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Vox MV50 High Gain guitar amplifier head £99 delivered at Dawsons
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
This is one of the Vox mini amp heads featuring the Korg NuTube, a hi-tech new vacuum tube. This is the high gain model, so it's aimed at metalheads. Other models are available to … Read more

Please Call for Availability 01925 582 420 Out of stock


What the...???? Have no idea what this means, but it sounds like something I should definitely connect my guitar to (lol)


Interesting technology deployed here - for those that care - it uses an adapted version of Vacuum floureshent displays (think 1970s pre-LED green digital alarm clock) and uses it like a conventional thermionic triode. You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but if you wait long enough, old hat becomes the new latest technology! Saying that, I don't have any use for one of these, and if I did, I'd probably "roll my own! Still voted hot though


Remember this is the head only so need a decent cab to back it up too.


Damnit missed out on this!

Stagg C547-N Light Natural Spruce and Mahogany Classical Guitar £40.93 @ Amazon
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Full size classical guitar with d'addario strings Spruce top with mahogany back and sides Rosewood fingerboard and bridge Natural light highgloss finish with pretty rosette motif a… Read more

Not quite!


Thanks Op good find


It was correct at time of posting. gutted I didn't order.


I’m writing this 18 minutes after it was posted and is now £117.90 with a £1.88 discount! Not a deal (lol)

Zoom G1on Guitar Multi Effect Processor Pedal £37.55 @ Amazon
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Very well regarded with a good saving. There's also the G1Xon for £47 if you really need the X pedal:… Read more
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Just bought with the £5 off 😃


This is s great bit of kit for the money. The fact you can chain up to 5 effects means it's equivalent to up to 5 pedals simultaneously. Add the looper and the ryhthm section and it's a steal.


Mine came today, well impressed with it.


Me too!


Yes. I got mine this morning and messed around with the looper briefly. It does overdubbing too.

Encore EBP-E2SB Elec. Guitar Outfit - Sunburst £84.47 at Amazon
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Looks like a good starter pack . Encore E2 guitar BB10 amp Stand Digital tuner Carry bag Lead Strap DVD Pick Strings

I would suggest the TE-52 is the best value if its in stock, or the ST-62 Strat style is also a good alternative if you prefer a slimmer lighter guitar. The delivery cost is £10 or if you need guitar and amp its free delivery.


Can you send a link to the one you recommend?


You can buy a much better quality T type guitar and amp from Thomann DE, with a better set-up for an easier guitar to play which will stay in tune and be more satisfying starter outfit,it maybe slightly more expensive but you won't have to pay for a set up and replace the amp to get a decent sound.


showing as £159.00 from link :(

Fender American Professional Stratocaster HH electric guitar £854.64 delivered from Thomann
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
This is about 25% less than the next best price available at the moment, and it's a really good deal if you're looking for a 2-humbucker USA Strat. This has "Shawbucker" pickups, … Read more

Oh man, I've been looking at a Charvel for ages, but that DM is beautiful. So many guitars, so little money.


Great price for a USA Strat. Heat added. If I was spending that on a Fender, though, it'd be this one.


Good deal for a Professional Strat, but at this price point I think the Mexican Deluxe are actually superior as they offer much more modern features like locking tuners, tall frets, and contoured heel. However if you are after the classic Strat you can't go wrong, though HH is not very Strat-y.


Never would have guessed a Strat was subject to CITES.


Great price

Squier Vintage Modified 70s Stratocaster HSS £222.32 delivered at Woodbrass
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
Good price for this. It has Duncan-Designed SC-101 single-coil pickups in the neck and middle positions, and a DD HB-102 twin-coil at the bridge. These are much better than standa… Read more

I don’t need another guitar... but this is tempting


I doubt this squire model is, I’m sure it will be a cheap make “replica”


Only £29 in Aldi

PRS SE Bernie Marsden Ltd Edition Vintage Sunburst 2018 Electric Guitar + Signed backplate & PRS Deluxe Gig Bag £549 Delivered @ Andertons
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Another PRS, this time a Bernie Marsden LTD model with a free backplate that's been signed by the man himself + gig bag. It's made from Mahogany and carved maple with Flame Maple V… Read more

