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Lexmark S305 Wireless Multifunction Inkjet Printer - £39.98 @ eBay Oyyy Outlet
Found 8th May 2011Found 8th May 2011
Print, Copy and Scan with the Lexmark Impact S305 Wireless All-in-One A4 Colour Inkjet Printer! The Lexmark Impact S305 is the ideal multifunction printer for your home or office… Read more

the lexmark complete set can be bought for £36.45 from amazon for genuine cartridges .... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lexmark-100-Black-Magenta-Yello/dp/B00386SCBW/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1305314845&sr=8-8 thats only £6 more than epsons genuine cartridges from amazon at around £30.50..... seriously get a grip you lexmark haters, they come with full sets of inks and 3 year guarantees, which the epsons don't come with and they also do great photo's...psh


Poor,stick to Epson


Overpriced ink, hard to find compatible cartridges.


Awful machines, hideously expensive to run and this is their 'normal' price. Sorry !


Lexmark? Never again.

FLYMO VISION COMPACT 330 - £59.99 @ Argos eBay
Found 8th May 2011Found 8th May 2011
1500 watts. Metal blade. 33cm cutting width. 4 cutting heights from 12 - 32mm. Grassbox capacity 30 litres. Integral Easi-reel cable storage system. Unique Central grass box with c… Read more

arrived, looks like a recon or return... bit of grass on it and scuffed underneath. says new on the advert - but it aint.


Good price - not a great mower though.


good price if you want a Flymo


Good price, but I have the 350 and its very heavy to use.

ZTE Blade Battery - £6.40 @ eBay M99 Outlet
Found 7th May 2011Found 7th May 2011
Model : LI3713T42p3h444865 Cells : Li-Ion Voltage : 3.7v Capacity : 1300mAh

:-) Just click directly on the negatives; 8 very recently and they were not from the same person. There are always going to be a small percentage of negatives. Having sold items on ebay and received -ve feedback unfairly I can confirm there'll be people: 1) who whine about nothing in particular 2) don't receive their item in the post through no fault of the seller but choose to give -ve feedback anyway 3) receive their item a day later than stated because of slow post. A bit like life really - a small minority who are simply thoughtless.


But in the same period he got 1800 positive comments


:-) Just click directly on the negatives; 8 very recently and they were not from the same person.


Read the recent feedback :-( I want a replacement battery but maybe from a decent shop for under a tenner. Seven pages of positives - with one negative and a neutral - am I missing something?


Read the recent feedback :-( I want a replacement battery but maybe from a decent shop for under a tenner.

HP G5120 Desktop PC (Refurb) - £210.35 @ eBay Currys/PC World Outlet
Found 7th May 2011Found 7th May 2011
AMD Athlon II X4 635 Processor (64-bit, 2.9GHz clock, 2MB cache) 3GB DDR3 RAM memory size 500GB Hard drive DVD-Rewriter drive NVIDIA GeForce 6150 SE Graphics card 6 USB ports Built… Read more



Yip, already done.


I'd be interested in what state the hard drive is in. Whether there is a restore partition and if they have bothered to refresh it.


I hope you will be the happy customer but check the pc thoroughly under stress - i.e. few hours with OCCT linpack or Prime test + some graphic benchmarks + memtest ,otherwise you should not say that everything is fine yet - you do not know it.


Recieved the PC today and using it now. So far so good. Top notch bit of kit for £210 - dead happy with it.

HP Pavillion G62-A17SA Athlon II Dual,500GB,Win 7Home P - £299.99 @ eBay Zavvi Outlet
Found 7th May 2011Found 7th May 2011
HP Pavillion G62-A17SA 15.6" Laptop Basic Specification: * Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit * AMD Athlon II Dual core Processore P320 * 2GB Memory * 500GB … Read more

Bought HP once...Never again!!!


+1 I have a pavillion laptop and it's scorching my left knee as I type! Otherwise, although the battery life is abysmal, it isn't too bad.


