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Fender T-Bucket 350-E Electro Acoustic Guitar £131.95 delivered @
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Just found this offer via GuitarGuitar’s email list. The newest member of the T-Bucket family, the Concert-style 350E, features the slick visual appeal, easy playability and auth… Read more
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Arrived today . Excellent and good deal . Will be used on Saturday night gig.


I received this yesterday, it is quality, and a massive step up from my Yamaha F310. A real game changer. I can keep playing this without pain for more than thirty minutes, the action is much better, it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to do an F barre chord. Basically I will be able to properly enjoy playing, rather than playing for thirty minutes and getting disheartened every month and giving up. Thanks OP


Ordered! Thanks Op.


Offer extended to Friday.


Eric Clapton uses a Martin acoustic and has a signature model with them. He only uses fender electrics

Even lower in price now...Martin Smith 36 inch 3/4 Size Classical Guitar - Blue £16.55 (Prime) £17.30 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
Price only available in blue Guitar Only, Lower price then last week... Dispatch 2-4 weeks Enjoy :) Quality 3/4 size classical guitar ideal for ages 7-10 Nylon strings for e… Read more

I still wouldn't expect it to be "quality" as written in the description. :{


all gone :(


It's £16.55! I won't be expecting a Gibson-esqe.


"Martin Smith" - don't be surprised if it's shoddy



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Martin Smith 36 inch 3/4 Size Classical Guitar - Blue £21.79 - Amazon
Found 17th MayFound 17th May
Price only available in blue, lowest price it’s been on amazon... Enjoy :) Quality 3/4 size classical guitar ideal for ages 7-10 Nylon strings for easy playing Includes carry b… Read more

Thanks again for the tips, got me highly motivated now to be honest (y)


That's OK anytime, If you need further info down the line or any help drop me a message will help as much i can. I have aspergers and anxiety and depression and guitar has been a big help/healer for me. But it's just so much fun always something new to learn and i gotta say even though at the start you want to throw the thing across the room..... and believe me i have it's all part of the learning and the :D Few things that helped me learn quicker : Building up calluses on the fingers can take a while but i read somewhere to help toughen up your fingers is to dip them in pure alcohol to dry up your hands and develop calluses quicker. Guitar playing needs to become natural so your no thinking about it. So when i first started out i stuck to down strums and A D E but i watched TV while i was practising on my own and all a sudden i could just switch without thinking about finger placement and then i continued this a i wanted to learn new chords (Yes at first you will need to check finger placement and you will occasionally get it wrong but that's normal) ;) This one is a weird one but somehow when i didn't practice for a while mostly due to getting fed up, i actually improved by not playing. You got to play when you want to dont force it otherwise it becomes a chore and you will get fed up. Also persevere with it, My guitar teacher told me i was hopeless and i wouldn't be able to do it and i had no musical ear at all, now he tells me im a better guitarist than him......Lol, Always makes me laugh that one. Anyway to remedy my problems at the start with chord changing i watched Justin guitar on you tube and as i said A D and E chords 4 strums per chord on each then change (A,2,3,4 then D,2,3,4 then E,2,3,4 and switch again) anyway i went back to him told him i learnt the chords we wanted me to and he said to me "Right boy we have something to work with" :D Anyway wish you and your lad all the best and have fun :)


Thanks a lot for the info and advise. I’m actually looking for a guitar for my son who is turning 7 soon. He asked for a guitar for his birthday. He also wants a blue one so it works out perfect 👌🏾 I’m also gonna start learning with my boy , btw (y)


Very good price to me considering I paid £112 for mine, Not bought from that store personally as i prefer to go out and try and look at a guitar before i buy but i can tell you the MA1 is good like i said i own one, Judging by the reviews here for richtonemusic id say it's OK Link also as I said if you get some extra light strings for that too the Martin ones will do and put them on you have a great little guitar if your not confident with putting them on yourself go to a shop and ask them to put in extra lights and lower the action some more. I didnt lower mine, I just put on the extra light strings and as I said neices seem to be doing well with it. Even I enjoy playing it myself very portable and I'm only a little so comfortable for me. Wish I started guitar when I was younger music been healer for me. : ) Can I also reccomend something which will help to learn, a guy on YouTube called Justin guitar I would seriously reccomend his beginner book and online lessons and I don't read books but his lessons are great for beginners. From watching his videos I started on chords A D E and all down strokes/strum 4 strums per chord and within 2 weeks I was changing chords fluently.


Thanks for the info. Below seems like a good price for Fender MA1...would you recommend the online store?

Intuitive Guitar - Major Scale Modes Android app FREE
Found 12th MayFound 12th May
Why is it that many video courses, guitar lessons, guitarists, apps and tutorials explain the concept of modes for guitar over and over again? Because they are very useful of cours… Read more

Sounds like misunderstanding on both sides. I read your comment and interpreted it as the £3.49 app reduction to £free is invalid. I did get the app for £free and told a friend and by the time he tried to get it, it had gone back to £3.49. Hence, asked deal to be expired. I didnt realise you were trying to explain why it was cold and it wasnt clear to me. Nevertheless, am sorry if I caused upset.


