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Sony PSP Go Console - Black - New £119.99 + free delivery @ Zavvi Ebay Outlet
Found 18th Nov 2010Found 18th Nov 2010
Introducing the smallest and mightiest PSP system yet. Download rich, immersive digital gaming or the best movies and TV shows saved directly to the ample 16GB hard drive. Browse t… Read more
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Finally got the 10 free games.!! downloading now.


Oh and I mentioned the 10 free games not coming through and he said to wait a few more day's and then contact them again.


Hi, I emailed them on Christmas eve as you advised, didn't hear anything back but had problems on Christmas day when we tried downloading some games and then they wouldn't play! 1 was corrupted (it ran out of charge halfway through downloading) and the other one just say's something about the memory stick.. anyway, I phoned playstation and they talked me through how to download them again. The good thing is that once you download a game it is in the memory as being downloaded and you can download it again and again if you need to. I'm exhausted with all the new technology in this house !!


I appreciate your schedule at this time, but after Christmas you may find Sony's Customer Services team are over-run with enquiries due to all the new PS3 & PSP(go) customers receiving gifts tomorrow. If you can find the time to read this reply, perhaps you can find a little more to use the e-mail address in the above thread & compose a suitable enquiry yourself so that you are not at the back of the queue next week. Good luck & best wishes for the festive season in any respect. BFN, fp.


Thanks for the info... still no code so I'm a bit dissapointed to be honest. Have way too much to do to be contacting playstation until after Christmas now.

Call of Duty: Black Ops, XBox 360 - £36.89 @ Zavvi Ebay Outlet!
Found 17th Nov 2010Found 17th Nov 2010
Currently the ceapest available with free P&P too. Ebay Zavvi Outlet are very fast when posting goods out to you, generally next day! Cheapest in the UK according to Find-Games… Read more

Expired, it's gone up to just under £45.


Oh well I tried to help.Not sure why it got so cold. It was and still is the cheapest UK price by three quids! (More than 10 available / 2,051 sold), it looks like 2051 people agreed, just a shame no one on here did. Back to the drawing board!


Cant see much wrong with this price - hot


why expire it


never had next day delivery with zavvi or the hut - usually takes about 5 to 7 days. Game group and Shopto always next day so not the post

Birthday wrap pack - £9.94 delivered - Littlewoods Clearance
Found 17th Nov 2010Found 17th Nov 2010
It's very much like the Christmas wrap pack, but for birthdays. You get loads, so should last for a long time and work out cheaper than buying separate things for every birthday yo… Read more

It's £2.95 postage, too. Not really sure why this has gone so cold? Seemed like a pretty good deal to me. The gift bags alone are probably more than £10 in a shop.


Showing as £6.99!


Shame it's not the same price as the Christmas pack.


Found 17th Nov 2010Found 17th Nov 2010
Lowest price that I can see....Deal of the Day on Ebay with Freepost. VTech Sleepy Bear Digital Baby Monitor available now from BabyMonitorsDirect. VTech Sleepy Bear Digital Audio… Read more

+ £5.99 p&p if you care to check..... http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001UQ682W/ref=nosim/?tag=hotukdeals-21


cheaper on amazon https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/vtech-sleepy-bear-digital-baby-moni/802925



http://www.babymonitorsdirect.co.uk/products/12/Vtech-Sleepy-Bear-Digital-Baby-Monitor.html Compare prices: http://www.google.co.uk/products?q=VTECH+SLEEPY+BEAR+DIGITAL+BABY+MONITOR+WITH+30+MELODIES&aq=f

Hannspree SJ32DMBB 32" Full HD 1080p LCD TV 3x HDMI 2 yr warrenty £249.99 @ ebuyerexpress (ebay outlet)
Found 17th Nov 2010Found 17th Nov 2010
Ebuyer outlet, absolute bargain for full HD in a 32inch screen. TV has had great reviews over the years. Product Description If you have a preference for minimalistic styling, a… Read more
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it's now £269.98


yeah it looks like a Usb slot .......but i cant see any mention of it in the specs.....maybe i'm needing them..............USB would be a deal winner for me..........anyone shed any light on actual USB spec for this model......:{


Hanspree at very big in the east so very reputable brand, it's just like going on holiday to resort that UK travel agents don't push. Very decent, just not known to most.