I could not have put it better myself. The wife has a slightly older model hp lappy which broke down 2 weeks out of warranty, when she phoned HP they would not offer any help other than that she could speak to one of their technicians for a charge of £15.00. Since having it repaired ourselves at that point the dvd drive has failed, the battery has completely failed, so that it can now only be used when plugged in to the mains, and the heat it generates is unbelievable, It can almost burn the skin when placed on the lap and frequently shuts down due to overheated components. In short never again, terrible customer service and even worse products. Sorry for the major rant but this company is just awful.


https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/lenovo-thinkpad-sl510-laptop-intel-pentium-dual-core-t4500-processor-15-6-hd-scr/931733 EDIT: sold out http://www.coopelectricalshop.co.uk/products/ProductDetail.asp?ProductCode=SAM-COM-RV510A0B-BK&utm_source=google&utm_medium=basefeed http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Acer_Aspire_5741Z_988476.html


thanks for the warning! i'm searching for a laptop in this price range; with good specs...any ideas?

Superman T-Shirt (Medium) - £3.99 Delivered @ eBay Argos Outlet
Found 6th May 2011Found 6th May 2011
Normal price £10+ Licensed T Shirt. Royal Blue. 100% Cotton.

calorific control its the sad reality people dont wanna hear including me everyone goes on about green tea extract, l carnitine, cla and omega 3 these things all help, but nothing helps more than control of food intake and staying hydrated




Now you too can look just like Sloth from The Goonies!


Postage cost on large :(


quality find. I've lost a lot of weight recently and my XL Superman T-shirt was too big. This will do nicely. Thanks

Samsung U20 Full HD Compact Camcorder (2.0 LCD, HDMI Output) in Black - New - £69.29 @ eBay Currys/PC World Outlet
Found 6th May 2011Found 6th May 2011
* Shoots in full HD 1920 x 1080p, H.264 video format * Take great qualtiy still pictures with its 10 megapixel on board Samsung camera * Great pocket size, fits easily into your po… Read more
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Been looking for something like this for my hollies, seems a good spec for the price especially with the optical zoom.

HTC Wildfire on Vodafone eBay Store - £119.99 with Express Delivery @ eBay Vodafone Outlet
Found 6th May 2011Found 6th May 2011
Seems like a good deal, I know the replacement model is out now and most prefer the OSF but if you want the better camera and HTC Sense, then this is a pretty good deal! :)

the iphone is not 5 times more expensive when you take into account the inclusive mins/texts/data


Admittedly the Fruit brand is more refined, but then it is almost 5 times more expensive and it is not 5 times better. Therefore for what you can get for the money, HTC gets my vote.


Wildfire S should be £150. I'm waiting...


And the alarm works


Dont you lot have homework to do or summit.

LG 32LD450 - 32" 1080p LCD TV - eBay Daily Deals - £239.99 @ eBay Ebuyer Outlet
Found 6th May 2011Found 6th May 2011
I have an LG 50" in my living room I would recommend them, they may not be a Sony or Panasonic but they are good quality and even better value. Sold by eBuyer a retailer I have use… Read more

Yeh too right had the same with happened with some Espadrilles I posted only £14! Not exactly amazing but a good deal in my book... guess not on HUKD.


Its he herd mentatity... if hte first 5 voted cold, everyone follows suit... at the moment, this does look like the cheapest deal for this TV so voted hot.... thanks !!!


That's what I thought, but after all people miss deals... So if someone missed the Amazon Deal then here is another shot!


perhaps because people remembered that amazon was selling this for £220 a few weeks back ? OK, the amazon deal is expired, but people don't like paying more for something that was cheaper recently I think it is an ok deal given the amazon one is expired


I'm trying to figure out why people are voting cold. This is a good deal?!

Slumdog Millionaire (DVD) - £2.98 Delivered @ eBay Argos Outlet
Found 6th May 2011Found 6th May 2011
Looks like they have plenty of stock:) It's just great film!!! Won 8 Oscars 100 wins & 52 nominations IMDB 206,879 votes Score: 8.3/10 Amazon UK £3.99 HMV £4.29 Base In S… Read more

And the prize for the most overrated movie ever goes to.........


Alright film, not all that. The only amazing thing about this is the soundtrack produced by AR Rahman. Its a excellent soundtrack. Expect the song with pussycat dolls.

