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From London: Bargain 2 Night Break to Prague Hotel & Flights just £35.26pp @ Ebookers/Ryanair
Found 6th AugFound 6th Aug
It's flights with Ryanair so click away now if this doesn't appeal .... That out of the way, if you fancy a very cheap get away then take a look at this one. Two nights in Prague f… Read more
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What it like for end of Feb? Cold bearable? Two of us flying from Manchester with easyJet. With a B&b and all transfers worked out about 130 each. 4 nights.


The deal price stated not available..... cheapest now is £54 per person there other dates and venues of similar deals and price so nothing special about this one.... it in fact it ever did exist probably for the first couple who put the hotel on that date only


My daughter went 2 years ago early November and they froze. They expected cold but this was super cold. Hotel were giving heaters to rooms and extra blankets.


Gutted prices for flights have now gone up to £75 For 2 people! :(


The absolute snobbery on here is ridiculous at times. What is wrong with ryanair? You don't want to be seen travelling among commoners?? Yes of course ryanair charge extra for things, therefore you only pay for what you want and don't end up paying for things you don't care about like with other airlines. Why don't people understand this very simply concept? I've flown with ryanair dozens of times. Never had any issues with them whatsoever. My friend did have an issue with them recently where their flight was delayed by 4 hours, but after appealing for the compensation ryanair payed out the 250 euro within 7 days (whereas other airlines try to delay and delay and delay it until you just give up). It just seems like ryanair are one of those companies it's 'cool' to hate around here without any kind of sense or logic

3 nights in Bratislava for £80 each (total £160) for flights, accommodation and breakfast @ Ebookers
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
This deal is based on 2 adults flying out from Luton on Saturday 22nd September returning Tuesday 25th September. I’ve chosen the centrally located Art Hostel Taurus, don’t be put … Read more
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Makes more sense but that's not what it says. Might want to edit that.


It’s £80 for the trip per person based on 2 people not £80 per night (ninja) I don’t know if this is a wind up or not 8)


3 nights for £80 each is £240, not £160.


The only place we found that wasn't friendly was a brasserie on the waterfront, they tried refusing to take a 20 euro note after they had taken it away from the table because of a tiny tear, everywhere else we were welcomed and had great service, I would go back not on a family holiday though, loved all the little shops in the old town.


Has no-one said that they hate Brits? Went there, we were polite and friendly.... But they're (generally) not particularly friendly people. Would never go back. The castle building is nice to look at from the outside, nothing inside though!

Long weekend (3 nights) in Rome for £102 each (total £204) including flights and hotel @ ebookers
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
This deal is based on 2 adults flying out from Stansted on Saturday 17th November returning Tuesday 20th November staying for 3 nights. I’ve chosen the centrally located Hotel Pica… Read more
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Not all Romans are great and friendly. I had my wallet pickpocketed on the bus. But its a great place to visit. Just be careful.


I was in Rome 8 years ago during late July and it was hotter than it is here now. I recall 33 deegrees and 35 degrees during 4 days there


Or you could just be a 'jumper'...?


Probably want at least £600 spends for you “cheap” long weekend


Rome is a great place to visit if you enjoy walking (for miles) and seeking out non tourist Restaurants and so on - Romans are great people and very friendly - if you go to the places about a mile to the right of the main train Station exit there are some proper authentic places to eat for cheap prices - if you've not been before it incredibly commercialised so be prepared for that, we were shocked at how tatty the Vatican area was @ OP it's warm in November

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*August summer holidays* Week in Corfu just £168 each (£503 total) including flights, 3* apartment and transfers @ Ebookers
Found 25th JulFound 25th Jul
This deal is based on 2 adults and 1 child flying out from East Midlands on Wednesday 8th August returning Wednesday 15th August. I’ve chosen the 3* River Studios and Apartments lo… Read more
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Be very careful with Corfu this summer. They had a breakdown in local services, resulting in piles of uncollected rubbish and loads of cockroaches and rats everywhere. Search for "Corfu rubbish news" to read up on it.


First time I went to Thailand I phoned a travel agent for flights. My mind wondered as I waited on hold and then when someone answered I said I needed flights to Phuket (shock) (pronouncing the PH as an F).


The food is great in Corfu Worst place I ever went was San Antonio, Ibiza The cafe and bar owners just treated you with disgust, as if all English were hooligans We arrived in Messonghi around 2:30 am, we sheepishly asked the bar owner if we could have a drink and after several, we asked him what time did he shut. His reply was "What time are you leaving" Top bloke and we went there for breakfast every day as the amount on the plate kept getting bigger and bigger until we had to ask him to stop. Great Holiday.