Do you think this would be ok as a pc monitor?


But of course. It's my fault for failing to post enough pics to satisfy everyone. Tut. I really must learn.

Roary Childrens Push Along Scooter £12.94 del @ Littlewoods ebay  ( poss cheaper as they have it on make an offer too )
Found 16th Nov 2010Found 16th Nov 2010
Our Price: £9.99 + £2.95 del, but have it on make an offer too, so should be able to buy it cheaper Condition: New Material: Colour: Have fun whizzing around on this Roary scoot… Read more
Mod & Ed Get dealGet deal

These are now all gone :(


no, its a standard scooter, tri wheeled, the peppa pig, disney princess ones are £24.99 in most places, thats why I thought this a really good price, esp since its on make an offer too


Does anyone know whether this folds ?

CAR TOP COVER NEW £3.99 plus 99p Delivery @ Argos e-bay outlet
Found 16th Nov 2010Found 16th Nov 2010
Cover-up for the cold weather - save standing in the freezing cold scraping ice off your car in the mornings. Covers top of car for protection against rain, frost, snow, bird drop… Read more

poor reviews plastic bag works better


ptrotects from the outside , scratches on the inside , wouldn`t put one on any car other than a clean one going into staorage

MSI WIND U130 10" NETBOOK PINK REFURB £178.98 @ Ebay/Argos outlet
Found 16th Nov 2010Found 16th Nov 2010
Pink's not my cuppa tea but here goes. I've personally had three refurbs (Samsung N130, Samsung X120, Medion akoya 15.6" laptop) from here in the last 12 months and each one has be… Read more

Well, all the 55 available have been sold, so some people liked it.


This is not cheap compared to the prices they were selling them for not long ago. I got one in May for £150. If you do want it, I cannot recommend it more. Great reliable machine. Added 1gb ram for £10 and 9 cell battery for £30. Runs Win7 premium fine. But MSIE is still a bit slow compared to Opera though.


Got one of these from there earlier this year for £149.99. Still working fine. It's the 2hr battery model (and white)


Just checked mine again and the model number is slightly different - U135 as opposed to U130. 6 cell battery in mine, looks like these have 3 cell. Think that's the only difference between the two models.


these are bril i prefer it to my dell, bought for my daughter last xmas, great little netbook

AOC L32WA91 32" LCD TV HD Ready 2x HDMI Freeview - Ebay DOTD - 229.99 +Quidco
Found 16th Nov 2010Found 16th Nov 2010
Product Description If you have a preference for minimalistic styling, a taste for vogue and fashion, and you appreciate outstanding technological products, AOC's LS32WA91 32" LCD… Read more

You can turn it off in one of the Menus.Think you have to go into Features or something similar,and you can switch it off there :)


It was the ebay dotd, from Ebuyer Express. Won't be on offer now, but the prices are coming down like a stone, so there'll be another on here before too long. :)


would someone tell me what company it was bought from please,, I didn't realise it was a Ebay daily deal


Cant find this anywhere, the link takes you to Ebuyer please assist. thanks


Well, mine's here, its lovely. It does have an issue with subtitles though, turning them on as standard every time I change channel, or switch it on. Any ideas how to fix this?

Samsung Pink S5620 with Sex & The City DVD £79.95 @ Ebay/Prepaymania Outlet
Found 15th Nov 2010Found 15th Nov 2010
Its Samsungs best affordable performance phone,

It is a good price,not sure why such cold votes, I also agree with mdekq007,there's no need for the rudeness on people's grammar


You forgot to mention you get a Free DVD Box Set of Sex and The City Season 6 with the phone. There's no need to pick on peoples spelling brianfj1200, put your handbag away. It sounds like you could do with a pink phone and box set of sex and the city!


this or a San Francisco for £7 more? Its a rhetorical question :{


EVEN COSTS LESSER? Is that even English?