ACER eMachine ER1402 Desktop Athlon II Neo 1.7GHz (Win7, 250GB HDD, 2GB DDR3, Wireless) now £179.99 delivered @ eBay Ebuyer Outlet
Found 6th May 2011Found 6th May 2011
Bring the internet to your living room, wirelessly with this Brand New "MINI-e" entertainment centre. * Free Webroot internet security worth 39.99!* The newly redesigned eMachines… Read more
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Any1 tried Overclocking, CPU, GPU, RAM and mobo on this machine using NVIDIA SYSTEM TOOLS WITH ESA SUPPORT - Version:6.06???? Any feedback or stable numbers will be much appreciated, thanks?? Kevlar


That'll be without windows 7 that this one includes


These are currently for sale on fleabay for £179.99 in their outlet store, looks like a great deal if you can get one for OP price. Heat added.


nice price, if I needed a desktop I buy it


Emachine are part of Acer http://www.emachines.co.uk/em/about_us.do?ctx1w.att21k=2&LanguageISOCtxParam=en&CountryISOCtxParam=UK&ctx1l.c2att1=17&CRC=2808971427

Free Listing Days on eBay on the 7th and 8th May 2011
Found 6th May 2011Found 6th May 2011
Just received an email from ebay, pay zero insertion fees on auction style listings (private sellers only) this weekend. I know that not everyone gets excited about ebays free lis… Read more

Thanks, was waiting for a free listing weekend


I sell on gumtree...most of the time, the item won't fetch the same price as it would on ebay, but when you think account for the ebay and paypal fees its usually amounts to about the same. I tend to sell bulky items that can't be posted on gumtree and leave the smaller stuff for ebay. Its a lot easier to list on gumtree, but I find that an item listed on gumtree sometimes has to be posted over and over again a couple of times before it sells, whereas on ebay one single 10 day auction usually does the trick.


Gumtree is a ebay company.


Business sellers pay a significantly lower FVF (typically 3% before discounts which can be 25%) and if you are VAT registered you can register to pay the fees net of VAT. Saving a few pence on listing fees is a non issue for most business sellers.


Would anyone sell/advertise using gumtree?

Hitachi HDC991 9MP Camera (Refurbished) 12 Month Warranty - £16.99 + £1.99 Postage @ eBay Argos Outlet
Found 6th May 2011Found 6th May 2011
9 megapixel camera for only £16.99 Postage £1.99 extra - Bully

Maximum mAh you'll get out of AAA's is around 1200 which compares poorly with AA's at around 3000 mAh So your only looking at 40% of the battery life of a camera that uses AA batteries and thats before the fact this camera is built by some unknown chinese company which probably hasn't mastered how to make batteries last as long as possible


You obviously didn't read this on then I guess it depends on the quality of the batteries used.


Yes it will work fine with NiMH batteries and you will get as much as 8-10 shots from the reviews i have read


Great for my 7 year old - no optical zoom mech' to mash up. Hope it works with NiMH batteries OK. I know it's basic spec' - Argos listed at £35 - the 'basic' users there give it good feedback. Lighten up, don't think I'll even use the digi-zoom feature. Ordered & heat added, thanks op. 8)


I'm not sure I do myself! Guess a deal thread isn't the place to discuss the dubious virtues of digital zoom ;)

Western Digital 750GB Portable HDD - 12 Month Guarantee - £55.99 @ eBay Currys/PC World Outlet
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
Looks like a good price for a pretty large portable USB drive. £55.99 with free postage only 6 left so be quick

There's always one...


that is a desktop ... the other 1 is portable


1.5TB external HDD for around the same price. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Western-Digital-Elements-Desktop-External/dp/B002P3XSAO/

Multi Card Reader - £2.98 @ eBay Argos Outlet
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
Argos Value Range Multi Card Reader New Brand New With A 12 Month Argos Warranty USB connectivity. Compatible with cards CF/MS/SD/MMC/XD.
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I wouldn't... Had nothing but issues reading memory cards from cheap card readers. Now I just use the cameras cables to do it.