Bloody hell Moraitika was my first ever overseas holiday too! We booked a "square deal" so had no idea where we were going until we got to the airport in Corfu and were handed a scrap of paper with it written on. We'd never heard of the place but had a great time ... that was in 1992 ish :D


(lol) (lol) (lol) New Quay!!!!! Hilarious haha!! And typical boys :{ :o

From Bristol: Saturday-Tuesday 3 Nights in Venice close to St Marks £117.62pp @ Ebookers
Found 24th JulFound 24th Jul
If you fancy a nice long weekend how about a little escape to Venice for 3 nights. This trip is from Bristol 22 to 25 September (Saturday too Tuesday). Whilst you do tend to see … Read more
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My wife and I just returned from two week tour of the north of Italy, it was a 40th present for me....my wife is awesome. Anyway, last two nights were in Venice, and I expected my experience to be just like you've described but it can be avoided! Using the Lonely Planet guide, a book we always get and never fails us, we booked onto a recommended food tour, there were 4 of us on it, very personal. The tour happened just after we got to Venice (stayed in an AirBnB btw, highly recommend) and it taught us where to go to both get the best food and drink of Venice and avoid the HELL of the crowds. I attach a photo I posted, taken July 17, as proof that quiet does exist there, places devoid of tourists and offers the real atmosphere of Venice. We came along this strip on the tour and knew we'd be back the next day..... and we had a reasonably priced bottle of fizz to our shock (called Lunatica..hmm)! It's sad the main tourist areas are now overrun like Ants nests, but now I know where to go (and there are lots of hidden gems not ruined by crowds) I'd happily go back to Venice; that said the Lonely Planet guide did say love it and leave it, as the surrounding areas outside of Venice are just as awesome, may do that next time.


I didn't realise it was €8 in fairness. I just checked my journal when I went and I had written we paid €3pp one way. I hadn't checked up to date information. Some people may get the bus or some people may get a taxi or even a water taxi. Certainly it's not €3 anymore. The 'ferry' time I got from Google maps but then did it allow for waiting for a ferry aka vaporetto? I don't know! Walking - I was reading reviews from people who had stayed but does it allow for a slow walker, a fast walker, a runner?!? I don't know! You haven't said how much the vaporetto is if people did stay in Lido so it would be helpful to know so if people are reading this they have some useful info. I'm giving my opinion of the breakfast I had in Venice. I'm not going to get into an argument nor do I want to give anyone wrong information. I've given a flight and accommodation options on this deal. Just like if you book a deal on Groupon, Travelzoo etc etc I'm sure people will do their own research into where they want to stay in Venice, how to get to and from the airport etc. Lido is generally cheaper, but again I'd not checked these exact specific dates. When I replied I did have a look as curiosity got the better of me and actually there was not the price difference I expected and prices were very similar to Venice. Check now, tomorrow, in a week and it could change re hotel prices. I don't need people to give me heat, I really don't care! I just like posting travel deals!


There you go again, you say a couple of euros from the airport, but it's not is it ? It's a minimum of €8 each way so hardly a couple of euros but hey, why tell the truth ? Not sure where you get the ferry time to be around 20 minutes either, it's 15 minutes, or how you say 15-20 minutes walk (Google maps has it at a minimum of 25 minutes) but there again yet more false information from you. Why ? Are you THAT desperate for approval ? In your opening post you say that it's cheaper to stay on the Lido but now you say it's not. Make your mind up. If you stay in a posh hotel it is NOT basic continental like the one offered in your post and you know this but you are desperately trying to justify your deal and that is just plain wrong. It's a pathetic answer trying to justify your post and you're just digging a bigger hole for yourself. It would be interesting to know which posh hotel you stayed in that gave such a poor breakfast so we could see for ourselves. I have stayed at https://www.rivieravenezia.it and https://www.hungaria.it pound for pound cheaper and bigger rooms than anywhere I could find on Venice inclusive of ferry price. Another reason to stay on the Lido and not Venice is to get away from the masses that people complain about and relax a little yet still be so close to it. The flights you gave are good, the accommodation and your slant on it isn't. Please stop giving incorrect information to people in order to gain heat.


Venice is somewhere which you won't enjoy if you go at peak times I would agree. But even when its busy, early morning and evenings are nice and quiet. So its not really suitable to day trip to when its busy, I would avoid it. If you are staying there in Venice as apposed to a day trip or a hotel in Mestre or the Lido, you will have a much better time.