CANON EOS 450D DIGITAL SLR CAMERA 18-55MM LENS DEAL £359.99 @ Ebay/Argos Outlet
Found 15th Nov 2010Found 15th Nov 2010
Great price for this, brand new with 12 month warranty.

Twin lens deal still available here: http://****.co.uk/CANON-EOS-450D-12MP-DIGITAL-SLR-2-LENS-DEAL-/330499522287?pt=UK_CamerasPhoto_DigitalCameras_DigitalCameras_JN&hash=item4cf34e7eef Search for item number 330499522287 if link no good.


I just tried that and it doesn't seem to give an option to buy on the argos ebay site, which link were you referring to?


Deal still on if you clink the link on first post


I think this deal has now expired as I was just trying to buy it and there is no option to do that. Also tried the vouchers code on the 2 lense offer but that doesn't work either! Gutted as I had just made my mind up to buy this.


Be rude not to say thank you. Didn't get this deal, but it led me to the twin lens deal. Huge thank you. Chuffed to bits.

Bt Baby Digital Monitor 100 Hi-def Sound Intercom £24.99 delivered @ BT-Outlet/Ebay
Found 14th Nov 2010Found 14th Nov 2010
Reet, we bought a crappy monitor from Argos that lasted less than 12 months for about £20, so Mrs W insisted that I stopped being a tight wad and bought a better one. Anyway, I fou… Read more
mod Get dealGet deal

Just ordered it via ebay's outlet for £22.49! can you can get a further 10% off on ebay if you use this code "C2BTLET" (Valid until 30 Nov). plus don't forget Quidco... I guess it's going to cost me about £21,49approx (£24.99-2.50-quidco40%of10%of£24..99). Good luck, Merry Christmas!!!


ordered one of these from ebay and upon receiving it and using it the first night was very happy with it. the parent unit was left on charge during the day but only lasted about 3 hours in the evening when it was off the charge base. i thought it needed charging longer so left it charging until the following night. again only lasted 3 hours before the battery died. charged again over night and when i removed it from the base the next morning it just died on me. other than that i really like the intercom feature and it was crystal clear, just a shame it wasn't working properly, anyway the BT store on ebay have authorised a full refund. the search continues....


after having many rubbish baby moniters I was determined to find a great one for my third baby, I asked on the mums and tots sites and this one always come up best. so I got one (was about £70 ouch) but It is fantastic, the best one I have ever had. my lo is 9months now and i still love it!!


We've got one of these that was bought for us as a gift when our little girl was born a couple of years ago. It worked fine for the first six months, but ever since, the sound will cut out, or not come out at all. It's not a major problem as our house isn't the biggest, and the sound level meter on the base unit registers the fact that there is sound coming from her room. TBH, it's only there to pacify the missus, otherwise I'd've changed it before now. Apparently, this isn't an uncommon problem with these models.


Andy - perhaps best to put Refurbished in title. The 150 unit is on sale there too - rated far better - think it's £20 more.

Take That: Progress Actual CD £7.99 @Zavvi  ebay outlet
Found 14th Nov 2010Found 14th Nov 2010
Take That - Progress CD Only £7.99 Amazon - £8.93 so nearly a quid to be saved if you want. Selling fast 400+ already sold.
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£7.77 @ BestBuy :) Your text here


Goodness there are some idiots on this website. It is about bargains. I couldnt give 2 hoots about your music taste go away and talk to someone who cares. Good deal OP


ya it's a good album - baaaahhhhhhhhh! lol


I will be buying it. My point is that if you are going to lay into someone because of their taste in music then at least take the time to run a spell check first. Or even better, learn how to spell. Not everyone likes the same things. Surely the point of this site is to vote on deals because you have found them at a price you think will be beneficial to others. Obviously in some areas you may have superior technical knowledge and your wisdom and opinion is welcome. For the record I am neither fat, a middle aged bird or consider myself brainless and its £7.99 on the Tesco Entertainment website too.