Expired - Listing Ended.


I'd rather get 1 from poundland

Sand and Water Table - £10.98 Delivered @ eBay Argos Outlet
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
Triangular sand and water table with 3 sections. For ages 3 years and over. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for use with sand, water and small toys. Made from in… Read more

Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!


OOS now


None of them seem to not that sort of lid, it does however stop all the neighbours cats crapping in it


does the lid actually stop rainwater getting into the sand section?


hot. My son has this and it does come with a red plastic lid, excellent value for money :)

Little Tikes Adventure Water Table - £14.98 Delivered @ eBay Argos Outlet
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
I missed the last one of these, but back on. Little Tykes. For ages 2 to 6 years. Instructions included. Weight restrictions 25kg. Size (H)70, (W)72.6, (D)72.6cm. Made from polyet… Read more

Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!


we have this and put son loves it the legs come out when moved but we also put on a table or the floor, its good sturdy toy and dont need a lid as tip out and wash over to use again.


Listing ended now :(


Legs fall off mine, plastic split. But the kids like it


Damn you hotdeals!! Ordered.......heat & Rep

Rio Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser free delivery 15.99 @ Ebay epicentre1
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
40£ plus at other retailers If you prefer a nice fragrance in your home instead of those plug-in air freshners this is a good option. (please note that you need aromatherapy grade … Read more
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Got this today and it's a cracking little machine. Has a hum to it, but nothing bad, and lights up quite nicely. It says that 2-3 drops of oil to scent the room but that's a bit optimistic - seems to need at least double that to scent a room. But the humidification seems to be excellent! Cheers OP.


Cheers OP, been after something like this for ages at a reasonable price. Seems to get quite positive reviews across the net too after googling the title. Hot from me.

*Seller Refurbished* Samsung N130 Black 10.1'' Netbook - £128 - Currys / PC World Ebay Outlet
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
Samsung N130 Black 10.1'' Netbook WITH 3 MONTH CURRYS/PC WORLD OUTLET WARRANTY Specifications * PC operating system: Genuine Windows XP (R) Home Edition * Processor Type:… Read more
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Received my Samsung N130 today and very pleased with it. Looks brand new, not a mark on it. Removed Windows and installed Linux Mint and it's working great. (I did have to follow instructions here to get wifi working - http://www.greenhughes.com/content/installing-ubuntu-1010-samsung-nb30-touchscreen-netbook) Very pleased with this after having doubts about the condition of a "refurb"


Just got an Acer Aspire One D255 N450 Win7 Starter, delivered for £130 from the same Ebay Currys outlet, arrived in less than 48 hours by DHL, and very pleased with it, 8hr six cell battery as well. There are 2 faint scratches on the lid, but otherwise new looking and seems to work fine especially if you replace the McAfee with Windows security essentials.


Similar thing here: http://****.co.uk/Packard-Bell-Dot-S37-Netbook-/130515343634?pt=UK_Computing_Laptops_EH&hash=item1e63521912 http://****.co.uk/ACER-D255-301-Red-10-1-Netbook-/130515253558?pt=UK_Computing_Laptops_EH&hash=item1e6350b936 http://****.co.uk/Advent-Verona-SU-13-3-Ultra-Mobile-Laptop-/110681822061?pt=UK_Computing_Laptops_EH&hash=item19c526936d Loads of netbook knocking around at the £150 mark. They're cheap because they're some limited.


cheers, managed to get one before it expired :)


kind of sums up how stupid alot of people who buy apple pc's are

Wooden Sand Box Row Boat New - £21.99 + £2.99 Express Delivery @ eBay Argos Outlet
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
Row boat shape sand box with seating area and canopy. Made of treated wood. The canopy is for weatherproof protection only, not suitable to use as a swing. Adult supervision recomm… Read more
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No lid. Cheap wood that will wont last very long at all especially when its full of wet sand. Cold


I bought this last year at the same price but I skipped it after about 7 months because the cats just did their biz in it all the time and it rotted. Also the water just sits on the top. IMO you are best just getting a shell sand pit with a top. Still a good price though.