No, I was in the busiest areas of Rome; Colleseum, Forum, Fountain etc... You've provided your rationale, as have I. I think its not worth it. You think it is. Let's just leave it there. All the best.

From London: Bali, Lombok & Gili Islands (Indonesia) Holiday £534.03pp @ Ebookers
31/10/2018Expires on 31/10/2018Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Here is a good holiday exploring the sights of Bali and Lombok. I say holiday as some people probably won't think this is very relaxing but having done similar trip but encorporati… Read more
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Guangzhou the biggest city you’ve never heard of.. I flew through there 10 years ago and the airport huge with no people in it.. a strange experience


We went for Christmas... Rinjani was difficult to hike at that time due to flash floods but we still had an amazing time and recovered at Gili Air afterwards.


Thanks all, Currently planning a trip over xmas and new year very useful. any tips welcome.


Thanks OP, well planned and just the sort of holiday I like. I think I need to look into this with the Mrs. (y)


When walking in Kuta keep your hands in your pocket on your mobile and wallet. I've never experienced so much attempted robbing. Even in the 7/11 shops by their staff. I'd avoid Kuta unless you're an Aussie and 20. Gili T is awesome. £30 for an hr diving is amazing

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From London: Long Weekend in Slovenia/Lake Bled £93.83pp via eBookers
30/09/2018Expires on 30/09/2018Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
Here is a nice long weekend to Slovenia. Leaving on 6 October you'll spend 1 night in Ljubljana 6-7 October and then the following morning catch the bus to Bled where you will spen… Read more
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How do you select the second hotel? As soon as you choose the dates, you're can't choose two different hotels..


Is it "Ljubljana AP " to "Bled" for the bus stations?


Thank you @rachelandgromit i chose easyjet flights at better times and fron Stansted as closer to me. Still a good price. Can't wait. Thanks! X


How is the weather in October ?


Can confirm, beautiful place. Clear water, nice hike around the lake and a pier with ducks!

7 nights in Crete for £137 each (£274 total) including flights and 3* apartment @ebookers
Refreshed 27th AprRefreshed 27th Apr
This deal is based on 2 adults flying out from Birmingham on Tuesday 8th May returning Tuesday 15th May. I’ve chosen the 3* Apokoros Club Apartments which have a 5/5 rating on Trip… Read more
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https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/cheap-car-hire This is the link and section 5


well presented and may we have many more from you


That link is about car insurance. Nothing on there about holiday excess cover. Cheapest I could find was £28 per week. Regardless, the car hire companies block huge amounts on your card and I know it would ruin my holiday if I had an accident as I would be worried about whether the excess insurer would pay out. Most seem to require police reports. Good luck getting the police in crete to attend a prang. For those looking for car hire in crete with full excess waiver and great new cars, I can recommend these (costs more but worth it for complete peace of mind) http://www.autorentals-crete.gr/en/index.html




Yeh go on this tells you about hiring a car aboard https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/car-insurance/

Ebookers - Birmingham to Belfast - flight + hotel + car - Only £244.45 pp from April 28 - May 02
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Despite earlier than usual holiday period, it seemed like a great price on comaprison to other website like booking.com and trivago.com. The total displayed included my infant trav… Read more
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If it's only the hotel in your pic then it's not very central. Its Right beside the airport which is 30 mins from Belfast


i prefer Portugal for 150 pp :D :D 4 nights , seems average deal to me


Thank you. It also wrongly says 400 pp in the last sentence when I meant 200 pp. (nerd)


@bilalniazi50 corrected this for you :)


Before anyone points out, leaving the rental you can bring it down to roughly £200 pp.

From Manchester: May Bank Holiday 5 Night New York & 4 Night Vegas Holiday - Direct Flights, Luggage, Centrally Rated Hotels & Resort Fee £976.75pp @ Ebookers
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
If you've ever fancied Vegas and New York in one trip, this may be right up your street and makes good use of the bank holiday on 7th May too (y) Flights are from Manchester and … Read more
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very good price, would switch to a more central hotel, maybe Linq or Monte Carlo/park as they are fairly cheap. Went once in July and never again, so hot you're sweating in the pool! April,May or Sept


You can get a fortnight in July for £300-350 more


Proper dream holiday stuff, this <3 Unfortunately, it's also dream amounts of spare money. Maybe one day!

From London: Visit Singapore, Bali, Gili Islands, Lombok & Kuala Lumpur April 2018 £568.56pp Inc Flights, Accommodation & Boats @ Ebookers/Various
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
I love Bali and think it's a great country to visit. This trip includes visiting Singapore, Bali (Kuta, Ubud, Gili Air and Lombok) before spending two nights in Kuala Lumpur. The … Read more
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Does anyone know any good Easter sunshine breaks leaving from London please?