rhodyate - Nov 16, 2010 18:07 yap sad old men, and they could have all the money in the world but it wont make them any younger or good musicians, sorry but they are old and old news, and the crap they're comeing out with is a insault to you old die hard fans mindpalace - Nov 16, 2010 18:42 "yap sad old men, and they could have all the money in the world but it wont make them any younger or good musicians, sorry but they are old and old news, and the crap they're comeing out with is a insault to you old die hard fans," Who spells wins. I guess you won't be buying it then? LOL

BT Synergy 5500 Twin dect digital cordless phones with answer phone @ btoutlet
Found 13th Nov 2010Found 13th Nov 2010
These are refurbished but seem to be over £50 everywhere else. Seems a great price for twin digital cordless phones with answering machine Free P&P so £24.99 is delivered cos… Read more

Yeah i have these great set of phones, doe the job perfectly, ability to store names an numbers from sim etc


These are very good, we researched heavily for phones that could send/receive texts and surprisingly there's few around, these are however, and with a built in sim card reader from your mobile sim are a great choice, we paid over double this - go for it.


I have these, I think they are very good. The only thing I would would say is that there is on one or two good ring tones.


Anyone got any view on how good these are? I need to replace my old iDect ones, batterries dying,

TOSHIBA 13.3 INCH T130 £289.99 @ Argos Ebay Outlet
Found 13th Nov 2010Found 13th Nov 2010
These dont have a cdrom drive, but they have a memory card reader and obviously you can use a USB stick with it. Not a massive problem in my opinion. Or you can get one off ebay or… Read more
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Pretty sure that's a listing error, I reckon it'll be Windows 7.


I've installed Windows 7 many times on laptops with a USB stick many times. Plenty of guides online...


Wrong information, as long as your machine can boot from USB (and all BIOS'ses support that nowadays) installing Windows 7 from a USB flash drive is possible Piece of cake with the tool that Microsoft provides: http://wudt.codeplex.com/ "The Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool allows you to create a copy of your Windows 7 ISO file on a USB flash drive or a DVD. To create a bootable DVD or USB flash drive, download the ISO file and then run the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download tool. Once this is done, you can install Windows 7 directly from the USB flash drive or DVD. "


I don't know about laptops, but I've installed windows from USB cdrom on a couple of dozen servers in the past...


Try upgrading to Windows 7 without a cdrom, or even reinstalling XP. USB drives will NOT work for this (they aren't recognised until after Windows is up).

WORLDWIDE INTERNET TV AND RADIO USB DONGLE £9.49 DELIVERED @ planet-gizmo-uk (ebay outlet)
Found 13th Nov 2010Found 13th Nov 2010
Pretty convenient for less than a tenner! Finally, an easy way to watch a variety of Worldwide tv channels and listen to a fantastic selection of radio stations anywhere in the wo… Read more

I have order november 26 and pay. Did not received anything. (devil)


Yes nanajane it is the same one,avoid buying it unless you want some more junk in your draw coz that is where it will end up.


Now being offered on Mighty Deals (http://www.****.co.uk/products/Gadgets-Gifts/National/5-in-1-Multimedia-TV-Dongle/52918) for £4.99 plus postage... I assume it is the same thing.


Tried watching tv catchup with a proxy server but came up "no channel id" would not let me watch any one know how to watch it ?


Sometimes I wonder why I slave away when I could just fleece some mugs for a far greater reward. Might have something to do with those 'principle' things.

Found 12th Nov 2010Found 12th Nov 2010
Excellent deal. Great price. Very good (and normally expensive) telephones. New. Details: Silver. Telephone features: 100 name and number memories. Ringer volume control. Hand… Read more

dont waste your money on these. load of rubbish


They do seem to buy in the cheapest rubbish and put there logo on it.