If it hasn't got a cover, this is still a reasonable price for a large cat litter tray.


Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!



Heartbeats by Lady GaGa Rose Red Earphones - £29.99 @ eBay Currys/PC World Outlet
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
12 Month Warranty NEW Heartbeats by Lady Gaga are holistically designed to deliver the soundtrack of your life with clarity and power, as well as satisfy your passion for fashion.… Read more

Received mine today, the Monster guarantee on these is actually 3 years too.


Your welcome :)


My mum asked me to get some good quality earphones for her birthday coming up so I think I'll grab this offer! Thanks to OP :)


I don't personally like lady Gaga so not for me, i'd rather go with Dre's. but an excellent price for Beats headphones.


They are real good - well worth it

BRAND NEW Denon AH-D501 Stereo Headphones - Silver - RRP £69.99 Now Only £19.99 @ eBay Currys/PC World Outlet
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
BRAND NEW Denon AH-D501 Stereo Headphones - Silver - RRP £69.99 Now Only £19.99 @ eBay Currys/PC World Outlet NEW WITH 12 MONTH CURRYS/PC WORLD OUTLET WARRANTY

lol i paid a mis price of £30 from amazon and used my TCB payment to bring it down to £18.40 woop woop :D, i did see amazon selling them earlier this week for £37 just for like an hour but its gone up now to £67, tip just keep checking amazon website


atm have them on my head. not for small heads though. g/f says they are uncomfortable because of the size. they fit me well . of course they are not the wood ones for 700 , but still are super good with netbook etc. not so with small mp3 players, at least not mine, as it can't produce enough volume.


You can get some on ebay direct from china. item no. 250802069386. Not sure if its legit though, but i suspect you could easily get a refund via paypal if they're shipped, and have uncertain legitimacy about them.


i've seen them being used on loads of radioshows, and randomly came across the exact headphones on google. The big cushions are what look great, first comes sound quality, and then comes comfort, both of which these denons DO NOT have lol. How much did you pay?


OK, only just seen this but I bought these when they where £30. If I'm honest they're not brilliant. The sounds not great, the quality is ok apart from the plastick ear pads.....I wouldn't buy them again

Orange San Francisco - Case, Charger + Protector - £3.49 @ eBay Pre Pay Mania Outlet
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
Just bought the San Fran and now wondering how to protect and use it properly? Then here's a nice little all in one kit to protect your new baby. Its a case with 2 x screen protect… Read more
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sorry what! maybe you were too retarded to put the screen protector on properly go to apple ;)


Yes i did, the iphone is more expensive, looks more impressive and generally has more swag about it.


out of stock now


Didn't read the short article, then?


All gone now!

CnM Core Portable 80GB 2.5" USB 2.0 External Hard Drive - Now £16.99 Delivered @ eBay Zavvi Outlet
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
Features: * Colour: Piano Black * 12 Month Warranty * 80GB Capacity * Drag and drop to save files * Full Disk Encryption * USB 2.0 Interface - cable includ… Read more
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How do you do the format change? I have a mac and cant get it working currently.


Mine is a bit noisy, you can hear it clicking away at times.


Requires a Formatting change to work with Mac.

HP 620 Pentium Dual Core, 3GB RAM, Win 7, HDMI + Case - £269.99 @ eBay Oyyy Outlet
Found 5th May 2011Found 5th May 2011
Good make + build quality. HP 620 Pentium Dual Core 15.6" Laptop with Free Memory Upgrade and HP Case. 3GB Memory, 250GB Hard Drive, 2MP Webcam, DVD Writer, HDMI, Card Reader, Mi… Read more

The deal is back on guys at £5 more but still might order it for my parents! Can you all that got one recommend it then?


i know im no expert but the packaging is lovely and the laptop really lovely..widescreen, not bulky like my dell and its like a silvery patterned case...havent fitted the ram yet tho so havent used it but i love it so far!! The dpd delivery was fab! thanks for pointing me at this xxx


Delivery isnt too bad either!


omg its arrived!


its ok cos it wont be mine in 3 years!