IMO, overkill for beginner. While it isnt a top of the range guitar, to simply try electric before you decide to invest, there are a lot more affordable options and i'm not sure this would hold much resale value if you decided it wasnt for you.


it's a "premium" guitar but below professional standard, they are very nice to look at but you would get more for your money from a workhorse like a fender strat etc imho DEPENDING on if you wanted humbuckers or single coils (strat "inbetween" pickup selection being "humbucker effect".) yamaha make great acoustics AND also electrics... for much much cheaper - etc (Singlecoil - S - Humbucker). you woud also need an amp lead, and a "modelling amp" ideally (with reverb and distortion). (you don't need more then 10w (unless you want to P.O. everybody) but they only have the above in / just as example), as long as you get a 10w amp with reverb, OR buy a reverb pedal seperately, you will be fine.


Would this be any good for a beginner, I bought a yamaha FG800 in the summer of last year (thanks to hotukdeals) and I can't put it down. Would like an electric guitar also but not sure if this would be OK? What else would I need, amp etc?


He went home to get it


The SE Mark Holcomb is amazing! That one and the SE Chris Robertson have been my 2 favourite SEs.

Gibson Les Paul Classic 2018 Electric guitar + hardcase £999 delivered @ GuitarGuitar
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
I absolutely adore Gibson Les Pauls, always have and always will. Cracker of a price for this one, which also comes with a hardcase. I'd love to grab it, but it's a no go right no… Read more

"I'd love to grab it, but it's a no go right now sadly! One day though... one day! " Ditto


Only £29 in Aldi


You know you've arrived when you've got tektoid nuts.


Watch the weight on these, some are very heavy lumps of wood. You might not care, but I'm not a fan of heavy LP's.


Oos unfortunately. Wish they had more of the es-les pauls 😩

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15 Free Udemy Courses (Best Sellers, Hot & New, Highest Rated ) Apache, Ecommerce, Guitar, Motivation,, Atom , AI, Youtube, Freelance
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
Some good courses on various topics. Pick the one you like or All of them as we always do :) . No need to add code manually and its already added (Hot & New) Free (Was $Read more
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Can you qualify for student discount with these courses?


When is the site getting the name change to HotUdemyDeals?


It was free when posted as I enrolled myself but its gone now or course author has disabled the code


FREE_5K showing as not a valid code for the apache cordova course unfortunately


Take the advantage of this now, before the Marsxit :) . I haven't vote for your deal neither way but for me Udemy courses are kind of ET anyway, far from real life application.

Benson Cardinal Red Music Man style electric bass guitar - £109.95 delivered - Guitars4Music at Amazon
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
Very nice looking little bass for the money - looks just like the musicman without the price tag. The Benson MM (Music Man style) Electric Bass guitar package is one of the world… Read more
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Amended. Thanks for noticing ;)


Looks very nice for that price - far better than the Encore Precision copy I started on, I'll bet. Heat.


Just as a heads up, this is a company called 'guitars4music', not gear4music

Guitar Lessons  FREE
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
1 Minute Introduction Give me 60 seconds of your time I'll tell you all about the site and what you'll find here! :) Way over 1000 free lessons and songs and a LOT more content… Read more

Is it possible there is something similar to this but for Left Handed Guitar players?, i've checked a few places but none of them seem as fleshed out as Justins.


Justin is a great teacher, probably one of the best on YouTube for being able to explain theory and practice together. It's well structured. A lot of his stuff is acoustic.