Would never buy anther BT branded product again, absolute trash.


I wouldn't pay more for these, and seems a touch over-priced for the actual model, but not voting, and already cold.


i had these od awful phones, i cant see how BT can still make crap phones in this time of advanced technology as they still have utterly awful ring tones that you can not add to (like you would with a mobile) so your stuck with loud irritating 1980's style mobile phone ring tones they are ergonomically terrible and if you want to be on the phone for more than 5 mins they will get uncomfortable as they are like a hard piece of flat plastic and not shaped to hold i got so angry i actually threw one and then put the rest in the bin my new BT phones are ever worse as at least the above phone had a nice feature where you can put all your contacts into 1 phone then copy to the other 2 BT phones are rubbish

Apple iMac 27" 3.06 dual core refurb £1038 in Del @ Argos Clearance
Found 12th Nov 2010Found 12th Nov 2010
Not bad for those that dont mind a slightly outdated processor. Da Specs: Intel core 2 duo processor. 3.06GHz processor speed. 8MB L2 cache. 4GB DDR2 RAM installed, maximum 16GB. … Read more

£1000+ for a refurb with out-dated CPU, GPU, RAM and optical drive - hmmm let's see what way does one vote? Actually I'll abstain - it might be a very very good price for an apple (and I'm not interested enough to find out if it is)...


nice machine just bought meself a sony vaio i7 tho for 1099 sweeeeeeeeeeeeet


Great machine just wish I had the dosh, seen this in action very quick, from a PC user!


Not necessarily, I love Apple stuff but I could never vote hot on a refurb, ever.



FlyTech R/C Dragonfly - Blue 27MHz £12.49 @ the entertainer ebay outlet
Found 12th Nov 2010Found 12th Nov 2010
RRP: £39.99 - Looks good fun The world's first radio controlled flying insect, FlyTech Dragonfly is a fun RC flyer that's easy or challenging depending upon the skill level setti… Read more
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thats ok then, lol


then my comment was merely aimed for helping the people "up north"


thats ok if you live up north! but like many people i havent got a home bargains within 200 miles


£7 in home bargains yesterday


Got one for my lad a couple of years ago. I think we paid around £20 then but were pleased with it. Not too difficult that kids become bored but not too easy either, so adults can have a bit of fun!

SAMSUNG N130 10.1IN NETBOOK- BLACK  £153.98 @ EbayArgos outlet
Found 11th Nov 2010Found 11th Nov 2010
4.6 out of 5(104 Reviews) Refub with 12 months warranty Intel Atom N270 processor. 1.60GHz processor speed. 512KB cache. 1GB RAM. 10.1in screen size. Resolution 1024 x 600 pixels. … Read more

Yeah, I know, I know. When these Ebay outlet offers first appeared, I quickly noted seemed a significant number of disatisfied customers. Wondered why the deals continued to be voted hot. Having made a mental note to ignore them, I actually succumbed to this offer. Wanted a netbook that was priced significantly lower than a cheap laptop (or whatever they're called nowadays) and I guess was a bit of an impulse buy. And the verdict is... Actually I'm quite happy with it for now; doing everything I'm asking of it at the moment. Dunno about "manufacturer refurbished" but there's a note inside from the company responsible for it as a direct contact (which has got to be better than going via the Ebay Outlet store).


No, but a lot end up on resale when they have faults. You do realise that "refurb" could be by anyone patching them up, not the manufacturer, that is for certain! You also need to remember this is NOT really Argos, it is the stuff Argos have REMOVED from the shops and passed through this third party to sift through, bodge,and sell on if they can. Some IS new, it's their end of lines or whatever, and they label it as new, but this junk is just the usual tat that has been returned for whatever reason, it's a lottery as to what you get, and for that reason, the marking down of the price is not exactly generous either :-(


NO, not in the heading though. It's usually the same with secondhand kit, they don't post it :-(


so it took 11 months and 20 days for the "fault" to show itself? right


You do realise that when they go out the back of the shop, they aren't actually making the products out there, right? :D

TALKING TANKARD NEW - £2.79 + 99p P&P @ Argos Ebay Outlet
Found 11th Nov 2010Found 11th Nov 2010
Currently on offer at £8.66 on the Argos website (270/5860). Talking Tankard takes the thinking out of drinking. With LED lights and 3 different sounds, it warns you when your dri… Read more

haha :)


I know exactly who is getting this for Christmas. That ill learn em.