18ft Banzai Strike 'n' Slide Bowling Water Game - £9.99 Delivered @ eBay Littlewoods Clearance Outlet
Found 4th May 2011Found 4th May 2011
NEARLY 800 SOLD and perfect for the kids this summer! RRP Price: £30.00 Our Price: £9.99 Condition: New Material: Colour: Providing hours or fun fun filled entertainment this su… Read more

Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!


not suitable for big kids (that's you the adult lol)


Buy some cheap washing up liquid and use it as well.


I would imagine so as it has jets of water coming out of the side. But, from experience you dont need to have a constant flow of water, if you have a pool next to it the amount of water spilled over it from all the splashing/sliding from the kids would be enough to make it slippery enough to use.


does this use a constant flow of water as im on a water meter and if it does can see the £'s ticking over very quickly, anyone know?

New Rotary Men's Steel Gold Plated Watch - £29.98 @ eBay Argos Outlet
Found 4th May 2011Found 4th May 2011
Mens watch. Champagne-coloured dial. Round case. Gold plated steel adjustable bracelet. Quartz movement. Date display. Water resistant. Gift boxed

Would like to know where people can get Rotary watches for less?


not worth the money. overprice.


They have aladies one for £26 too But Gold Platings nothing special. Not Rotary but this one is GOLD PLATED and costs £5.99

Philips RQ1051 Arcitec Mens Rotary Shaver - £53.99 @ eBay Currys/PC World Outlet
Found 4th May 2011Found 4th May 2011
Key Features * Power type - Mains & rechargeable Shaver * Shaving Time - 65 minutes * Charge Time - 1 hour * Easy clean shaving heads * Pop up trimmer - Id… Read more
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How am I supposed to purchase this?


not open to public. hhow much for delivery ?


@ Makro


Good price. I got the top model in the arcitec series and frankly the cut is crap and have to use a razor to get the patches it misses. The newer serious rq12xx are better, and the Braun I got as I was **** off with the arcitec blows it away.


Seems cheap to me

Packard Bell Dot_S25 Netbook (Refurb) - £136.66 @ eBay Currys/PC World Outlet
Found 4th May 2011Found 4th May 2011
250gb memory more than most other netbooks, seems like a good deal. Key Features Processor - Intel® Atom N450 for portability Operating System - Windows® 7 Starter Memory & st… Read more

Most other ebay outlets provide 12 month warranty on refurbs.


Bought one of these refurbs an S2. Nicely packaged but the mouse pad is infuriating - it will move the cursor quite well across the page then appears to de-sensitivise when you move slower. Rather like having a dirty mouse ball . Would advise try before buy. If you can live with it then rest is ok at the right price.


Does anyone know the reason pc world and arogs have so many of these notebooks on referb? Must get alot of returns?

Sony Vaio 14" Laptop (Refurb) - £499.99 @ eBay Argos Outlet
Found 4th May 2011Found 4th May 2011
Seems like a good deal for a laptop, awesome screen with Core i3 and dedicated graphics, as well as large hard drive and 4GB of RAM. There is also a Pink version available, for t… Read more

Love my vaio. I've had it over 2 years and never had a problem. I fully recommend!


Good quality laptop if you like the bright blue metallic finish. Makes a change from black or silver I suppose.


I can't vouch for the quality of Argos refurbs but this seems like a fairly good deal? Processor supports HyperThreading (not that impressive but better than not having it!) Great resolution for a 14" screen. Dedicated graphics are on par with an AMD mobility HD 4600: Link. There are other laptops for cheaper but the design of the E series Vaios is supposedly quite good? Battery life is pegged at around 3 hours by one review site. I'm not going to buy it but I was tempted!


Good price for a machine of this spec! Would be a struggle to get another deal close to this with that spec screen. Hot.

Advent Modena A15 15.6" Home Computing Laptop - £188.51 Delivered @ eBay Currys/PC World Outlet
Found 4th May 2011Found 4th May 2011
Good point - price to spec ratio Bad point - 3 months warranty The Advent Modena Refurbished Laptop is driven by the dual-core Intel® Celeron® Processor T3100, and runs Microsoft'… Read more

allsold :(


You should still state refurb in the title, but its a good deal for a laptop more capable than atom netbooks at this price.


