Unfortunately, this deal has expired 17 September 2023.
Posted 7 September 2023

Einhell 15L Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 230V - With code from Dealfinder by VoucherCodes. Free Delivery or Free C&C

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Just realised you can actually generate your code here without instaling Dealifinder.


£33.23 with code from Dealfinder by VoucherCodes browser Add-on and also free delivery.

Terms and conditions
1. Available from 1st September to 30th September
2. Online only
3. Max discount £100
4. Excluding clearance

Product Details
This all-purpose vacuum cleaner from Einhell is an indispensable helper when it comes to in-depth and thorough cleaning jobs around the home. Powered by a 1250W motor to deliver impressive suction performance, the versatile vac is suitable for wet or dry cleaning on a wide variety of household surfaces.
Unlike standard suck-and-wipe techniques, the Einhell TC-VC 1815 wet and dry vac provides deep-down and thorough cleaning – this helps to reach stubborn and ingrained dirt and odours, both in the home and in your vehicle. The vacuum is perfect for top-to-bottom cleaning of textile materials such as seat coverings, roof linings, mats and interior trim.
Having difficulty with those awkward corners or staircases? Use the blow function to blow-clean those hard-to-access areas, or attach the crevice nozzle. The vac also comes with a 1.5m plastic suction hose and three-piece extension tube, plus a floor nozzle for carpets and smooth flooring. All accessories can be stored on the vac itself – the right nozzle is always within easy reach.

• Highly versatile – suitable for wet and dry vacuuming
• Powerful 1250W motor for impressive suction performance
• Blow connection for blow-cleaning hard-to-reach areas
• 15L plastic tank is lightweight but impact-proof
• Handle and castor wheels – moves easily from room to room
• 1.5m hose length and 2.5m cable length for plenty of reach
• Cable and accessories holder for tidy storage
• Includes suction hose and three-piece extension tube
• Comes with floor nozzle, crevice nozzle, foam filter, blue filter bag and paper dirt bag
Toolstation More details at
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  1. Attila_Weingertner's avatar
    The 5% stacks up with the blue light card 10%. Bringing it down to £ 29.73
    Attila_Weingertner's avatar
    Even better, Dailly Mail 7% off stacks as well. Taking another 7% off. Bringing the price to £27.28
  2. bubz85's avatar
    These cheap vet vacs are great for the car and cleaning up after DIY around the house. The vet vac is handy for draining radiators before removal.
  3. lookatmywadd's avatar
    Seems like a good deal. What are the replacement bags for this? How does it compare performance-wise to the Henry hoover?
    Adi19's avatar
    Took around 15 seconds to search for replacement bags for this. You could buy 4 of these hoovers for the same price as 1 Henry and I reckon 4 of these would have much more performance than 1 Henry. so I would say this is much better.
  4. navneet1311's avatar
    These things are too powerful for normal household use. Good for handyman/builders etc
    ADT's avatar
    Will this damage if used at home on carpets? I have a Samsung Jet70 portable one and it's a disappointment to say the least. Looking for something super cheap which sucks up like magic.
  5. Wowhats's avatar
    Great deal, what is the discount code please?
    deleted2083449's avatar
    instal add on from vouchercodes -it's called Dealfinder, log in and will show you the code. I believe code is account specific, so cannot share as it will be single use only.


    or just generate code here

    vouchercodes.co.uk/too…947 (edited)
  6. 5871nick's avatar
    Has anyone got a link to the replacement bags they’ll use?
  7. PillarSamson's avatar
    Would this be good for hoovering up the garage floor?
    hax3's avatar
    Unless your garage floor is made of lava, don't see why not...
  8. PillarSamson's avatar
    Reviews say about not being able to buy replacement bags?
  9. colliwag's avatar
    Reckon this would be good on my artificial grass in the garden? My Dyson is ok but it gets blocked a lot
    deleted2083449's avatar
    Honestly I would invest in decent blower instead
  10. ukmonkey's avatar
    Will this actually suck 15 litres or stop working at a few litres ?
  11. Smoggy1970's avatar
    Do you use a bag for wet vacuuming?
    colliwag's avatar
    I’m my experience no. Would soak the cardboard
  12. Relievo's avatar
    Hoover is the name of a company
    Vacuum is what it does!
  13. chris.rudland's avatar
    Ordered. Was looking out for a cheap one for some future diy projects.
  14. dré.'s avatar
    Turns out Toolstation are one of the many brands/shops banned from HUKD.....
    deleted2083449's avatar
    Yes, that's correct. Not sure why my deal was unexpired.
  15. naza911's avatar
    Is the cable really 2.5M, it seems a bit short to be useful for vacuuming even the car, unless you run it off an extension.
  16. nevilleireland's avatar
    I got one of these, I can't find any good instructional videos online, does anyone know:

    1) Can you wash the blue coloured filter when dusty?
    2) Can I use it without the bag for dry vacumming?

's avatar