I have mixed views on visiting orphanages for reasons highlighted here however I did leave a lot of clothes and donated toothpaste/toothbrushes which are in demand (local schools). Of course you can do both though, when it comes to charities everyone has personal preferences in organisations they want to support etc.


No offense and I am certainly no animal hater, but more than 160,000 people in Bali live in poverty and in Lombok the number is close to a million. If you are going to spare some time for cuddling then how about visiting an orphanage with some unwanted clothes or toys and cuddling some children whose parents died from not having access to medical care. Of course, you could do both. Just a thought.


@qazim are you an animal lover? If so, I know a place you can meet some lovely people. Check out Villa Kitty on Facebook or their website. Please if you, or anyone heading to Bali can go and cuddle some cats and kittens for a few hours out of their holiday they would be very grateful of your time and I'm sure they would appreciate your company. Also, please think about popping into the Odd Cat Cafe (also on Facebook) that supports Villa Kitty. If you hate cats or animals, probably not for you.


Any solo travellers wanna do this and need a partner? I’m 27 in London if you wanna Meet, I’m probably booooking tonight. Any tips from anyone regarding these tickets?

7 nights in Kefalonia for £132 (£264 total) including flights and 3*apartment @ Ebookers
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
This deal is based on 2 adults flying out from London Stansted on Monday 14th May returning Monday 21st May. If these dates aren’t ideal for you throughout the month of April/May… Read more
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13% cashback from Topcashback if booked through them - great deal - really cheap :)


Voted hot. Love Kefalonia. Some amazing beaches and clear water. XD at people moaning about flight times and RyanAir. This deal is amazing value for money


Is no one wary of the fact that Ryanair have such a lousy track record?


Has this deal finished???? Discount doesn’t seem to work. It doesn't provide an option to use the discount voucher code. help!


Easy tiger, someone will be onto you before long.

3 nights in Madrid for £108 each (£216 total) including flights and central hotel with code @ eBookers
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
This deal is based on 2 adults travelling to Madrid from Manchester on Sunday 22nd April returning Wednesday 25th April and staying in the 2* Room007 Chueca. There are flights fro… Read more
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Yes I would and it is full of English. (highfive)


You will that people who call places ‘ a dump’, usually have never visited the place. 🤨


I found the Prado to be 'too good'. The depth and breadth of the collection is beyond even places like the Uffizi. To be honest it made my head hurt - I was 'arted out' after a couple of hours. It needs several days to take it all in properly. Amazing city. Brilliant metro too.


Whitby good for a short break.


(lol) (lol) (lol)

From London: Long Weekend to Tromsø Northern Lights £193.63pp @ Ebookers
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
If you are loving the cold weather and snow we are having right now this is probably right up your street. A nice Satuday-Monday long weekend to Tromsø to hopefully spot the Northe… Read more
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saw it. was disappointed. looked just like the top images in this link https://futurism.com/how-we-see-the-aurora-borealis-camera-vs-human-eyes-2/


Tromso is a really lovely place. We have visited in summer and winter and prefer winter. The only thing I would say is that it is really expensive to eat there so be prepared. Obviously it can get really cold there so you will need layers of clothes and socks. Snow boots would be useful. The trips are expensive too, but I do recommend the husky ride up at the Wilderness Centre, again very expensive but an experience not to be missed. Good luck with the Northern Lights, they don't always come out to play.

From London: 4 Night June Iceland Break (Golden Circle & South) £253.23pp Inc Flights, Hotels & Car Hire @ Ebookers
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
June is a fantastic time to visit Iceland, I speak from experience I got married there on 1st June 2016! It's quieter than in the peak of summer, there is some lovely Spring weathe… Read more
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Wonderful, thanks for posting a new code. They always seem to release another one when one has expired. Let me know how you get on. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time. It's a beautiful country.


The code for 13% off has expired but managed to use AFFVCCOUK02 for 12% off instead. Also potential 10% on Topcahback for hotels via ebooker. Thanks so much myself and my girlfriend have been wanting to visit iceland for ages but could not justify 700-800 for hotels!


WizzAir are the worst airline we've ever travelled on. Wife got stuck in Poland for 4 days and I got stuck in Poland for 2 days a few months later. Both without explanation and zero compensation.


Yes we used our card for everything, infact I don't even recall using any cash! Filling up with fuel at 1am in the morning, nowhere is manned for fuel especially in the Westfjords.