In the description it says "Refurbished", alittle different to second hand. I've ordered 5 laptops & 2 netbooks that have said "Refurbished" and were as new, just no original box.


you forgot to say it's second hand


Great deal, getting a decent laptop for under £200 is always a bargin :)

Samsung UE40C5100QWXXU - 40" Full HD 1080p TV + Freeview (Refurb) - £399.98 @ eBay Tesco Outlet
Found 4th May 2011Found 4th May 2011
This is a great price. Free shipping and comes with a 12 month warranty.

Anyone know how this compares to other T.Vs and whether its good for gaming? thanks!


Bought this one some 6 months ago around £520 and am still very happy with it. Picture quality is great, it looks good is very slim and the built in media player has so far not refused many video files. Some people in on-line reviews complain about the sound but I personally think it is more than adequate, of course it doesn't replace a home cinema system but more than good enough for me. Hot!


Refurbished. I bought the same one from Amazon 'Used - As New' £382. Amazon's return policy applies so if I don't like it I can send it back within 30 days and Amazon pay for return postage. Would have prefered the C5800 but price is too steep on that one. It's out on the van for delivery today so I can't wait. I was going to get a LCD as reading the views on LCD v LCD LED, most so called experts reckon there's not much difference. After going to Curry's, Comet, PC World and Tesco a few times in my opinion there's a huge difference! lol. The LCD LED's are a lot more colourful and vibrant.

Men's 2 Pack Shorts Various Colours - £16.99 (DOTD) @ eBay In The Label Outlet
Found 4th May 2011Found 4th May 2011
Colours: [img]http://i.ebayimg.com/00/$(KGrHqYOKpME24S6w+uQBNw!YFzO7g~~0_12.JPG[img/] Men's 2 Pack Inesta Shorts - Charcoal/Stone DS Men's 2 Pack Inesta Shorts - Stone/Khaki DS [… Read more

I am talking about the use of brought bought and why so many people use the wrong word,i'm not picking on everyones grammar oO


I would always say on average Medium is 32 waist.[/quote] Thanks both of you, I might be able to squeeze into them anyways (I ruddy hope so).


are these over knee length? good find!


Grammar nazis- oh that made me laugh!!! Thanks.


You can't use 'amount' to refer to people, it has to be 'number'.

Panasonic KXTG1313EH Telephone - Triple - New - £25.98 Delivered @ eBay Argos Outlet
Found 4th May 2011Found 4th May 2011
Black. Suitable for wall mounting. Telephone features: 50 name and number memories. Ringer volume control. Speaker volume control. 20 ringtones. Up to 10 hours talktime. Up to 120 … Read more

Just don't sign for 1 when they turn up and they will send them back to argos .


cannot pm you can you pm me cheers


My mobile crashed when buying it and I ended up getting two, if anyone still wants one PM me.


An excellent phone which I've had for the past couple of months. Mine was £49.99 but I used £40 worth of Argos vouchers gained through doing various surveys.


listing has ended

Sony PSP Slim & Lite Console - Ice Silver - New - £104 @ eBay Argos Outlet
Found 4th May 2011Found 4th May 2011
Just found this on Argos ebay outlet. Not sure if its a good price or not. PSP slim-lite

It doesn't say in the spec but the pic looks like a PSP-2000. Can't you get the PSP-3000 for the same price from Tesco?


Good price if you desperately need one, but with the new boys coming out soon, I'd say keep your fingers in your pockets and wait it out. Didn't M&S have a crazy deal on these the other day, selling them between £50-£70?


Bizzare statement. What reason's should i have ? I posted a deal if it goes cold then it goes cold. And no one will buy it.


I'l tell you. Well, this is a website used to promote 'hot deals' - hence the name. It is not a website for posting deals when the poster is 'not sure if it's a good deal or not'. If we all did this, do think the site would be a success? (NB - your answer should be 'no'). I would suggest in future you post deals which you believe in good faith to be 'hot' rather than simply posting anything with no certainty over whether this represents good value.


What's so ridiculous about it?

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