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Posted 11 September 2023

Direct Return flights Heathrow to Delhi (Air India) - Sept to Oct dates (e.g. 20th Sept to 4th Oct) - inc. 2 x 23kg Checked Baggage

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Crazy prices for direct return flights to Delhi. Headline dates are 20th Sept to 4th Oct but plenty of other dates available. Flights are with Air India and include 2 pieces of checked baggage. Credit: fly4free

Delhi, India’s capital territory, is a massive metropolitan area in the country’s north. In Old Delhi, a neighborhood dating to the 1600s, stands the imposing Mughal-era Red Fort, a symbol of India, and the sprawling Jama Masjid mosque, whose courtyard accommodates 25,000 people. Nearby is Chandni Chowk, a vibrant bazaar filled with food carts, sweets shops and spice stalls

14th Sept - 11th Oct
17th Sept - 11th Oct
20th Sept - 4th Oct
20th Sept - 7th Oct
21th Sept - 17th Oct

Pretty much most days are under £400, but these are around £356

Hope it helps someone
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  1. FieldMarshal's avatar
    Delhi is a great place with very intelligent and young population. Was there on training. Sadly 3 of us from the UK fell very sick on the first day after dinner. The whole week and my training ended up being a disaster. Had diarrhea and vomitting.
    Harjinder.Singh's avatar
    The only thing that will do that to you is the Water, make sure you always drink bottled water, and make sure you are the one that opens the bottle seal, also eat in places that have a good reputation! You should be ok next time mate! ♥️
  2. zworlds's avatar
    Air India? loool.
    Nellym's avatar
    AI is now owned by Tata & Sons, who were the original founders of the airline. They also own Vistara which as a brand will get retired and merged into Air India. The hope I guess is that this is a fresh start, new planes on order, new (rubbish) logo and new staff to improve service.
    I know they've got their hands on some ex Delta Boeing 777's which are still fitted out with Deltas latest really nice seating. But I don't think those planes run on this route which is a massive shame.
  3. punjabputer's avatar
    Smog city
    lileyesorelenz's avatar
    I have to agree its not worth going Delhi because pollution is so bad especially in Winter where the smog blocks your views everywhere within 2 metres radius.
    Nevermind choking on the pollution the traffic and other accident hazards soar dangerously!
  4. wellkid's avatar
    Read recent Facebook reviews if you want to know what Air India international flights are like.
  5. Manya1983's avatar
    Cracking game of cricket today
  6. T2G's avatar
    fantastic price.

    This is at least a 60% reduction compared to peak summer economy fare.

    With Air India under Tata's hopefully it will be a much better experience than before!
  7. sowotsdis's avatar
    Same flight a month ago would have cost double and this is why parents hate airline and government policies and restrictions and take their kids during term time
    NotAnonymous's avatar
    To be fair to the airlines, it is simple supply and demand. If these prices held over school holidays, then they'd be sold out within 4 seconds and it would be a miracle if you managed to get a ticket anyway.

    Having different councils dictating different terms dates has its merits. It might be a pain for those living on borders with kids in schools with different council authority, but those would hopefully be niche cases.

    On a few occasions I have taken my kids out of the school as the fine is far, far less than the saving, but it is disruptive. I've never actually gotten a fine.
  8. manu9's avatar
    They are OK, I used them before
  9. bozo007's avatar
    Super hot price! Mumbai is £439 on Virgin. (edited)
  10. AceDeck's avatar
    Enjoy the samosas
  11. rajd76's avatar
    I've just flew with them from LHR to Mumbai, They serve one of the best Indian food during the journey, the interior do feel bit outdated and the entertainment was not working but it has cost me less then half of what BA and Virgin was quoting me

    I'd flew US few month ago in BA and American airlines (even worst than BA) and their food was pathetic and service was not better than indian airlines. (edited)
  12. innocent's avatar
    Excellent "crazy" price but depends whether you succeed at securing booking at your chosen dates and then check restrictions about changing return date, if possible at all or if there is a charge. Nonetheless massive heat for this deal 🌶️🌶️🔥🌶️🌶️🇮🇳
  13. ibrahimPasha's avatar
    Can’t go wrong with this price! Hot!!
  14. sikh_warrior's avatar
    Go to punjab...only a few hours away by car...phagwara/ludhiana/jalandhar/amritsar etc.
  15. aidos's avatar
    Are Travel Trolley generally OK to use? Anyone had any negative experiences?
    Shoppaholic16's avatar
    We’ve used them before, no issues. I think they’re linked to Southall Travel.
  16. skgwho's avatar
    Just be aware, air india was historically a useless state owned airline. Unsure whether that's improved just yet... but worth a punt at that price.
    innocent's avatar
    I wouldn't go as far as "useless state owned airline". In my view that was a myth perpetuated by many and it became a sort of folk lore.
  17. user072022's avatar
    nothing special with this price most of the airlines flying to India in those those dates are around this price so for tenner more book directly with airlines instead of skyscanner.
    Jacinto_Fernandes's avatar
    Not true - this isn't a price you generally see especially a direct flight with 46kg carry on
  18. GagaBaga's avatar
    Anything for Goa, Mumbai or Ahemdabad?
    Jacinto_Fernandes's avatar
    Mumbai had some cheap etihad deals a bit ago -do check around the dates you're looking for. Goa and Gujarat will be tough but nothing a short domestic flight can't fit fix (from BOM/DEL)
  19. JustaSingh's avatar
    Don't forget to factor in the 70 odd quid for a tourist visa (and the hassle of using the visa website...hopefully it's improved since the last time I used it)

    Delhi is alright to visit...Agra with the Taj Mahal ain't that far away....and depending on how long you stay there flights to other parts of India / 1st class trains are quite cheap (by western standards)... i.e you can travel to places like Shimla

    Ignore the doom about smog etc in Delhi .. if you want to go to a place where you know you are in a different country then try out India.
    sikh_warrior's avatar
    Go to punjab...only a few hours away by car...phagwara/ludhiana/jalandhar/amritsar etc
  20. QueenBetty's avatar
    Nightmare with air India to India just last week. I had to cancel and book another airline. Please avoid for your own mental sanity. It’s cheap for a reason.
  21. Prisaro's avatar
    Air India is rubbish , especially this route. There’s was no inflight entertainment on this flight on one whole side. This was the worst flight journey ever. We traveled as a family of four including 2 very small children . Our trip was this august .
  22. jaques_kalis's avatar
    I travelled air india to mumbai twice this year. Did not face any of the issues what people are reporting here. Food was excellent and flight was punctual. 2 pc checked in baggage is a big plus.
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