA1 is good like i said i own one, Judging by the reviews here for richtonemusic id say it's OK Link also as I said if you get some extra light strings for that too the Martin ones will do and put them on you have a great little guitar if your not confident with putting them on yourself go to a shop and ask them to put in extra lights and lower the action some more. I didnt lower mine, I just put on the extra light strings and as I said neices seem to be doing well with it. Even I enjoy playing it myself very portable and I'm only a little so comfortable for me. Wish I started guitar when I was younger music been healer for me. : ) Can I also reccomend something which will help to learn, a guy on YouTube called Justin guitar I would seriously reccomend his beginner book and online lessons and I don't read books but his lessons are great for beginners. From watching his videos I started on chords A D E and all down strokes/strum 4 strums per chord and within 2 weeks I was changing chords fluently.


Thanks for the info. Below seems like a good price for Fender MA1...would you recommend the online store?

Intuitive Guitar - Major Scale Modes Android app FREE
Found 12th MayFound 12th May
Why is it that many video courses, guitar lessons, guitarists, apps and tutorials explain the concept of modes for guitar over and over again? Because they are very useful of cours… Read more

Sounds like misunderstanding on both sides. I read your comment and interpreted it as the £3.49 app reduction to £free is invalid. I did get the app for £free and told a friend and by the time he tried to get it, it had gone back to £3.49. Hence, asked deal to be expired. I didnt realise you were trying to explain why it was cold and it wasnt clear to me. Nevertheless, am sorry if I caused upset.


Rude much? It wasn't free at the time of posting my first comment (only a day after this post was made). In which, i was only explaining why it has been voted cold. (annoyed) ...


Ought to expire this.


It was free as as originally described in OP. AND, I got it as described in OP. "It hasnt" as you said is obviously...


looks like there's two versions of the same app. one which is free with ads, the other for £3.49 without ads. this deal is saying it has been reduced from £3.49 to FREE when it hasn't.

Sennheiser e906 Microphone - Highly rated guitar amp mic; £159 elsewhere! £84 @ Sennheiser
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
For all you budding musicians, specifically guitarists wanting to mic amps up for live performance. Arguably better than the industry standard Shure SM57. These type of items rarel… Read more
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Did anyone actually manage to get one? They’ve changed the price now.


Damn, the price indeed goes up at checkout, got my hopes up!!!


Totally would have been all over this!


Price goes back up on checkout.

Amazon:  Cordoba Guitars Estudio 7/8 Scale Classical Guitar - £16.74 for Prime / £22.73 non Prime
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Mahogany top. Mahogany back and sides. Lightweight, 7/8 Size classical. 52mm nut width. Satin finish.
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Its 94.58 quid now. Should have acted earlier.


Damn was this deal on for like an hour ?? Would have loved one for the kids .


Damn.,..missed it ;(


Great Price, thanks OP. Snagged one before it went back up again.


Great guitars unbelievable for the price bought the coco one for my daughter and just bought this one too. Phenomenal value. Thank you for the spot :)

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