I'm sure some of his tutorials are with an acoustic too. Try and get used to it sounding different, just follow what he does. Don't worry about it not sounding the same, just keep having fun learning. You'll know when you are playing ok regardless of what type of guitar you are using. It will take time and frustrate the hell out of you. But, once you nail just one chord...."I AM A GUITAR GOD" XD


I might sound like a complete plum - but I would love to play the acoustic guitar. I'm in to country music etc. Does Justin teach you how to play the electric? I know it sounds stupid, but when he plays a chord on the electric in the tutorials, the note will sound different to what I will be strumming so might throw me off. I don't know how to explain it....never mind me (lol)


I think by his own admission he's not the greatest singer but his YouTube videos are really great you get a demo of what the song should be like and the pace of the teaching is just right he also is able to teach and play the songs more or less exactly how they sound by the original artists

46 x Guitar courses FREE over at Udemy
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
I was inspired by a recent posting re: free piano courses because I'm similarly learning to play the guitar. I was pleasantly surprised to see over 40 free guitar courses listed ov… Read more
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Thanks, struggled to sign up or login to Udemy but got there in the end


Thank you


I had to identify so many busses and fire hydrants signing up to these course... No I am not a robot... yes that is a bus and that is and a fire hydrant. Yes I know it looks suspicious signing up to 46 courses but please stop showing me fire hydrants. :p


Thank you. Great Deal.


That joke could annoy a few people and you might take a hammer-on for saying it but do not fret it was funny and hopefully people will pickup on the joke. ;)

Line 6 Amplifi TT £99 @ Guitar Guitar
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
Line 6 innovate once again with the Amplifi TT. This little box has a lot of power up its sleeve! The Amplifi TT is a table top device with Bluetooth capability for achieving top … Read more

these have been fixed with the latest BT updates: Not only is BT working perfectly.. but this things works as a DAC! A good one at that. Loving mine so far


came close but the reviews were off-putting especially all the reported connection problems and linking issues with the app :( still voted hot for an amp deal :D


Nearly bit on this but the reviews on the App Store talk about terrible BT connection. I usually take things with a pinch of salt but aren’t connection issues frustrating? Remember when we didn’t have all this extra stuff to stress about? WiFi coverage, mobile phone signal, BT dropping out, delivery companies not offering delivery in 1 day, companies actually charging for postage, batteries on futuristic devices not lasting long enough! It’s no wonder society is unwell, we’ve introduced all these extra stressors that we do actually get stressed about, when in reality they don’t matter. Anyway, after that stressor release, I’m not bothering with it, sounds like it might get stressful. 😳😄


If you watch the video on the page it confirms it receives BTs.


I thought it only sent to but did not receive from via Bluetooth ? I guess if it's controlled by Bluetooth though it can also receive BTs by it. Can anyone please confirm it can or not ?

Gibson Les Paul Standard HP 2018 - £1499 @ GuitarGuitar
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
A lot of guitar for the money. Maybe not everyone's favourite colour. Thanks to GB_LDN for posting a similar deal. Will get a few people voting cold and saying just buy an argos gu… Read more

Great deal ordered one. These are weight relief models very light so no more bad backs


I would like to get one if I Could stand the too much weight of Lp...


Silly comment,to generalise all Les Paul's is beyond stupid.their newer offerings are not even remotely the same as the Guitars from way back.


Ffs hope the headstock stays on


Ugly. Far far FAR better guitars available that Les Paul's nowadays.

Gibson Les Paul Classic 2018 Pelham Blue Top - £999 @ GuitarGuitar
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Great price for a Gibson Les Paul Classic. Now sold out but they still got the black ones:… Read more

in the end, for old players..we know the score, but for the younger generation starting out, id say..go to you nearest music store and not just one, travel if you have to, and try as many guitars as you can ie ie the ones you fancy, do not be cajoled into buying off store staff, its in there benefit not yours, if it were me, and i found a jem that i like, id say i want new strings and a setup, walk away..literally and if you want say a case as well lolo..dont ask you dont get.


I've had the full blown LP gold top as well as the alpine white epiphone. Both are incredible. Saying that. Some of the cheaper ones won't play well at all (100 quid with an amp new type deals). The strings are generally cheap and set too high with cheap made necks. Saying this... You can pick up decent second hand guitars for 100 quid. But I'd go for the epiphone if I couldn't afford a full on LP any day of the week. Theres other options too. I snapped a LP Explorer with mirror front for sub 700 mint. Ahh the good old days when my kids didn't cost me all my money


tried many many brands over the years, been playing since i was 10yrs old 54 now, always found gibsons to heavy but i do like the les paul and sg tones, had a usa standard strat, sold it sadly, had jacksons charvels, but in the end i settled with an ibanez prestige rg1570, amazing guitar that i picked up in mint condition with it's original case, also in mint condition £350, i think the deal is not bad, but gibson quality has gone down hill, an epiphone les paul plus top is a nice guitar for the money, better than the deal that was going here.


