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Posted 12 June 2023

Drayton by Schneider Electric Wiser Smart Heating Radiator Thermostat Multipack, White £87 @ Amazon

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  • Pack includes three Wiser Radiator Thermostats.
  • These smart radiator thermostats are only designed to work alongside an existing Wiser smart heating system with a Wiser Heat Hub.
  • Replace your existing manual thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) with Wiser Radiator Thermostats to give room-by-room heating control.
  • Simply screw off/on existing TRVs and replace with Wiser Radiator Thermostats to expand your current system. Works with 90% of existing valves. An adaptor to fit the Danfoss RA valve is included in every box.
  • Add up to 63 devices in up to 16 different rooms/zones.
  • Full heating control can be monitored and schedules updated via the Wiser App (IOS and Android).
  • Use voice commands to check the status and make changes to individual rooms or groups of rooms. Fully compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.
  • The Radiator Thermostat has a “twist top” that allows manual override of the schedule.
  • Average connectivity range is 25-40 feet but will depend on location of Heat Hub and thickness of walls. For larger houses or houses with thick walls, we recommend the Wiser Plug to help extend the range.
  • Wiser Radiator Thermostats are powered by 2 x AA Batteries (Batteries Included). Expected to last around 12 months, dependent on battery type and the amount of interactions with each device. Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU, Batteries Directive 2006/66/EC, RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU
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  1. Jules_HT's avatar
    These are rubbish. Awful. I bought 9 and put them all on brand new rads with brand new Drayton valve bodies. They are wonderful at connecting up and acting as thermostats. It's bearable hearing the buzzing in the middle of the night and (after 6 months) being on an endless merry-go-round of AA battery replacement. But when one is cold and calling for heat but not getting any because it can't open properly, at the same time as another room is turning into a sauna because the valve doesn't want heat but is getting loads because it can't close the radiator, it gets ridiculous. I tried to swapping them about but it was endless problems. Plus I don't actually think they do anything for energy efficiency, because having each room in turn calling for heat every howevermany mins then closing down the boiler, the boiler never actually gets into condensing mode.

    Great idea, in theory. Horrible application. I use a couple as free standing room stats (set to 6 degrees so they never call for heat) and use them just to make sure my rads are well balanced using conventional TRVs. The other 7 are in a box in the cupboard. (edited)
    LTgoodevil's avatar
    Found batteries draining fast with supermarket brand of batteries, switching to Duracell fixed issue for me. I've tested batteries from TRVs which were struggling to close and once load applied voltage on those batteries would tank, so not enough power to close.

    I do agree that this doesn't save money, but I would say makes room temperatures very comfortable.
    Though I had to use HA and add extra temperature sensors to get things to work the way I want, but hopefully this will not be required in properly insulated house - previous house was solid wall (as soon as heating is off walls get really cold and TRVs require heating).
  2. Alllfff's avatar
    I think these are compatible with HA directly without a hub (through Z2M or ZHA). Anyone can confirm or dispute this?
    oakave's avatar
    I have tried them and there are some known issues using directly. Last time I checked, the recommendation was to use a hub and then use the HACS integration. However I have held off as I didn't want two ZigBee networks alongside my WiFi networks.
  3. kencol's avatar
    Good price as these are usually more than £40 each, but I've got one which drops off all the time, and Schneider just fob you off.
    Thudspud's avatar
    Have you tried swapping it with another, had a similar issue and just moving it elsewhere fixed it.
  4. adamor's avatar
    I have this all around the house.... If they are up and communicating and then spend so much on batteries I doubt I'm saving any money, regret putting them in.
    gchild's avatar
    So not worth it in your opinion?
  5. u664541's avatar
    Oooh….. nice

    Ordered! Cheers OP
  6. Mentos's avatar
    Showing £131 for me, only used showing as £86
    Merkkus's avatar
  7. Thudspud's avatar
    Great price
  8. Jimjams42's avatar
    Great price on these, HOT!
  9. xmal's avatar
    Thanks op. Ordered
  10. TerryT's avatar
    would this work with nest 3 learning thermostat? and WORCESTER BOSCH GREENSTAR 8000/35 STYLE GAS SYSTEM BOILER?

    This is my setup, I'm looking for the ability to have more localised control for heating... to control radiators directly, these would pay for themselves quickly.
    Jules_HT's avatar
    So you might think....
  11. JoeLennox's avatar
    I've had my system for a few months and not had to replace batteries. System works really well. Could use one more TRV
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