I love Argos Clearance


What does it say?


Was about to say that this is the sort of crap people buy for 'stocking fillers'...personally i'd rather have the beer! It amazes me the tat that people buy just for the sake of buying something extra!

MAGNEXT DYNAMIX GEARS AND ELECTRONIX - £3.19 + 99p P&P @ Argos Ebay Outlet
Found 11th Nov 2010Found 11th Nov 2010
All sets within the Dynamix range can be used side by side to create an enormous play set. The play set is the storage with enough room under your board to store your components. 2… Read more

another stocking filler sorted, thanks


Got one - thanks!


These are quite good for children learning about magnets and polarity,,we have a couple and the kids enjoy making them up,,my kids are 4 and 7


SET OF 3 COLOUR CHANGE LED LIGHTS NEW - £1.99 + 99p P&P @ Argos Ebay Outlet
Found 11th Nov 2010Found 11th Nov 2010
Ball, heart and egg styles. Size of ball (H)7.5, (D)8.2cm. Size of heart (H)8, (W)9, (D)6.1cm. Size of egg (H)9, (D)7cm. Requires 9 x AG13 button cell batteries (included).

Just ordered two sets- thanks


Don't forget Boots Treat Street too : http://www.treatstreet.boots.com/info/81340/10134/afsrc=1 :)


Just ordered for my teenage step-daughter, thanks :)


Hannspree 25" Full Hd 1080p Tv@ebuyer ebay outlet £149.99
Found 11th Nov 2010Found 11th Nov 2010
EXCELLENT PRICE TODAY ONLY at this price.We ordered one 2 weeks ago at £164.99 and we are really happy with it and it does have freeview although I had to ring up to find out how t… Read more

Delivered 2 days ago. As with some posters on the previous listing the lowest volume setting is still too loud for nighttime viewing in a bedroom. Hannspree will not give out the code for the service menu either. The only alternative is to turn the bass and treble down to zero to eek out a little bit of a reduction.


'Old' model ST has 1 more scart, a 10000:1 contrast ratio compared to 800:1 the rest is the same, so the ST is better, lol bloody marketing people, they are funny bods


HAVE IT OP!!! just managed to buy one... Cant wait ta play black ops on this baby cheers<3


So sad I missed this!!!


sold out

Xbox 360 4GB Console - New - EBAY DOTD £119.99
Found 11th Nov 2010Found 11th Nov 2010
FREE DELIVERY The new Xbox 360. Here today, ready for tomorrow with a brand new, leaner machine in a black matt finish. Wi-Fi is built-in for easier connection to the world of ente… Read more

Unfortunately the trade in value for fifa 11 has fallen to £17 and for MOH has fallen to £21... still a good deal if you can get hold of it but not as hot as it was just a few days ago...


Zavvi seem to be doing alot of misprices latley. Think they r going bust and getting as much money as they can in the coffers X)


Missed this but really wanted it mine died last night


I ordered the 4gb and FIFA bundle from zaavi eBay outlet last week when it was posted. First they sent me a £4 book by mistake and I'm STILL waiting for my console :( Not happy chappie right now


Thanks OP - I went for 1 after my original '360 showed those 3 dreaded red lights last night. Now knowing about the 'Towel Trick' I don't see me buying a Pre-Owned X-Box so this was meant to be :) Cheers.