Rude much? It wasn't free at the time of posting my first comment (only a day after this post was made). In which, i was only explaining why it has been voted cold. (annoyed) ...


Ought to expire this.


It was free as as originally described in OP. AND, I got it as described in OP. "It hasnt" as you said is obviously...


looks like there's two versions of the same app. one which is free with ads, the other for £3.49 without ads. this deal is saying it has been reduced from £3.49 to FREE when it hasn't.

Sennheiser e906 Microphone - Highly rated guitar amp mic; £159 elsewhere! £84 @ Sennheiser
Found 1st MayFound 1st May
For all you budding musicians, specifically guitarists wanting to mic amps up for live performance. Arguably better than the industry standard Shure SM57. These type of items rarel… Read more
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Did anyone actually manage to get one? They’ve changed the price now.


Damn, the price indeed goes up at checkout, got my hopes up!!!


Totally would have been all over this!


Price goes back up on checkout.

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Amazon:  Cordoba Guitars Estudio 7/8 Scale Classical Guitar - £16.74 for Prime / £22.73 non Prime
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Mahogany top. Mahogany back and sides. Lightweight, 7/8 Size classical. 52mm nut width. Satin finish.
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Its 94.58 quid now. Should have acted earlier.


Damn was this deal on for like an hour ?? Would have loved one for the kids .


Damn.,..missed it ;(


Great Price, thanks OP. Snagged one before it went back up again.


Great guitars unbelievable for the price bought the coco one for my daughter and just bought this one too. Phenomenal value. Thank you for the spot :)

Amazon: Cordoba Guitars U100SM Soprano Ukulele@£8.92 for Prime/£12.91 for Non-Prime
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Soprano size. Mahogany top, back, and sides. Rosewood bridge and fingerboard. Satin (matte) finish. Aquila Nylgut Concert strings (GCEA). Cheapest I think
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Got 2 for £15.00


Aww and I was going to buy this for work... When I'm cleaning windows...


expired just now


Jumps to £46.40 once in basket for me ....


Link says it’s £46

Guitar Live iOS £2.99 @ Watt brothers
LocalLocalFound 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Watt Brothers selling Guitar Hero Live for iOS for £2.99. Available in all stores.

This is in the Falkirk store.


Amazing price, heat added. Can you please advise what’s the location of the store where you found this? Thanks


Watt Brothers are an institution in the West Coast of Scotland. I love them for the randomness of what they sell.


Never heard of that store. Great price though. Very fun game. I’d imagine it would run well on iPad.

CORT AD810 Open Pore acoustic guitar £75 @ Reidys
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
I'm not an expert but this seems like a rockbottom price for a half-decent dreadnought. What Cort say... The AD810 features a Open Pore spruce top for a resonate tone that ac… Read more
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All gone. Enjoy (y)


Open pore be yourself once more


Cort make great guitars, excellent beginner guitar. I learnt how to play on a court. Had the action lowered and extra light strings put on, Made life easier.


Well made guitars, great balance and pitch.


Yep Cort are a decent if not well know make. Great price for new.

Xiaomi Populele - Smart Ukulele at Gearbest for £89.53
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Smart Ukulele with LED indicators, Bluetooth and learning app backed by Xiaomi. Looks like an awesome new way to learn a new instrument, I'm gonna give it a go. Based on reviews t… Read more
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It may well. there are four main sizes and this is known as concert, which is one size bigger than the classic soprano. But there are two larger types - the tenor and baritone. Always worth trying an instrument out in a shop before buying imho. Good luck.


I tried to learn ukulele before but gave up because I grew frustrated at my fat, stupid fingers/brain. Will this actually help with that?


Ah I just saw the QR Code in manual for app and assumed you had to wait until you got the manual. I was trying to learn guitar but found it hard due to my Trump sized hands so maybe this being smaller might be better. Or might look into getting a smaller guitar.


Yes it is, you can download it without the ukulele and have a look, though most of the features only unlock once paired ukulele


Only thing is will the app be in English.

Pedaltrain Classic 2 w/ Soft Case £82 (+£4.95 shipping) @ Bax Shop
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
The Pedaltrain Classic 2 pedal board is the renewed and improved version of the popular Pedaltrain 2, and comes with a soft case. It features a spacious 4-rail design which offers … Read more
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I can never understand how a simple grill stand similar to a door grill can cost so much. I've always DIY-ed my boards from timber.


Great board, I think I paid something like £75 second hand. Heat


Until I got to the word "guitar" in your comment I literally had no idea what this was. Heat added. Best mystery I've read in years.


In the market for a new board but think I may go for the Templeboard over the Pedaltrain or Gator stuff. Have some heat by the way, it’s always nice to see the guitar related deals here.