Best to buy a 2nd hand standard


I've been playing 10 years, many hours per week every week. My recommendation is to never buy such an expensive guitar new. Buy one used, people take really good care of guitars and the frets will be nicely worn and it will be set up properly (more than likely) use the money saved to buy a really nice amp. If you buy a Gibson at £1000 new you will be spending at least £300 on a decent amp.

Saga ST-10 Electric Guitar Kit - S Style - build your own guitar - £50.80 @ Amazon
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Solid select basswood body–with all shaping and routing complete–for maximum tone and sustain Solid maple neck and prefretted Indian rosewood fingerboard for fast, easy action Bl… Read more
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I got 1 op thanks! Though Reading comments here, not sure if it was a good idea lol


Cynicism and enthusiasm in harmonious equilibrium. I salute you.


In fairness no one should be buying this thinking they're coming out the other side with a top end guitar, any more than you'd buy a meccano set expecting to have a home made sports car in your driveway at the end of it. It's an opportunity to learn about how a guitar is put together, how the electronics are wired, how a guitar is finished, why you shouldn't have used that £11 quid bucket of BnQ white matt, how to use sand paper to remove that paint, what Primer is, how to fill and redrill a pre-bored hole that you've accidentally destroyed, that oil finishes can't really be done with Crisp n Dry, that fingers don't grow back if you lose one cutting the perfect headstock shape on your mate's dad's band saw, how to dial 999 with your other hand, how to level frets, how to level the other frets with the one you over-levelled, that kind of thing. When you make those mistakes on a 2nd hand Pacifica, at the back of your mind you always know you destroyed a perfectly good guitar. With this, you know it was a pile of crap before you started, so it's not like you can make it worse. But you might make it better - and that's what Mojo is! Then at the end if you have anything that's even remotely playable you can be proud of yourself. This is not a guitar. If you want a guitar buy a guitar. THIS is a project, this is an experience, this is a journey of self discovery that might result in a guitar at the other end, but probably not a good one. If you're buying one for your kid, also buy a second hand pacifica or squire or something, when they finish putting it all together tell them you need to leave it in the shed overnight for the paint to dry or the screws to uh... take root? Something - then swap them out. They get a usable instrument and the feeling of achievement and attachment you can only get from making something with your own two hands!


Replace pickups, strings and prob bridge, might as well buy a good used in the first place.


The person who thought of this deservers a promotion and price rise (y)

FG800 Yamaha solid top dreadnought guitar. Dawsons £178 delivered.
Found 5th FebFound 5th Feb
The FG800 series are well known and well thought of workhorse guitars. A solid top for this price is fantastic. Sides and back are laminate. The M version of this guitar means it i… Read more
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Would be alright if it was from a reputable seller. Dawson’s are heinous


I can only speak for the one I got from Thomann last year and it was setup just right for my style of playing.


Not great, otherwise a very good guitar for the price.


how's the action on these out of the box?

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Mark IV £599 @ GAK
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
Great deal. Should arrive tomorrow. Will come back and post if i remember once ive triede and tested it.

Stereo ?


Great amp. Already have one. Maybe I should get a spare. ;-)


Solid post, bought on for the Rhodes.


Very nice spot!


Fantastic price

Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Big Muff Pi Guitar Distortion and Sustain Pedal £87.01 delivered @ Juno records
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
Described by many as the ultimate iteration of the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff pedal, this normally sells for £115 but whether by accident or fate, I found it on the Juno website for… Read more

Worth every penny. Using an expression pedal with MIDS selected and MIDS and FREQ both on maximum is mind-blowing.


This is available again at £86.96. A good deal!


deluxe big muff pi.... im in :P


I use Linux stuff like guitarix and rakkarack,


Juno occasionally has amazing deals on FX etc. Thanks for posting!

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