Magicozy Blanket Camel (Beige) - The Amazing Magic Cozy Blanket That Neatly Folds Into A Cozy Cushion Shape £7.99 @ Zavvi ebay outlet
Found 10th Nov 2010Found 10th Nov 2010
FREE DELIVERY The Amazing Magic Cozy Blanket That Also Folds Into a Cushion! Keep you warm and your Hands Free! Cozy Blanket does not slip and slide like a regualr blanket so it… Read more

are we allowed to POST flea bay here???



Hmmm, I have an idea. Me and hubby have snugglies or whatever cheapo immitation of the original product it was we bought. It always irritates me that they just end up in an untidy heap beside the sofa when not being used. We also have a couple of cushions that we don't really use. May have just found a use for them! Cheers m'dears.

CONVERSE SWISS GREY AND PINK MAP BAG NEW £4.99 plus 99p postage @ Argos Outlet
Found 10th Nov 2010Found 10th Nov 2010
Converse Swiss Map Bag. Pink / grey. 600D polyester. 2 zipped external pockets. Main compartment plus 1 internal and 1 laptop compartment. Adjustable shoulder strap. Size (H)31, (W… Read more

all gone


I want one of these for my daughter but i cant buy from ebay. A few years ago they accused me of not paying some fees even after i mailed them the reciept to prove i had. They suspended my account and will not reply to emails, ever. I decided in protest that i wouldnt set up another account. I was never a seller, i just bought the odd thing. Sometimes you can go direc tto the seller but i dont seem to be able to do it this time. :( Heat from me though.


Would this be suitable for a 15 yr old or should i say would they like it lol or stick it in the bin lol


I am so gonna get one!


Bought this months ago from the same place and its great quality for the price - only problem is it's not the same colour as the picture shows its infact light grey and pink. Lovely bag though and great size! X

NEW GONG ALARM CLOCK £4.38 including delivery @ Argos ebay
Found 10th Nov 2010Found 10th Nov 2010
Nice little novelty stocking filler maybe? Novelty alarm clock that wakes you p to a loud gong sound, for those who do not wake up easily. Easy to use clock set and alarm function… Read more

this is so bad that its great! great present for the old man. cheers!


Wouldn't pay a pound for it :/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Y8sJDoL1YA


pity its not mains powered


It's ok, but I'd need to buy a shotgun too


Truly tacky and nasty, heat added X)

100 FAIRY LIGHTS NEW £3.28 @Argos outlet
Found 10th Nov 2010Found 10th Nov 2010
Very cheap for 100 fairy lights 12 months warranty More than 10 available / 483 sold 4.4 out of 5(48 Reviews) Mains powered. Green cable. 1.5m lead. 9.9m chain. Clear bulbs. Stati… Read more

nice deal. especially with the 12 month warranty!


These are £1.99 at my local hardware store, they have a 12 month guarantee on everything in store (unless stated) and you can return it 10 month later if you dont like them.


Prefer LED's myself - bulbs don't fail - 2 years in and it's a nightmare with series wired old fashioned style Christmas lights trying to work out which bulb has failed (and that's before you find someone that stocks that particular replacement)! LED's Also use less energy. One day most lights in our home will be LED I predict. Mind you for 2 or 3 quid for these they are cheap - you can't really go wrong here can you, as long as you remember what you paid a couple of years on.


These did go down to £2.19 - check the sold and the difference in price



KOOCHI TWO STEPPER was £199.99 then £99.99 and now £43.98 @Argos outlet
Found 10th Nov 2010Found 10th Nov 2010
Amazon and Argos seeling this still for £99,99 Suitable from birth to 15kg. Steel chassis. Front facing seat. 4 seat recline positions. 5 point safety harness. Lockable swivel whee… Read more

looks good to me !


i need a double so i think tis great!


good price if you are looking for one :)


sounds like the pushchair mafia are about to rumble!


Bla bla bla If you will not put every detail, deal could be oversight like previous one. And not a lot of parents have twin so I am trying to help! Silver version £149.99 and good reviews! http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/0983309.htm If you can show me better deal with better price for that kind of pushchair... try. Title looks like this because... KOOCHI TWO STEPPER argos http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/3763368.htm

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