Classical  Guitar £39.99 from Lidl available Thursday 5/4/18
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
High-quality guitar with laminated limewood body and nylon stringsSet includes electronic tuner, practice book with play-along CD, 2 picks, padded storage bag and a free multi-part… Read more

I have 6 guitars from a £40 nylon classical almost identical to this to a grand plus semi acoustic. I still enjoy playing the argos classical. If it tunes which it will it will still male a good sound and could be a starting point for some great musicianship.


I'm not sure £39.99 equates to 'High-quality'!


Lol sorry originally read your comment wrong


Yes it does i just forgot to add it i will add to title


Doesnt it have a 3 year warranty? It doesnt sound right. Take it back and let their carpenters have bash at it and it will only get better.

Gibson USA 2017 SG Fusion Electric Guitar - Artic Ice  Used - Good £296.33 @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Used good condition. Sub 300 for a Gibson..surely can't be bad. Only 1 in stock. Colour isn't for me so I didn't get it. 20% off Amazon warehouse at checkout.
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doug and pat


i would suggest the change in wiring from the start to the end of the signal effects the sound. as for playability, with so much variety in the various sizes of the various body parts involved in playing the guitar trying to buy one without holding it, that is online, becomes a bit of a mostly miss situation. on youtube there are a couple of old american longhairs who compare gibson guitars from the various era's and play them through different amps. even though we get signal compression variation in sound is evident.


For a guitar, the sound is basically down to how the amp interprets the electrical signal from the pickup. If it's nice to play, it's trivial to buy some nice sounding pick ups and a nice sounding amp, but finding a guitar that *plays* well is much more difficult.


Sound plays a part too


personally, i couldn't care less where the components are from - i'm more interested in the level of quality control and finish. hell, i used to own a gibson les paul gothic - but i sold it and bought a cort z44, and imo it's a vastly better guitar for a fraction of the price. unless you're looking to sell guitars on down the line, just find one that's nice to play and forget the label on the headstock.

Blackstar Fly 3 - 3w  guitar amp £34.99 at Amazon
Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
Looks like Amazon have price-matched the -£5 drop at Maplin ( ) - so worth buying from a … Read more
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Now £47. Needs expiring.


This or the Boss Katana?



Strike that. Rookie error — it’s in the Third Party listings



Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro 1956 - £349 @ Amazon
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
Have had my eye on this for a while and been monitoring the price and it’s the cheapest it has ever been on amazon.… Read more

A great guitarist? You and me both.


I'm not


They are thousands of great guitarists and each one is different!


Meaningless to anyone over 13.


Well Hendrix is much older and a stepping stone, just like Van Halen after him, but the world of guitar has evolved a lot since the 60s and 70s. Since the 80s, not thaaaat much, that was the era where guitar was explored thoroughly. That's not to say that there is no great original guitar music produced today, but it doesn't break new ground as much.

£35.99 for Star Wars Junior Acoustic Guitar at Argos
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Lowest price on Star Wars Junior Acoustic Guitar. Get it at just £35.99 only (y)

Great (y)




Our son loves his (7yrs) he got it for Xmas!


"This isn't the guitar I'm looking for". But could lead to better things...


If it inspires a kid to play, then heat from me!!

Blackstar Fly 3 guitar amp - £39.99 @ Amazon
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Good little portable amp, just seen has dropped to less than£40
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Valve amps go at lot louder than transistors of the same wattage.. :)


I am running a Blackheart Little Giant BH5H though a 1x12 can - it is a 3w or 5w variable valve head (a couple of mods, namely volume & plexi) and it is VERY loud for its size. Don’t be fooled by low watt amps ;) But yeah, a battery powered amp? No thanks...


Is the quality like marshal?


Just checked and you're right. It comes out the first Friday of every month. Still, £9.50 for 12 issues isn't bad. I subscribed on Saturday the 3rd and my amp/speaker arrived on Friday the 9th.


13? I thought it was 12?

100's of Free courses with Udemy  e.g. Android & ios apps development - Beginner Guitar Lessons (see OP)
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
There are a range of free courses at Udemy, need to use the links below as they apply the different codes to make the below free (if you go direct there would be a cost for the cou… Read more
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JavaScript for beginners with live examples any new code?


Impressive work put into this.


You can download lectures via the Udemy app. Unfortunately there appears to be a bug with the download to SD card option - but a fix has been promised.


Hmm good work! Heat added. I wish I could find a way to download it I have a long plane journey coming up...


Why so much best here? Don't you think Cybrary better and totally free ?

LTD 203696 KH-602 Electric Guitar £353.76 Amazon
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Looks good for the money around £800 on a few sites. Signature Electric Guitar, solid material's Alder Kirk Hammett (Metallica) Maple fingerboard on the body with profile slim i… Read more

It's doin ma heid in. Just gies it😁


the wait is real


Another we are still trying to get hold of it. Don't think this will happen but not cancelling just in case.😁


Same here


Another email. Still nothing (annoyed)

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