Also worth mentioning as a top tip. Get a good foreign rate credit card. you categorically DO NOT need cash here. All cash points charge to withdraw if using a foreign card, but everywhere accepts card. Even the parking meters don't have coin slots but do have credit card slots. I saw cash once in the time I was there and the guy taking it looked almost surprised. I didn't need cash once at all in the whole week I was there. Very handy.

2 Week May Japan Holiday Inc Flights, Hotels & Railcard £1038.08pp @ Ebookers
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
Japan has got to be one of my favourite places. I went one October and the stunning leaves and hiking was amazing. This trip is for May and you may even catch some of the cherry bl… Read more
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Hi Rachel, I'd like to know what the price would be (for 2 persons) if we shared bathrooms in all hotels. Also I'd like to know if it would be possible to swap one or two of the hotels for family run minshuku's with an onsen. Thank you!


I'm also talking about 2 people. But I'm done arguing with random strangers. Some's got 'em street smarts, some don't. It's not your fault.


Your name is nothing to do with the fact that you either suck at maths, or are making things up. £255 is simply not enough to live in Japan for a month unless you are eating just home made okaka onigiri every day while sitting on your own in your room. Japan can be cheap, but not that cheap if you actually want to do things, or go places, or try local food, or drink with your friends... If that's your idea of a holiday in Japan, may I suggest putting NHK on in the UK and saving your money. Also, it's £2076.16 for two people, £1038.08 each.


Then you did something really wrong 28 times. I'm not here to antagonize anyone, just telling, that over 2 grand is way much overkill. I mean, for that funding I'd be eating in a family restaurant every day. True I'm not renting out a full fledged japanese house with an onsen and not staying in Hilton level hotels in every city, but I don't even want to. Even better if you know some people there. But hey, I'm just a guy with a weird name, how could I possible comprehend these things.


Why would you stay in a single flat and get a JR pass? You do realise that you can't do a day return to most places in Japan, even on the Nozomi. Also, eating as a tourist, IC Card use, days of lodging "here and there", entry to anywhere interesting, positioning travel to Budapest, transit to and from Narita, will all be much much more than £255. I'm a seasoned Japan traveller (28 times in the last 3 years), and now live here permanently. You're talking BS. No offence. The OPs itinerary is varied, interesting and good value. Your month in Japan sounds like a starving nightmare, frankly.

Low Frills NYC trip/ 3 nights - £753.55 for two people @ eBookers
Found 18th FebFound 18th Feb
So looking at holidays i am too tight to pay for i stumbled across this beauty of a package deal to NYC during warmer weather. How bad an the hotel be ? If its clean im sure you ar… Read more

Well looks like this hasn't gone down to well and sarcasm has missed most. Even at disregarding the hotel , just over £350pp for the flights isnt to bad as thats the exact same price give or take just for the flight's alone . I should rename this as flights to NYC with a take or leave it accomodation .


Think it adds a bit of spice to a holiday staying somewhere like this. Especially on a night time, bet it's a right laugh!


I meant spend £750 over the 3 days, giving £1500 total spend, that's a lot for 3 days?


I can vouch for Z NYC Hotel in Long Island as a great budget option. Only a 10 minute trip into Manhattan using their free shuttle busses which leave every 30 mins. I'd definitely stay there again.


That comment reminds me of this amusing series on Youtube.

From Manchester: 2 Nights in Belfast in Flights & Hotel £59.76pp @ Ebookers
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
I love Belfast as a city break. It's easy to get around and the people are so friendly and welcoming. The flight is short and it's a great little getaway. This is cheaper than a ci… Read more
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Just got back from this trip, had a fab time. Never met people like the locals in Belfast, truly lovely people. Visited City Hall, Titanic Museum and The Crown pub, walked around town, chatted to lots of folk. Took my mum so visited the places she chose. Simply wasn't long enough, so much to see and do. Thanks for posting, will definitely be going back!


could even take in a Belfast giants game!


Last time I went to Belfast, it was one of those all inclusive packages. It was a curious thing, you generally had to wear green when out and about seeing the local sights. The vast majority of the locals were very nice but there was usually quite a bit of entertainment put on by them each day. Not much mention of that on the six o'clock news for some strange reason. (angel)


In its current state it still looks like it hasn't been worked on since that day it was blitzed! Awful stadium at the moment complete dump I would love to see the Glen's get financially back on their feet and get a new stadium they deserve it. The club and the stadium are in a mess the league badly misses Glentoran


Glad you held back a little, nice piece of decorum there...